An amusingly frightening article

Last week I read an article by William Pesek in the ST explaining how China is at the brink of collapse or implosion. According to him, China is facing a mountain of problems that will pull it down. As a history student, I knew that China had collapsed 200 years ago, a broken country stricken with poverty, lack of industry, penniless, infested by warlords and foreign pests. Why is China facing imminent collapse today when it is the second most powerful country in the world, rid itself of all the foreign pests, warlordism, poverty and a reserve of US$2 trillion? China has muslim separatist problem that it could not handle, widespread corruption, an economy that is too export oriented and if America refuses to buy Chinese products, the factories will close shop. And there are in fighting among the Chinese leaders when Jiang ZeMin stood side by side with Hu JinTao at Tian An Men to view the parade. But the most serious problem China is facing is the reserve of US$2 trillion which it does not know what to do with. I thought I was reading an essay from a secondary school kid that is still in dreamland and highly intoxicated by the western media point of view. Is the Uigher separatist movement a problem to China? With a continent as huge as Europe and a 1.4b population, what is Uigher? China could simply designate a small corner of Xinjiang and called it the reservation to protect the Uighers and send all of them there, like the Red Indians in the US. Make sure they can get in but cannot get out. Any Uigher found outside the reservation should be arrested and send back to the reservation. Close the gates to the reservation, cordon it off with one of its armies and forget about them. See, problem solved. No American wants to buy cheap Chinese goods? The Chinese goods are now like drugs to the Americans. They need them desperately as no one could sell them as cheap and as good. The average American is broke and needs cheap stuff from China. The presence of Jiang together with Hu was to show how close the Chinese leadership is. From Deng to Jiang and to Hu, they are not building dynasties, they are not installing their princelings to perpetuate their rules. What rubbish about infighting? The western media can only hope that the Chinese leaders will fight among themselves by sowing seeds of discontent, conceiving imagination and presenting it as real. And about the US$2 trillion problem! I think every govt would wish to have this problem. They will crawl to Beijing to beg for the US$2 trillion problem to be theirs. It was a rubbish article that is most amusing and naive. But many readers will believe that China is in serious trouble after reading it.


Anonymous said...

Majority of us are "intoxicated by the western media point of view" and eat up their(CNN, BBC, etc)spew and their life style.

As for Uigher problem, your solution is a problem, time, they are not Native Indian, most important of all, Uighers are Muslims.

Wally Buffet said...


One of the best posts you've made for a long long time, if you were not so preoccupied with HDB prices!
:-). Winter is approaching, maybe the Chinese can distribute the trillions of US$ hell notes to needy families to burn for heating. Hell, the biggest problem China has is how to get out of this trillion dollar reserve and put it in something real solid, like the Aussie dollar for instance.

The axis of evil reporting, CNN, BBC, Reuters, et al are all hungry for any adverse news on China. An independent western media? It's all about self interest. There again, you can't blame them. All of us have a spot of red eye syndrome now and then.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One thing about those so-called "educated" and "enlightened" western, progressive, democratic, so-called "internationalised/globalised" socialists -- deep down they are racist, jealous, shallow people hiding behind super-expensive Phd's from fancy tertiary institutions. Law degrees are very popular. Liberals love law degrees because they get to learn big words and speak like actors on TV who are paid to pretend to be lawyers.

The legal shysters and thugs (who like to boast they were educated at (Yale, Havard, Princeton etc... aka "Ivy Legue") make lots of money by "confiscating" other people's stuff through law suits, but they are incapable of producing anything worthwhile to serve the customer.

And they hate the fact that the Chinese and Indians produce LOTS OF STUFF to satisfy LOTS OF PEOPLE.

And the thing which bring out their vitriol is some "lowly" race like the Chinese -- the "yellow hoards" -- who can work at anything, learn quickly, live anywhere, eat anything and can think long-term.

Democratic western liberals HATE THIS. They want to use whatever force they can to make everyone in the world conform to their insane and retarded ideologically of tearing successful people/cultures down to the same level as the losers so that everyone can be EQUAL -- i.e. equal in terms of equal misery.

Everybody is right at least once when predicting the future. China is not immune from economic calamity --- just like every other country. Therefore one can expect some "action" and "correction" perhaps even a "collapse" in every market, political system, culture and society, not just China's.

As usual, these liberals and their institutions (CNN, FOX, Bloomberg, NBC, BBC, NY Times, USA Today, Brookings Institute... etc) are scaremongering, and they are deep down resentful of the successes of hard-working but "under educated" people -- especially those who are not of European descent. Nothing makes these "enlightened westerners"madder (and they also claim to be and write many books on "compassion") than when they get a wake-up call from the fact that someone who used to be dirt poor in China, India or any other developing country is now either very socially mobile (middle class and rising) or just fucking rich -- by global standards.

Jealous bastards. Never done an honest day's work in their life.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

it's reported today that the american trade deficit is going to hit US$1.4 trillion this year.

america is doing just fine. they can continue to print money to finance their trade deficit, the wars and to pay the bankers and bail out the banks. no problem. just a piece of cake.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Trade deficits -- ah, take em or leave 'em. They are not important. Eevn though the stupid US media like Fox and Bloomberg make noise about it. But then again, people who learn thei economics and finance from the TV need will get a reality check in the market :)

For e.g. I have a trade deficit with Apple Macintosh -- I "import" more of their stuff than "export" mine. I also have deficits with beer companies, cigar companies, prono websites, massage places, clothing companies, airlines, car manufacturers, and many of the global food companies and local restaurants... as well as global oil companies, my ISP, energy provider and handyman.

To restate: trade deficits are not important -- as long as you yourself can produce and sell (which the US is still doing --- they have HUGE productive capacity and HUGE domestic economy) whatever deficit you run is alright.

Everyone of us runs HUGE trade deficits with a myriad of different "sovereign" entities.

BUDGET deficits on the other hand are time-bombs ticking away becasue they crowd out investment making interest rates ultimately sky-rocket, and also tempt the got to borrow, monetize the debt (i.e. print money) and/or crash or devalue the currency to "pay" for financing the budge deficit.

The US is running trillion plus budget deficits until 2018~2019... and that is a conservative estimate. Reality usually comes as a "surprise" to most estimates.

Anonymous said...

Me knows not politics or economics, but, i do know the Whites were great bullies.

And they are about to have their turns, the Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners will be returning favours to the Whites.

As a proud Chinese, i say 'fengshui lun liu chuan', the Wheel of Fortunes is in favour of Non-Whites for many centuries to come.

Me no racist, just proud to be descendant of the Oldest Civilization.


Anonymous said...

Who will collapse is still too early to tell.

Rumour has it that the middles east countries are thinking of selling oil in other than US$.

The Russians and South Americans have talked about that issue for some time, that is why US is so sore with some South American leaders right now. And some believe Saddam Hussein was removed for thinking too vigorously along that line.

But as I say, who will collapse first is still to be seen. I know China existed for few thousand years and has survived dynastic turmoils, ideological changes, civil wars, attempted occupations, devastating floods, devastating earthquakes, you name it. It survived far longer than those who longed to see its demise.

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if the present problems in Tibet and Uigher are engineered by you know who lah.

Do not be mistaken. They do not do it themselves, so they appear clean and aboveboard and with wide-eyed innocence. Don't be fooled!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

yep, they are trying to pass the buck to china. stir up more shit in china to keep china busy. and when china comes down with a heavy hand, raise the human rights flag and call foul.

the uigher separatist leader is housed in the USA and financed by congress fund. the latest call by an al qaeda leader for an uprising in china could be paid by his foreign master to say so.