Responsible role of media

Dawn Tay, 'the media's role is to ensure accountability. Between pageant organisers and beauty queens, and the country they represent. Between newspapers and readers, to whom the press has responsibility to uncover the truth for.' The above is quoted from an article by Dawn Tay in My Paper today. She went on to justify 'the steady stream of reports by various media, which shed more light on the saga and eventually forced pageant organiser ERM World Marketing to break its silence last Monday.' With such a high standard set by our media, we must feel confident that any dubious activity or less than righteous happenings will be fully reported with the same zeal and conviction as the indiscretion of a 19 year old kid who cheated a few thousand dollars. We should soon be able to read more reports about cases involving millions. Actually no. Singaporeans don't cheat, except kids. Singaporeans should thank the media for their strong commitment to uncover and report the truth.


Anonymous said...

Sour grapes and sores when elite loose.

From a reading, I gather that Miss Ris Low has great ability( talent and also a beauty)to raise money. Erm took her raised money for ads and tables, please refund the money before trowing mud. Of course I forget, sold goods are non refundable

Anonymous said...

Ms Low was a thief and she has to pay for her indiscretion. Forgiving is one thing but how is she going to tell us she will not do it again? When she steals, it is people like us who end up paying for it. I say she deserves to be stripped of her title.

Anonymous said...

Ris Low needs no 'yellow ribbon' treatment if she has no conviction.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For the media to conform to this "utopian" view, the prerequisite is that the media must be free of any state influence.

Not possible in Singapore as the media is heavily influenced (an understatement) by the state.

That's not going to change anytime soon. The media is responsible to it's "boss" -- the government.