Conning Asean

The effort to squeeze themselves into the Asean fold has increased in intensity. First Australia and now Japan, two hardcore allies of the US, are putting their grand plans to Asean for a bigger bloc. By hook or by crook, the US must be a member of a bigger organisation with Asean members in it. Only then can the US lead this bunch of little countries along, as their leader. The Asean countries must not be allowed to run and operate independently. They are just incapable of looking after themselves. It is for their own good that the US should come in and nanny these 'never to grow up' adolescents. Asean has been in existence for several decades, rising from the hubris of the Cold War to strike out on its own, to be neutral from the big powers, to be a zone of neutrality. Why should Asean allow itself to be subsumed by the big powers and lose its identity and independence? Why can't Asean exists as an organisation without the presence of big powers, without their meddling in Asean's affairs? The present arrangement of engaging big powers on an Asean plus basis is perfect, the best for the Asean and its smaller members. Becoming a bigger bloc, which is desired by the big powers, will cripple Asean as a regional grouping of smaller independent and neutral countries. Asean should think very carefully not be dragged to play in the big league, to play beyond its level, like the S League trying to play in the EPL or in the European League. It is flattering to be in the big leagues, but the inadequacy will stand out like a sore thumb and very embarrassing. Would Asean be easily conned to invite the wolves into its fold?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

> Would Asean be easily conned to invite the wolves into its fold? <

I hope so.

States are arbitrary structures made by strokes of pens on paper with all sorts of ritual to make the whole deal look "legal" to inhabitants of a given territory -- now under the structure of states known as "citizens" in territories called "nations".

In essence, the big con-job of forming nation states is to STEAL territory away from rightful owners i.e. steal the country from the people.

When states form conglomerates... i.e. super-states it becomes like a big organised crime gang.

One large block of states or other nation states vie for dominance and it becomes like one big organised crim9nal gang against another. If they join -- bad for the people. If they continue being apart -- also bad for the people, but less so.

Either which way, the people get screwed.

Anonymous said...

We are losing our identity as it is, after this we may be done for, forever subservient to foreign masters directly. I hope that the people are given a referendum on this issues.

Free trade is another issue we should be concern about especially for local operators of small farms, businesses and natural resources.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Europeans did it. Why shouldn't we follow suit? Simply because foreigners > us - we don't mind being dragged around so long as it's foreigners who are doing it.