Is there something missing?

The great dialogue on law has been going on for a few days. Singapore's top officials have been defending our great records in building a prosperous nation for 3.2m citizens and 1.2m foreigners. Our stand was to defend what we have built and done, to an 'audience of mainly American lawyers'. We have a very safe city, no slums, no 'no go' areas. People are rich, well fed, well housed, well educated and well travelled. We live harmoniously in a multi racial society without deep divides or strong hatred among the various races and religious mix. What else can one ask for? And the cake is that foreigners are flooding into a city seeking jobs and a better life. They are pouring their wealth into the city state. These are the testaments of a great city to live in. Why are there so many negative remarks and perceptions about this little paradise? Strict laws, executive interference, ISA, a people that is fearful of speaking up, etc, etc, were frequently hurled against the city state as if they are real? Are they, or just somebody's imagination? Or is there something missing that were not seen, heard or spoken about? What is it that creates this air of uncertainty and disquiet?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore is a textbook perfect paradigm of what a modern fascist state should be.

Now here come the Yank lawyers with their bullshit opinion and propensity to over charge and rape both plaintiffs and defendants.

Of the things which are "missing" in Singapore are critical thinking, individuality and a willingness to call BULLSHIT! on ideas, edicts and policies the govt conjures up.

Meet the Sheeple!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

in the garden of eden....