The world must act to counter Trump's ultra racism

Trump is a white ultra racist and white supremacist. His grandfather was a leader of the extreme radical Ku Klux Klan organisation a die hard white supremacist creed bent on eradicating African Americans and Mexican Americans from US.

During his election campaign he promised to clear the swamp. As he indulged in double speak people mistook him that he was going to get rid of all the robber barons, rogues and scoundrels in high places in the government, in the financial centres in the banks and stock markets and in the military industrial complex. Actually he did just that. People could never have been more wrong and they were grossly deceived. What he actually meant of clearing the swamp was that he wanted to get rid of all the non-white population in the country be they African Americans, Mexican Americans and other non-whites. He equates non-whites as useless swamps, a very disparaging and disrespectful remark. He wants to preserve America purely for white people and just like his forebears he will quote the bible to justify his wicked actions. He will promulgate policies and rules and institute actions to make sure all non-whites will be forced to leave America and return to their countries of origin. He conveniently ignores the fact that he and all the anglo-saxons, the Europeans were callous brutal invaders of the American continent in which native people were almost completely genocided by them.

Trump and his hordes of fellow white supremacists are too drunk with racial hatred and wanton power to realise that there will definitely be an equally violent and unstoppable backdash against him and his likes for the world will never allow him only one way to kill and destroy other people. Moreover Trump should return all the stolen lands from Mexico to Mexico forthwith. If he says non-whites must leave America then he and all the whites too must go back to Europe and leave America to the rightful original owners the Native Red Indians and the Mexicans.

Trump is the epitome of all things evil and a torch bearer of the satanic KU KLUX KLAN and should be destroyed sooner than later.



virgo49 said...

Why worry???

Let him deal with the Swarms with the Whites clearing the swarms of other colored people.

Bet you see whether they have their Hands Full in dealing with the Swarms.

They will have more of the Whites gunning down in colleges, in malls and everywhere.

They will have the trucks down the roads killing them.

Looting, burning and killings with civil strife in America. No time to disturb others.

Let the Rest of the World, especially China have time to work out a NEW World Order.

Anonymous said...

The world is getting very very interesting and very very exciting!

The world needs a few more Trump!


Virgo49 said...

Think the best subscription is the News channel of CNN, Fox News etc.

Every other day, have live telecast of the clowns squabbling in the House. Of burning, lootings protests, civil stifles in the western hemisphere.

No need see Action movies.

They need lots of action to keep their adrenalin running.

Anonymous said...

Trump is doing things like as though the rest of officials are not important or non existence. Well, this is dangerous as he may be a target for assignation which is common to past US Presidents. Many did not survive they full term. God has mercy on him.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree at all that Trump is a racist. The writer is a victim of American version of Straits Times, namely CNN. Just today, Cnn carried news titled "chinese ships spotted on disputed Japanese islands". This is the kind of subconscious association which deceives the uninitiated. A disputed island is neither japanese nor chinese, till the matter is resolved!!!
Trump ancestor is Kkk does it mean he is kkk?
Trump is disgusted with the lawlessness in usa, which like or not is caused mostly by lower income citizens or refugees, which unfortunately belong to certain races from certain countries. The ban is on citizen's of those countries. Muskim from Singapore, malaysia or Indonesia cn enter freely, yet CNN INSISTS it is a muslim ban. Cnn publishes nothing but damnation. It on other hand never criticize obama/Clinton thats wat make DT angry.
DT is a good man with eccentric style. I was very impressed when reporter asked why he like Putin who the reporter said is killer. Straight away DT said, usa is not innocent either. FIrst time in history of the workd, a president makes a fair statement AGAINST a country he represents. ITs a great mark of humility. Did Cnn praise him? NO. THE reporter after hearing the hard truth, gabra and chnge topic.
We need to give DT space. He is a brutally frank person. The workd has to get used to it, and see some of the goodness in him. Usa fake media and Sg 154 prostitute media, are same same. We need to exercise our brain much more in the next 4 years.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with Anon 2:31 about the brutally frank Trump. He said what he thinks, for good or for bad. His problem is he thinks being POTUS he can act like an emperor, issuing edicts without the need to consult anyone.

He will call a spade a spade. He will attack any country directly unlike Hillary and Obama, smiling sweetly in front and stabbed them on the back.

Anonymous said...

We should employ Trump as our PM to drain our swamp -- to kick the bullshit foreigners as well as the useless jiak liao bee PAPies off this island.

Anonymous said...

Continued. If you want to have a balanced view of Donald Trump, please, please and please again watch this video to the end.

The most important takeaway of this video is this.
Not long ago,when obama/HClinton ordered the bombings in the middleast to topple regimes unfavorable to usa, and also kill 100,000s muslims where were all the millions of protestors in Usa? Now a temporary restraining order on 7 countries, causing inconvenience certainly not amounting to 100000 deaths,and you have million "protesters"in Usa Who paid them? These protests are hypocritical. Some of the protesters are manipulated/ deceived and think they are so noble. Trump exposes usa evil when he made the great statement usa is not that innocent! Are the protestors really LOVING REFUGEE? IF SO PUT A REFUGEE CAMP NEXT TO THEIR HOUSE AND THE NIMBY (NOT in my backyard) syndrome will be seen. All this "love refugees" "no ban" are NIMBY FAKES probably financed from antitrump units. It is time to use your brains, O daft sinkies. If there is any problem with the ban, it is that trump shoukd have alloed those already green card to re enter. That is his only mistake, but the Fake usa media prefer to condemn the entire ban

Anonymous said...

For those who dont understand what Rb said above about "stab in the back" method of obama/Clinton, this is a typical example of wat happened:
When gadfi denounced terrorism and offered compensation (in exchange for lifting libya sanctions by usa),around 2009 i thnk, gdfi went to usa and hclinton went to libya, and a lot of friendship videos all over cnn/bbc Then in 2011, bengazi people stage some anti gdf protests, and usa went all out to support the "rebels". Who are the "rebels"?it seems Many of them were paid mercenaries from africa, non libyans,the weapon bought from usa! Alqaeda, isis, all pretend to protest and said "down with gdf", it is slogan of the day, Bao Jiak one, usa support.There is oil in bengazhi,aha. Usa created lie that said, if nato dont intervene immediately gfi will soon kill thousands and thousands of "libyans". If you watch some videos from RT (russia today) you will here undisputable evidence that there was no such thing as gdfi potential massacre of thousands of libyan in bengazi, obama and clinton action withiut congrssa approva, caused nato to bomb thousands ofreal libyans, after when gdfi killed hillary said "we came we saw he died". Really backstabbing LITERALLY.
SO gdf government was ousted same like saddam hussein by George bush. After that isis became strong near sirte, bengazi..., thanks to obama. It is said that those who killed gdf were CiA elements,not necessarily libyans of Tripoli . Yup, the wickedness of backstabbing obama/Clinton is much worse than Trump's eccentric styles . How many people in Singapore know this!

Anonymous said...

The refugee issues of today, and the rise of ISIS is directly the consequence of obama and Hillary clinton disastrous policy between 2009 to 2011. You see thm smiling all the time, nice packaging. (Just like certain politicians of sinkieland).
In contrast Donald trump,always bulldog look, Duterte too. And cnn, nbc, carry out 1000% attack on him everyday. It is easy to be poisoned by the fake media, because, unfortunately, DT has bad EQ, but in his hearts of hearts, so far as i see (tomorrow can change though), his heart is much cleaner than the evil obama/Hillary pair who should be go to trial for crimes against humanity).
To summarise, underneath the masks, who is the real racist? You be the judge, dear Singaporeans. Read "southernglory's" article with a big pinch of salt and heabee hiam.

Anonymous said...

Actually, leaders r there for a reason, for a mission & vision. They r there to solve problems. Seems like DT way of solving problems is like an dictator, imagine what would u do when u see someone on fire, u would either run away, put out fire by yourself or get people to help u fight the fire. In the fire situation, it seems like DT is putting out fire by himself ( which is why he himself caught fire) ..it could be he had already gathered people, listen to them & them command them to put out the fire...base on the fire scenario, lets see whether DT will repeat it again bcos solving problems using same tactics over n over again is insanity!..

Anonymous said...

Trump is godsend to destroy the wickedness of America. But many stupids could not see that. Yes, 4:16 said it well. The stupids only believe in distorted and fabricated truth in the media...just like the daft sinkies.

Trump is going to dismantle all the farcical media touting to be telling the truth. Wake up and question what you read in the main media, especially from the scoundrel little USAs.

b said...

Trump is not white supermacist. He employs many non whites. He is angry about kkk because his father spent all his time in kkk and gave him little love and affection. He loves his mother a lot. He does not want the world to be islamized because his casino empire has to close down and women have to dress up like a tent and be kept at home and he cannot grab them by the pussies if more countries are islamized. Anyway, one of the world big threats to world peace is islamization. Btw, he wants americans to have good jobs and be rich so they can come and used the casinos he built so he can earn more money. He is doing all the difficult things for himself and his people. He cannot be nice because he is fighting powerful internal and external enemies and a harmful vicious religion that has islamised 50 over countries and turned them into shithole.

Anonymous said...

To anon 416pm
You really have a simplistic view of politics like 99% sinkies produced by sg pap education system. Let me come to your level in your example above. Ok there is a fire. The problem is there are many way to put out fire. Hillaryclinton say, here, please blow, but you know, when you blow, you also fan more oxygen to fire. Another helper says, pour liquid X, another say try my special solution Y, yet another say this fire is not my business, let it go off on its own.
World political problems are not easy to solve. But we must have integrity, not the style of Clinton (see earlier post). Make mistakes,resign, no cover ups. Donald Trump has his own idea of how to solve problems eccentric as he may be. Can you prove him wrong a-priori? You are god? Yes his style is dictatorial. But how do you know for sure his proposal solution is wrong? The true nature of democracy must be such that it allow space for a new leader to prove himself, and follow through, if it fails, throw him out. Instead of a winwin solution of compromise solutions to discuss with trump, mainstream usa media is kaunching 1000% anti trump news. It breeds a vicious circle, trump get more angry and more eccentric... Everyday now, i read both cnn, and alternative media on youtube, and also Russia Today. Do that and you will be enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.49pm

The current US democracy system is getting a reboot..this is evident in DT style of leadership - issues edict to solve problems..it's seem like a dictator or ancient Chinese Emperors style of doing things to solve problems..it seems simplistic..Chinese style of leadership follow the the Way or Tau & using Confucius precepts to govern the land..seems like DT leadership style is God-sent to faster solve the Americans problems ( but others may view him as a Dictator like Hitler or Emperor Qin Shi Huang)..

Anonymous said...

To anon512pm
Not really. Executive Orders were also issued by obama, but according to what i read, DT issue larger number of EOs and execute them swiftly. I dont understand all the hoohaaas. During the campaigning DT already declared every single one of the policies he signed off in the last 2 weeks.
In a democracy, the losing party has to accept, instead of continuously condemning him AND nitpick on what he already said he would do. This cant be dictatorial, because he had told voters already so many times during the campaigning and the voters said YES DO IT. Eccentric people need not be wrong. The number of people voting for his policy is higher, therefore all these so called protests are fake news from the opposition. Its ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.30pm

DT stand for Desperate Times need Desperate Measures to solve problems swiftly..maybe there is an Da Vinci code inside him ( nobody knows, mayb program by some Supreme Beings up there in the Universe) that he is doing things this ways that no ordinary people understand him or misunderstand him ..hope that the DT would lead US /Americans out of troubles, time will tell..

Anonymous said...

To Anon6.27pm

Whether u believe it or not, there was a blind lady (Baba Vanga) who predicted that the US will be 'divided' into Northern & Southern States & might even have 'civil world' after Obama Administration, look like US gonna in deep shit if problems r not handle properly, she also predicted that China gonna be the next superpower..woa..read this

Anonymous said...

Who does more damage to Singapore's economy?
Trump or PAP?

I worry more about PAP than I do about Trump.

Anonymous said...

Today news, woaa..seems like now MOM Lim Say Swee saying some 人话 (humane take) that the 54 sacked staffs r now 'fairly compensated'..employers can't anyhow sacked staffs without proper procedure & documentation..

Anonymous said...

Anon 648, baba vanga predictions all salah ine. She said usa will hv LAST PRESIDENT afro American, she fail to see Trump. She said Europe will be wasteland in 2016, also not true. And as for usa split into north and south states its not the case..the division is not by geography, but really by political party.
Talking of prophecy, dont forget Bible or koran. They are rich in prophecy. Youtube has numerous videos. It seem many Christians believe Trump is the 6th trumpet mentioned in Book of Revelations,.. When 7th trumpet comes jesus will come back to earth. I begin to understand why trump is tearing apart a certain law in usa prohibiting preachers from disseminating political affiliations and propganda.,, i think a lot of serious Christians, and i mean those real holy holy types read bible daily,,, they suoport Trumo!

Anonymous said...

/// Nominated Member of Parliament Professor Daniel Goh asked what were the penalties for employers who disguise retrenchment as termination due to poor performance.

Lim said that without documented evidence showing an employee’s poor performance, termination based on poor performance would be considered unlawful.

The employer would then be required to reinstate the employee, or to provide compensation. If the employer does not comply, it can be prosecuted. ///


Why not Lim Swee Say & NTUC include this in their NTUC membership card.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7pm, you worry more about pap than trump? This is typical product of sg education system,shallow frogs. Our PM pledged to send saf to syria iraq this year. You need to understand international politics more, how usa affect many aspects of world events.,,, if you or your soldierboy son, send to war zone created by Hillary cluntin,,go there die for what, not even tell the difference between arab types, taliban, alqaeda, blur sotong join the international "peace keeping force" my foot.

Anonymous said...

@ February 07, 2017 7:56 pm

PAP Prime Minister is sending our army boys to Syria & Iraq.
Not Trump.

That's why I worry more about PAP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 808, yes i understand your view, but our boys needcto understand how the arab world feels about usa, and the atrocities committed by obama, if not our boys would feel so gungho, wah, partner with usa good guys fight bad guys. To understand good and bad in the middle east it is necessary to understand history and politics of usa involvement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 808, yes i understand your view, but our boys needcto understand how the arab world feels about usa, and the atrocities committed by obama, if not our boys would feel so gungho, wah, partner with usa good guys fight bad guys. To understand good and bad in the middle east it is necessary to understand history and politics of usa involvement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.48pm & 7.48pm

Whether these predictions r true or hoax r waiting to b seen. Some Nostradamus,Korean & Bible predicted some one in the East by the name of "Moon" ( not the current Korea UN fellow) is gonna b born & unify the new world ( East & West) waa..it's not Oppa Gangnam style la..this person Moon gonna teach, preach & save humanity in the near future..waa..await for this new Messiah ( dunno whether we b around by then)..

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is NOT a Racist.

The US Ultra Left's (disguised as liberals) crooked News Media have been, and still are, doing their best to paint him as a racist, sexist, Islamophob, etc., and now as an ultra racist.

Trump is not stupid. He has been in business (both political and commercial) since he was 11 years old, following along-side his no-nonsense, hard-working, highly successful father, who held him by the hand day in and day out, to teach him all the tricks of the trade - both political and commercial. He knows fully well that to get the votes of the American people, he cannot and must not seen as a racist, a sexist, or anything negative. He knows he must be seen as the People's President.

If you have followed his campaigning throughout the last one-and-half years, you will know why he got the majority of the American People's votes. He fought to be the Champion of the American People - especially the down-and-out, the poor, the side-lined and the middle-class workers, and the minority groups. He also got the Latinos', Christians' majority support and the support of the majority of the small and medium businesses, and some big-time businesses. He also managed to increase the support of the African American voters, who usually counted about 2% for the Republicans.

If you had followed the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and the "fake news" generated by the US Mainstream Media, you would have known that they fought the Presidential Election based on demonizing Donald Trump. This strategy of character assassination did not work for Hillary-Obama and the Democrats. So, now they are going to the extreme to brand Trump as Ultra Racist, laying the groundworks for his assassination.

The Ultra-Left, pro-globalists and pro-Obama-Clinton-Soros crooks-in-sheep-skins, mainstream media, all owned by five main owners, lobbyists who bought political power through the back-door and held the previous Presidents by the balls. They simply hate Donald Trump's guts. They failed to get rid of him before and during the US Presidential Election. They because furious. Now, they are ultra furious.

Trump's enemies are formidable. He not only has to fight against the Obama-Clinton-Bush-Soros Gang, the Mainstream Media Owners and the lobbyists. In addition, he has to face the following forces:

1. The Globalists in general - these are the big-time business corporations.

2. The New World Order Gang, their members exist in many countries all over the world, Singapore included.

3. The Shadow Government of the US.

4. The following Secret Societies:
(1) Bilderberg Group,
(2) Skulls and Bones,
(3) Illuminati,
(4) Freemasions,
(5) Bohemian Grove, and
(6) Ku Klux Klan.

5. US own Central Intelligence Agency -
(1) The pro-Obama-Clinton-Bush-Soros group - likely group to assassinate Trump,
(2) The pro-Vatican group, and
(3) The Shadow Government group.

6. The Department of Justice and the Lower Courts - pro-Democrats, pro-Obamas, pro-Clintons, and pro-Bush.

7. The Department of State - Clinton-Obama's planted spies and sleepers.

8. The FBI - pro-Obama-Clinton-Bush Gang.

9. The Homeland Security Agency - pro-Obama-Clinton-Bush Gang.

10. The Congress - most Democrats and some treacherous Republicans such as George W Bush's Gang, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and John McCain.

11. The Mafia Groups, especially the Drug Lords.

12. Last but not least, the Extreme Islamists/Terrorists Groups - ISIS created by Obama-Hillary; the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al Qaeda, the Hamas, the Boko Haram, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

/// To understand good and bad in the middle east it is necessary to understand history and politics of usa involvement. ///
February 07, 2017 8:17 pm

If you voted PAP.
And if your son is going to Iraq under orders by the PAP government.

That is all you need to understand.

Anonymous said...

To @dragonfly
Add #13, the numerous talk-show channel hosts making a living throwing mud at Donald Trump everyday.
Donald Trump made an extremely HUMBLE statement during a recent interview. Interviewer asked him "why you like Russia president putin, he's a killer". DT said "usa not so innocent". Respect!clap clap clap! Yet comedian like stephen colbert, highlighted this and turned it into a joke denouncing trump. DT is sincere: he knows the terrible harm done by obama/hillary. But comedian and the like are knocking him down, poisoning their audiences everyday with cheap unsustainable jokes. I remember michael jackson, the talkshiw hosts were very cruel to him.
DT may be flirting playboy in his young days, but this is 2017 and he is the most hardworking president on earth, 2 weeks into the job and he is doing so many things exactly according to promise.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Trump will be very very good for USA and not for any other country. After his term in office whether for 4 or 8 years, USA will regain economic supremacy in the world.

patriot said...

l say let's respect the American Voters who have chosen Donald Trump ad their President(of the US of A)

Likewise, the 30% Sinkies got to accept the Choice of the 70% Majority.

Be it Donald Trump or Lee Hsien Loong, both by their lone self are not able to do much damages without their supporters. lf the US or Sin
ends in trouble or if Donald Trump gets assassinated as speculated, they are fated to end up such.

As for Sin and Lee Hsien Loong, the 70% support he is getting has a very probability to go way past 80% as often mentioned by a
commenter here at My Singapore News.


patriot said...

going by the Rises in stock markets in the US and around tge World, Donald Trump can be said to be one of the Most Popular US President World Wide and in history.

Great Guy Donald Trump.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I've been warning Singaporeans for years about the serious danger of a directly, people-chosen president.

This is what happens....The Sheeple get duped into voting for A CERTIFIED, AND WELL-QUALIFIED ASSHOLE, who will go down in history as the clown who became the NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT, who also wrecked the cuntry, it's culture and the "soul" of The People.

Listen up Sheeple: the SAFER way of choosing a president is to use the system of REPRESENTATIVE to make the decision. i.e. you, The Sheeple holds PARLIAMENT responsible for choosing the "right person" for the job. As the parliament is only human, they will at some stage make an awful decision and choose wrongly.

BUT...no matter. They are the parliament. All they do is REVOKE the presidential appointment and get a replacement. And it's easy: take a vote, sign some "official" documents. That's it. "YOU'RE FIRED!"

However if The Sheeple choose wrongly....how the fuck are you going to remove the bad president....without resorting to violence/ a coup?