And we want our workers to be CBF

In order to be CBF, our workers must be cheap, work better and faster. Now there is a new call, not to cut the pay of older workers. Can the older workers be faster than the younger workers, better, possible. Then while the rest of the workers are expected to be cheap or cheaper, would the older workers also be cheap and cheaper? 3 old workers doing the work of 7? In the private sector when everything is about competition, when the money paid to the workers must come from somewhere, from the revenue or at the expense of profit, it is easier said than done to keep paying workers the way they are being paid. Unless of course the organisation can print its own money or money is not an issue. By all means, pay the older workers what they deserve and more, pay them pension as well, or gratuities for long service at the same time. Is there a contradiction?


Anonymous said...

CBF is good for Singapore. Increase productivity and the GDP will rise. Cheaper cost for the production of export means more profit for manufacturers which will mean more money for shareholders. I am sure you too own stocks and shares Redbean? If that is so you should be all for CBF. You can laugh you way to the bank with increase payouts from your stocks and shares. However, for CBF to work fairly the workers in the factories must be duly compensated for the production increase. Cheap labour and CNF are like oil and water, they do not mix. To tell a foodcourt cleaner lady of 70+ years to push her cart faster and clean more tables is just laughable. CBF must start from the very top of management. If they can show by example, then maybe the lower runks of the pyramid would follow.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

In the marketplace (aka the agora ) no one can command MORE than they are worth on a long term basis.

If you want to earn more, make yourself WORTH more. It has nothing to do with age because the high paying jobs all require the use of the mental faculties -- experience, integration, relevant knowledge, soft skills, a good disposition, personal responsibility etc etc

If you believe in CBF then countries like the western democracies where labour is expensive compared to Asia will be totally fucked up economically.

Aust has one of the highest paid labour forces in the world. A burger-flipper at McD's earns AUD15-20 per hour, for e.g. Yet, the country is economically strong.

Don't believe the bullshit from Sg.Gov. It is PRODUCTIVITY which determines economic success, not cheap labour.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Australian Average weekly earnings for May 2009 ~ AUD1.2k, and rising


So much for the CBF theory

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

please do not give Singaporean workers false hopes. There ain't any better pay for any worker in SIN no matter what their leaders promised. Those promises were empty ones.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in encouraging CBF. Where do we start? From the top or the bottom? If from bottom then it would mean fewer workers, labourers, foodcourt ahsohs etc to do the same amount of work. If from the top it would mean fewer ministers to handle the same amount of work. Either way, we must work harder either from top or bottom. Possible or not???

Anonymous said...

They should start from the PM's department. Too many ministars doing what used to be the work of the PM and his deputy.

The other good thing is, can we expect cheaper, better and faster building of HDB flats too? It should be the case, right.

But I would caution Singaporeans to be careful of what may turn out to be a tripartite call, but turning out that only Singaporeans bear all the sacrifices.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it will be good that they start a campaign to market our oldies. and i am sure there are many good role models that can be used. obviously not those table cleaners and dishwashers at the food courts. i doubt they can be better and fast. cheap yes.