Tension rising again in the South China Sea

The devil would not go away. The Americans have returned with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to patrol the SCS as if it is their private swimming pool in the name of freedom of navigation. China has stood firm and warned the Americans not to challenge China’s sovereignty in the SCS. The gloves are off. After failing to get the Philippines to be the point man to provoke China to stake its claim in the SCS, after failing to get other little USAs in Asean to take over from the Philippines, the Americans have no choice but to challenge China without the veil that it is an innocent bystander. The latest developments in Asean are saying that the little USAs are active again to get Asean to go against China.

Here comes the first batch of trouble makers in the SCS and more would follow suit. The Americans are thinking that they have superiority in bigger and more aircraft carriers and naval ships. So they can bulldoze their way in the SCS with no resistance from China.

The Americans forgot that this is China’s little pond guarded by many batteries of anti ship missiles in the mainland. The SCS is within the range of China’s anti aircraft carrier missiles and every aircraft carrier and big battleship would be tracked and locked on by these missiles a few thousand miles away. This would be a game of picking out the sitting ducks in the pond.

Did the Americans really think that they have superiority in numbers with their aircraft carrier facing a few Chinese coast guard patrol craft? Just be careful not to touch one of these patrol craft or the missiles will come down for target practice. And don’t forget the Chinese submarines are all over the SCS. China may have only one refurbished aircraft carrier, but any war in the SCS would be raining missiles of which China has hundreds or thousands waiting for the Americans to fire the first shot. Would the mad cowboys dare to pull the trigger? They would not know what hit them for the Chinese would be playing their computer games in the mainland, pushing buttons away.  There is no need for any Chinese ship to engage the American fleet.

What the Americans can hope to achieve is to hold their pricks and wave around to show the whole world they are in the SCS. The Chinese patrol crafts would watch them from near distance to see how long they could keep their boys and girls holidaying in the SCS before they get homesick.

Tension no doubt has returned to the SCS with the presence of aggressive and offensive American naval ships. The Americans did not name their warship as aircraft carrier strike group for nothing. They are offensive war machine made to conduct wars, to attack enemies anywhere.  When would the tinder box blow up? Would any little USAs still want to be part of the plot to attack China with the Americans? Shouldn’t have asked this question. In the latest Asean foreign ministers gathering they are already showing their hands. No one needs to ask the little USAs to say what they are up to. They just do it.
PS. Some of you may ask when am I saying these about the evil American Empire? It is necessary for if no one is saying it, some jokers may think since no one is complaining then all the American actions are right. The Americans have been doing these things for decades, branding Iran, Iraq, especially now the North Koreans as the Axis of Evil and Kim Jong Un as a mad man. In fact Kim's father and grandfather were also branded as mad men. The sad think is that many jokers after reading such fake news daily really believe so without thinking and without questioning.
The Americans must protect international law? How silly! Everywhere the Americans are present they are the one that is breaking international law but the stupid just would not want to see it.


Anonymous said...

//Tension rising again in the South China Sea..//

Redbean, one scholar from the little red land (also known as Little UAsSA) has asked Cheena to spell out its SCS objectives & follow the Code of Conduct...so if Cheena no follow law, is it right for little UAsSA to shout loudly in ASEAN " u Chinkies no follow law, we gonna ask the Kowboy to get u all to follow..".
see these r book-smart scholar at work in international law scene, they r damn 'gar-rung'..

Anonymous said...

Never learn any lesson from Terrex still behaving like mad dogs.

Virgo49 said...

Just last Sunday have a wonderful Cross Talk Happy Hour Coffee Talk with old friend who cried at LKY's funeral. This is one good way to keep your Dementia away talking to a PAP Stooge who is 10000% adamant that his PAPies are doing a good job.

Begin with knowledge as gained from Mr RB's and Bros postings how how the Americunts and the bananas are trying to bully the North Korea and China.

He said the North Koreans are wrong in testing their missiles by firing into the Sea of Japan.

I said they got to try test how far their capabilities their ICBM can go. He said that is wrong. I said so many countries also got so many these missiles why North Korea cannot??

He said North Koreans are mad people. I said Americunts not MAD people?? Sinkie leaders not MAD people???

These Americunts even contemplating whether to send their ground troops in ME or are they too chicken dared want to try the PLA????

They must be more insane than the North Koreans. There is a Chinese saying: If you go to people's territory, you must behave wisely as the Locals knew their land better than you and can make mincemeat out of you even you are your own territory Gangster Chief.

These Americunts need to be whacked severely before they put their tails behind their backs and flee. How many fleets you can send to SCS to provoke the Chinese.

You be sitting lame ducks if they really want to fight you. You are in their Territory.

Now the North Koreans are having some bitter taste in mouths with the Malaysians. Maybe they should try to shoot their ICBMs into somewhere near the Malaysian Peninsula or Pedra Branca and let our Mr Hen has a taste of what's coming.

This OCBC- Orang Cheena Bukan Chenna- yaya papaya wants to dictate terms to china and behave like a siew yan in Cantonese little devil to provoke the Chinese by stirring up shits instigating the little USAs of ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

"No one needs to ask the little USAs to say what "

This was truth. China was keen only if Philippines want to use Hague judgement to claim the south china seas islands. Philippines FM made clear would set the judgement aside, and would work out south china sea behavior principles as a declaration. Little usa can play a part to make sure china give up the south china sea islands. This is little usa s official stand, came from the dragon mouth on china should follow international laws created by the Philippines judgement.

Though china submarines inside south china sea are usa s first fear for sailing inside the sea, missiles rain is another. Will the navigation of carriers sail inside the 12 n miles? If the carriers do inside 12 n mile, little usa will celebrate. It means usa does not recognize china s ownership of islands. If carriers do not sail inside, then little usa is the only country in this world disregards china s ownership of island.

One observation readers must not miss the big picture. China is avoiding the war zone south china sea for trade. It has development rail routes at super fast speed liking russia and europe for trades. I guess it is ready to give usa missile and torpedo under the sea if the carriers asked for war this time. The commander for south war zone was a submarine chief. Harris better get ready for his own life vest under he can see under the sea. Of course little usa will be able to do so with its own submarines toys type.

Anonymous said...

Rb //The devil would not go away. //

The definition of what is "devil" varies from country to country ......?

Terms such as "Japenise Devils", "Western Devils" (circulating in the mainland) are already (commonly) heard of as far back as the late Qing Dynasty era since Mid 19th century onwards ......?

Putting aside the issues of the immediate parties in SCS, let's switch perspective and look at issues much nearer and of (acute) interests to the "passengers of a small sampan" .......?

That is, what are (the most "threatening) "devils" to a peesai?

Is a sampan sustainable in the super long run in the rough seas especially when there are turbulent weather or even a tsunami ......?

Anonymous said...

Internally, going forward every year each sinkie family is liable to be taxed "10 pkts of blood and 3 kg of flesh" (metaphorically speaking in view of the coming 30% water tax increase coming to "raid sinkies personal bank reserves") .......?

What will break a sinkie's ....... oops camel's back?

It is common knowledge military technology wise, peesai is (traditionally) heavily dependent on the americuno ......?

Anonymous said...

Trade wise, peesai is increasingly dependent on its military supplier's "competitor" .....?

However, strategically this "competitor" is using Mao Tze Tong's encirclement strategy (which defeated the KMT) on peesai and investing hundreds of billions building ports in Gwada Port (Pakistan), Madeira Island Port (Mya Mya), Melaka Gateway and Port Klang (Matland) to divert future business away (and choke the life blood of peesai)?

More than 95% of food supplies (in peesai) are imported ......?

Anonymous said...

Given the regular periodic raiding of the passengers "personal bank reserves" by the ("Karibien type pirate") captain and his "henchmen" , arguably at least 50% are barely at the survival (thin) line subsisting from "pay cheque to pay cheque"?

Many are just "one pay check" away from hunger, electricity cut, water cut, even "starvation" .....?

Many of their sch going children are just one pay cheque away in their parents monthly income to studying and doing homework under candle light (when electrical bills are not paid and electricity abruptly terminated) ......?

(It has already happened and many children staying in 1 rm, 2 rm and even some 3 rm flats are undergoing such "torments and hardships")?

Anonymous said...

When the million dollar salary elites are paid by taxes and higher fees from the people, and the number of million dollar payees are growing everyday, you think this is sustainable?

Virgo49 said...

Bro, what happen if they had their last paycheck????

Do the PAP millionaires come and hug them and said no Singaporeans will be left behind???

One minister said only way is to increase sinkies incomes.

So many sinkies already feared it will be their last pay cheque and they said only way to increase their incomes.

Increase their own million incomes. Oh that's a hint.

As yault hints before 30% water increase.

Anonymous said...

Many sinkies are unaware and borchap abt the events in SCS ......?

Oldies in msn can always stand outside mrt station after work and do a survey?

Ask the sinkie commutters and see how many even know the shit about the escalating mad frantic arm race, tensions and crazy military buildup in SCS ......?

In other words, internally sinkies are "taxed to the brink" directly and indirectly (and many can barely breathe as evidenced by more than 50% scraping by every month pay cheque by pay cheque)?

Externally, in peace time, peesai likely will be "choked off its bloodline" (if the Mao Tze Tong type encirclement comes into force and succeeds ......?)?

In turbulent time, peesai also "CHAM" cos 95% food supplies dependent on overseas sources ......?

But the worst is peesai economy is so open its total trade (exports + imports) totalled 300 to 400% (in the past 3 decades annually) in terms of its GDP .......?

So any short term conflict, war, disruption means food supplies problems, trade problems .......?

Food and $$$ problems (not including many others) all come together ......?

How many sinkies can suffer such hardship if it come to pass when right now during peace time, more than 50% sinkies already barely surviving pay cheque to pay cheque?

Anonymous said...

..... con't @ 10.26am

What about this tension in SCS?

Rb //The Americans have returned with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to patrol the SCS as if it is their private swimming pool in the name of freedom of navigation. //

This nuclear carrier is supposedly part of the 3rd battlegroup which overseas the Eastern pacific ......?

So what if it sails to 12nm of the islands and stop there?

The Chn navy and pilots no nid to sleep le .....?

So why this battlegroup wants to do that (and what is its [ultimate] intension)?

AnyboLEE wants to hear "mind" view ......?

Pls kee chiu .....

Anonymous said...

Surprised there is no posts on what singapore expert s proposal to have a pan asia anti missile alliance.

Singapore expert proposed singapore, japan, south korea, australia to manage a pan asia anti missile alliance. Most likely is to have thaad to put at all these countries.

According to china, this is another singapore s plan to start to aim attacking china from the west south direction, besides the south korean s thaad from china s east.

Singapore is no doubt a very superior force in asia against china. Abe cannot beat.

This news is widely circulated in hk and china.

Anonymous said...

Taxing you all over now scheming your life savings in the CPF.

Anonymous said...

This OCBC would not be invited to China anymore. No more Chinese hospitality. The Chinese would not want to talk to him again.

Anonymous said...

the most important thing to singaporeans is what are the roles singapore
in the event of conflicts between usa and china regarding scs.......

action please.....dont just talks........action please..............


Anonymous said...

Shiok!!! My stocks in war & defence companies are cheonging like crazy. Just received my quarterly dividends and they have gone up again, kept increasing since over 15 years ago. My capital gains from war stocks have increased 6X since I first invested 20 years ago. More war please!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.56am

Sinkies r 3k --kiasi,kiasu & kiabor..u ask in event a conflict btw USA & China happen, Sinkies will just sent in their big mouth PeeAyam or BalaGilar or Shamegun to shout at Cheena " ..hey Chinkies u better follow law...or my big bro gonna screwty ur backside song boh..buey song hor kow kan Na.."

Anonymous said...

"to singaporeans is what are the roles singapore
in the event of conflicts between usa and china regarding scs.......
February 23, 2017 11:56 am"

singapore want usa to put thaad at changi lah. but will najit closes his eyes. even he does keep quiet, he might lose support from umno bcos malaysia armed forces will be under monitoring by singapore. this include indonesia armed forces.

once this idea of anti missile alliance take root, singaporeans will not sleep in peace. malaysia may cut water and foods, indonsia may prevent singapore planes to take off passing riau air space. this will happen when at war time between usa and china. singapore leeders are playing singaporeans out if they really lean flat to help usa against china. death is so certain for singaporeans. better change side if someone offer citizenships. same stories like those happened at syonan will repeat. sinkies voting for the elites to screw their children s future hard, yet they continue to vote for the same idiots elites in 2020ge.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousFebruary 23, 2017 11:56 am
//the most important thing to singaporeans is what are the roles singapore
in the event of conflicts between usa and china regarding scs.......//

Old man din called sinkies dafts for nothing?

The taiwanese writer Li Ao din labelled sinkies "moron" for nothing?

Anon 11.56am had just asked a qn that fits into the label of old man and Li Ao (abt sinkies)?

Anonymous said...

During the recent MSC (Munich Security Conference), seated beside China female counterpart, the peesai "COCK" has already crowed (and given the answer)......?

By "CROWING" (LOUDLY) at the recent MSC, it was obvious "that was the TKSS answer" liao?

Anon 11.56am "day dreaming" and "never pay attention" ......?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7

Reality of ASEAN 1 - Myanmar's Relation With China

Last year, Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, after taking office as State Counselor, deliberately made her first official visit to China, before visiting the United States. The visit to China was an effort to repair and strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries, that once had a much closer relationship. The term “baobo” (brothers and relatives) was often used to describe their level of closeness in the past.

Burma (renamed Myanmar) was the first non-Communist country to recognize the People’s Republic of China in 1949. In turn, China stood firmly together with Myanmar, even when its former military-run regime was isolated by the international community.

Bilateral ties have been strained during the transition of Myanmar’s new government. However, this is changing.
Their relationship has become more transactional. $Billion infrastructure deals have been closed. Relationship building is important but business comes first. There is little doubt that the focus is on the bottom line. Both countries can now be equal partners.

China’s show of support in the recent peace talks between the Myanmar government and its ethnic groups was encouraging. This is the first step towards long term cooperation, regardless of the outcome of the peace talks.

Myanmar is committed to work with China in the long run, which is both logical and beneficial.

Myanmar needs China in order to grow at a faster pace. It wants to build large-scale infrastructure projects such as ports, bridges and highways and China has been assisting in this capacity since the 1990s. China has helped Myanmar build its hydropower plants, oil pipelines and key bridges which have played a supporting role in ensuring the country’s long term stability. Today, China is Myanmar’s largest foreign investor, far ahead of those countries in ASEAN.

Likewise, China needs Myanmar to support its strategic development, especially the Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar (BCIM) Economic Corridor and the ambitious “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

All these come at a time where existing banks in Myanmar, including big players from Asia, are not ready to fully finance large government projects. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have supported several Myanmar projects, but that is not enough to meet the country’s development gaps.

Myanmar does not have the impression that China is seeking to control Myanmar nor taking advantage of Myanmar’s circumstances during development.

Clearly, China wants to participate in the growth of Myanmar in a peaceful and harmonious way. As the world’s largest exporter, it brings an efficient system of work ethic and systems. It also brings thousands of years of culture and heritage to the table.

As China-Myanmar relations enter a new chapter, commercial initiatives are expected to guide mutual cooperation. In the future, China and Myanmar may no longer be as close as before, but at least their new partnership will be more sustainable.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7

Reality of ASEAN 2 - Philippines Relations With China / USA

Philippines President Duterte to USA:

“There are no wars right now, why would I allow you here? You want to create World War III? If you do that, if all the nuclear explosives are really (used), this planet won’t be around tomorrow. It’s the end for all of us, so why would be pick up a fight with anybody?”

According to the Supreme Court, the Visiting Forces Agreement, 1998, is an executive agreement, hindi, hindi (not a) treaty. So, start packing your things. Start packing your things and get out of my country!

US troopers demand air-conditioned tents, ham and eggs upon their return to their camps. Filipino troopers are ten times better. They are ready to perform their duty even without the perks given to their American counterparts. Just give them corned beef and they are ready to go. They do not have air-conditioned tents but they are more durable, more brave. I tell you, do not teach us about warfare, we have the longest insurgency problem here.

Prepare to leave the Philippines, prepare for the eventual repeal or the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

I’ve been to China. China said, ‘We will give you something like 15 billion. Son of a bitch ... that Millennium, how much? 433 million? Keep that. Use that to help Americans sleeping on the streets.

The US punished the newly-elected Philippines' President Duterte for his war against illegal drug-lords by refusing to continue to provide the MCC aid of $433 million. But that is seen as arm-twisting to make the Philippines go against China by enforcing the One-sided Hague Tribunal's judgment.

Duterte said the deferment of the MCC aid does not mean anything to the Philippines as it can seek help from other countries. He said China has offered him about US$15 billion in assistance.

Despite the US's retalliation against his narcotics crackdown, Duterte said he would continue to run after the drug lords until the last day of his term. The illegal drug-lords and traffickers who have been killed are believed to have links with CIA operatives in the Philippines.

Duterte accused the US of interfering with the Philippines’ internal affairs. He also claimed that the US has been picking on him on human rights despite its failure to acknowledge the atrocities it committed during the Philippines-American War.

While calling Americans "sons of bitches" and "hypocrites," Duterte praised China as having "the kindest soul of all" for offering significant financial assistance. "So, what do I need America for?"

Duterte also said Russia can be a very important ally. "They do not insult people, they do not interfere (with our internal affairs)," he said.

Virgo49 said...

Tell that to the PAP stooges and they would argue with you till the cows come home.

These papies stooges are brain dead been washed by the PAP for years.

They willingly to sacrifice even their lives for the papies in return for some chicken rice and bones.

Already brained dead. No cure.

Wah, today gym many many lined up take turns dry run for wet runs baths in training for the 30% water increase.

Later, they will put coins slots for baths in ssc gyms and pools.

Anonymous said...

//Tension rising again in the South China Sea..//

Nothing new lah.

" PAP government increases taxes again after Elections. "
- anything new or not?

Anonymous said...

Why is Redbean so anti-USA? He is forever labelling USA as the aggressor. I do not believe so. USA in SCS is good for small countries like Singapore. I think the PAP government did the right thing by allowing the USA naval base at Changi. Singapore needs protection and also a big brother to watch over us.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7C

Reality of ASEAN 3 - Malaysia's Relation With China

Last year, Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, visited China for the 3rd time to establish a closer and stronger relationship, seek aids, buy military hardwares and sign deals with China.

Malaysia has purchased a fleet of Chinese fast patrol boats that can carry missiles, a deal that will further strengthen Malaysia’s fledgling military relationship with China. The Chinese and Malaysian militaries began conducting joint exercises last year.

Until last year, the Malaysian forces have been heavily equipped by the United States, particularly the air force, and Malaysia and the US have enjoyed close defense and security cooperation. And even quietly allowed US spy planes to make use of Malaysian territory. Najib had played golf with Obama in Hawaii.

Those warm feelings soured in July 2016, when the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Unit of the US Dept of Justice started investigating the missing $1 billion from the nation’s sovereign wealth fund - 1MDB. Mr. Najib was indirectly singled out as the Number One man involved in the matter. He was angry and felt humiliated by the publicity of the investigation, which is a civil matter, not criminal. This has prompted him to tilt toward China in order to restore his international standing and provide aid and credits ahead of upcoming elections.

Even before this incident, China had helped Najib with the problems in the scandal-ridden sovereign wealth fund. Last December, China’s General Nuclear Power Corporation bought 1MDB’s power assets, a move that helped shore up the fund and substantially reduce its debts.

Generally, countries in ASEAN, with the exception of Singapore, want good relations with China. It is wishful thinking that these countries will equate their own national interests with that of the US and will therefore pursue policies against China. The reality is these countries do understand that maintaining good relations with China enhances their overall national interests.

Najib has publicly said, "Relations between the two countries had reached a Special Phase, and military ties were at a New Height.”

Najib signed deals with China for the completion of a high-speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, and Singapore, and several port projects, in addition to the purchase of military weapons.

Najib’s warming relations with China is a direct message to the US and his Asean counter-parts that peace in South-China Sea can only be maintained by a peaceful China, not an aggressive, double-crossing, imperialistic and hegemonic USA.

No Southeast Asia country can envision a stable and secure Asia without China being actively engaged and participating fully in economic integration, security cooperation and people-to-people ties.

Today, China is Malaysia’s biggest trading partner!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anon 3.18pm

Kee Chiu ( potential PeeAyam hopeful) already said "..we r neither Pro A nor Anti B...whatever decisions we made has got to be Sinkieland's best interest first...Sinkies' interest.."

So we r not Pro - UAssh nor Anti-Cheena ok, we r "di gor Liang di gor zhor, di gor wu Lui di gor toll"

Whether UAssh or Cheena, all kaki Lang park Si bo siang kang...ho boh..

Anonymous said...

I read a story at all singapore stuff and it put me to tear.

I did not expect in singapore my fellow NS men had such a poor conditions. I really sadden.

"Me: Pa, don’t worry! I will study really hard and earn a lot a lot of money. One day I will be able to bring you onto a plane and travel around the world.

Dad: Sorry, papa is very lousy.
Me: NO! You are a unkillable superhero.

Thankfully I was able to secure a scholarship in my current year of study."

b said...

No need to anti-usa or anti-china or anti-russia. They are three good friends putting on good shows to entertain the villagers so they will buy more weapons. If they hated each other, they should already finish each other off using N-power before the other increase in power. Since they did not do that, it just means they are good friends.

Anonymous said...

They are three good friends putting on good shows to entertain the villagers so they will buy more weapons
February 23, 2017 4:58 pm

Very tiok.
Is it also the same with Singapore and Johor?

Both put on good show.
You increase entry price into Johor.
I increase entry price into Singapore.
Both sides collect more money.

The Singaporeans and Johoreans citizens also equally happy.
Both citizens believing that their countries have not lost face.

Virgo 49 said...

Johore just RM2.00 (sin 7.00) still got change RM1.00

Sing Ka Por S $35.00 (RM 105.00)

Who is happier? ??

Who is smarter??

Who is more Shylock??

Malaysian squeeze their balls paid thru their noses.

Just said for your peh Kim.

Virgo 49 said...

Johore should be RM20.00

Type too fast

Anonymous said...

@ virgo 49

As a Singaporean driving a Singapore registered car.
When you leave Singapore.
Why must pay PAP government money?

When you drive from Johor back into Singapore.
Why must pay PAP government money?

If not happy, then I better vote Opposition tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong praised the Budget 2017 for spending “judiciously” and even said that the introduction of new and higher taxes is good for the next generation:

“New taxes or higher tax rates are not causes for alarm, but a call for Singaporeans to recognise that there are difficult things that we have to do together, rather than leave problems or difficulties for the next generation.”


Anonymous said...

Realities vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7D

Reality of ASEAN 4 - Vietnam-China Relation

Vietnam-China relations were believed by many people to have passed the point of no return, due to a series of developments. However, a 6-Day Visit to Beijing in Sep 2016 by Vietnam’s Prime Minister underscored a major shift in Vietnam-China bilateral relations.

Vietnam's PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc met President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and top Legislator Zhang Dejiang and also attended the China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Nanning and made a business-focused visit to Hong Kong. But the trip’s primary focus was to deepen economic and people-to-people ties, which have been strained in recent years by spillover from the South China Sea disputes.

During the meetings, Phuc and his Chinese counterparts were eager to de-emphasize those South China Sea tensions in order to pursue other areas of cooperation. Xi assured Phuc, “China and Vietnam can manage their differences and promote maritime cooperation through friendly negotiations. The common interests between our two countries far outweigh our differences. The South China Sea issue should be resolved by bilateral consultations and maritime challenges transformed into opportunities for cooperation.”

Earlier, China's Premier Li met Phuc and told him that the South China Sea involved both issues of sovereignty and maritime rights as well as "national feelings". Li said, "China and Vietnam should work hard together, scrupulously abide by their high level consensus, maintain maritime stability, manage and control disputes, promote maritime cooperation, continue to accumulate consensus, jointly maintain maritime and regional peace and stability and create conditions for the stable development of bilateral ties.”

In reply Premier Phuc said, "Maritime issues should be appropriately handled in a peaceful way on the basis of equality and mutual respect and not allow maritime issues to affect the development of relations."

Hostility toward China remains a powerful force in Vietnamese society, fed by historical animosities and simmering resentment over the South China Sea territorial disputes. Yet despite an undercurrent of Anti-Chinese sentiment, Vietnam's China policy remains grounded in pragmatism. Economics and diplomatic gains are the primary concerns. The two sides regularly exchange high-level visitors and have made substantial progress in demarcating their land border.

Vietnam says that it is "friends to all," a slogan that sounds naive, but reflects a pragmatic approach to foreign policy. Vietnam's overriding strategic concern remains China. Hanoi is realistic about the power imbalance and is wary of antagonizing China.

Hanoi is under no illusions that it can somehow "balance" China with the US, Russia, or Japan individually. Nor is a more confrontational approach toward China something the VCP tolerates domestically: once unleashed, nationalistic sentiment, though initially directed at China, could easily turn toward the Party itself. Instead, it seeks to maintain as cordial and stable a relationship with China as possible, while also cautiously cultivating a diverse range of bilateral friendships and enmeshing these in a framework of multilateral engagements.

The wisest approach for Vietnam remains to maintain as cordial and stable a relationship with China as possible, while also cautiously cultivating a diverse range of bilateral friendships.

Anonymous said...

Game Theory Expert Angkor RB: //The Americans forgot that this is China’s little pond guarded by many batteries of anti ship missiles in the mainland.//

From the writer's analysis, it seems he is a master of the von Neumann Morgenstern Utility Theory?

Since Angkor is a "fan" of the Yr of Cock, then what is the fuss in SCS all abt?

In the Yr of the Cock, the main actor obviously cannot exclude COCK?

Anonymous said...

Game of the COCK it is?

Pls dun be like a slut (or think like one) with whole mind obsessed with a steely harden 8-inch meat rod?

The actual game is played by crazy young adolescent boys?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, some sluts are getting even more horny (abt COCKS)?

No no no .....

It is not about little puberty teenage boys uncontrollable biological (xiao) jiji .....?

Anonymous said...

Played in the nuclear age, it is abt MAD ......

Mutual Assured Desire ...... oops (must be the slut again .....) .... Destruction

When played by boys, it is a white line in a middle of a single lane 2 km apart?

Anonymous said...

Manned by madness filled adolescent behind the wheels of 2 super fast cars such as a Por 911, top speed is reached within seconds and the 2 cars heading for each other in split seconds at speed of more than 200km per hr .....?

Sinkies have witnesses the destructions of horrendous road accidents driven at far less speed?

At 100km per hour driven and colliding in opposite direction means certain death?

Anonymous said...

So if later this morning yew are otw to work on an expressway and suddenly 1 crazy car coming at yew in the opposite direction ...... no ..... against the traffic to be exact .......

That is the game of chicken ...... oops COCKS (since this is angkor rb "favourite" yr of COCKS) played by reckless and drug intoxicated youths ......?

A super car driven against traffic at 100km per hr at yew ..... no ..... the game of chicken usually is driven at top speed of more than 200 km per hour towards each other .....?

Anonymous said...

So if it were yew and a 200 km per hour car heading against traffic towards yewr car, what would yew do (as a kiasi, kiasu, kiagui, kiatia, kiapokai daft 70% sinkies)?

What are the NASH equilibria?

Given Angkor RB's analysis, he sounds an expert ........?

Anonymous said...

Now, in the SCS, this game of chicken ...... oops ..... COCKS originally played by reckless, drug intoxicated (way ward) adolesecents ....... is played in the SCS (with MAD brinkmanship) by 17 year old president ....... oops ...... 70-yo president ......?

Welcome to the yr of the cocks?

In the game of cocks ...... in the scs ......?

Good luck ......?

Is that all?

Anonymous said...

Look out for part 2 .....

But there is no free lunch?

Kee chiu ...... that is ..... kee chiu ......

Dun be lazy .....

Kee chiu ......

Before the "boys' cars collide" ......?

And yewr "retirement $$$ evaporate in the mkt"?

Anonymous said...

Angkor kancheong //The SCS is within the range of China’s anti aircraft carrier missiles and every aircraft carrier and big battleship would be tracked and locked on by these missiles a few thousand miles away.//

Angkor, in the game of chickens ..... oops ..... COCKS , yew need strong hearts lah ......?

Anonymous said...

Game theory expert pretend ignoramus //China may have only one refurbished aircraft carrier, but any war in the SCS would be raining missiles of which China has hundreds or thousands waiting for the Americans to fire the first shot.//


Come on ......?

Show your true mastery of game theory .......?

Virgo 49 said...

Driving at 200kph and beat the redlights you ended in CCK Nirvana Five Stars Hotel.

There joined the elites who pay a few thousand or few hundred thousand in the.VVVVIP Hall.

Opulence elegant surrounding but may meet the.MIWs as enshrined there.

And may be under their Rule and Mercy again.

patriot said...

Silly to pay a high price and get hanging between nowhere under the Ceiling and the Floor in a tiny urn
locked in a tiny cubicle.

Get cremated throw the Ashes into the Ocean or let the Wind carries You to anywhere and everywhere all for free.
And best of all, save much expenses, space and trouble for your family members.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, happened to go there after booking a one star hotel niche for my Father who has to relocate from Mount Vernon no star hotel.

My brother-in-law happened to book one in the Five star hotel. So just look see, look see.

Our enthusiastic guide brought us round hoping to get fresh sales from angkor and aunty whose time is also running up.

Come to a VvVVVvvvip hall. She told us cannot go in as must be kins with niches inside.
Also required pin password from office to enter.

So, got a feeling must be really VIPs inside. Maybe our Great Leader also inside. Total privacy.

Come to a lesser VIP hall and was introduced to Lau Goh's mother niche with the rich posche china guy who beat the red lights.

Some even brought whole block costings hundreds over thousands dollars.

Think as what Patriot said better have sea burials to be free as birds. If enshrined there, maybe have to see our Great Leaders again in daily activities.

Wah piang, living under them. Now sell salted eggs also see them.

Wait got to bow bow like Koreans very difficult.

So better stay in one star government owned hotel.