Cheng Bock was the Chosen One

Given the choice, the people will want Cheng Bock as their President. His marginally lost in the election is a technicality. The number of candidates was the main cause of his lost. A straight fight will give Cheng Bock the 30% won by Jee Say and Kin Lian. These are hard core anti PAP votes that will never lend on Tony’s lap and will give Cheng Bock a very comfortable 65% victory.

The polls in mysingaporenews are telling. There is still this corner of the population that is very unhappy with the new President. I do not see how Tony can bridge this gap to endear to this group of people. And this group consists of the hard core 30% plus a big portion of those who had voted for Cheng Bock.

Just ask around, anyone in the street, many will express their disappointment. It is not a contrived argument but a statement of fact. The PAP camp may claim 70% or 100%, the truth is that, unfortunately, Tony is not their desired President of choice.


Anonymous said...

Actually I voted for TJS and I did not regret.

Personally, I felt that PE was a referendum of the popularity of PAP. I wanted to send a very clear signal to them that they are NOT as popular as they think.

I voted TJS with my eye wide open, to show without ambiguity or a shadow of doubt that we want an Alternative party president. Knowing very clearly that even if he is elected, with the kiasu MIW, he probably will NOT be able to accomplish what he promised. I do not doubt his sincerity to do his promises though.

Now, MIW are claiming that TCB is also from PAP and they garnered a 70% support, an increase from GE's 60%.

See, how daft we are ? Now they will claim that they have both the mandate and the rubber stamp.

Many think that they do not want to rock the boat. Sadly, the boat may not be rocked but with the existing policies, we may be heading towards dangerous water...

Anonymous said...

Are you sure, why didn't TCB contest in the election of 1999, 2005 and why 2011. Can he explain or was it part of the plan

Anonymous said...

But, but TT came out to say that his being elected was decisive.

There are many ways to interpret the results. If the PAP claims that they have 70% support, they will be having wet nightmares come GE2016.

Besides that, the cat is out of the bag that Cheng Bock is still a PAP man, apolitical shit or not.

Anonymous said...

The PAP is very thick skin to say that a vote for TCB is a vote for PAP. Let them continue in their denial and continue fooking singaporeans till 2016...

Without a doubt, TCB is the people's president. Period.

Anonymous said...

That meagre 35% support for TT, despite all the endorsements, is a slap in the face of the PAP, loud and clear. If they still do not get it, too bad. That is what fails them, even if they excel in other areas like fixing opponents.

Watch the show in 2016. It is going to be telling. They can brush aside the cyberspace noise as irrelevant. Let them fall into a false sense of invincibility. Good for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

While claiming that the PE should be non patisan, one MP's claim that the results shows "strong support for the ruling party" says it all. So in the end they claim that the "EP" is still part of the ruling party !!!

Anonymous said...

That MP already lost all credibility with his once in 50 years flood forecast, that backfired because heaven disagrees.

Now, he opens his big mouth again to spout nonsense, with his shameless claim of 'strong support for the ruling party' when the results showed otherwise. I can't believe we have such clowns in our establishment formulating policies. It is an insult to those who voted him in, no less.

agongkia said...

Too bad ,He do not have the Kentarky look.Cannot blame you all ,even the candidates have overlook that look also play an important part in winning,not necessary ability.My secret master taught me that.He also tell me not necessary must be handsome to win Obasan Chen May Fung's heart.
When I see so many Kentarky photos on the street ,I already know the result.
But I cannot do much,as I promised my TangKee not to kaypo too much to avoid trouble.That is why I am missing for some time.
Suddenly everyone become anonymous,you think I not scared meh?Let it be,whoever leading,life still have to carry on.Lets work together and be good citizen.

Anonymous said...

If PAP wants to be in denial and add TCB's vote to TT's vote to say majority voted PAP, then they are really DEAF and stubbornly refusing to LISTEN to the ground!

There are so many issues that are still not resolved (like unaffordable HDB flats, why PRs can purchase HDB flats direct while singles are penalized, high medical/transport cost etc). So if they continue to be denial and claims that majority voted PAP and pretend to hear the ground but no concrete actions to resolve the above issues, hope they'll be in deep deep s^*@ in GE2016.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the finance world they called it irrational exuberance.