Elevating terrorists to cult status

With shocking disbelief I kept reading flattery comments about the great limping terrorist and the expert suicide bomb maker in the media. In the case of the former, his greatest achievement was to escape from detention, while the later was credited for several bombings in Indonesia and the death of innocent people. They were showered with praises as charismatic, super intelligent, great in deception and disguises, experts in their arts of sabotage and military skills. If the little military training and knowledge they had should qualified them to be so glorified, we should better do some glorifications for our own combatants and leaders or they will pale in comparison to these two terrorists. The bad consequences of flattery remarks on two terrorists could raise them to cult status and attracting more naive and gullible recruits into their cause. Would it be better to call a spade a spade, like a half baked school dropout limping terrorist, a killer of innocent people in suicide bombings, misfits of the community, mad men, criminals etc etc? We do not want a Che Quevara and his guerilla fighters fighting the govt do we?

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Although my general opinion is that the media is staffed by whores and therefore one cannot too seriously whatever drivel the media whores conjour up in an attempt to raid the peace in our consciousnesses, keep us in fear, shake up our security with feelings of dread and uncertainty...
.... BUT... occasionally I do agree with them on principle -- it is better to keep the accolades in full public view... as it is with all the other negative nonsense which the few thinking people who are left can disregard, criticise or mock the rubbish the (so-called) "free press" (inc. electronic media) vomit forth daily.