Totalitarian mindset in Sin City

Below are extracts from an article in the TRE questioning why students must give all their prizes and trophies won to their schools.

'What’s this new ruling about the Singapore Sports School indicating that any prizes, be it monetary or products, that the students of the school win while representing the school must be given to the school instead? Previously, the student-athletes get to keep their winnings as long as these prizes were not clearly awarded to the school....

Students should not be forced to channel back whatever they have won to the school. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labour. For the school, isn’t seeing your students winning things under your umbrella enough, rather then go after their prize winnings also? By Prem Shankar'

A professional athlete or sportsman would have to share his prizes and monetary awards to his coaches and the organisation that was paying for his training and expenses. That is fair. Why should a school be demanding that students representing the schools must give them their winnings, trophies and monetary awards? What have the schools contributed to the sportsmen and athletes success? Other than allowing them to compete in the name of the school, what financial and non financial contribution and assistance did the school provide to the sportsmen and athletes?

Do the schools know how much the sportsmen and athletes have contributed to their own success in terms of time, expenses in food, supplements, nutrition, medical bills and pain? Many sportsmen and athletes paid a heavy price, financially and the time spent in their sports, many suffered injuries, poor academic results for spending time training and the discipline regime, forgoing other activities and commitments.

The big question what have the schools contributed to the success of the sportsmen and athletes and how much did they contribute financially, not counting physical, emotional and other sacrifices that the sportsmen and athletes have to put in, to demand the sportsmen and athletes to give them all their winnings, awards, trophies and monetary gains? Is it fair?

The MOE has any instruction or policies on this matter? Their diam diam stance towards this matter is as good as agreeing to what the schools are saying. Smell of a totalitarian state.

What do you think? Another syokan incident in the making? Are the schools bullying and taking advantage of their hapless students that got no one to turn to short of offending the school authority?

I hope this thing is not true. Please correct me if I am mistaken.


Anonymous said...

Do you still not understand that you are living in Singapore? This is the reason why they call this country " uniquely Singapore ". Singaporeans are totally mindless robots and will obey whatever the " master " says. Singaporeans kpkb all the time and but when told to do or act in a certain way, will blindly obey without question. When it comes to the polling booth, they are told to vote a certin way and 70% followed blindly in the last GE. You get the government you vote for, so Redbean, please do not kpkb too much.

Anonymous said...

8.09 am, Knn Rb is not part of the 70% so u tell me he qualified to kpkb or not. U stop attacking Rb freedom of expression. As you are part of the 70% u will only wake up one day when one ah neh put his stick into your ass, then u start to regret Lor.😂😨😢😰😥😪😓

Virgo49 said...

The PAP Government anything they invested, they make sure they take back their shares.

What Bullshits Glory for the Nation!

Monetary gains more important. That's why they put their MPs or Representatives in any Sports Council or Association. See so many of the athletes quarreled with them all of monetary rewards. The MPs with MP allowances, their own professional salaries still not enough.

They still wants to hold posts in these associations for monetary rewards. GREED knows No Bounds.

The PAP is conning these youngsters to go into Sports. In Singapore, how can you make a living on Sports??? But they put beautiful advt of champions of champions.

Many foolishly went to take Sports Sciences diploma and degrees. Overseas courses and spend a fortune attachments with the Unis.

LKY said long time ago that we need the talents to be commercially viable to Singapore, NOT Sports!!!

This Pinky for the sake of their Glories conned the youngsters to go into Sports thinking that we had arrived.

My daughter worked in Research Labs for over ten years and was conned into getting another degree in Sports Science with Edith Cowan in Auss Land.

Afterwhich, worked with a Chinese Boss with contracts with the MOE schools in coaching the students in Sports like canoeing etc.

The salary is so miserable and yet worked twelve hours a day including weekends without extra allowances. Plus must also do marketing business.

Body plastered with plasters from aches and pains carrying the Canoes on lorries and drove by her. Even go to the extend of getting a Harbour Craft PSA license.

After three years, we told her to give up and go back to Research Labs where she got three times more salaries. We told her not to be foolish to be conned by their sweet talks of Sports Champions. You simply cannot have a decent living in sinkieland doing Sports.

So, those now in the Sports Schools are now facing very uncertain futures doing Sports degrees. You are only conned to bring what glory to the Elites and their Prestige.

These activities can be only as hobbies to the Children of the Elites who had enough wealth to last their three generations. Not for you working class sinkies.

The Children of the Elites can have these as hobbies besides taking the drugs. Now even one sells drugs. Already gian png.

So wake up ordinary sinkies. Do not be a burdens to your parents and foolishly believe to be Sports Champions not to you but the Elites who are smirking away at your foolishness.

Anonymous said...

/// What’s this new ruling about the Singapore Sports School indicating that any prizes, be it monetary or products, that the students of the school win while representing the school must be given to the school instead? ///

What's wrong with collecting more money?
- is this the type of political culture 70% of us voted for?

Do you think Joseph Schooling did the correct thing to train in USA?
- do you think he is a smart Sinkie?
- do you think he will ever return?

If you want to be world class
- do you think PAP can provide a conducive environment for your global ambitions?

Anonymous said...

/// When it comes to the polling booth, they are told to vote a certin way and 70% followed blindly in the last GE. ///
February 25, 2017 8:09 am

It's true! It's true!
- my sister-in-law has been cursing the PAPaya Party for most of her life
- then she received an sms (from don't know who) telling her Singapore is doomed if she does not vote in a certain way
- just like that. Magic.
- I now have a pro PAPaya Party supporter in the family

So it's absolutely true.
The remaining Singaporeans who have not yet emigrated are a bunch of dumb fucks.
At least 70% of us are dumb fucks.

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 9

The Madness of Unfettered Power in the Wrong Hands

Even Ministers and their spouses can keep whatever gifts given by foreign dignitaries if they declare and register the gifts with their respective government ministries.

Even those bought-by-money foreign athletes, table-tennis players, footballers, sportsmen and sportswomen can keep their medals, Olympic medals, and then denounce their easy-come-easy-go Singapore Citizenship, and bring all the medals they have won back to China, or their own respective country of origin.

Even the small kids get to keep their "ang pows" during Chinese New Year, and now also Hari Raya.

Why? Why? Why some idiots must come out with this not only idiotic madness of an emotionally-charged deprivation of personal satisfaction and deliberate confiscation of rewards entitled to the individuals!?

If the schools so wish to keep a collection of medals, awards, trophies and what not, for the purpose of glorifying itself and its principals and teachers, there are other ways to do so. Why rob the individual students of their rightful possession of their rewards that they have earned through their hard works, heartaches, injuries, scoldings, sweats and blood?

Is this the way to encourage the students to perform? What kind of education and motivation are the leadership of the schools providing? What message are you sending out to the young, naive and easily impressed up-and-coming future leaders of the Singapore society?

Whoever you are, where is your conscience? Where is your moral?

Whoever you are, where is your ethics? Where is your brain?

Whoever you are, are you still human? Are you mad?

Your power and authority must have driven you to such a pathetic state! Whoever are you?

Anonymous said...

It is simple question. The post here exaggerated the value of the prizes.

I teach u if you are successful sports man or woman. If u can win for school and a cash prize of $1million u cannot keep. U decide if the school deserves that money. If not, u dont have to work so hard mah.

When NS men were asked to collect arms from syonan gallery, they were asked to shout for their life sir. That is slogan under a line of command. There were interpreters collaborated with the enemies and won top prizes, top jobs and top money.

Do not blame the greedy institutions, want your life want your money to pay for their luxurious good living: landed properties, everyone in familee has cars, they are professionals should be well paid, and u are poor looking for jobs fighting with foreigners for the lowest pay.

U blame yourself for asking the institutions to take away your prizes. Do not believe what the post said here. The logic is wrong. The state institutions can order the prizes to be donated to schools whatever, including your life. But u can play trick that gets u out too. U have choice not to vote for the same team too, in 2020ge.

Anonymous said...

“My level of hating Singapore and feeling disgusting towards it has already been above the sky. Disgusting transportation. Ugly and misshaped people. Singlish is scrannel to death. There’s no pleasure here at all. (I will) leave (Singapore) immediately after graduation, go to other countries for education and job hunting. It’s too disgusting too disgusting here.”


Let's hope more of our FTs and Aliens think like this NTU scholar.
- maybe they will vote out PAP
- because obviously Singaporeans are too stupid to do so

Anonymous said...

Living here is like that lah.

You dont know meh?

All is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Btw, you-die-your-business!

Understand? Understood-ed?


Anonymous said...

@ February 25, 2017 10:46 am

Typical Sinkie.
"It's like that one. Bo pian lor."

It's impossible to vote out PAP.
And I'm too stupid to vote Opposition.
So suck thumb at home while my wife/daughter tries to hook up with an ang moh to get out of Singapore.

Singaporean guys better wise up.
Try and hook up with an ang moh girl and get out of Singapore too.

Anonymous said...

Not all the 70% who voted for PAP are stupid.

How many of the 70% will benefit if the Singapore system stays the way it is?

A huge proportion consists of the civil servants who will continue to get their yearly increments if taxes are raised here and there every year.

A huge proportion consists of the PAP elite and their business relatives who will benefit from the availability of cheaper foreign workers and low income taxes.

A substantial proportion consists of new citizens.

That's why in other countries the persistent losers who see no hope and no future in their systems turn to revolutions and civil wars . . .

Anonymous said...

tell me how to vote pap out anonymous 10.56am......

pap is now too big to fail.....

70% voted OK'ed.....

this % is expected to go up up to around 80% at the next GE.....

so.......be happy and worry less............

Anonymous said...

"Totalitarian mindset in Sin City"
- this blames the authorities (whoever they may be)

"Slave mindset in Sin City"
- this blames the students for quietly accepting whatever they are told
- try and do this in Australia or USA
- the difference is that Australians and Americans do not have a slave mindset

Anonymous said...

/// tell me how to vote pap out anonymous 10.56am...... ///
February 25, 2017 11:14 am

Nobody can tell you how to free yourself.
Only slaves will ask this type of questions.
If you want to vote out the PAP badly enough, you will figure out a way.

You are not a natural born free person.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PUB post S$166 million profit in 2016, made S$1 billion in 8 years


Is it the proper role of a government agency to make profits?
- especially when they have monopolistic powers?

When PUB reports $166 million in profits .... does it mean they overcharged Singaporean citizens and businesses by $166 million dollars?

"Use your blain, use your blain"
- Phua Chu Kang

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.
I organize a sports challenge.
I give a cheque of $10,000 to the winner in the winner's name.

So the $10,000 will first go into the winner's bank account.
Meaning the winner is the legal owner of $10,000 for which IRAS may make him pay income tax.

Along comes the Sports School.
Who tells the winner-owner of the $10,000 prize money.
"Give me your $10,000. It does not belong to you."

If the winner-owner of the $10,000 happens to live in Italy.
Do you think everyone in the world will be shouting "Mafia gangsters" ??

Do you think the students in the Sports School should bring this to the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council and the international newspapers ??

Anonymous said...

The MOE has any instruction or policies on this matter? Their diam diam stance towards this matter is as good as agreeing to what the schools are saying.

Diam diam? Why not, if even elected opposition MPs also diam diam?

And if opposition MPs also diam diam, others kpkb long long loud loud got use or not?

Anonymous said...

And if opposition MPs also diam diam, others kpkb long long loud loud got use or not?
12:45 pm

Tiok. kpkb no use, except for shiok. Kong song LP song. Cannot have the real thing, mas****ate also shiok mah? Bo heur hei ya hor. No fish prawn also good mah.

Anonymous said...

If the Sinkie opposition is not ready to challenge and replace PAP, who can?

If Sinkies do not or dare not protest even in Hong Lim Park, what can be more tok kong to make PAP scared of Sinkies?

That's why PAP everything kar kar (not scared) one, as far as tekan Sinkies is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Not happy go & riot & burn down Istana and Parliament lahh. If no balls then just sit down & shaddup.

Anonymous said...

"they contribute financially, not counting physical, emotional and other sacrifices that the sportsmen and athletes have to put in"

Sports men women want money? Go to this case to think if they deserve the money.

On plastic made but outside coated a layer of cement to look like cement concrete. Some $200 cash was put on the plastic, or some valuable things of that value put on it. Will layman step on the plastic to take the cash?

Yes, if the plastic cement like platform is on ground. No risk mah.
Yes or no, if the plastic cement like platform is on 4 story height.

What if someone try and get injury or dies?
Do you blame the victim or the one who put up the plastic platform?

The prizes for sports are not for sports men only deserve one answer, do not bother to get them. If sports men want to get them for the schools, they take their own risks.

The same as if someone want to climb over the plastic thinking it was concrete, who should be blame for the decision? At least 80% lies on the person or the sport men.

Stop blaming the new rule. It is the rules. Sport men want to take the risks for personal injury, its sport men s own 80% responsibility.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Good afternoon motherfuckers,

Wah, kani nah....you all can talk damn big, cherry-picking here and there, whining, criticising and complaining.

You do all this and get lost in your own imaginations, ignoring ☞☛ THE COLD HARD IMMUTABLE FACT ☚☜ that totalitarianism not only works in Singapore, but is the main mechanism used to propel Singapore into 1st class World Class cuntry in a timespan previously unknown to THE ENTIRE RECORD of human history.

Fuck you all. I like my cuntry awesome and rocking, and rich. If it take totalitarianism to achieve and maintain that, then fuck off and leave well-enough alone.

Singaporeans are still not "ready" for western style liberty, so that the likes of people like Amos Yee can be happy. That is why Amos has so many enemies. The Singaporeans who call the shots like their AUTHORITARIAN GOVT, and the authoritarian culture it breeds.

See how awesome Hotel Singapore is? Good job!

Anonymous said...

Right-wing economics professor: Raise water price by 100%


“In my view, it’s too little. From an overall economy point of view, we can increase it even more. I would prefer at least 50 per cent – if not 100%.”

The right-wing academic claims that Singaporeans are currently paying one of the lowest prices in the world and that the increase would at least “put Singapore on par” with European countries like Denmark and Germany."


Why didn't the Professor say "we can increase the salaries of Singaporeans by at least 50% to at least put Singapore on par with European countries like Denmark and Germany."

Is this called PAP-style cherry-picking ??

Anonymous said...

Ruling party cronies: We need more government critics to think the “unthinkable”


/// The panelists made the hypocritical calls for more criticisms, but did not express their disapproval for media censorship, defamation lawsuits and the often-abused sedition and anti-harassment laws to be scrapped.

Government critics in Singapore often face bankruptcy orders, jail sentences and fines without trial. The clamping down of dissent resulted in a massive echo chamber within the ruling party government, with the Prime Minister surrounded by cronies who are looking for promotions and perks like PAP MP Tin Pei Ling and her high-level civil servant husband who was promoted 4 times in 5 years. /////

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 153

I told you so. Water way, way, way too cheap in Singapore.

>> Right-wing economics professor: Raise water price by 100%

http://statestimesreview.com/2017/02/25/right-wing-economics-professor-raise-water-price-by-100/ <<

Well done! Finally someone with an educated brain to kick motherfuckers like me into being more "responsible". http://bit.ly/2lPkNJl

Until that happens, fuck you....I'm going to continue to ABUSE the water! (which I pay for, i.e. OWN) 😂🤣🤡


Anonymous said...

@ February 25, 2017 2:22 pm

Personally I hope they increase the price by 500%.
Yes. 500%.
Not 50%

I'm not going to tell you.

Anonymous said...


"was promoted 4 times in 5 years"
that means civil service want to spend more money for the same jobs done. It is a good sign for children s future. Can get promoted 10 steps in one year.

But u better vote for opposition in 2020ge. Civil service hires mumbai university grads with master bought from south pacific island university. Your children stand no chance to get same promotion. Foreigners need fast promotion, so they promote kakinan faster lahmah.

"need more government critics"
This means they run out of cash. Sue for more cash and get installments monthly is a good income.
Look at the water company made 1 billions profit but need to increase water price a miserable 30%. Ntu professor said too little, need 100% increase. That means they really run out of cash.
Profit is not cash. Let say your company make lots of profit, but you as boss spends all company cash on shares and casino, and had bad luck never go to pray teekong, your bets are all not right. So you have lots of profit but you have no cash.

What can you do? U ask your employee to pay you for their salaries, pay cut lah. In their level, they ask all to pay them, and some they can sue for the ideas they dislike to hear. U better be smart not tell them them they are not lovely as they look like those in the best elder care home, at least nicely dressed.

Anonymous said...



With you.
For you.
For Singapore.

Anonymous said...

For RB and those who boycott the Stricken Times, I append below the full article:

A revised clause in the students' Sports Handbook over the distribution of prizes won by students has struck a raw nerve with several parents at the Singapore Sports School (SSP).

Student-athletes who win prizes, which could include money or products, while representing SSP will now have to give them to the school starting from this year.

This is in contrast to the previous clause, which stated that students could keep their winnings as long as the prizes were not "clearly awarded to the SSP".

More than 20 parents, whose children are mainly in the school's bowling team, have met school officials twice to voice their concerns.

At the second meeting on Sunday, the chairman of the school's parent volunteer network Stephen Lowe told the upset parents that the school would not rescind the clause.

The meetings were triggered in part by the school holding some A$3,000 (S$3,265) in prize money which some students won in an Australian bowling competition last month.

Parents who spoke to The Straits Times said it was not a question of money but a matter of principle.

They claimed the clause had been revised without their knowledge. Instead, students were told that they and their parents had to sign a new Sports Handbook, which included the revised clause in the school's code of conduct.

The parents declined to reveal their names to protect their children.

One said: "We spend up to $20,000 a year to support our child's passion. In a very good year, the prize money would be only a few thousand dollars.

"It doesn't even offset much. But how can they just decide to change a binding clause without at least informing us?"

She added that parents also bear a significant portion of the costs incurred when their children compete overseas.

In a statement, the SSP, which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, confirmed a revision over the issue of prizes had been made.

The statement added: "The prize monies are to be channelled back to the individual sports academies for them to make use of in their programmes which can include local and overseas training and competitions, developmental activities and community projects."

But the parents are unconvinced about how the money will exactly be used.

They added that when they raised the issue with school principal Tan Teck Hock at a meeting last month, he told them that money should not be a motivation for the student-athletes.

To which another parent told ST: "That just adds insult to injury. We are already paying so much to help our children chase their dreams and they insinuate that our children are doing this for money when there is not much in the first place."

At the second meeting with Lowe, the parents reiterated that they are still against the new clause.

ST understands that a third meeting for later this week is being planned.

The issue has made its way to Parliament. Last week, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Zainal Sapari, who learnt of the school's new clause from his residents, filed a parliamentary question asking the Ministry of Education (MOE) if it has a policy on how schools should manage prizes won by the students who represent them during competitions.

MOE replied that schools set their own guidelines, though students who have won cash prizes may be encouraged to donate a portion of it to support needy students, or for their own co-curricular activity.

Yesterday, Mr Zainal said: "The school needs to balance the values it wants to inculcate in its students and the expectations of the parents."

One parent said she wants the saga to be resolved soon, and hopes the school can reverse its decision.

"The children are really upset about this. They have back-to-back competitions and this saga is causing them a lot of stress."

Anonymous said...

@ February 25, 2017 6:47 pm

With you.
For you.
For Singapore.

Gimme all your money.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.46pm

Bcos 70% dafts Sinkies give them the blank cheque to do whatever they wan whenever they wan as oppo also no wan b garmen ..stupidity has no medicine & beyond cure...

Anonymous said...

This is a hopeless situation - head I win, tail you lose.

Even 70% vote for opposition is useless.

The result has always been decided by a team of minions, well before the vote counts.

Opposition can never win. If opposition wins, that is a fluke, a freak result.

Even if Oppositions had won, they are still not ready to form the government.

They have been so used to be in opposition, that they have forgotten how to lead the country.

There is not a single one of them who is able to carry the baton / torch and run for the marathon for the next 100 miles.

That is why I wrote "The Pathetic and Tragic Story of Little Red Dot".

Anonymous said...

//There is not a single one of them who is able to carry the baton / torch and run for the marathon for the next 100 miles.//

There is one & only one so far willing to to carry the torch & he even walk the talk by leading a round island walk-about charity walk to gather feedback from Sinkies but no one believe this guy never say die passion--he is none other than Aung San Soo Chee (Soon Joan) the Sin Saviour wannabe...

Anonymous said...

The State of Opposition Politicians and Opposition Politics in Sin City 1

Dr Xú Shùnquán

Of paramount consideration for an alternative leader who is able to snatch and carry the torch from the PAP to run the next 100 miles, the nearest those with an unbiased perspective can come to is none other than Dr Xú Shùnquánm.

Though he has taken a lot of shits, suffered a lot, sacrificed a lot, belittled and humiliated a lot, yet his determination has never wane. His wife, Dr Huang Chih-Mei, has also suffered greatly together with him, and she stands unshaken by his side all the time without fail, a rare quality of a superior lady in modern times. His children too, suffered greatly from loss of parental attention, to agony of seeing their father going to jail and despair of being unable to seek redress for injustice done, and humiliation from peers in their schools.

In the last by-election in the Backside Hill single-seat constituency, in May 2016, he stood against a minority race candidate from the PArP and lost. He got only 38.8% of the votes cast. Though there was a clear swing of 12.42% (38.8%-26.38%) from the last GE results, whereby David Ong Kim Huat got 73.02% and Sadasivam Veriyah got 26.38%, it was insufficient to even make a dent to the reputation of the PAP, despite the alleged extra-marital affair that forced incumbent MP David Ong to resign in disgrace.

That by election was the best chance for Dr Xú to clinch a win. All the right conditions were there for him. But, alas, God was not on his side. The time is not ripe yet. There were still a few dark forces lurking in the corner waiting to strike at him, whenever an opportunity shows itself for him to rise above the muddy swamp and stand tall and be counted. The dark forces came out from the least expected places. E.g. a voice of a wicked Siren from the wilderness, even Odysseus couldn't defy.

At a press conference held after the results were announced, the winner said, “The well-organised campaign run by Dr Xú and the SDP helped me better articulate my plans. I’m certainly not feeling triumphant.” The moral of the story is: if you have a good plan, never reveal it to your enemy. He will use it and improve upon it, and make your plan becomes secondary - all your hardwork gone down the drain! But that is not the reason why Dr Xú failed.

Why did 61% of the Backside Hill voters showed their backsides to Dr Xú? Will Dr Xú be able to win in the next general elections, if he can't even win in a by election against a minority race in a largely Chinese enclave? Is Dr Xú's political career finished?

The answer to the above three questions lies in the stubborn character of Dr Xú himself. He has been trying very hard to fight the 'System', which he failed again and again. The late JBJ also tried to fight the 'System'. He also failed again and again. So were a few others who did the same and failed. No system is perfect. A system is derived from a person, or a group of human beings. If human beings are not perfect, how can any system be perfect? Can Dr Xú come out with a perfect system? Of course, not.

So, why fight the 'System' if you cannot come out with a perfect system? Work with the 'System' for what it is and take full advantage of its weaknesses as well as its strengths. If Dr Xú can do that, he will win. The question is: Will he? If Dr Xú is really smart, he wouldn't have gotten himself into so much problems in the first place.