World Affairs in Perspective: Diego Garcia US military base in the Indian Ocean. PART 2

US made irrelevant noise when China built self defense facilities in her own island territories in the South China Sea. US said China should not militarise the South China Sea. But US can sail its flotilla of aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines and frigates in the South China Sea and within 12 KM of Chinese coast. US can conduct overflight of its bombers and jet fighters over the region. All this is done purportedly to demonstrate its freedom of passage and navigation through the region. But freedom of passage and navigation has never been a problem in the South China Sea. China has never stopped any vessel in the region. Nor does it intend to do so in the future. Then what is the problem? The fact is US has surrounded China with over 400 military bases since the end of Second World War. Are these American military bases in China's periphery for peace? No, they are a show of force to awe China and to contain China's peaceful development. The sellf righteous US says China is not allowed to progress too fast to be on parity or even overtake US in wealth and stature. Therefore the noise about China's self defense facilities in her own territories in the South China Sea is a bogey. It is an excuse to carry out insidious plan and strategy to stir trouble and conflict among the littoral states in the region so as to hold back China's peaceful development.

Instead US should take note of the world's deep concern about its illegal and illegitimate military bases in Diego Garcia of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. American military bases in Diego Garcia is a launching pad for constant US aggression against countries in the Middle East Arab Islamic countries, Central Asia and Africa. US had and is still using Diego Garcia military base to launch attack, bomb and invade Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia. Yemen and Syria. US has been coveting the region which is rich in oil and other mineral resources.

In building a gigantic military base in Diego Garcia, US has committed a horrendous crime against the few thousand original inhabitants, the Chagossians of Diego Garcia and against humanity.

Immediately after the Second World War US started to look for a military outpost in the Indian Ocean. England which then controlled the Mauritius Island archipelago inclusive of the Chagos Islands and Seychelles was obliged to lease to US, Diego Garcia the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago because it still owed US a huge debt. The Chagos Islands which form part of Mauritius was supposed to be granted independence by England. But before granting independence to Mauritius, England at the behest of US annexed the Chagos Islands and then leased out Diego Garcia, the largest island in the group to US in 1966 for fifty years for just a paltry sum of money. US had used arm twisting on England to get the Diego Garcia lease at the expense of the Chagossians who eventually suffered tremendously .

From 1966 to 1973 USA carried out force dispossession and deportation of the native Chagossians to Mauritius and Seychelles in an extreme decrepit condition and without any compensation. The Chagossians were left on the disused docks in Mauritius and Seychelles without any support. They were left homeless, jobless and with little money. The Chagossians were put in overcrowded cargo ships which were used to carry guano. Throughout the five days trip to Mauritius and Seychelles they slept on top of guano, causing them to vomit, urinate and purge in the cargo hold. Their extreme predicament and living in abject poverty was later exposed by journalists.

The US lease in Diego Garcia expired in 2016 and according to the terms of the lease the Chagossians were to be allowed to return to their homes after the expiry of the lease. But both the British and the Americans were dishonourable and did not allow the natives to return. Instead US insisted on renewing the lease for another fifty years.

The Chagossians have been fighting for compensation and the right to return home to Diego Garcia but so far to no avail.

I t must be pointed out that the unconscionable forced dispossession and deportation of the Chagossians were illegal and illegitimate and that they should be sufficiently compensated and be allowed to return home.

In 2015 a United Nations Tribunal delivered a ruling which found UK continued to sideline Mauritius sovereignty over the Chagossian islands. But UK at the behest of US is adamant in keeping the Chagos Islands as its last colony and vestige of power in the Indian Ocean though actually it is done in submission to US coerce, might and power.

In the meantime the Evil Empire made it clear it was determined to renew its lease claiming that Diego Garcia is of vital strategic importance to US security. How can that be when US is more than ten thousand miles away? US always harps on its security. US security is always at the expense of other countries' insecurity. Now the whole world knows Diego Garcia military base is a staging outpost for US aggression and world hegemony. Diego Garcia is planned by US for staging future air strikes against Russia, China, India and Indonesia should US plans its future aggression and wars against these countries.

As a ploy to keep the Chagossians permanently out of Chagos Islands and Diego Garcia US connived with UK to declare the Chagos Islands to be a " Marine Protected Area " alledgely to protect it delicate ecosystem. It was just a contrived ploy to make it impossible for the original Chagos inhabitants to pursue their claim for resettlement on the islands if the entire Chagos archipelago were a marine reserve.

US occupation of Diego Garcia is evil and illegal. It had secretly built a huge military base in Diego Garcia for aggression, conquest and world hegemony. US forced dispossession and inhuman way of forced deportation of the Chagossians were illegal and a crime against humanity.

United Nations must bear on UK to hand back Chagos Islands and Diego Garcia to the people and government of Mauritius. US  must dismantle its insidious military base in Diego Garcia for good.

USA should stop complaining about China's self defense facilities in her own territories in the South China Sea. Unlike US military bases in Diego Garcia and all parts of the world, China is building self defense facilities in her own sovereign islands  and so it is of no concern to US, Japan or any nosey others. US is intentionally harping on China's defense facilities in her own islands just to sidetrack and distract the world of its own massive buildup in Diego Garcia,Japan, Guam, South Korea, Marshall Islands and the Philippines. America military bases in Diego Garcia and elsewhere are poised for aggression and world hegemony whereas China,s defense facilities in her own territories are for selfdefense against American and Japanese aggression.

The world will be safer If US gives up its Psyche of aggression, warmongering and world hegemony


Tuesday, 28th February, 2017


Anonymous said...

Let warmongering US keep on building endless military bases. In the end these military bases will rebound to haunt America when it saddles US with insolvable debts of hundreds of trillions of dollars. The American people will suffer so much economically that they will rise up in revolt and many states will secede from the union to form separate countries. It is good for the world when America breaks up into several separate independent countries. The first to secede and declare independence will be California and Texas. When America breaks up the world can breathe and feel safer.

Anonymous said...

There is a civil war brewing within the USA.

Anonymous said...

Abiding by the international treaties US had previously supported China's ownership of the Paracel and the Spratly islands in the South China Sea. However in its Pivot to Asia, US turned a blind eye to China's legal and legitimate ownership of these islands so as to bring forward its aggressive policy of conflict and confrontation against China to derail China's peaceful development. South China Sea's issues is non of US business and US should get out of the region and stop creating trouble and tensions.

Anonymous said...

The Americunts are violating all international laws and pretending not to know the treaties they signed in Potsdam and Cairo that recognised the islands belonged to China.

White men spoke with fork tongues.

Anonymous said...

Who and which is the governing body in the US establishment? At the top of the Apex is the overall controlling power and authority the Anglo Saxon Jewish Zionist Illuminati mafia.This is the ultimate authority which controls both the Democrats and the Republicans. Both parties are subservient to this organisation. No one can stand for election as a presidential candidate without its approval. Donald Trump was not the chosen and supported candidate. The devil woman Hillary Clinton was the chosen one and she was supported to the hilt throughout the election campaign. Inspite of all the mass media against him Donald Trump was uniquely lucky when he played on populist sentiments and won the presidency. The Zionist Illuminati mafia is resorting to all sorts of nefarious activities to derail Trump's presidency. In the end whether it is Hillary or Donald Trump they are all the same evil warmongering Americans.

The Zionist Illuminati is run by rich powerful people and the Rothschilds family. All the bankers in the big American banks, the Central Bank and powerful figures in big business , the business tycoons in oil companies, insurance, real estate and stock markets are members. Also most of the army generals and admirals as well as prominent politicians are members too.

In fact the Zionist Illuminati mafia is the shadow government of US and is behind all the evils and wicked deeds of US government. It is controlling the Pentagon, CIA and all foreign policies of US

b said...

I doubt it will be better if usa is repaced by russia, china or arabs.

b said...

The zionist specialises in debt. So long as there is less debt, there will be less zionist power.

Anonymous said...

At least the white men would not dare to call you stupid useless chinks.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and False Hopes - Part 13

Who Really Controls The World? - Part 3

The hypocritical self-professed 'Police' of the World, hegemonic USA's purpose namesake is to keep peace but its ulterior motive is to dominate the world, not world peace per se.

If it is truly for world peace, the US Govt would not and should not have invaded Iraq and Libya. It should not have instigated, initiated, supported and carried out regime change in other countries.

If it is truly for world peace, the US should have destroyed all her arsenal of more than 750 nuclear warheads. Why does the US need so many nuclear weapons for self defence? It is obviously to destroy the whole world. If a country intentionally create the means to destroy the world, how can people believe it has the welfare and interest of the world in mind?

If it is truly for world peace, the US should withdraw all her aggressive-intent military and nuclear bases from other countries.

If it is truly for world peace, then why is the US having so many pretentious defence treaties with smaller countries? Cannot the US, as a Super Power with the most updated and advanced military weapons and nuclear arsenal defend itself? It is ridiculous and absurd to pretend that other smaller countries can help defend the US. The real intention of having such defence treaties in for the purpose of offense, not defence.

Moreover, the US has no respect for the UN and the resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. This has been proven time and again in the past and at present, from the mouth of the newly elected President Donald Trump, a war-monger similar to the Bushes and the Clintons, functioning under the instructions of their hidden secret masters - the Rockefeller-Rothschild's Illuminati.

China, Russia, India and Brazil refused to be traped by the so-called New World Order designed by the Illuminati under the guise of economic prosperity for all, but actually it is economic advantage to the few elitist organisations under its control. As a result, the US, being the main puppet and stooge of this group of selfish, ruthless, lawless organisation, is doing all it can to impede, distrupt, interfere, compromise, upset, sabotage and destroy the economic progress of these countries through military and other means.

The rest of the Free World must cooperate and coordinate to reinforce one another to free themselves from the strangle-hold of the Rockefeller-Rothschild Illuminati, In order to do so, they should attack their financial and banking institutions, their sources of their wealth-churning organisations, and the Federal Reserve that print money any time they like without limitations. Only by crippling their wealth and money-making machines can the world free herself from this huge ruthless blood-sucking monster.

It is not easy. It will take substantial efforts. It will take a long time. But IT MUST BE DONE!

Hindutashravi said...

The Chagos archipelago is geographically and historically part of the Lakshadvipa archipelago in India and is historically an inalienable part of India and thus the People of the Chagos archipelago are thus ipso facto citizens of the Republic of India and the Government of India should demand the return of the Chagos archipelago back to India. The Chagos archipelago has nothing to do whatsoever neither with Mauritius nor the Seychelles and islands are geographically, historically and culturally part of the Lakshadvipa archipelago in India. The façade about the sovereignty of Mauritius over the Chagos Archipelago was deliberately concocted in order to undermine and subvert the fact that the Chagos Archipelago is historically an inalienable part of India. The islands were called by their various names in Indian languages viz. Foalhavahi(ފޯޅަވަހި) and Feyhandheebu in Dhivehi, as Phehandweep (फेहंद्वीप) in Hindi and other northern Indian languages, and as Paeikaana Theevukal பேகான தீவுகள் in Tamil and were historically part of Indian kingdoms. It is inevitable that the sovereignty of the Chagos archipelago will be restored to India and the people of the Chagos archipelago whose ancestry substantially also goes back to the mainland part of India are, were and will be citizens of the Republic of India.

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will not delete this post for two reasons.

The poor English of the writer says this is fake news. The second reason, if this is real, it shows the quality of the member in their inability to even write proper English.

So how good can they be?

And if you believe someone would give live 20m pounds, then you deserved to be duped. It only shows that you are more stupid than them.