Why blame the PRs?

12 October 2009 China woman took up Singapore PR for 'easier travel' I read with outrage a ST Forum letter written by a China national praising Zhang Yuan Yuan, the Singapore PR who declared her loyalty to China on CCTV. It is already ridiculous that a China woman with just a diploma can apply and get PR status in just two months. Accusing Singaporeans of 'naivety' and 'insecurity' is plain outrageous! The fact that Ms Zhang does not hide her true intention of getting PR for the purpose of easier travel is not an indication of her 'pragmatism' or 'motivation'. It is a perfect example of a greedy foreigner taking advantage of the PAP's overly liberal immigration policies for personal benefit. Period.... The above are the first few paragraphs of an article posted in Singapore Dino blog. Apparently there have been many criticisms of Zhang Yuan Yuan for marching in the China National Day Parade. I personally feel that the anger directed at Zhang Yuan Yuan is misplaced and rather unfair to her. She is NOT a Singapore citizen. Period. However foolish we choose to include PRs as if they are part of our citizens or residents, it is our own doing. A PR is just a citizen of another country being granted the right to stay here permanently but never, and not our citizen. The PR has all the rights to be loyal to his/her our country of which he/she is a citizen. The fault lies with us. If there is anyone to be blamed, blame it on ourselves. If we want to grant PRs so happily, citizenship so easily, why blame those who go by the rules and accept our PRs or citizenship? If we want people to take advantage of us, why blame on others for taking advantage of us? As if we do not know what is the intent of many of these PRs? If we want to be hardup and go on our knees to beg people to come here knowing that they are only here when the going is good, why be angry with them and not with our own stupidity?


Anonymous said...

"If we want to be hardup and go on our knees to beg people to come here knowing that they are only here when the going is good, why be angry with them and not with our own stupidity?"

Makes it sounds like we are selling our body.

SgDino said...

I agree with you that Ms Zhang is not solely to blame. We are also at fault for being too liberal in welcoming foreigners to Singapore. That is why I also stated my suggestions on tightening our own immigration policies. Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

I salute Ms Zhang for her patriotism! This is a fine example of what's loyalty all about.

The Peoples Republic of China should be very proud of her.

May i wish her all the best in her endeavours!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi SgDino, welcome to the blog.

interesting post you got. yes, we shouldn't put all the blame on zhang yy.


Anonymous said...

I am of the same opinion that there is no ground to blame or criticise Ms Zhang. Instead, she should be praised.

She has done the right and honourable thing all patriotic and loyal citizens would have done. All the citizens of China, and also those of Chinese descent, should be very proud of her.

As a true blue citizen of PRC, despite taking up PR status in Singapore, she has the right to serve her own Motherland and be loyal to her own country at any time and in any way she choses.

We should never mix up Citizenship with Permanent Resident Status. Giving her a PR status, for whatever reason and however expedient, does not warrant any Singaporean to belittle her for what she has done. PR Status cannot be conveniently equated to Citizenship, for all intents or purposes.

Moreover, the PR status can be easily taken back at the whims and fancies of our authorities.

Remember what had happened to the SIA pilot, a Malaysian who was given PR status and had stayed in Singapore for many years? He was involved in the SIA's pilots' union dispute with the SIA management and the Old Man stepped in. He was told to leave Singapore within a very short notice. Why?

So, don't treat PRs as if they are our citizens. They are NOT! Whoever does so should either go back to elementary school or get his/her brain examined.

Anonymous said...

Well said, anon 12.23
You have hit the nail right on the head.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

on the other hand, i think no PRs in the world were treated better than the PRs here and they should be very grateful. they are given jobs, rights to buy cheap flats and no need to serve NS. in fact they are treated almost as equal as citizens and in some areas more equal than citizens.

i think many PRs are so appreciative of what we have done for them and some must have also participated in our national day parade.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is a rare thing to have someone declare honestly that there intentions are completely in their own self-interest.

People like that should not be condemned but applauded. For e.g. many people have multiple residencies or citizenship not for any silly "patriotic" reasons but for ease of their own agendas for life.

This woman isn't harming anyone. Leave her alone, you jealous arseholes.