Pay double for faster and smoother rides?

According to a survey by LTA, the findings point to commuters and motorists being more willing to pay more for a faster and smoother ride. Some would not mind paying double of what they are paying now. Depending on who you are surveying, the figures may be grossly underestimated. Many motorists would not mind paying $10 per ERP just to have a free highway to themselves. Our ERPs are too cheap to many of the rich motorists. For the hardlanders, try doubling their bus fare or train fare and see what they will say or do! Actually our taxi fares are also very cheap compare to New York, London, Tokyo and the major cities around the world. Ask any tourists from these big cities and they will laugh their heads off at the ridiculously low taxi fares we are paying. Taxi fares should be doubled as well to keep abreast with the taxis fares to big cities.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What is missing from the argument is the true spirit of "let the market decide".

Taxis could be cheaper IF the market was allowed to work properly was deregulated or have less regulation.

In the old days there were 'pawang chas' or "pirate" taxis. These folks rose spontaneously from market demand for CHOICE. Consumers could decide if they wanted to go by regular cab or "pirate" taxis or pay even less by bus.

If The LTA were really serious about CHOICE for customers, allow private car owners to market their services and compete directly for meeting the needs of the market's customers... and earn some extra money for themselves.

Anonymous said...

if most pay double for the fater and smoother rides, the traffic congestion will be reduce is a baffling.
just raise the price and stop pay and pay anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestion of increasing the ERP charges or fares of public transport will undoubtedly be a great worry to people who are already finding it difficult to cope with the increased cost of living inSingapore. Of course there will be those who are the top earners and these wilol be the people who will be able to tahan any increase. For a start these are the people who will not be using the buses or the MRT. They drive their BMWs, Ferraris and Benz and would welcome increase in ERP, just to reduce vehicles on the roads. Money is very important in Singapore. To those with plenty, this is paradise. Those who are just scrapping by, life can be quite hard. Any increase in transport cost would be quite painful.

Aunt Till Broke said...

I would suggest that the public transport charges ten times more than the present pricing, or at least three times more. Why double? The higher the charges, the higher the millionaire-aspiring ministers and top civil servants would be paid isn't it?

Let the citizens carry the burden of transportation, housing, health, social well-being, education, defence and everything else except, of course, political power. Political power must rest in the hands of the 'always-right' PAP elitist elites, approved by the one-man-show Dictator. Isn't this the modus operandi all these while?

Correct me if I am wrong. I stand to be corrected. Pardon me if my analysis is out of step because I have not been educated at top-notch universities.

Hahahaha .....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi Aunt Till Broke, welcome to the broke, ooops, blog.

actually i was going to suggest that erp charges should go higher. then i can fly my lamborghini in the express way without the irritating japanese cars blocking my way. and transport fares should, yes, triple or quadruple.

we have the qualities to be millionaires : )

Anonymous said...

How much are workers paid in New York, London and Tokyo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

anon 340:

It is not how much you earn but how much you KEEP (after the thugs take their share of your hard labour. It's called INCOME TAX and GST.

Both GST and income taxes are higher in most countries other than S'pore or HK.

Sporeans still enjoy a decent purchasing power for their labour inputs. Give credit where credit is due.