Know your history and your past

The Syokan Gallery, not sure if I got the spelling right, is history. The untimely reappearance of this word and the painful memories it aroused and the disgusting discourse are a good reminder for Singaporeans to know their history and their past. Without these knowledge, it is easy for one to innocently embraced the names of the rapists of their country without question and walking around like a fool.

The abominable crimes committed by the Japanese invaders were more than just being slapped by a low down Japanese soldier for not greeting him on the street, they were more than the brutal massacres of innocent civilians by the Kempetai soldiers assisted by hooded local informers. Many women were raped and had their guts cut and disembowelled, babies were thrown into the air to be skewered by bayonets, for bayonet practices and for fun. Heads were chopped and hung everywhere. Many were tortured by pumping water into their stomach, and many unspeakable forms of torture that would put Guantanamo Camp to shame.

There were many horror stories of victims that did not live to tell. As the survivors of the time like Elizabeth Choy, not the deads like Lim Boh Seng and Adnan and the many unnamed soldiers at the Kranji War Memorial. Ask the British, Australian and New Zealanders that lived through the days as POWs in Changi Prison and lucky enough to walk out alive to live another day of their sufferings under the hands of the Japanese beasts.
These are the painful memories of the days when Singapore was invaded, conquered and ruled by the beastly Japanese, the  type that looked so innocent like Abe and his gang in Japan. Remember, they have the same DNA and they are not hiding their true nature till this day.

Know your history and your past. It is a favour you do to yourself.


Anonymous said...

/// The Syokan Gallery, not sure if I got the spelling right, is history. ///

The correct spelling is Syonan.
Do you think the Singlish translation means "I don't know the name of my mother's rapist"?

Virgo49 said...

Mr Redbean,

Today only Tuesday, not TGIF or Sat or Sun weekend, you already mentioned the magic word everybody love on hokkien quite vulgar you know.

Cannot mentioned here.

Sinkie leaders are World class and they wanted to teach the world how to behave as true Statesmen in the World Areana.

They been telling the Koreans, the PRCs to forgive and forget the war atrocities as committed by the Japanese.

They been harping that that the Japs has apologised ENOUGH.

And Enough is ENOUGH.

They wanted to show the rest that they must be magnanimous like them. FORGET THE PAST AND THATSWWHY WE EVEN NAMED OUR GALLERY UNDER THE JAPS.

For, actually our forefathers are not the victims of the Japs but are working with the.Japs.

So, how can we cursed our ex-employers who have us so much benefits that with rice, we become smarter than the rest of Sinkies who only ate sweet potatoes and grass.

So we chided the PRCs for still not forgiving when.They visit the Yakusurni Shrine.

They are praying to our benefactors you know.

Due to the Daft Sinkies kpkb, no choice got to change the name.

If not, I don't want one.

Anonymous said...

//The Syokan Gallery...//

RB, u have miss spelled the Syokan (昭砍), should be Syonan(昭南)。..These names create fear, worries & many unpleasant past imprinted on the memories of many elderlies who lived in that era...many still remembered when they were being called "Pa-kia-ro" by the Japs soldiers, some women were being forced into prostitutes as 'comfort ladies', yet our miws gahmen was so 'proud' to put this name "S..." in front of a museum to invoked pain & horror in these elderly of that era, its as though it resurrected their pains & horrors once again, the one that name it should be "hari kiried' or resigned.

Anonymous said...

How to know history when, like a computer hard disk, it is possible to rewrite it, distort it, and in some cases just overwrite it, to suit an agenda?

Take an example, who really disovered America? Who were the original inhabitants and owners of America? Historicallty, we are just taught to believe in blind faith the words of those who are able to propagate their stand by controlling the media, on things which we have no ability to rebut.

And today, many things stand to be rebutted in cyberspace. Even the existence or non existence of the planets, religion or scientific doctrines.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Know your history and your past.

Yes! It is a favour you do to yourself.

Do we expect the new instant citizens to do the same as we march
towards our goals of 6.9M.....10M?


Virgo49 said...

We should have shouted ::Pa-kar-ro" or "Ba-kar-ro" to the traitorous collaborators who worked with the Japs killing and maiming our own kind during the dark.era.

But they seemed to be proud of it.

Anyway, karma is a bitch and they will pay for their sins some how.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

lt is as though having traitors worked for the Japanese Imperial Army is not hurting enough, Sinkies got the successor of the traitor to glorify the atrocities of the Japanese lmperial Army in a Sin Museum sets up by the Sin Government.

Most unbelievable of all was one traitor who collaborated with the Japanese lmperial Army was a Chinese.
That Chinese was then chosen by majority Sinky Chinese as the first prime minister of Sin.

Btw, the Syokan Gallery was initially approvingly sanctioned by the lncumbent Prime Minister of Sin who is the Son of the Founding Father of Sin.

Anonymous said...

//..the Syokan Gallery was initially approvingly sanctioned by the lncumbent Prime Minister of Sin who is the Son of the Founding Father of Sin.//

These 2 fellows of Sins & another 1 fellow prata man will be damn by future generations ..if a Founders Memorial Hall being built, all these fellows shall be 'raided' & scolded as "Fxxx-kar-ro" by future generations in D-day..

Anonymous said...

The ancestors of those who were killed by the Japs in WWII will be reincarnated in Sinkieland, their rebirth in the future is to create more havoc to the whites garmen & "sweep" away these party for revenge in the future generations to come, many calamities will befall on these whites fellows, plagues, diseases & nature disasters r some of them..many of these whites garmen will be condemned in hell...

Anonymous said...

Even if you know the history very well but if your pockets are empty can you survive in this very very very expensive tiny crowded city state?

Here, all prices up up up!

Budget 2017......even water up by 30%!

Tell me money is more important......or history!



So how?

Anonymous said...

Test your history knowledge: Which ex-Singapore President had very cozy relations with the Jap invaders during the Japanese occupation of Singapore when many Chinese were slaughtered? (Hint: he had picture taken smiling and standing beside the Jap invaders' commandant)

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:37, please go and work with the Kempeitai. They fed you when everyone was hungry. Nevermind if they slapped you. Just bow and say thank you for the food they fed you and your family.

You know what is the meaning of 'han jian'?

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is Syonan.
Do you think the Singlish translation means: " Kneel and suck cock like my father " ??

Anonymous said...

S'pore should conquer Nippon back as revenge. If we fully mobilise the entire SAF & also recall those on MR, we can field a total force of 700,000 men. Enough to overrun today's Japan army. Japan army & society today are weak, not like in 1940. Can easily conquer them.

Virgo49 said...

Bro 10.09

Let the PRC handle them.If they want to push the PRCs further.

Cannot, ours is an ally of Japan.

How can hantam them??

Cannot, cannot

Anonymous said...

The concept of introducing syonan is part of globalization lah. It was a test to see if the young are against it. The test was success. The young couldnt care less. The old hacks made noise only. Globalization teaches the young to accept immigrants and foreigners. Invading army or armies are foreigners. Let them do what they want and be their interpreters or local guides. This is one way to survive in syonan and would get kill. Go find history books to prove this point yourself lah.

On the other hand, go macrichie walk up a steep slope to find one grave marked as some Lim s remains there. Lim was told to go to Malacca to meet someone during syonan s time. He was caught by invading agents and died in changi. People died there was not with a shot, they died in pain moaning until no breath. So young fellows can choose, which way to die. Can die at 90 yr old and beyond, or die in pain when invasion forces take over.
Do not blame abe, the master of syonan. He does not know what is war like lah.

Virgo49 said...

Young Sinkies got a swinging time in SINKIE land.

Most of them do not know what hunger is???

Many parents from the second generation are well off with cheap flats, cheap everything and rosy investments making gains in the past.

Thus, even though the young Sinkies are not employed. Their parents supported them. Those who are working also had the support of their parent's CPF monies, shares monies to have a grandiose life minimum condom, cars etc.

Sorry, condo with mostly their parent's monies.

You can see many in fanciful sweat suits bicycling, in gyms and travelling just like the hippie Ang mohs.

Come a time when their parents monies dry up and they have to eat grass. Good shows.

Then they will know what's hunger is.
That's why they voted PAP to have more good years of swinging time.

Not enough pains yet as according to Ah Kong 65

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that this Syokan Galley was named because it had received a big donation from abe recent visit?

Anonymous said...

"Is it possible that this Syokan Galley was named because it had received a big donation from abe recent visit?

February 21, 2017 11:08 am"

Possible if someone want money from abe master, but make sure behave like slave before abe will act like master.

Tell you a big secret: next to syonan gallery is a little hill. On top of that little hill, used to have a shrine, a japanese shrine that housed the japanese army died in syonan. The shrine was burned down. Do not be surprise someone will rebuild this shrine once syonan gallery make enough money.
It can be the yasokuni shrine branch to revive the war dead. the young can look forward to abe issuing citizenship to syonan born to live in japan as japanese.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.52am Virgi69
//Not enough pains yet ......//

Ha ha ha ha


Having read the CFE several times and also gone thru budget 2017, unlikely peesai can avert sinking further ......?

There is at least 1 IB (in msn) who (always) boasted that if there is anything others can think of, the PAPigs would have .......?




Thks for ur offer last Fri (about the publication) ......

Cant take it up cos decided not to (hopefully) kena "Hua Tuo's fate" .......

Already "burned" the 788 pages report (totally digitally deleted/ destroyed it) .........

The karma of (collaborating &) torturing Lim Bo Seng to death and many atrocious cruelties might be coming to haunt traitors' future generations?

It is not "if" but "when" this peesai sampan absurdity will sink to ignominy (and extinction like the kingdom of lanfang this "childish" KEE CHIU brought up in 2011) ......?

There are too many (glaring) flaws in the CFE report and pressing "economic" fires not addressed (in Budget 2017 too) ........?

Anonymous said...

The offspring generations of traitors and sinners have a lot of karma to bear ......?

Besides the brutalities of ww2 on fella compatriots, the countless suicides, broken families, destroyed lives of children, family members, businesses due to the (HUGE) sins of living off vices such as operating gambling dens for current and ongoing karma would be more than what they can bear .......?

As one patrait (in msn often mentioned), the day of reckoning may come fast and furious (suddenly) like the giant tree 2 saturdays ago .......?

Anonymous said...

The coma and dehydration in 2016 are ominous early warnings ......?

There is no where to hide from karma when it comes knocking .....?

They say when the king of hade FIXED the time at 1am, noboLEE can live beyond 2am??

Anonymous said...

//Come a time when their parents monies dry up and they have to eat grass. Good shows.//

The daft 70% sick minds desrved to be "screwed till their intestines come out by the jiatliaobee policies of talk cock kings?

Anonymous said...

Not only eat grass?

Tree barks oso?

Plus the earthworms below the grass and tree roots?

Anonymous said...

The coma and dehydration in 2016 are ominous early warnings ......? 12:00 pm

Good show is coming. One foreigner led bank had published write off of loan almost 50% of profit. Bloomberg published later that besides the oil sector, these banks also have construction sectors bad debts coming.
Listed retailers making losses cannot heal as the elite hire foreigners for good jobs and curb local salaries to curb buying power.

This year elite never talk about foreign talents, but the number of PR and employment passes will be enough to cut away a big purchasing power size in the economy. Even there is growth, income goes to foreigners and ship to sunny land.

Syonan is collapsing with this kind of elite more powerful damages are done to economy than syonan time. Syonan time the invading army does not run the economy. The current time foreigners run and collect the cash from this economy and ship away legally.

See got bank collapses or not, may be no need to pay the loans liao. also good sign hor.

Anonymous said...

The correct spelling is Syonan.
Do you think the Singlish translation means: " What's wrong with collecting more money? "

Anonymous said...

//See got bank collapses or not,......//

If the (potential hidden) derivative (black) hole (time bomb) in one overseas (trashland) branch detonates, then "BIG BIG problem" liao .......?

It is not Syonan or Syokan but .......?

Sayonara .......?

The Qin dynasty collapsed (in BC 207) 3 years after Emperor Qin Shi Huang died (in BC 210) ......?

Can "peesai" lasts 3 yrs from 23 Mar 2015 ......?

History will show .......?

70% dafts deserved it if peesai sampan absurdity capsize down the road ......?

Anonymous said...

One "potential hidden" derivative (black) hole is enough to torpedo sampan to bottom of Indian Ocean?

Anonymous said...

//See got bank collapses or not, may be no need to pay the loans liao//

Then we will becum Hong Kan. I like.

Anonymous said...

I am a foreigner in Singapore. I was told that Singapore did not suffer too much during the Japanese rule here. I was led to believe that Malaya was definitely terrorised by the Japanese invaders. In fact I was told the Japanese occupied Singapore and treated the local very well. On top of all the good treatment the Japanese bestowed the Singaporeans they even employed a few Singaporeans to work for them. Now working with the Japanese rulers cannot be classified as ill treatment?

So, I was greatly surprised by the reaction of the Singaporeans to be so against the name Syonan? Maybe Singaporeans are too sensitive?

Anonymous said...

//I am a foreigner in Singapore. I was told that Singapore did not suffer too much during the Japanese rule here.//

Fark off!

Old man himself narrated how he narrowly escaped certain death cos those who were sent away on that fateful lorry load never came back?

Those reported mass murders and massacre of more than 50,000 sinkies males are "manufactured"?

Anonymous said...


U are correct and right. Under the british time, singapore locals carried flowers, roses, and dressed in kimono and traditional japanese dresses all lined up along causeway woodland road bukit timah road to welcome the japanese troops.

Japanese troops swallowed them with something u can imagine yourself. U are the most accurate historian from foreign country.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Foreigner 1.22

You heard Singaporeans been treated humanely by the Japanese. Yes, those traitorous Han Jian hooded men who helped the Japanese to exterminate their own kind are treated more humanely than the others.

Also, those who collaborated and worked with the Japs are treated more humanely

They sacrifice their fellow men for the sake of their own welfare and more luxurious lives.

Why so had head starts when the Japs left??

It's because they had massed wealth on the.blood of their felllowmen.

The Chinese are slaughtered because most had the guts to fight them.

Likewise in China. Other races are treated more humanely but not the whites as they are deemed to be from the armed forces or ex rulers.

Other races especially the black ants are more subservient to them for they would betray anyone even their kins for saving their skins.

Thus, they are more dangerous than snakes.

The Japs hated the Cheena the most as they are strong backbones people except those Han Jians.

The Thais and the Taiwanese are next in line to betray you easily.

Only the Taiwanese aborigines fought the Japs.

Heaven no eyes, those traitors even become rich and influential and held important silver serpents apoinments after the war.

For they know how yo suck up and.carry balls.

One even bwcome PM and another PRESIDENT and sucks the wealth, blood of trust blue Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.22pm

Go read on wiki Sook Ching or NLB search on this .

//Sook Ching--

The figures of the death toll vary. Official Japanese statistics show fewer than 5,000 while the Singaporean Chinese community claims the numbers to be around 100,000. Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's first prime minister, said in a Discovery Channel programme that the estimated death toll was "Somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 young men, Chinese".//

The Japs never treat the local Chinese nicely, in fact the Chinese were in fear of being tortured to death, many were brought to 'firing ground' & never been seen again, others were humiliated or made as slaves. ..get ur facts right.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm the 50,000 (mostly cheenas) were total from both Peninsula M'sia + S'pore (known as Malaya in those days).

No one knows exactly how many from S'pore only, coz in those days S'pore is considered just another city in Malaya i.e. all 1 colony, and many people move in/out from mainland Malaya to S'pore & vice-versa.

Japs also killed quite a lot in British Borneo (East M'sia + Brunei) & Indonesia (then known as Dutch East Indies), but I think should be less than 50,000 coz less cheena there.

I remember reading many real-life war stories many years ago, and one of the war story was about a group of British & Oz POWs escaping from Jap camp in Sumatra. Quite a few died during the escape & while running / swimming away from Sumatra. 1 of the survivors hooked up with a native girl in Kalimantan & decided to stay with the natives (Dayaks) in the jungles. The author didn't know what happened to him.

Anonymous said...


Go fark spider

Anonymous said...

//Japs also killed quite a lot in British Borneo (East M'sia + Brunei) & Indonesia (then known as Dutch East Indies), but I think should be less than 50,000 coz less cheena there.//

Whether 50,000 or 30,000 or 100,000, so it is a "trivial" matter?

The law here is death penalty even for 1 murder?

If 1-for-1, how many need to be sent to the gallows?

In ancient times, such vanquished aggressors will be hung in the city gate/ harbour front?

In the war gallery in Nanking, the Chinese also never called it "Manchukuo Gallery"?

Why yakult want to open up an old healing wound and pour salt, pepper, chilli padi, light sauce, vinegar, ......?

Heard some oldies "pain" until "vomitted blood or fainted"?

What is wrong with Yakult?

Anonymous said...

Oops ....

Typo .....

Should be YahCock ...... NOT "Yakult" .....

Anonymous said...

Rb //.......babies were thrown into the air to be skewered by bayonets, ......//

One oldie uncle born in late 1942 (Yr of Horse) related how he could have been bayoneted had his mum didn't run and hide him in a disused dry well when some Jap soldiers came to their village ........?

Some of his mother's neighbours in same village had their new borns killed literally bayoneted by the Jap soldiers and many young mothers who gave birth less than full month kena raped in their husbands presence with the males also brutally beaten up and humiliated ......?

This oldie uncle told some of us this story when one of the youngsters asked why he so small size and short when his son is over 1.8m?

He said during then they hardly had anything to eat and thus his mother milk hardly enough ot any for him to drink in the first two years he was born ......

Eat oso not enough where got milk powder?

He said his mother told him she fed him with porridge water mixed with sweet potato soup at times to stop him from crying from hunger.......

Anonymous said...

Who asked those people chose to die early. Fought with the Japanese and got killed. Some chose not to fight with the Japanese lived till 90 years old.

Learn this difference. That s what the Syonan gallery for. The options are opened for the young to choose.

Anonymous said...

He also said his mother told him many of her frens husbands died quite young after the war ..... due to internal old injury from severe beating by the Jap soldiers .......?

Many women lived until 70+ to 90+ but their husbands died quite young like 40s+ in the 50s, 60s and early 70s .......

During Qing Ming or ghost month, if some pple in msn go worship their ancestors in temples, can check the year of death/ age ......?

Many at most 40+ passed away liao .....?

Go ask current sinkies now aged 30+ or 40+ ....... how many seen their grandfathers after they were born ......?

Many will likely say their grandfathers passed away before they were even born?

Their parents were in their 20s when these 30s+ or 40s+ sinkies were born?

So how old their grandfathers were when passed away ......?

On the average 40+s only .....?

How come so early die?

Bcos they were well treated by the Jap aggressors during the Jap Occupation?

Anonymous said...

Make sense .....

Hai Ya Koo ......

Faster go learn Jap ......

Can becum millionaire translator ......?

And live until 100+ yo?

Anonymous said...

Dun wait le .....

Yi Ma (Jap language)!


Anonymous said...

3.59am //The options are opened for the young to choose.//

True ....?

Even some young sinkie undergraduates working as hostesses in some Orchard Rd Japenise Bars to pay for their university expenses?

Go Kah-Page Plaza see lah ......

Anonymous said...

Also some of the Japensie drinking places in West Coast .....

See how many sinkie fenale undergraduates working there part time for pocket expenses .....?

And how many accepted the Japenise businessmen patrons invitation to their condos nearby after that?

Anonymous said...

Many thjngs happening nowadays but noboLEE cares ......?

In the past, translatirs sold their souls .....?

Nowadays, young gals and undergrad sell their "Central Bangs" (CBs) to Jap DOMs businessmena and executives, for peanuts somemore?

Anonymous said...

One more place to observe all these happenings is the hotel near the junction of end Clementi Rd and start of Pasir Panjang Rd?

Young gals and female students with DOMs?

Oldies in msn, be careful who ur sons take as gf or w next time......?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh. You guys all champion complainers about Japanese Occupation.
Complain PAP is so insensitive with the word "Syonan"
But GE 2020.
All of you will still vote for PAP tio bo?

Virgo49 said...

The World Humanity has already lost their Souls.

Due to greed, avarice and crazy for power.

The only wa y to keep yourself SANE is simply Tak Bodoh.

Let those who wishes to Rot, rot.

Those who are ambitious to sell their bodies and souls, just closed your eyes.

To each his own as everyone rich or poor are beseeched with their poor and rich problems.

Can enjoy, enjoy, can eat, eat.

Some die young, some old.

Time to hear the rooster crow and another round of roulette.

Anonymous said...


Cos at least 70% sinkies kiasi?

If vote oppo no cocks to suck le

Or LPs to carry?

Or (smelly old man) AHs to lick?

Lick half way can fart some more?

And brownish liquid come out .....?

Anonymous said...

@ February 21, 2017 4:39 pm & February 21, 2017 4:27 pm

Our young university girls are working hard to pay off their university fees.
Sometimes no choice .... have to sell their bodies.
Their boyfriends too busy and too poor serving PAP's National Service for peanuts.

Do you think we can blame PAP for our "affordable" university fees and "affordable" HDB flats?
Vote Opposition if you want to reduce the university fees for your daughters.
Maybe before your daughters start joining this website.


Anonymous said...

//The only wa y to keep yourself SANE is simply Tak Bodoh. //

True ......

After LaoGoa-nomics and Botak-nomics, the social fabrics gone le .......?

After ownself take care ownself, nothing matters le .........

Anonymous said...

Aiya ......

Now then u know ......

LO(OOOOOOOO.....OOOOOO)NG aGOH sinkies uni gals advertise internet to earn pocket $$$$$ lah ........

Some even advertise in Jap langauge ......?

Now go google lor ......

See how many (tons of) search resukts come out .....?

Anonymous said...

Many poly and uni gals tell their parents after lessons study in libraries .....?

Many times bluff de?

Ask the parents go spot check see can find their daughters in the libraries or naught ......?

Anonymous said...

During ladies nights, Fri and Saturday nights see how many uni and poly gals partying in clark quay area .......?

And binge drinkjng?

Some worst drunk until dunno how many they make out with on the dance floor .....

After that in the wee morning hours sprawl outside clark quay road side near liang ct vomitting ...... or simply too drunk to even able stand up properly ........?

Anonymous said...

Is this a PAP branded Cheebye ??
What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

Last time their grandmothers kena raped by Japenise invaders and pentrators ......?

Now their daughters kena corrupted and messed up by DOMs?

Anonymous said...

Now their daughters kena corrupted and messed up by DOMs?
February 21, 2017 5:17 pm

But our Founding Japanese Translator say "What's wrong with collecting more money?"

Anonymous said...

Yew die Yewr business .......?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"Increasingly, social escorts are abundant in Singapore. University students and even office girls are getting paid some $900 per hour to $20,000 a month to be a companion. "



Anonymous said...


"Another was a brazen confession that the individual worked as an escort last year."


Source: http://www.nanyangchronicle.ntu.edu.sg/2013/02/have-you-confessed-yet/

Anonymous said...


"NUS students part time as prostitute"

Anonymous said...



///Undergrad at local university moonlights as call girl

The final-year student who only wants to be known by her booking moniker Alice, charges anything from $800 to $1,200 an hour. -TNP///

///Alice does not find it sordid to be "selling her body" but admits that it's "not a role I'd shout out to everyone".

She says: "I go slow on weeks leading up to and during my examinations - I'd not be such a fool to throw everything away.

"That is my real future."///


Fridays and Saturdays, or when there's a major event such as the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, are her busiest moments.///


Anonymous said...



///Samantha is a freelance social escort. She advertises her services on various local online websites and charges $500 an hour for sex.

"The Internet posting is like a job advertisement. I am a service provider," said the petite woman with shoulder-length hair. "I am doing this to support myself."

Samantha started working as an online social escort in July last year after graduating from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). She could not get into a polytechnic but wanted to continue her studies.

"I have only ITE education and needed money quickly for the private diploma," she said.

"The private diploma course fee is $10,000 a year; and I want to go to a private university eventually, which will cost much more."///


Anonymous said...

PAPaya Escorts - Because there is nothing wrong with collecting more money.

Got such a thing or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Hey oldies (in msn),

So "Syonan" or "Syokan" Gallery?

Which is more apt?

Yew decide ......?

Mb someboLEE should do a "Syokan Gallery" exhibition to "SHOWCASE" the "OLDEST VICES" (services provided) by the "YOUNGEST SG GALS" in the "CITY OF SINS" ........?

Anonymous said...



///During a discussion with my friends, I was surprised by some information that were under discussion. Chiefly while visiting bar or karoke lounge, they were surprised by some of the bar hostess who have very good command of English. They found out that some of them were students from poly and universities. So is this true that poly and university students are working as bar hostess or social escorts.

Note to add: Hear that sex in hostel are very common these day///

///well basically i work at my guy’s pub in cuppage plaza and i see alot of young gals nowadays working at the japanese lounges. Not surprising though, cause that is the fast way to earn big $$.///

///ya jap man are stupid but rough..... they like sibmissive gal....if you let them do what they wanted, you can strike rich fast, depend whether you wanna lower you class fro hostress to callgirls///

///I know this is a very easy way to make money but I think in the Singapore system, as long as you can study, the government will not prevent you from getting an education.

What I am afraid of is that these young girls are easily influenced and once they are in it, it is difficult for them to get out of it. What happens if the customer that you serviced happened to be your father in law///


Anonymous said...

Vices is where the Money
can be found.
And what's wrong with want
for money?

why go for tertiary education when working as
whore makes more money than
getting a Phd?
Have fun and makes easy money, why study?

Anonymous said...

why go for tertiary education when working as
whore makes more money than
getting a Phd?
Have fun and makes easy money, why study?///

Ha ha ha

A gal's youth is like a new smart phone mah?

Can charge a premium when (new) but for how long?

If now someboLEE wants to sell say a iPhone2 to an oldie, do u think this oldie even kongcum enough to offer 1 dime?

So when a woman already slept with 10,000+ guys and age catching up reaching 30 or 40 years old, how much do u think a CHEE KO PEH willing to pay per hour?

Do u think there will be some kong cum oldies willing pay $500 to $1500 an hour for the service of a 35-yr or 40-yr "young" za bor?

In other words, simple economics maxim applies here?

The value of such services diminishes each passing day and may hit a rate per hour less than a 69-yo ah ma manning a cashier counter behind a fast food outlet when a woman reaches half the age of that ah ma?

Anonymous said...

Having said that, the (ageless) maxim of old man's "what's wrong collecting more $$$ ....." comes into the picture ......?

Readers and sinkies should thank NTD for "spilling the (red) beans about old man harbouring such callous mentality"?

As long as the whoring is not their daugthers and wives but some oldies' daughters, wives or FUTURE DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW, their attitudes are the same (ie, "WHAT'S WRONG COLLECTING MORE $$$")?

Without other people's or some oldies' daughters, wives or FUTURE DAUGTHERS-IN-LAW doing the whoring jobs, where to find young gal students to entice the world's richest and dirtiest DOMs to come to the CITY OF SINS?

And where to find $$$ to pay their multi-millions $$$$$ world's most expensive salaries and 10 to 50 months bonuses, like clockwork annually?

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousFebruary 21, 2017 9:52 pm
//Vices is where the Money
can be found.
And what's wrong with want
for money?//


As long as it is NOT your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, daughters, wives, nieces, cousins, daugthers-in-law?

But who wants to "book" an 80-yo ah ma for $1000 an hour?

This is the other harsh reality?

A gal's youth is like that rose given on Valentine's Day?

It is very short?

That's why a minister even suggested collecting card boards is good for oldies as exercise when they cannot earn $$$ by other means?

Mb someboLEE also think some oldies' daughters or wives whoring profession also "IS A FORM OF EXERCISE" to keep fit as long as those prostituting are not his daughters or wife?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Know your history and your past//

If yew go back in history, between the 1800s and 1965, the CITY OF SINS was (in)famous for the 3 "MOST NOTORIOUS" VICES since time immemorial?




Deng Xiao Ping wrote in his biography that when he passes by the City Port of Sins in 1923 enroute to Paris to further his studies (where he met the subsequent Premier Zhou En Lai), his impression of peesai was beyond words: sleazy, filthy, like LO(OOOOO)NG MEN KE ZAN, a place where all the vices and evils concentrated?

Anonymous said...

In 2005, when they announced that City of Sins is wading into vice trade to "prop" up the economy, sinkies should have known by then the JLB LEEches already run out of ideas and creativity to manage the economy?

But it was not 2005 that the rot began but 15 years earlier in 1990 when the chatow took over?

When then on, it was down hill all the way?

Anonymous said...

So mb rb may wish to consider the name "Syokan cum Gambling Den Gallery"?

Cos it is just that?

A spade is a spade?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 21, 2017 9:04 pm
///PAPaya Escorts - Because there is nothing wrong with collecting more money.

Got such a thing or not ah?///

Go ask Aung Juan Soon Chee lah?

Why do yew think he expected sinkies to dub Mt Buttock BE "CHEE By Erection"?

So the answer to ur qn is have or dun have?

Anonymous said...

Rb // .....they were more than the brutal massacres of innocent civilians by the Kempetai soldiers assisted by hooded local informers. .....//

"....hooded local informers ......"?

Who do u think are they?

Who are their descendants?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 February 21, 2017 9:02 am
//We should have shouted ::Pa-kar-ro" or "Ba-kar-ro" to the traitorous collaborators who worked with the Japs killing and maiming our own kind during the dark.era.//

What kind of shouting u expected?

Is it like this:?

Angkor rd (shout): Old man,

Angkor Virgi69: bark-car-roll.

Rd: Old man,

Virgi69: Bark-car-roll

(Shout) Like that?

Anonymous said...

@ 12.34pm //Listed retailers making losses cannot heal as the elite hire foreigners for good jobs and curb local salaries to curb buying power.//

Wait till many SMEs businesses collapse under the weight of high business costs?

And run road?

Then their wives and daughters eat what?

Anonymous said...

@ 12.34pm //One foreigner led bank had published write off of loan almost 50% of profit. Bloomberg published later that besides the oil sector, these banks also have construction sectors bad debts coming.//

One sinkie guy worked in Tuas MNC ......

Managed save a few hundred thousand in hard cash till 2012 ......

Stay in Phoa Choo Cunt HDB flat ......

Invested in Condo in 2012, more than 1 million property ......

Downpayment 40% + stamp duties + conveyancing etc .....

Total more than $500,000 ......

Now condo TOP LO(OOOOOOOO)NG AGOH in 2015?

Tenant rental below mortgage payment ao every month top up cash ......

Then last yr tenant run road .......?

Since then condo unit vacant but every month few thousand $$$ mortgage payment and easily wipes out about 80% of his monthly take home pay cos he quite old liao so loan tenure only abt 10 years?

He recently said life at work not going well and company hq hinting pink slip coming ......

So if kena retrench, he said he has no choice but to sell his hdb flat cos his condo no taker for rental or sale though he lowered his asking price several times le ......

He going to move in to his condo if that happens .....

He said he will be in similar situation like many of his peers .....

Stay in condo but no job and no cashflow but subsisting on their (fast) dwindling cash saving ......

How many middle aged PMETS will go bankrupt in the next/ coming downturn over next few years?

Anonymous said...

This guy still lucky lah cos his hdb sale will have substantial cpf portion returned back his ordinary account and he hope to use part to redeem part condo loan ......

Cash proceeds keep in bank to "tong" until run out lor but hopefully before then get secuirty job or deive taxi kena huge pay cut lor .....

He cursed himself for making that stupid decision to invest in the shit condo ......

So much for Botak-nomics .......?

All short term steriod type fixes?

Now long term side effects come le ..... and no where to run away from it .......?

Anonymous said...

He quite old le but child only 14 yo .....

He said now he will be falling from upper middle income (of more than $120k per yr including bonuses) to zero income soon and later on at most $20k+ per yr lower income ......

He said life sucks and he felt very depressed ......

But he still said next erection he still wont vote oppo cos economy will becum worst than his condo value decline further ......

Nothing unexpected ......

Majority of sinkies think like that though (in their hearts) they think the LEEches suck?

Anonymous said...

He said will only consider vote oppo if becum bankrupt then nothing to lose le .......

So many sinkies even in dire conditions think like that how can Aung Juan win "CHEE by erection"?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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9. Remember That Videos Can Be Altered Too!

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Anonymous said...

//Who wants to book an 80 ah ma for 1000 an hour//
I will,especially if she is a anonae,to bang her hard like sifu martilar,for the purpose of taking revenge on the atrocities and torture caused to his ah ma.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, on the 15 Feb whilst trying the new Awana Skyway Cable car ride, a joker posted an alarming fake video of the very cable cars burning with 17 deaths.

This joker might caused alarm to those friends and kins who were at Genting Highlands at that time.

No laughing matter these FAKe news and jokes.

But it would be good fake news if any of the Papies were to be in these unfortunate incidents.

Anonymous said...

ISIS is created by the US.

War is the most lucrative business created by the US.

Economic collapse is a creation of the super rich bankers and their kind.

Fake news is created by Bill Gates and those who invented the internet, computers and mobile phones and other devices as well as those who created Facebook, twitter etc etc.

Not true?