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A simmering dissent brewing

Over the weekend I read a forum letter in the ST expressing aloud the fear that there will be no minority president in the future. Today I read that the Tamil language on the sign boards of a hospital was removed and only English and Chinese were left. The fear on the president issue is the need for a popularly elected President and statistically it is biased in favour of the majority. The minority races would be disadvantaged.

The reason given for removing Tamil from the signboards was that the customer profile in Khoo Teck Puat hospital does not necessitate the use of Tamil language. The excuse is lame for sure.

Taken simply, the problems will only be solved if the proportion of minority races increases to a point where all are more or less equal. This, I think, shall not take too long and it is only a matter of time when all the 4 racial groups will form about 25% each of the whole population. And we will have our enlightened immigration policies to thanks for.

Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Govt policies are well thought out by the finest talents in the island.


Anonymous said...

You see, well thought out policies by the finest talents may yet land us into a more divisive society.

The EP rules and conditions may really put an end to any Malay EP being elected in future.

It just takes someone like Khairy or Hishamuddin to stoke the fire to wake up the Malays. Then it will become a big issue.

The question is, when?

notanotherspinstory said...

Pot of curry boiling.......

Yes its true. If PE is always going to be hard fought, minority races will lose out.

There needs to be alternate PE terms reserved for minority, amended in the constitution.

One term open to all, one term for minorities.

Anonymous said...


agongkia said...

Many still do not see the advantages of being a minority.I wish to be in the minority group here if I am reborn.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is not joking. Agong kia (Agong's son) lives in luxury up North. Only thing is when are we going to have an Agong to replace the EP.

Anonymous said...

The influx of foreigners is well thought out. The public housing policies and building programme are well thought out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everything well thought out but turns out to be like 'clod' work.

levi john said...

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