Eric Low sure win Hougang in next GE

Below is an article posted in SingaporeKopitiam by Temaseksg. With all the good works he is doing in Hougang, and the Lift Upgrading Programme which Low Thia Khiang failed to bring to his constituency, Eric must now be the hot favourite to win Hougang. PAP’s Eric Low claimed credit for bringing LUP to Hougang .... Speaking to the state media yesterday, Eric “Chiku” Low who claimed during the 2006 elections that the Hougang “chiku” was ripe for picking before losing to Workers’ Party strongman Low Thia Kiang, he attributed Hougang being selected for the LUP to his relentless and unyielding efforts: “Though I was not elected, I have been trying hard to lobby the authorities including National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan to upgrade the lifts in Hougang. Now that the lifts will finally be ugraded, I am extremely satisfied about it.” Mr Eric Low also said he is willing to stand in Hougang as a PAP candidate in the next election if the party decides to keep him. He revealed that he will be setting up a PAP kindergarten in Hougang next year which will charge 20 to 30 per cent less than private operators....


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, it's ticklish

The PAP already had a kindergarten at block 708 even before the 2006 election, but this was closed down just recently.

Is this a joke? Or just some vote buying tactics? Some parents are already sore over the closure. I hope they do not have short memories.

No wonder they say desperate situations require desperate tactics.

Anonymous said...

The Heading is too positive lah.

The voters in Hougang are unlikely to believe Eric' s Craps.

If PAP wants Eric to become a Member of Parliament, it would not have put him at Hougang but in a sure win GRC.

Eric is in Hougang so that Low Thia Khiang will remain an opposition Member of Parliament, period.


Anonymous said...

Poor Eric. He is just there to push the temple door and do his master's bidding.

Those who contested in Hougang against Low Thia Khiang and lost only once, have moved on to GRCs and got into Parliament via the backdoor.

Not Eric. Try one time, died once, tried two times, died twice. Truly a born fighter, if you understand what I mean.

Is this his last hurrah I wonder?

raph said...

I will vote for PAP in Hougang in the next elections. The WP is totally ineffective as an alternative to the ruling party. Even PAP backbenchers and NMP's are more vocal than the 2 WP MPs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi raph, welcome to the blog.

i too have the same feeling. the two opposition MPs need to do more, adopt a higher profile, speak on the issues that are affecting the people. keeping quiet for a politician is bad.

Anonymous said...

Erh, it is not that the opposition MPs do not speak. It is that when they speak, Singaporeans are not allowed to hear. Of course, when PAP MPs do open their mouth, the eunuchs from the media will announce their arrival, loud and clear. That is the real situation.

By the way, how many PAP MPs really, really, truly understand and can speak on high profile issues? The PM himself said that some policies are even beyond the understanding of his own PAP MPs.

Beats me, that we should expect the opposition, kept in the dark, to speak on issues that the PAP MPs themselves do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Hougang residents should not be unduly happy about the kindergarten. If the PAP looses again, they will adopt the same old tactic of threatening to wind down their presence, and that means closing down the kindergarten again.

For me, once bitten twice shy.