Trump’s ban good for Asean and Singapore

Air Asia boss Tony Fernandez is reported to have said the ban on Arabs/Muslims to USA is good news to Asean. It would be good to lure all those banned from the USA to visit the region and boost trade and tourism. Why go to the USA when you are not welcomed when Asean is opening its arms widely, and Singapore openly its legs widely welcoming them here. This is the time to cash in, a lot of money to be made.

Singapore must not miss this golden opportunity to bring in all the rejects from the USA. Trump may not want them Singapore wants them. Singapore must quickly put up advertisements in those banned countries telling them to come here. Singapore has places for a few millions migrants, depending on whether it is using the 6.9m or 10m numbers as reference. It would definitely help in Singapore’s economic growth, to boost its economic growth Singapore needs more people here.

They can come not only as tourists but also come looking for jobs. Jobs Singapore has plenty and Singapore is restructuring and need all the talents that it can find overseas. Any one with a pair of legs and is a foreigner will be welcome as talents. Better still with good degrees, even from degree mills, as long as the degrees are genuine and of good quality, from good quality degree mills would be ok.

Singapore would get its 6.9m population fast this way and this would be translated to higher GDP numbers. Singapore can max up to a new level easily.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, if u are observant, Singapore only have those foreign talents from PRC, India and ASEAN countries lah.

Where can u find Somalian, Iranian, Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi etc talents in Singapore?
So ban or not ban by Trump, they also never come here tio bo?

So either they don't want to come, or Singapore don't want them lah.

So even if Trump ban them from America, they will also not come to Singapore lah. So just be ready for more of the same already here lah, if population goes up to 6.9M or even 10M.

Anonymous said...

Take from PRC, India and ASEAN countries also jiak buay liow (cannot finish), where got appetite to take those that Trump ban?

patriot said...

Must say that the very wise
Fernandez is spot on and right in his take about inviting the US Rejects.

Bear in mind that those who are able to run away from their own motherlands are invariably loaded and can afford to pay for their escapes and with plenty to
buy thrir ways out and settle elsewhere.

Even if these refugees do not work in places where they settle down; they will buy or rent properties and spend for their daily needs. And this is where the Caterers, shops, transport and healthcare services make their kills.

Oops! lt should be what other ways are there for the Daft Sinkies to survive?

Anyone believes that Tharman and or Heng Swee Kiat can be relied on for Sinkies to survive?
l for one, do not believe in placebo or make-believed positive thinking.
But, making consumption to prop the Economy for a few more years is practical. Think Sin can build up the Remaining Empty Lands and sustains itself for a decade or two more. By then most of the Oldies here at My Singapore News would be interned in their urns with
all their miseries ended.


Anonymous said...

i happened to see 10:14am.

Singapore should open to citizenship for these 2 countries:
Iranian, Syrian

Iranian is testing missiles, long range. Singapore is far out on such talents.

Syrian troops are super good seen on their Aleppo battle. Singapore NS men must and should be replaced by Syrians converted to citizens. No neighbors will want to attack this island.

The the Pap millionaires can live in this island taxing the slave citizens mainly the timid chinese and aggressive ah neh. And is led by muslim presidents protected by muslim troops.

Its time to abolish NS for these young slave to work early in lives to save the economy and to challenge China s ownership of South China sea islands. Singapore Pap will be regional power soon with 7 millions population.

Virgo49 said...

Now few hundred thousands chiak kia kee. You want another few millions to come here and "kweok siow" squeezed to keep warm but still hungry.

PAP would not let you have the unemployment statistics. If so, they would still massage the figures.

Only wording they can offer We must renew and revolved the economy. This been spoken up teem of time.

Now Botak no more Finance Minister. Or else no more hair to shed.

Got balance hair meh?? Gold fish eye gonna be the next Botak or suffer another stroke.

An Italian Lady who rented an so apartment below mine just returned home after working here for three years. She told me now hard to get the pink I/C.

So they have a big shit in their hand how to revive the economy.

Anonymous said...

11.10 am , aiya u don't be mad lar. China airforce can bomb us till we Stone Age or nuke us with just one bomb and wipe us off from the surface of the earth. What regional power are u talking about? Don't get sinkies into trouble lar as it is we already have a welled head Politicians that believed we can punch above our weight. What the fuck?

Anonymous said...

Swollen head

Anonymous said...

12:12pm U dont say i mad lah. I m talent. Singapore Pap must also enforce army to have military training in Syria. Not that type of R n R training and even armoured cars got arrested lah. Did you see the Real danger to have doctor in charge of army?
Its like ambulance leading the army convoy for war> China will not need to bomb Singapore. It only needs to do some shouting and creating tsumi at the sea coast like changi by throwing some powerful bombs throw long range missiles.
The doctor lead army will squirm and asking for diapers.

That s why abolishing NS and use money to buy Syrians troops to be the protector and ahlong already setup a muslim president. Its ok liao. U are protected by the muslim president because he or she will protect your only reserves for your retirement.

If young citizens still serve NS and incamp training, their cpf will not have sufficient money in cpf. You have the biggest timebomb in coming centuries. Pap will not tell you the danger. U have calculator to work out lah.

Got flats, pay how much is deducted from cpf and you must check your statements. U know u cannot retire with pap s low salary policy. Loss of jobs is coming as Pap s foreigner first policy has made singapore products no use to other countries. They do not want to buy. Many factories sold their factories floors to make money and bring the money elsewhere.

Young generations will starve for votin pap. These are young mad. U should ignore them. When they old they will find RB s comments in his web site to relearn for their future. We are here to help and predict the future.

b said...

They will not come here because there is no handouts lah. Those people only go to countries that give them free cash, housing, medical etc. If they are good people, they go to muslim countries such as malaysia where they can easily adapt and get a job.

b said...

But SIA may benefit because many will fly SIA rather than Emirates.

Anonymous said...

What will SIA benefit from Trump's ban on radical lawless disguised 'Muslims', who probable terrorists with no qualms of detonating themselves as suicide-bombers and chopping off your heads on TV, and raping your women ruthlessly, and sodomizing your leaders before murdering them if captured by them?

1. Benefit from how many explosions in the air?

2. Benefit from how many explosions in the airport?

3. Benefit from how many hijackings?

4. Benefit from how many hostage-takings?

5. Benefit from how many commotions in the planes?

6. Benefit from how many quarrels with the air hostess on the plane?

7. Benefit from how many security precautions, checkings, delays due to suspicions of bombs in the planes?

8. Benefit from how many other customers boycotting SIA because of FEAR?

OR, I should say Loss instead of Benefit?

Therefore, everything considered, it is not all that rosy after all, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Chow Yuen Fatt used to said in the movie..." ...Welcome to Singapore.."

Anonymous said...

A suadi diplomat found guilty even tho the blue uniform assigned male investigators to interview the young victim.

Hat off to the judge. Trump can never be wronged.

"District Judge Lee Poh Choo rejected Alzahrani’s defence, finding that the victim had no reason to falsely implicate him. On the contrary, the victim’s account had to be “dragged out” of her, as she worried the episode would be “interpreted negatively”, and that she would be seen as “unsuitable for the hotel industry”, the judge said.

The court heard that on Aug 14 last year, Alzahrani cornered the victim in the bathroom of his Sentosa hotel room, where he sexually assaulted her for about 15 minutes.

He restrained the victim by hugging her, before groping her, kissing her face and neck and rubbing himself against her. He also forced her to touch him.

Judge Lee said that the fact that the victim did not shout for help or attempt to escape should not diminish her case. “There is no template for how a victim should or must react. It was obvious to me that the victim was timid and new to the real and harsh world”, she said.

She also said the victim should not be faulted for minor discrepancies in her evidence as it was “most unfortunate" that the police officers assigned to interview the victim were male and the woman was too embarrassed to detail what Alzahrani had done to her.

The diplomat meanwhile, was “not a credible witness”, the judge said, pointing out that it was only towards the end of the trial that Alzahrani claimed the victim had fallen on him and that he had placed both hands on her back to support her.

Alzahrani is expected to be sentenced on Friday. For using criminal force on the victim, he could be jailed for up to three months and fined up to S$1,500. For aggravated molest, he faces between two to 10 years’ jail and caning. "

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say we have some very good judges in the judiciary and this judge Lee Poh Choo is one of them.

Anonymous said...

District Judge LPC is a lady la..a lady understand a girl (victim) is understandable..very hard to find a 'Heroine' in Sinkieland kangaroo court nowadays 'cos majority r working for their MIWs masters Lah..( if this case is an Oppo or pinky's opponent then the story will be different Liao)..

Anonymous said...

@ Patriot 10.45am //Anyone believes that ......... and or Heng Swee Kiat can be relied on for Sinkies to survive?//


HSK is your Tamp GRC anchor MP lah?

Why like that say?

patriot said...

Be it Tharman, Heng Swee Kiat
any other parliamentarians, they are all my fellow Sinkies and my rulers.
l shall treat them all the
Same as l would treat all mortals.


Anonymous said...

7.13pm diplomat can be charged meh? He can claim dipoles magic immunity and diplomatic support can even get away with murder!

Anonymous said...

Singapore should open for visitors from all countries. Singapore should have a open door policy for all talents from all countries. Good for the Singaporean talent pool and for the GDP. Singapore is an open door country. All welcome. PAP government says so. Singaporeans should be more open hearted and welcoming to all who wish to come and become Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, must give them chance mah?

After 20 Feb 2017 and subsequent release of CFE report and recommendations at a later date, (by then) many msn readers shall be awaiting (eagerly) for your comments (& analysis) .......

Dun be shy hor, ok?

Anonymous said...

The last two strategic economic reviews were in 2001 and 2009 ......

So far about every eight years or so?

@ Patriot 8.45am //But, making consumption to prop the Economy for a few more years is practical. Think Sin can build up the Remaining Empty Lands and sustains itself for a decade or two more. By then most of the Oldies here at My Singapore News would be interned in their urns with
all their miseries ended.//

Since that is the case, (CFE 2017 Report) all the more relevant to the oldies in msn .......?

Likely, it would to a certain extent chart the ("peesai") economic roadmap for the next 8 to 10 years?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo 1201:

» An Italian Lady who rented an so apartment below mine just returned home after working here for three years. She told me now hard to get the pink I/C. «

Actually it's not that hard. But it's not "easy" nap-shot either; as it should be. The problem with people's anecdotal account is that our expectations in life are rarely met, hence most things are "hard" or have a negative taint in their interpretation.

If you live and work in Singapore, pay your tax and obey laws, after a few years S'pore Gov will offer you PR. If you're running a very successful enterprise, and they "like" you, chances are they'll offer you Singapore citizenship, which comes with free pink NRIC and guaranteed National Service for your sons.

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