Blogging is a waste of time!

Blogging, whinning, complaining, writing letters to forums to air your disagreements etc were a complete waste of time. This was the message I got in a discussion with some friends. Why bothered whether it was Low or Chiam or Sitoh or Eric making the announcements on the LUP? It was money spent for the good of the people. There was no issue or the issue was too small to talk about. Later I discovered why it was a waste of time. All these talks would be worth nothing, and nothing changed. Go and form an opposition party and take on the govt if you think strongly of issues or else get on with your life and let the govt do what they think best. If this is the kind of attitude that Singaporeans should adopt, then there will be peace in paradise. And everything will be well taken care of. There will be no need for the ST to spare 3 or 4 pages on the public housing issues today. In an article, 'Insight examines the six most hotly debated issues among house hunters today' by Tan Hui Yee, the following were discussed: 1. Are permanent residents driving up resale flat prices? 2. Are investors pushing up prices of resale flats. 3. Are new HDB flats really subsidised? 4. Are new flats affordable? 5. Is $8000 income ceiling too low? 6. Are leftovers flats really 'undesirable'? Though I would expect more insights from these articles than just what have been discussed publicly, it is good that ST officially dealt with these issues and gave it a wider coverage. And there was a letter from Lim Yuin Chien responding to Sylvia Lim's rebutt. What Lim Yuin Chien said is simply, 'Let's agree to disagree.' What this means is very similar to what I heard last night, that the govt will do it its way and you can disagree. But if you want to do it differently from the govt, make sure you form the govt, ie, form an alternative party and vote the govt out if you can. Otherwise, tough.


Wally Buffet said...

That's why the smarter ones concentrate on making more money instead of blowing hot air into balloons that will just float away into the wide yonder.

Greed IS good!

Macdonald Bloggers said...

Truely it such a waste of time...

nobody really bother to read flawed article written by stubborn characters anymore.. it is pointless

Yes .. let me repeat it is such a waste of time..

the only response to such flawed thinking is let them continue to write . and that all to it. You have an opinion and so you will use that opinion appropriately. Is there a significant difference made? SIN are not stupid, they know what to do and they know how to use their votes.

Reactive journalism and borrowing words are no different from kopitiam talking.

Whether it is PAP ERIC or whoever made the announcement, i know one thing for sure. PAP is still the government and will likely form the next government..DUDE..

So go ahead KPKB.. . this bring me back to your starting point. what a waste of time.

There are more challenging issues which faces the state. If words bring about change, it is not from this blog.

Anonymous said...

When the noise gets too much, get a pair of ear plug and plug them into the ears.

Francis Chua

Anonymous said...

What's an ear plug?


Francis Chua

Anonymous said...

Redbean, blogging is not a waste of time. In every society there must be the voice of conscience. And this voice belongs to the ordinary people. Without such a voice, many will be driven out of their wits and may have to jump off the cliff. Try to imagine how this country would have been if the grievances of the people were not hurt. The abuses and arrogance of power would have gone crazy.

The fact that we are reading your blog is testament that there is a need for blogging. Where would these people turn to, the official media that tells no lies? Keep blogging and people will come reading.

Pee on it. said...

Just been in kotipiam having coffee. Asked those around if anybody hear this story about Eric or Chiam . each nodded and gave me the who-cares look. ...

One said SIN must thank God they were born here and not elsewhere. Govt had done alot, they looked after those in 1 room flat.. they did upgrading.. helped those who are poor, built new lifts .. gave welfare benefits.. government had done alot for people ..(This is truely remarkable coming from someone who had worked 30 years under the sun )

This view is so unlike those air-conditioned keyboard warrior who spent time farting online.

Is a stubborn character with flawed views a fool or someone on a self-delusionary ego trip? Best part is they think everybody else is blind.. whereas we see a fool in making.

One would have thought an agent of change would separate mundane issues for a more strategic view point, planning for SIN futures .... unlike blog such as this prefering making air over un-obscure non-event..

Blogger with borrowed viewpoints suffer from myopic narrow vision and failing to read bonafide intent.

3 Cheers to LUP in Hougang and Potong Pasir.. i know you dont mind us voting for our MP again....

Anonymous said...

Blogging is writing to express one's thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. All forms of writing is never a waste of time. Otherwise why do teachers teach school children, students and undergrads to write well?

Talking is inferior to writing, and making money is even worse than talking. That is the coarsest means of expressing oneself.

Cultured people write; mediocre people talk, and the lowly and uncultured people concentrate on making money.

Money is not the root of all evils. Greed is the root of all evils.

Even highly respected people who put in years and years of efforts to reach where they are, also easily succumbed to greed. That is because such people are actually without a backbone culture. They went to schools and universities only to get those pieces of paper to make them feel and look good but actually they had never been properly educated, uncultured.

You think all our leaders and top scholars are truly educated and cultured in the real sense?

Redbean, you are doing a great job for our society in your little way. It is that little drops of water that make the whole ocean.

Don't be discouraged by those bums who said otherwise. How then would someone took so much time to read what you have written and then took the trouble to write those long discouragements, if your blog does not create an impact upon such people?

Wouldn't they simply don't visit your site and don't read what you wrote; and don't waste time writing comments, if your writing is a waste of time?

Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend.

Peter Pan

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Before one starts discussing anything, it is important to define the terms otherwise it devolves to village idiots arguing with each other over nonsense.

Time, is a limited and thus valuable resource for every mortal being -- the "value" coming from the fact that as a mortal available time is a consequence of eventual DEATH which brings the end of usable time.

The term "waste of time" suggests that the time spet on a particular activity is of greater value than the eventual consequence or "benefit".

So as far as blogging being a "waste of time" is purely subjective. It all depends on where the activity of blogging occurs in one's own personal value hierarchy.

The average human does a myriad of activities : eating, shitting, fucking, fighting, lying, killing, playing with animals, picking one's nose, working... etc... and occasionally blogging. It is clear that we don't do just one activity only. Even the most zealous blogger will have to stop blogging to do other activities which are important to his life.

There are however some generalised "truths" about blogging:

1. To do it, you will spend some time.

2. Because anyone can blog, most of what is out there is useless rubbish

3. Blogging is often though of as "free expression". Just because you have something to express doesn't make you "special" nor does it mean whatever it is you have to express is of any benefit to anyone else.

4. Govts around the world are going to continue to attempt to control and regulate the blogsphere.

5. Govts around the world will eventually succeed in imposing more regulation on the blogsphere.

6. The blogsphere will continue to grow, as the convergence of various social networks continue. e.g. you have a facebook page, linked to your website, linked to your blog and people can tweet you on twitter... all of this available on your 3G mobile phone, almost anywhere in the world -- certainly at least in every major city.

Kristine.. said...

making money is even worse than talking..

You be the judge.. is this another load of rubbish?.

Or... A stubborn character with flawed views?

or Go talk to your wife about the need to talk talk talk,, becos talking is better....she will tell you to shut up and go make some money.

Which one is the fool?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

allow me first to welcome Macdonald Bloggers, Pee on it and Kristine to the blog.

oh, Macdonald Bloggers, are you one blogger or several bloggers? Anyway, thank you for your compliment. i quote: 'Truely it such a waste of time...

nobody really bother to read flawed article written by stubborn characters anymore.. it is pointless

Yes .. let me repeat it is such a waste of time..'

yes, nobody will read flawed articles. only fools do, wasting time reading flawed articles. i am sure you find redbean's article well written and came here to read it. it cannot by otherwise or you have just condemned yourself. it needs a little intelligence to post even foolish articles that make sense and not self contradictory. but it is easy for a confused mind to write confusely.

and it also applies to Pee on it. if you really think that my articles are fit only for fools, why are you here reading it? And still here reading it?

And thanks Kristine and the others for their kind words and support for this blog.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

oh, and welcome Peter Pan. nearly miss you out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pee on it, why don't you pee on your own head, and do the same to Macdonald bloggers as well to make it two at one go. You are both idiots.

Damn tulan to read your silly comments.

Jaunty Jabber said...

This comment is pointing towards those who care to worry how other people uses their time......

So what if anybody wants to waste time, as long as it is wasting their own time and not yours, why you complain?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi jaunty and fellow bloggers. please ignore this chap. with his sick mind, he will come back everyday. he is impulsive and obsessive and he can't resist his emotion to keep coming back.

just let him be. i will still welcome him and his various nicks. i bear no grudges against any bloggers.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bitch fight! Yeah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hallo, hallo,

where are you macdonald bloggers, pee on it, kristine( this one i missed earlier on. same fool trying to use a girly name), empty empathy, or directless rubber, or shall i call you emplorer or awaking......

i am sure you are reading this post and couldn't resist posting a response. feel free and show us how stupid you are. come on....don't be shy.