Singaporeans have the chance to elect their president

Some Singaporeans still did not know that they did not elect their Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was elected by a special group of elites within the party. Maybe now more Singaporeans know that the electoral system is such that they only elect the MPs and the rest of the ministers, including the PM, are elected by themselves, not the choice of the Singaporean electorate.

But come September Singaporeans could enjoy the benefit of electing their president by casting their votes to the candidate they like. Yes, they are going to elect the president directly. But who would this candidate be? By the way, who would be selecting the candidate for the Singaporeans to elect? How many candidates would be selected for the Singaporeans to elect? Some think there will be one candidate selected, some say maybe two.

What is important in this election of president process is that the Singaporeans would have the chance to go to the poll, which is compulsory, to cast their vote for the elected president. This is a privilege rarely bestowed to the electorates in many democratic countries. Singaporeans are so lucky. They can choose their president and elect the person of their choice. This is democracy at its best. A president from the people, by the people and will be for the people.

What more do you want? Just be grateful. By the look of things evolving, it looks like the Singaporeans would have the chance to elect Halimah as their next president. And Halimah, when elected, would have the mandate to check on the govt. This is called checks and balance to prevent a rogue govt from running away with the country's reserves.


Virgo49 said...

Halimah got managed 500 millions companies meh??

Just lack lustre jobs of NTUC, Social Welfare, Speaker of Parliament.

When I say SHE qualified, means SHE qualified.

One more argument, charge you insubordination and thrown you to the Guard Room.

Extend your year of National Slavery then you know.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Singaporeans are a very very blessed lot!

Yes! Singaporeans are very very grateful that they can at least vote for the President!

Yes! All the best to the candidates!

Anonymous said...

Yes, sinkies must be gratelful . Everything is done for you, even they

pick the President for u. What is there to make noise?

Anonymous said...

ah, you mean the candidate?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy.
I now have the chance to choose my President
- short-listed for me by the "Minimum Criteria" for Presidential Candidates
- and the "Minimum Criteria" was determined by a Committee
- and the Committee members were selected by ???

Is the above true?
Do you think this is Mental Masturbation?

Anonymous said...

Must choose one appointed race as president in syonnan.

The only thing voters can do is to rise up taking the remote control when seeing these faces promoting single race president and syonnan off their tv screens.

There is one task when in GE2020. Use your head to vote, not the sound of moaning uooo uooo, come back come back.

Sin city voters like this kind of treatment as if they are in hot spring naked. syonnan has no hot spring only master abe has the hot spring. Want to be syonnan by changing the name cannot do much. The same for putting a single race president. It will not change the problems causing the idea to put a single race as president any way. Sinkies, off the tv and vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

there is no need for any election in this tiny city state......

sure to win, outcomes known, why waste time n resources......

got better things to do lah......

so.......election no more..................

Anonymous said...

If only one candidate is put up, Sinkies would also miss the chance to elect their president, walkover, not voted, not elected.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.31

Think 100% possibility.

Cannot put another face to face another own face and both also lose face.

After counting valid votes casted.

Only 000000000000.1%.

So BETTER one candidate and said no contender.

Anonymous said...

//But come September Singaporeans could enjoy the benefit of electing their president by casting their votes to the candidate they like. //

Uncle RB, me dunno wanna laugh or cry when I read this...me choose LOL --we should thank the whites gahmen ...me also choose cry la--'cos me missed that Ah Bock san la, me also angry we dun have good indon 'Ahok' to be with & by the people. ..me think the September 11 2017 PE will just walkover la & dun waste our time ..to think that this Presi-Hari-Mao is just another wayang la..

Anonymous said...

Going to vote in sinkieland now renamed syonan is like going to warehouse sales to queue for reject stock. No hope in mind. Sure no excitement, why??? Forced labor work. There should be choice if voters want to go under this kind of new system.

Virgo49 said...

Even now rallies no more in the open.

Indoor, they said more CLASS.

Real reason, embrassed not a single soul at the Rally.

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Orgy of Erecting A Puppet President - Part 1

I have been wanting to write about this madness since the Late President Ong Teng Cheong, a trusted and close member of the PAP Inner Circle, was sidelined, ostracized and condemned by the very people who installed him on the 'Elected' Presidential pedestal, just because he was deeply devoted to his ROLE, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES for which he was elected for and sincerely wanting to ensure that his Second Key was well-oiled so that it would not go rusty in time of emergencies.

I held it back because numerous people have written about this Great Orgy of the Century already. Now that this Great Orgy has developed into the Greatest Orgy of the Millennium, I simply cannot suppress myself not to write something about it.

A puppet is a puppet, no matter how one tries to dress it up. A puppet is just a puppet, no matter from what angle one looks at it. A puppet is simply a puppet, no matter how many strings are attached to it. A puppet is still a puppet, whether he is a Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian or Others. A puppet MUST ALWAYS be a puppet, irrespective of whether it wears panties and bras or briefs and singlet; irrespective of the cosmetics and paintings to make it look nicer or prettier than it is.

A puppet is a puppet for entertainment purpose. Nothing else. Nevertheless, in this Mad, Mad World of ours, we cannot rule out that there will always be some compulsively and persistently mad leaders who will hallucinate from their bi-polar mental disorder and go all out to convince everybody else that a puppet is not a puppet.

In the first place, from the onset in 1965 when Singapore was given "Independence" with the blessings of the First Malaysian Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, who in three quick sessions announced the "Divorce" between Singapore and Malaysia in the Malaysian Parliament (Malay traditions), there was no need to have a "President" just to be a figure-head. But for political expediency, the Presidential Figure was created for ceremonial and propaganda purposes only.

The position of the President was never and will never meant to have any power that would challenge the unfettered authority of the Cabinet (of the Prime Minister). Whatever documents he may have to sign, e.g. ascending the acts passed by the Parliament, he simply has no choice but to sign them 'obediently'. Everything else the President does has to be 'advised' by the Council of Presidential Advisers. In other words, the President is a Puppet pulled by many strings, and he cannot even make a squeak of complain. Even the granting of clemency to convicts on death roll has to be approved by the Cabinet.

Starting with the NCMP, GRC, redrawing of Electoral Boundaries, along with the influx of foreigners to be new citizens creating new pro-PAP voters, the amendment to the 'Elected' Presidency to specially reserve an EP Election just for Malays or Minority Interests fit in nicely within the Picasso's Masterpiece of Abstract Art. When seen from an artist's in-dept perspective, this Abstract Art, drawn from the series of adjustments, amendments and new acts passed by Parliament, the 'Elected' Presidency is just part and parcel of the PAP's strategies to ensure its entrenchment in the Political Power of Singapore.

The present Amended 'Elected' Presidential Election, skillfully given to a Malay, through a rigmarole of red-herrings based on 'recommendations' of an appointed Committee, is obviously to deprive Dr Tan Cheng Bock (who lost in the last EP Elections by a mere 0.35% to Dr Tony Tan) the opportunity to contest the Presidential Elections due this year. Whatever reasons given for public consumption are secondary and of lesser or no importance. This Greatest Orgy of the Millennium should and must be seen as what it is - An Orgy! Nothing else!

patriot said...

"This is called checks and balance to prevent a rogue govt from running away with the country's reserves", quoting Redbean aka Sir Chua Chin Leng.

Mr Chua Chin Leng seems very confident and sure that the Elected President will certainly checks on the Rogues in the Government or the Rogue Government.

An elected president that comes from a candidate chosen by the Government to
check on the Government by itself sounds ridiculous.
Can the Sin President be so powerful and effective??
Will the President be absolutely be righteous with
unwavering integrity?

Who share this confidence?


patriot said...

The Art, Craft and Sophistry
put into the Scheme of the Elected President should wake up the Sinkies from their daftness.
lf Sinkies fail to realise that they are trapped and 'given' choice, it shall mean no choice or choice selected for them. Not your
own choice, so to say.



Anonymous said...

"Can the Sin President be so powerful and effective??
Will the President be absolutely be righteous with
unwavering integrity?"

Bros u doubt someone s integrity? U r in trouble. Mid night someone will knock knock knock, "open door, Icecream Sales Delivery".

Honestly, do not put so much pressure on the president, there is no reserves to check, while someone kept saying reserves can be run away. Creating nothing out of nothing. Currencies reserves are not unlimited for use. The budget has nothing except deriving from taxes, especially gst, ie from u.
The president post is to create the impression there is reserves as there is always budget surplus similar to retained profit. But OTC asked for the figure where were the retained suplus? No ans.

Hanjin today was declared bankrupt by SK court. Hanjin has huge capital reserves figures, but the retained earnings was negative.

So as long as the budget is surplus and the end results are surplus, there is no need to have this post president, especially someone does not read balance sheets.

Anonymous said...

OTC asked for balance sheet, he was not given. There is none or the figures cannot be seen by president. Why bother to cast votes to some fake position?

Virgo49 said...

Hi The Dragon Fly.

Just like the Emperor who even dressed like an Emperor but still do not look like an Emperor.

We gonna to have a nominated President who dresssed like a President but does not look like a President.

A swinging SINGLE Sinkies President.

Kudos to the PAP.

Anonymous said...

OTC asked for balance sheet, he was not given. There is none or the figures cannot be seen by president. Why bother to cast votes to some fake position?

February 18, 2017 4:11 pm

Do you think OTC misunderstood his job?
Do you think OTC was only supposed to ask for the balance sheet when there is a non-PAP government in power?

Do you think OTC's job is to starve a non-PAP government of needed funds by refusing to release any money from the reserves .... so as to make a non-PAP government fail?

Anonymous said...

OTC did not misunderstood his job when he asked for the reserves figures.

OTC was facing the Pap government after he resigned from Pap. U asked an imaginary question on an imaginary scenario. Prove it to me OTC faced a non Pap government then i will give u idea.

Same as question earlier. OTC asked the Pap government for help on the reserves he supposed to guard, and Pap government could not provide any close or guessed figures. How could OTC decide if he would approve a request to use reserves when he did not know the total of reserves. I need to educate readers: if a reader is to guard a bank balance on spending, he must evaluate a request to spend a sum let say 10 billions, against the current balance of the bank balance. If the current balance is not available to him. He cannot decide. Its that simple correct?
When reader asks for the current bank balance, he was not given. If the balance is a plenty, is there reason to refuse to disclose the current balance? Any commercial minded man or woman can draw the conclusion without asking further requesting question.

The job for guarding the current balance failed by the situation. U can draw your own conclusion.

Anonymous said...

By the look of things evolving, it looks like the Singaporeans would have the chance to elect Halimah as their next president.

Tiok. If Murali can even defeat Chee Soon Juan to be elected, why not Halimah?

And don't forget, even if there is a contest, Halimah's opponent is also a Malay (most probably not PAP but asked to stand for show lah).

So not PAP can win or not, u tell me lah?

So 93% chance PAP and tudung clad Halimah sure win one.

Anonymous said...

If Murali can even defeat Chee Soon Juan to be elected, why not Halimah?
8:47 pm

Tiok. If only Chee Soon Juan had worn white instead of red, he could have won too. Maybe even become minister and millionaire some more. Really sayang (wasted) lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Walla, walla and more walla.

Anonymous said...

The new president s first stop in state visit should be Emperor ahihito as a state protocol, being syonan s president.

She need to dress in kimono with the tudung.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

She need to dress in kimono with the tudung.
9:39 pm

I ever saw tudung-clad women in tight jeans showing their sexy thighs and legs, so why not kimono with tudung?

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Orgy of Erecting A Puppet President - Part 2A

Initial Powers of the Elected President of Singapore

In 1991, the Constitution of Singapore was amended to transform the office of President, which was previously indirectly elected by Parliament, into an office directly elected by the people. The amendment conferred on the President certain executive functions initially:

1. To block attempts by the government of the day to draw down past reserves that it did not accumulate.
2. To withhold assent to any Bill in Parliament, especially regarding the CPF Board's investments, borrowing and loans.
3. To withhold assent to any Supply Bill in any financial year.
4. To approve changes to Key Civil Service positions, e.g. Chief Justice, Attorney-General, Chairman and members of the Public Service Commission, the Chief of Defense Force and the Commissioner of Police.
5. To appoint the Prime Minister who, in his personal judgment, is likely to command the confidence of a majority of the Members of Parliament.
6. To oversee the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau and decisions of the Executive under the Internal Security Act and the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act.

First Elected President Unable to Exercise His Official Fiscal Powers

The 1st People-Elected President, late President Ong Teng Cheong (1993 to 1999), faced many problems with PAP Government Agencies, when he tried to exercise his newly acquired Presidential Powers, especially his official and legal fiscal powers. Numerous discussions were made to resolve the problems. The discussions resulted in the PAP Government issuing a non-binding White Paper, titled 'The Principles for Determining and Safeguarding the Accumulated Reserves of the Government and the Fifth Schedule Statutory Boards and Government Companies (1999)' to counter any move the President might take subsequently in furtherance of his official function and responsibilities.

No Respect For The First Elected President

Thereafter, President Ong Teng Cheong was sidelined, ostracized and condemned. Even until today when, instead of him being considered as the First Elected President, late President Wee Kim Wee is considered as the First Elected President, basing on the advice of the Attorney General as the Excuse to show total disrespect to the late President Ong Teng Cheong and to those citizens who elected him in 1993, as well as to short-change the voters of the up-coming Presidential Election. The Attorney General, is only the Chief Prosecutor and a Legal Adviser to the Government. Can his legal interpretation be the Only and Final Authority? What about the legal views of the Chief Justice and other learned Senior Judges? What about presenting the issue in the High Court to determine who is rightly the First Elected President? We can't simply use the interpretation of the laws of a single person with regards to a matter of such paramount importance, can we?

Uncontested Walkover President

However, President Ong Teng Cheong was dropped for the subsequent Presidential Elections. A lone candidate, S. R. Nathan, the ex-Chief of the Security and Intelligence Division under MINDEF, was offered in the two Walkover Presidential Elections in 1999 and 2005. Thereby, the citizens' voting rights were curtailed and forfeited in this way with ease. Conveniently, the uncontested Walkover President plain-sailingly served for 12 years, from September 1, 1999 to September 1, 2011, probably accumulating taxpayers' money amounting to at least S$48 million as his compensation.

Drawing On The Reserves

In 2009, for the first time, President S. R. Nathan approved the withdrawal of S$4.9 billion from past financial reserves upon the request of the PAP Government. The money was used to fund the Government's Resilience Package consisting of two schemes aimed at preserving jobs and businesses during the financial downturn, probably due to huge losses suffered by Temasek Holdings and GIC.

Continues ...

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Orgy of Erecting A Puppet President - Part 2B

Close Shave for PAP-Favored Candidate

Despite severe limitations imposed upon the qualifications of a candidate wanting to stand in the Presidential Election, 2011 saw a increase in the number of candidates who were eligible. Four Presidential Candidates were offered to the Singapore voters. Their election results were:

1. Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam - 745,693 votes or 35.20% (PAP-favored candidate).
2. Dr Tan Cheng Bock - 738,311 votes or 34.85%.
3. Mr Tan Jee Say - 530,441 votes or 25.04%.
4. Mr Tan Kin Lian - 104,095 votes or 4.91%.

More Obstacles To Limit Presidential Powers

Owing to the close-shave of the last Presidential Election's Results, a Constitutional Commission was tasked by the Prime Minister to review the Elected Presidency with the purpose of proposing a mechanism to safeguard representation from minority racial groups. The Commission's recommendations were adopted in Parliament. These are the main changes:

1. Expanded Limitations upon the qualifications of a Presidential Candidate.
2. Powers of the President reduced and restricted.
3. Reserve a particular Presidential Election for a Minority Race Candidate.
4. CPA enlarged and their Powers enhanced and expanded.
5. Parliament can now over-rule the decisions of the President if he acted against the advice of the CPA.
6. President MUST consult the CPA for ALL monetary issues regarding the Reserves and ALL Key Public Service Appointments.

Present Non-Power Powers of the President

Officially, the present state of the President's Powers is as good as having no powers whatsoever. These non-power powers can be divided into four categories:

1. Those that the President MUST exercise in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet or a Minister acting under the general authority of the Cabinet.
2. Those that are not covered in the above but the President is required to consult the Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA).
3. Those that are mainly ceremonial - the President MAY exercise at his own discretion.
4. Any other situations - the President MAY consult the CPA if he wishes, but not required to do so.


From the way, this madness has developed, it is very clear that the President is not only a puppet but one with numerous strings attached, his hands and legs tied, and his brain clamped!

Anonymous said...

CPA also stands for Control the President Always.

Virgo49 said...

They mooted the idea of Elected President in 1991 when in the GE, the Opposition gained much ground in the GE.

The PAP is too afraid that they might not be the.future government.

Thus, they have LKY in mind in the case the scenario comes true.

They were just too afraid of skeletons in the cupboards to be exposed.

But, in return they have a Principle Elected President who innocently wants to have the details if the reserves and they were shocked.

Thinking that OTC their own Man should not be a problem.

Later, they made plans to make sure that their really faithful skunks be elected PRESIDENT.

Now curtail original powers as enshrined in the first Presidential Constitution.

However, now faced with a promising candidate also ex PAP man but they were afraid maybe with temperament and ideals like OTC, They had to Keng again how to get rid of him.

So, the minority race PRESIDENT.

Nathan, Two terms of nearly ten years NOT MINORITY race meh????


What non sense meritocracy? ? Only metrocrazy

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 5

A U-Turn As Remedy To Madness Caused By Staying In The Ivory Tower Far Too Long

The following is the statement of a highly-insensitive, happily-collecting millions-of-dollars-of-taxpayers'-money consciously-unconscionably Instant-Multi-Millionaire Minister in full:

When I opened the exhibition “Syonan Gallery: War and Its Legacies” on Wednesday, I explained that we had designed this exhibition to capture the dark days of the Japanese Occupation, and remind ourselves never to take for granted our peace, harmony and sovereignty.

Far from expressing approval of the Japanese Occupation, our intention was to remember what our forefathers went through, commemorate the generation of Singaporeans who experienced the Japanese Occupation, and reaffirm our collective commitment never to let this happen again.

The name of the exhibition reflected the time in our history when Singapore was forcibly renamed “Syonan”. We have used the word “Syonan” before to factually describe this difficult period. For instance, in 1992, for the 50th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, we held an exhibition at the National Museum, titled “When Singapore was Syonan-to”.

But this particular exhibition name provoked a strong reaction. Over the past two days, I have read the comments made on this issue, and received many letters from Singaporeans of all races. While they agreed that we need to teach Singaporeans about the Japanese Occupation, they also shared that the words “Syonan Gallery” had evoked deep hurt in them, as well as their parents and grandparents. This was never our intention, and I am sorry for the pain the name has caused.

I have reflected deeply on what I heard. We must honour and respect the feelings of those who suffered terribly and lost family members during the Japanese Occupation. I have therefore decided to remove the words “Syonan Gallery” from the name of the exhibition, and name it “Surviving the Japanese Occupation: War and its Legacies”.

The contents of the exhibition remain unchanged. They capture a painful and tragic period in our history which we must never forget, and which we must educate our young about. It is vital for us to learn the lessons of history, and reaffirm our commitment never to let this happen to Singapore again.

This is a positive move in the right direction, though serious and grievous hurts have already generated and went deep down in the heart and psyche of many who are still alive, kicking and thinking.

The decision to use the name Syonan Gallery might have been proposed by one idiotic person, but it has to be approved and agreed upon by the idiots at the top, isn't it? The saying, "Fools rush in where Wise Men fear to tread," is so true in this instance. It is only the collective wisdom of the masses, the public out-cry and the numerous voices of the injured-hearts that managed to force these fools to wake up their ideas.

This incident is a good example of initially good leaders got drunk with power and easy million dollars salary and become so isolated in their own sphere of comfort that they have totally lost touch with the ground, hovering up in cloud nine, sipping their own cup of pleasurable holier-than-thou tea/bear/whisky.

This is not the only incident of madness and it is not going to be the last!

Anonymous said...

Rb //Singaporeans have the chance to elect their pres//

At first read (of the title), actually fell off the chair ........

Somehow, it "appeared" as follows:

"Singaporeans have the chance to elect their "puppet""

Fearing that (age has caught up with) the eyesights (and playing tricks and) needed to be "corrected", after "pasting" 2 stamps (with several small needle-size holes poked in the middle), the words appeared clearer but didn't make "better sense....."?

In fact, it was worst ......?

Now the sentence appeared longer .......?

"Singaporeans have the chance to (post-s)elect their pres (puppet pre-chosen)"?

Aiyo, siao .......?

Why like dat?

Why vision becum so "blur" liao .....?

Fearing the original stamps pasted were NOT "effective", another layer of BIGGER stamps were pasted on the eyes, again with holes poked in the centre .........?

Hopefully, the vision improves ......?

Aiyo, the sentence appeared different again ......?

"Singaporeans have the chance to elect "a puppet" as their pres" .......

But, but sthg happened this time .......

There was an image beside .......

It was a DEER ......

But there was a printed label and hung on the DEER's body ......

The printing read: "HORSE" ......

Oops ..... the vision getting from bad to worst?

Cannot liao ......

Must use the best specs ..... oops ..... stamps liao ......

Took a stack of stamps from a cuntry called "ah-neh-land" and another stacks from "Tilapia-land" ..... and single-mindedly stick (these 2 thick stacks of stamps) to the eyes ......

Finally with these 3 layers of stamps, ......

The title finally read properly .....

But there was another image beside .....

Arh .......... help! Help! Help!

It was a "ghost" and sticked out its very long arms to grab the throat ........

Couldnt break free ......

Couldnt break free .....

Help help but no voice came out .....

Suddenly an angel appeared and the ghost scrambled ......

This sudden change sent huge relief through every cell of the body and abruptly woke up (from a deep sleep) ......

Phew .......

It was just a dream ....... oops ..... a nightmare ......?

"Luckily", it was not "real" ......?

Virgo49 said...

You did not see our Hen smiling until eyes cannot see grasping the hands of his Godfathers sucking their balls urging them not to leave Singapore.

Farking complex like the South Koreans who are been brainwashed by the Americunts that North Korea is gonna be at their bedside anytime to kill and rape their wives and children.

Here, in this case, the Chinese is coming to conquer and rape their bloody wives.

These farking bananas are really sia Suay and their farking an ancestors ten generations cursed.

Oops, forget they are not Cheena.

Ang mohs

Virgo49 said...

Forget to add the fatking I called FAKE NEWS.

The Americunts would NOT leave ASIA.

You think Donald Trump cares a hoot of you.

Whatever his messengers said or do are just wayang wayang.

See how he have Talks with The Chinese

Donald Trump's term in office will be too embroiled in his own Internal Affairs with his own chow kows Americans who are just too e
nvious of his presidency.

It would countless protests and court suits till his term is up without much progess done.

The Elites are just too afraid like the Papies of too many skeletons in the cupboard that inevitably be exposed.

That's why he declared that he inherited a MESS.

In Sinkieland, if there is no one Donald TAN to be PRESIDENT then the next Non Papies government gonna to inherit a BIGGER MESS.

patriot said...

Virgo49 says "Non Papies government gonna to inherit a BIGGER MESS". Unquote.

That is why no Opposition
Party is ready to take over
the Rein Of Sin.

Oppies are not that daft after all.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, seemed like the Papies are preparing to leave the Sampan before its sinks completely.

They doing things to antagonize the Sinkies.

Maybe they knew that the blunders they had made are fatal to sinking land.

Years, years ago been cultivating good relations with South Korea, Japan and many western bloc.
Even have honorary citizenship from many.

So, timely enough with their fortunes ready to fly off in the case the Daft opposition take over.

Think opposition candidates are smart to being second fiddle and now taking over the reins.

They have to take EXTRA strong Pandol if they take over

It's gonna be a BIGGER MESS.

patriot said...


must say l share your reading that some are ready to run road.
Though so, they are evil to milk every drop from the Sinkies before they chabut.

lf we as laymen can read the Evilness, me believes yhe Opposition Politicians can read better than us.

However, l like to say as l had done so that Sin will be sold by bits and pieces until it morps into a commercial hub for the Filthy Rich and Corrupted Political Refugees as their safe haven.
The Well Off Sinkies like Matilah Singapura will have
rolling good times with them.
But, average Sinkies shall clean table, road and toilet and jaga the Condos and fetch the Residents to town centre and foodcourt.


patriot said...


must say l share your reading that some are ready to run road.
Though so, they are evil to milk every drop from the Sinkies before they chabut.

lf we as laymen can read the Evilness, me believes yhe Opposition Politicians can read better than us.

However, l like to say as l had done so that Sin will be sold by bits and pieces until it morps into a commercial hub for the Filthy Rich and Corrupted Political Refugees as their safe haven.
The Well Off Sinkies like Matilah Singapura will have
rolling good times with them.
But, average Sinkies shall clean table, road and toilet and jaga the Condos and fetch the Residents to town centre and foodcourt.


Anonymous said...

Job of a puppet is to create entertainment.

Peple must pay to c puppet show one.

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, when WP won the Ajunied GRC and even the LBL.won the single seats constituency, they had ready inherited a BIG MESS of their predecessors.

They would not make things any easier for you to take over. In Penang the ex Gerakan administration even destroyed documents by destroying and burning them.

You think the PAP constituencies are all running like fine tuned engines in perfect clockworks? ??

It's because so far, no one has discovered any discrepancies.

Just recently the AMK GM's case.

If the Opposition were to take over, then after through checks after taking over, things then will surface.

Why previously SDP have two seats in Cheo and Ling and even after one term they lost back???

It's because they do not have the main machinery of support from the evil silver serpents who are not gonna make things easy for you as their Masters.

Without economy of scale or help from fellow party constituencies and without town council support experiences you gonna have a hard time

Why instead of a single body like HDB be in charge of all municipal matters, they have this stupid TCs???

This is their evil plans to kill any Opposition Party than win any constituency and have to take EXTRA strong Pandol to run it.

Even now WP still wrangling with this problems.

So next GE, the Opposition must only win just simply one third of the seats enough to stop any mad bills to be laws and have the PAP to be still the running Mate so that they can be held accountable for the past fifty years of MESS.

Anonymous said...

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