Good times for the hardlanders

The hardlanders or heartlanders form the bulk of the population and the majority of public housing owners. And 80% of housing in the island are public housing. And when the prices of public housing are up, it means good times are here for the hardlanders. Today's main article in the media is that prices of resale public housing flats are soaring, including cash over valuation which buyers are willing to cough out upfront, an amount that is in addition to the valuation price. This has gone up four folds on the average, from $3000 to $12000. All the hardlanders are beaming with a big smile knowing that the flats they bought are appreciating in prices. And many are making calculations and alternative plans on their new found wealth. Some will be selling their flats for a better price, and upgrade to private properties. Some will use the money to buy a palace in some less expensive countries. Some will downgrade into smaller units and set aside the balance for retirements or for a trip around the world. Some may go the extra mile and opt to rent a flat. After all at 60 or 70, how many more years are left. So no need to buy into another property. Keep the cash hoards and feel rich. In the kopitiams many will be calling themselves millionaires or half a millionaires. They will be laughing every day at their richness instead of waiting for a statement from the CPF once a quarter to tell them they have plenty of money in their CPF accounts. The feeling must be good. For the single old men, time is going to be real good. For the single old gals, can also be good. Let's welcome the PRs, the young and the old, the rich and the not so rich. The rich can buy over all the flats from the Singaporeans. And the not so rich can service them and make them live the lives of the rich. Time for celebration and parties in the heartlands. The asset enhancement policy is bearing fruits. Singaporeans must be grateful to the govt for their good fortunes.


Wally Buffet said...

Hey Bro. I am very very unhappy. I sold my 3 room HDB to the PRC duffer for $350K. Now, I heard it can easily fetch $380K to $400K.

I was conned man! I am in a real bad mood recently.

But looking at it realistically, a 600 feet square plus pigeon hole for S$400K? It doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

nothing make sense here in paradise. as long as one has a roof over ones head, food on the table, children going to school etc, you do not need to make sense of anything. just live like zombies and just be thankful to the pap.

Anonymous said...

good to be hardlanders or not, may be for the rich, read

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Simple things please simple minds.

The main objective for any tyrant -- in this case the govt -- is to seize as much control from its "subscribers" (people who "subscribe" by giving up some part of their ownership in their private property -- money, land, their own person, their mind etc).

Everybody needs a place to stay -- a home. This is fundamental to personal sense of security and structure. Therefore wrenching control of people's homes is a very wise strategic move. People are conned into feeling "secure", by a carrot-stick mechanism enacted upon them by force, and in a sense without their consent (although the people do get the govt they deserve)

To keep a lie going -- to keep people engaged in The Lie -- means you have to feed the mechanism and mess with the structure of The Lie. This keeps people "guessing" and thus emotionally ENGAGED in the processes. Now you can manipulate their emotions.

More than people tend to believe; the govt engages in outrageous shenanigans. however it has in its arsenal an elaborately woven labyrinth of The Lies designed to keep people's emotions raging -- on uncertainty, whilst the govt does engages in fancy theatrics to bring the people under its thrall.

In HDB -- a highly politicised, regulated and controlled system for SOCIAL CONTROL -- the govt introduces uncertainty. Then it introduces certainty, often accompanied by empty words (more lies) if "reassurance".

Not so long ago, peoples BALLS DROPPED when HDB prices and rentals were rocky. But no, hey presto abracadabra economic stimulus/print money/issue debt/expand credit... (all done without REAL SAVINGS)i.e. increase the VOLUME of available funds and through this "magic" HDB "values" (???) start to firm.

I think all the gals in HDB should blow the relevant ministers and top civil servants.

Get on your knees and open your mouth for the govt!

Good girl.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I know HDB folks who also own several bungalows, condos and have interests in commercial property, adding another layer of humour to this farce. They unashamedly park their expensive cars for all to see in HDB parks.

Frankly I see nothing wrong with that. The PAP's political bullshit states that every Singaporean is entitled to a home.