Speaking in personal or private capacity

Is this a new style, to speak in one’s private capacity as an individual? I think it is perfectly alright if the president of a brothel or casino were to speak in his private capacity about the green movement or about saving the earth. But what happens if the president of a brothel were to suggest how he thinks the brothel should operate, or the president of a casino were to comment on how a casino could be better managed? This is akin to a president of a country saying that something is wrong in the country and such and such a thing could have been done to make it right. Then he turns around and says, hey, speaking only in private capacity and not as a President. And mind you, if these presidents were all collecting their dues as incumbent presidents, be it a brothel or casino or a country, then what can the people make out of it? Why don't they make the changes when in office?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

At least withe the private brothel owner his "authority" is defined, contexualised and limited to his private business. he essentially speaks for himself and his business, and people can choose to associate or dissociate from the brothel owner or his business.

As head of state, no one can legally dissociate from a state. So everyone's fucked, and the president can do and say what he likes -- his own personal agenda or the agenda of HIS state.

Private == choice

State == no choice

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Written by former political journalist Ken Kwek and directed by Glen Goei, The Blue Mansion is a classy and clever murder-mystery with some extraordinarily good performances. But what is quickly turning into the talk of town is speculation that the film is about the Lee family.

Netizens draw parallels between Wee Bak Chuan and Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew. They even claim that Wee’s three children share traits with Mr Lee’s own children. Whether these parallels are deliberate or coincidental, only the filmmakers would know. But there’s no denying how powerfully layered a satire it becomes because of them.

The Blue Mansion is easily the must-watch of the week.
— Source: this gay site

Wee Lee Same said...

I just came back from watching "The Blue Mansion", though I have seldom watch locally produced films. This is only my 3rd visit to a local film.

Yes, I fully agree with those who said that this is a MUST WATCH film.

The similarity to the goings-on in the Lee family is so clear that anyone over the age of 30 will never miss it: e.g.

1. The suicide of the 1st wife of the 1st son.

2. The 1st wife of the 1st son also born a white retard, and 'forced' into committing suicide.

3. The first son is a gay.

4. The second son is a sexual pervert, keeping mistress.

5. The 3rd child, the daughter, fell in love with an Indian but never got married because her tyrant father and mother looked down upon her Indian lover.

6. The second wife of the 1st son got into the good books of the tyrant and was paid handsomely.

7. The wife of the tyrant is a domineering figure in the family who controls her children according to the wish of her husband.

There are many other similarities. I shall not reveal all. Otherwise, I would have stolen the thrill of watching the film.

Go for it. Entertaining and revealing. At least it will take some frustrations out of you, especially during these difficult times.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi Wee Lee Same, welcome to the blog. i must find time to watch the film. thanks for the introduction. i am simply intrigued by it.