The Truth Behind American Aggression In The Syrian War

The horrendous war atrocities committed by US in the Middle East starting with the indiscriminate mass bombing of Afghanistan, and followed by similar attacks on Iraq, Libya and now Syria are war crimes against humanity.

Of course American war crimes against humanity is nothing new. Ever since its independence from England it has never ceased to attack, invade and kill endmass the populations of the countries it conquered. Eighty-five million native Americans were genocided and their lands annexed by US. Mexico was attacked and invaded too from 1840s to 1890s and subsequently lost 1.65 million square miles of Mexican land to US after much resistance and lost of hundreds of thousands of Mexican lives. Hawaii was attacked and invaded in 1895 and suffered more than two hundred thousand patriots death in fierce resistance to American invasion. Other American atrocities were committed in Central and South American countries. Further the South American countries were constricted in their freedom of sovereignty and independence under the American imposed Monroe Doctrine.

American war of aggression in Syria has the background motive of subverting Russian economy. Accomplices with the Americans are the coalition of European countries UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Russia sells most of its oil to European countries. America wants to build a oil pipe line from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and then across Syria and Turkey to Europe to supplant and undermine Russia's oil business. Syria did not agree to have the Arab-American ( Aramco ) oil pipe line traverse across Syria to Turkey and then Europe. Syria did not want to be a party to the insidious American plan to subvert Russia's economy

Syria and Iran and all the Arabian countries are muslims. Syria and Iran follow the shite denomination whereas Saudi Arabia and the rest are all sunni muslims. There is a strong divide between the sunnis and the shites. US exploits this divide to suit its economic geopolitical agenda. It is purely divide and control strategy of the wicked Americans.

America and Saudi Arabia would not allow Syria to be a stumbling block to stop the Aramco pipe line to Europe. So America and Saudi Arabia planned to take Bashar Assad down. They would organize a proxy war to help anti Assad Syrians to take over Syria.

In 2007 Bush started clandestine operations to destabilise Syria followed later by 'Arab Spring'. US and Saudi Arabia provided funding and together with Turkey, France UK, Gulf dictators like Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain they mapped out war plans to topple Assad. US prepared the Muslim Brotherhood to instigate violence to impose regime change in Syria.

Syria under Assad practices religious freedom and respect every faith and women's rights and is friendly to all nations.Saudi Arabia was determined to topple Assad and impose Sharia law on Syria. It wants to get rid of Christians and other minorities and end religious freedom and women's rights forever.

In 2011 US via Pentagon and CIA planned to topple secular governments in Middle East. US helped Saudi Arabia' s Wahabists to overthrow Middle East secularists and intend to impose brutal sharia law in Syria after its occupation. At the same time in 2001 NATO commander Wesley Clark disclosed US plans to overthrow seven Arab countries which include Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon and Sudan. In 2006 US embassy in Damascus published plans to instigate a revolution in Syria in 2011. Thus in 2011 CIA plans for wars of aggression and covert operatives were set in motion in their deadly plans to invade Syria and topple Assad.


In Hama US backed violent rioters attacked Christians and burnt down their homes. Seventy thousand Christians fled to Damascus to seek Assad's protection. US and France ambassadors met rioters led by Al Qaeda operatives and promised them full American support and turned the bloody demonstration into a revolution. In Daraa and other Syrian cities Al Qaeda snipers shot and killed both demonstrators and police and then put the blame on Assad.

In 2011 CIA. UK and France ousted Libya's colonel Gaddafi and had him brutally murdered. All captured Libya's arms were sent to Syria to overthrow Assad. Hillary Clinton was drunk with blood thirsty excitement and boasted, " We came, we saw , he died ". US plans had ignited the flames of war across the Middle East causing millions of death and suffering.

US through Turkey supplied hundreds off anti tank missiles to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. In June and August 2013 Turkey used sarin poison gas to murder 1300 Syrian civillians and then put the blame on Assad. US and UK then used the sarin gas attack as an excuse to launch direct attacks on Syria.

Western countries- US, UK and France promote terrorism in Middle East to serve their interest and agenda.They funded, trained, armed and organized jihadist terrorists from 60 foreign muslim countries to invade and destabilise Syria. They conduct a filthy war against Syria - " A crime against humanity ."

The US led coalition against ISIS is a complete sham. They pretended to bomb ISIS which they never did. Instead they always bombed the Kurds and Assad's army camps killing hundreds of Syrian soldiers.

Against the grand US led coalition Assad was helpless. He was forced to turn to Russia to help stem the tide against him. Putin's intervention was legal and unexpected by US and its coalition members. Russia unexpected intervention was a major embarrassment to the US led coalition. Russia meant business and it launched all out genuine attack on Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist positions. Fortunately US and its coalition partners dared not confront Russian intervention directly. Russia's intervention was timely and it helped Bashar Assad to regain control of Syria.

The wheel of regime change via American military intervention has been stopped in its tracks in Syria. However, US has not given up its intention of overthrowing Bashar Assad. They have only put Syria in the backburner for now. In the meantime the Evil Empire will look for alternative weak spots to exploit like the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and the South China Sea. Nevertheless American attempted regime change in Syria had failed. This gives hope that American imperialism can be stopped and defeated.



Anonymous said...

Trump angrily cut off phone conversation with Au PM, according to some main media US. Why?
Au PM didnt want the 1250 refugees. I wandered Au land mass is so big cannot take in 1300.

Come to Sinkieland. It took in 2.8 millions. Pinky should make the offer to please Trump. Sinkieland can take more than 1300 in Au lah. Tioh boh?

"The deal in question was secretly negotiated last year by the Obama administration, and the broad terms of it became known in November. Under the terms, Australia would resettle Central American refugees, and the U.S. would take up to roughly 1,300 mostly Muslim asylum seekers being held on Pacific island nations.

After his conversation with the Australian leader, Trump took to Twitter to express his anger at the deal." fox news

Anonymous said...

Why are people of ASEAN countries especially dumb Singaporeans not aware of the impending danger that the Evil Empire will soon be bringing to our shores. They still idol worship America as a country of peace and goodwill. Never do they know that America is truly and actually the embodiment of all things evi. They have not learnt the history of satanic American brutal attacks and conquests of other countries usually accompanied with wanton killings, murder, slaughter and genocide. They are exposed only to the world's mass media which is 95 percent US and Western controlled and which always cast America as a peaceful benign country and others as villains, though it never has been that way. It's time to change this concept. People of ASEAN countries are too apolitical. Schools of this region especially Singapore must teach geography and world history from primary school to secondary school so that children will grow up to be aware of what actually happened in history in order to understand the true perspectives of present world problems. It is shocking our politicians be they ministers, MPs or intellectuals in institute of higher learnings have shown their utter ignorance of the true perspectives of world affairs and always sided with US and the West blindly without knowing that they are contemptuous and lacking in dignity and selfrespect.


virgo49 said...

Hi Pro-Asian.

When you have three quarters of ABC yellow bananas in the Cabinet and the General Population, you want them to teach the children History of the American Imperialism? ??

They believe the Western Concept, Decadence Lifestyles and Culture is better than their own Asian Values, they want them to write BAD of the Whites? ?

In time to come, they will most likely followed MJ in bleaching themselves WHITE in colour.

They simple hated to be yellow meant for cowardice.

In fact, most are yellow to begin with as they only knows how to Bully their own kind and loved to suck up the Whites,Blacks and any colour except Yellow.

See the Channel Five misfits talking and behaving like whites.

Hair dyed blonde and blond and eyes lenses turned blue.

Little do they know that the Whites are not gonna be Great Again as they be the Paupers of The World.

Why Auss Land prefer the Latinos instead of the Muslims??

Are they more dangerous than the Black Panthers, Foxes, Hygenas from the Asian Continent? ?

They have Vietnamese, Lebanese in.their midst, why now feared the Muslims??

In comparison, think the former are much much dangerous than them.

Their caste systems treating their own like animals whilst the Vietnamese/Palestinians undergone wars throughout their lives and are hardened war veterans.

Latino much easily absorbed in America rather than Auss Land.

Anonymous said...

Turnbull thought Trump is dumb and deserved to be fucked by Trump. The deal is stupid beyond imagination. Only Hussein Obama would think this is good for the USA and Turnbull was so happy with the deal to get rid of his pests.

Wanna bet, Trump is going to throw this deal out of his window. No deal.

Anonymous said...

IHi Anon 11.24

Simple as ABU.

Trump will tell Turnbull that since Obama signed the Agreement, go and ask him to take in and feed the Rufugees.

Some more easier. Obama now in Bali hut coffee store selling ice kopi.

Have 1250 helpers straightaway serving the Whites in that paradise.

Got see Obama making coffee photo or not??

Some more Indonesia, world largest Muslim pop.
What's 1250.??

1250 millions also can.

Anonymous said...

One Shameless, Happily-Collecting-Millions-of-Dollars-Every-Year-of-Taxpayers-Money- Consciously-Unconscionably, Instant-Multi-Millionaire Minister just said lately, "Singapore must remain committed to protecting its minorities."

Who are the minorities? There are many minority groups. So, when all of these put together, they become the MAJORITY of Minorities; the rest become the Real Minority. And among these minority groups, the most minority of minorities is the Instant Multi-Millionaire Ministers themselves. They comprise only less than 30-50 persons in the whole population. So what he is trying to protect is himself and the minority group he belongs to. He wants to protect his own income, his own rice bowl, his own power-base, his own easy-going unfettered authority to do and say what he likes at any time at any place.
e u
So, whenever people like that speaks, scrutinize, analyze and look deeply the intention behind the speech, because usually for politicians the real intention is always hidden, cover-up by a veil no matter how carelessly or thinly it is done. Be analytical, be critical, be wise and don't be continuously called DAFT SINKIES! If you do like that, you and your future generations will have a better future. If you continue to be zombies and daft Sinkies, your future generations will have a bleak and doomed future.

Whosoever talks about protecting the minority, tell him to start protecting the majority who voted for him first. Also ask him specifically, who is the minority he has in his mind and heart? And why he does not has the heart and mind of the majority? Ask him where he is coming from? Where is his loyalty? Where is his common sense?

So, wake up, daft Sinkies!

Anonymous said...

DT to Turnbull:" Do u believe it? The Obama Administration has agreed to thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia to come into our country? Why? I would study this Dumb Deal!"

If this is Sinkieland...
Ah Long to Turnboo: " Do u believe it? The Dunno Trumps administration has agree to let us have those Aussieland FTrashes. Wow! I will take it! It's GongXiFaCai for us!" Meantime, Ah Long will lo hei & take jump shots pictures with all his servants & declared "huat ah!"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Trump sends his hand-picked Defense Secretary, the hawkish retired General Mad Dog James Mattis, to South Korea and Japan to "reassure" them of the US's position of protecting their interests (after telling the whole whole that they have to pay for US Protection of their countries).

I believe that this Mad Dog is going to set terms when the 'Protection Money' shall be paid to his Mafia Chief, and how much annually it should be; in addition, how many US-produced military weapons and technological toys they have to purchase per year, and what terms of payment they should follow.

The Pentagon issued a statement, "The trip will underscore the commitment of the US to our enduring alliances with Japan and the Republic of Korea, and further strengthen US-Japan-Republic-of-Korea security cooperation."

In reply, Mr Yoichi Kato, a senior Japanese Researcher at the Japan Initiative Foundation in Tokyo said, "There is so much unknown and unpredictable in the Trump administration that it is hard to judge how far comments made by Secretary Mattis will be reflected in Donald Trump's policy....."

What Mr Kato should have said: "The US should withdraw all of its 47,000 troops from Japanese soil. Japan is better off without those massive unruly soldiers, sailors and marines going around raping and murdering our young defenseless Japanese girls, instead of pretending to protect us and at the same time demanding protection money from us."

Similarly, Leaderless South Korean acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn of South Korea who spoke to Mr Trump by phone on 29 Jan, 2017, should have said: "South Korea will be better off if the US could declare the Korean War ended after more than 60 years, and withdraw all its 29,000 troops from South Korean soil, so that South Korea can become truly independent, instead of trying to use us as an excuse to encircle and intimidate China and provoke North Korea reinforce North Koreans' resolve to invade and takeover South Korea."

virgo49 said...

The Koreans are more daft than sinkies. Being the same kind but been Sabo by some foreign monkeys to be put on a wedge apart.

They should reconcile and hood Japan together for the War Crimes against them and their comfort women.

Just extend an Olive Leaf to have Talks instead of wasting time squabbling like little children.

Afterall, still descendents of China. Why fear the PRC? ?

Even the Viets, another kind.
Customs and culture similar to China but kena whacked whacked by the Americans still worship them.They are also Chinese descendents after all.

All become ABCs- Americans Balls Suckers? ??

Or ACS- American Cock Sucker

b said...

They all want domination. Saudi wants to islamise the world. Europe wants to colonise the world. US wants to police the world. China wants to commify the world. One day they will meet up and fight. For the few lucky ones, already bought nice big houses in NZ for cover. The rest of us just wait and pray loh.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies PeeSai wan ASEAN to unite & dominate against who..(most likely against Cheena) ..but was met with lukewarm.

Anonymous said...

The Pathetic And Tragic Story of Little Red Dot Part XI A

After giving his 16 minutes speech, Hee Hong Yee, who declared himself as the First Emperor as well as the First President of the Republic of Little Red Dot, went to his New Palace (specially built for him by his father before he disappeared) and held a Press Conference. He told the reporters the following and demanded that they spread what he said far and wide:

"I, President of the Republic of Little Red Dot, want ASEAN to be united as ONE Country, to be known as the United States of ASEAN, and the leadership will rotate among the leaders of all the ASEAN Countries, starting with me as the First President of ASEAN. We shall reorganize all our Armed Forces as One United Force and invade the Dragon Country and take over control of South China Sea. My maid-carry-backpack National Slaving Men shall be leading in front and get slaughtered by the Dragon Country's Armed Forces. Then their maids will take over their weapons and attack the Dragon Forces. After that the rest of the ASEAN Forces will follow behind these maids who carry backpacks and kill all the Dragon soldiers. This is my brilliant idea. I want you reporters to publish what I have just said in your News Headlines. Make sure they spread far and wide.

To continue ...

Virgo49 said...

Latest breaking news

Malaysia to appeal ownership of Pedra Banca. BATU puteh.

If they win back, last screw into sinking land coffin.

PRC controlled ports and controlling Pedra Banca sea navigations.

Second Aircraft Carrier Shandong to guard the water ways.

Instead of American sanctions, now PRC sanctions.