136 loan sharks arrested

Almost half of these arrested, according to Eng Hen, are youths. And if I am not mistaken, the rest are in their early 20s. I will not call them loan sharks but ikan bilis. The sharks are still safe, hiding in deep waters or away in safer zones. When will the sharks be caught?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For fucks sake leave the buggers alone lah.

They perform a service to people with needs to be served.

Anyway it is inspiring to see such a courageous, ambitious entrepreneual spirit in the youth. It encourages them to protect their liberty by ensuring their own economic success.

Bear in mind: Most people are brainwashed to think that the public schools -- run by the Ministry for Education -- people paid to think for you to unilaterally decide what your kids should be exposed to, indoctrinated with and kidnapped for 8 or more hours a day in medium-security prison farms for children, commonly known as "public schools".

The idiots in the MoE have never produced anything in their shallow lives, instead put themselves on pedestals dictating over other "lesser sub humans". And millions of kids have been brainwashed and initiated into "The System" to serve the political and corporate masters.... anyway, I digress...

...these young Ah Loong's probably gave "The System" the finger and instead chose to BOW TO NO AUTHORITY and engage in activities in their interest (not the political and corporate masters) and take responsibility for their own success (not to aggrandise a politician corpulent with power and ruthlessness)... and they do so by serving customers in a market instead of robbing the taxpayer and self-awarding pay rises.

Leave these guys alone.

Anonymous said...

I enquire about enrolling in schools in Singapore but meet all kinds of obstacles, including those from the Ministry of Education and government schools. I am given silent reply and roundabout, causing me much delays and frustration. Members of the Singapore society also have interfere into my life without my permission. It is plain inconsideration. There are worse.

Francis Chua

Anonymous said...

In 1994, loan sharks came to mutilate my flat which I had just bought over from someone who borrowed money from them. I reported the incidents to the Police and was "detained" for questioning for three long tedious hours straight, as though I was the criminal. Yet nothing was done by the Police to investigate my case. Or, if they did, they did not follow up to inform me or keep me in the loop at all.

The things I want to highlight here is this: Throughout the three hours of questioning, I got the impression that the Police was not interested in helping me at all. In fact, for a brief moment, I had suspected that some of them could be in cahoots with the Loan Sharks - possibly supply the capital for their loans. Who really knows?

Nevertheless, my suspicion had been aroused at that point in time. It could be due to something one or two of them had said, within hearing distance from my ears, or the way they behaved in front of me - body language.

So, when recently someone proposed that the victims of loan sharks be made criminals in a new law to be instituted, this suspicion came back to me again. I began to question, thus:

Is there anyone high up in our law-enforcing organisations being involved with or in the Loan Sharks organisations?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

anon 905

> Is there anyone high up in our law-enforcing organisations being involved with or in the Loan Sharks organisations? <

It is possible. If there i government, sooner or later there will be corruption.

Prosecuting the people who borrow from loan sharks is another way the govt interferes with the free market now by making THE CONSUMER the criminal — as it does under other VICTIMLESS "crimes" like drug taking, gambling, prostitution, pornography.

This — like ALL govt policies is an even worse policy because it drives the activity further UNDERGROUND — now that "victims" are unwilling to come forward for fear of prosecution.

Another reason loan sharks may become violent and treat their cutomers badly is because due to govt regulation and interference the loan sharks are PREVENTED from running their business legitimately and therefore have no access to the PROPER way of debt collection and settlement — the law, proper debt collection agencies with a high degree of professional conduct — which if violated would get the firm in question a BAD NAME and therefore lose business.

The problem is not loan sharking. As usual... with almost every dislocation in society where people have "needs" which require fulfilling, THE GOVERNMENT is the sole culprit in fucking up the situation.