Trump making Singaporeans angry

It is not what you are thinking. No it has nothing to do with the killing of the TPP. Trump could not do much to the believers of the TPP as the TPP is still alive in their scheme of things. The believers of the TPP would soon change tack and be very nice to Trump as they are hoping to be in Trump's good book. Abe has been trying to cosy up to Trump and got himself invited to the White House twice in less than two months hoping to gain Trump's favour and revive the TPP in whatever form.

Now what did Trump did that is making so many Singaporeans fuming? Let me give you a clue. Kishore said that anyone who believed that the western media is objective, fair and unbiased got to have their heads checked. Kishore refrained from calling these mindless unthinking creatures twits.

Neither did Trump. Trump just said simply that the western media were selling fake news, even the most reputable ones. The more reputable they are believed to be, the greater are their lies and fake news.

What has this got to do with making Trump a hated person in Singapore? Many did not know or took it for granted that the Singaporeans are well educated and well informed and thinking people. In some way this is true. But there is a catch. Many Singaporeans are brought up with a diet dished out from the western media, from their days in schools, their breakfast, lunch and dinner, even teabreaks and supper, are all western, potatoes and hamburgers. Their minds are now filled with potato chips and hamburgers. They believed every word, fullstop and comma printed in the western media. They will swear by the truths printed in the western media, without question, fear to question as if they are questioning the bible. How can they question the words of the white gods?

And now Trump is telling the Americans that the words of the white gods printed in the western media are bullshit. Oh my god, how could this be true, that they have been fed with bullshit all their life and swearing by it, without noticing the stench? Now they are supposed to vomit all the shit out. Trump has done the darnest thing, to make these dumb twits to want to throw out. But no, they would not throw out. They would say it cannot be true. What they were told were the truths, the western truth, the white gods told them.

You can imagine how mad they are with Trump for waking them up from their delusion and knowing that they were so stupid to believe everything the western media said but was fake. How could they take it other than hating Trump for exposing their stupidity? Trump would not know that he has thrown a stick into the hornet's nest. He is now their number one enemy, for telling the hard truth they did not want to know but so gullible to believe in their entire life as silly adults.

Trump better don't visit Singapore or he will need more security guards to ward off the rotten eggs and mash potatoes.


Anonymous said...

//Trump making Sporeans angry..?//

Angkol, where got ? Think should be the other way round Lah.. Cos Sinkieland hv stolen Americunts jobs la..Sinkies angry bout Trumpo --isn't it stupid? To believe the whites western media, check it out in the internet & thou shall know the truth..if can't differentiate true or fakes them it's stupidity is no medicine can cure ( not even Hua Tuo were alive)..

Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

Singapore is the safest-est tiny and sardine-packed city state to visit for anyone!

Worry not! Worry not!

Dont need for more security guards for Trump!

No flying of rotten eggs and mash potatoes!

新加坡是天堂! 新加坡是天堂!


Anonymous said...

As usual Redbean is going about his anti-USA rant. Give it a rest Redbean. Singaporeans love anything that have the USA stamp on it. This is life in this lovely island. We love anything American, from iphones to Hollywood. There is no reason for you to be so anti-USA. We have their base in Changi, and soon there will be more to come. We must accept the Americans with open arms and bid them welcome. I am sure our PM will get to visit the White House soon. Good for business and peace and safety in this little red dot. So please Redbean, give it a rest OK?

Anonymous said...

9.13am, the chance that red bean will give it a rest is same as you would offer your asshole for free? U think possible or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I need to educate the dumb twits in TRE. They are still drunk with the western shit they have swallowed for so many years. If this article is reposted in TRE, you can bet how angry they would be with me. I must keep knocking at their heads until the shit flows out.

Anonymous said...

It was naked truth when Trump vs Hillary in debate, the poll results would put Trump so low a percentage, with margin difference of 10 or more. Common sense, if someone listened to the debate, they would question the poll, not the cnn. If some did not watch the show, they would bet on Hillary win. Thats how some pinky and the like were so foolish to bet on Hillary and demanded china to leave south china sea islands to follow international laws, the laws created by usa lawyers, for philippines regime at Hague.

To believe news or not to, its individuals efforts, not group efforts. or group think. Someone was so concerned about some kisiao s words, bigger than the newspapers splashing manager resigned from job to drive taxi to make 7k a month.

They need not to restrain their thinking, the newspaper has the rights to write 7k job could not beat driving taxi in syonan. The management of newspapers will take the responsibility. Never blame the newspapers because they are profit motivated. Others talking nonsense is their rights too, they are not journalists.

Not all newspapers Trumps dislike. Go to fox news lah.

Anonymous said...

Everything in life must be taken with a pinch of salt. Media, politicians and even friends, will have some agenda behind when telling you something. Not that we do not believe every word they say but you need to verify before you believe in them whole heartedly.

Virgo49 said...

Many of these Owners, Editors of the Media are partisan supporters of the Democrats Party and supporters as well.

Thus, they are prejudiced and biased towards Trump.

Likewise the SHIT Times of Sinkieland. So they will glorify their Masters as they are under their mercy and will write unfavourable news to other party.

All along, past Democrats and Republicans Senators and Congressmen are mild in their temperament unlike Trump who is his only man and will callwd a spade a spade without hypocrisy.

The World's past politicians in most countries are enjoying their wealth from the worker bees that supply them the honey.

Thus, they still prefer status quo. But now with this Trump who is out to strip them of their hypocrisies that they are too afraid to be exposes as Charlatans.

So, all must tried level best to silence him including our Papies.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies angry?? RB you sure or not. Sinkies basically just stoned & numb lah. No feeling. Even after PAP increased electricity, gas, water prices also no feeling. HDB conservancy increased also not angry. After today Budget announcement, when GST and other taxes soon to be increased Sinkies also gong gong blur blur no response one.

denk said...

sg and even the shit times are very well known oversea !

read the first five comments here.


Virgo49 said...

After today's Gold Fish Eye budget speech, Sinkies gonna pay 20$ for a packet of ciggs.

100thousands K for COE. 500 thousands K for 3 RM flat.

Gas, electricity, water by 10 to twenty percentage.

They still have three good years to go b4 GE.

Need to Increase our salaries. Hard work you know.

Now so many ministers need lots of medical attention in high class wards.

But Sinkies will still Sing praises of them doing good jobs.

Still toying the idea of renaming Soyanan the next bar lounge wing annexed parliament.

Where WP and Papies MPs have their happy hours after each talk Cock sessions.

Anonymous said...

Before talking about impact of Trump's view on western media on Singaporean.
More worrying fact for Singapore is', another ''brainless'' minister made brainless comment.
''US, China must spell out foreign policy objectives for Asia''?
why you need people to spell out then you know?
You want US to said firmly ''be my dog to block China from stepping out from their coast, I will protect you. puppy.''?
''US ability as a military power to continue its presence and influence in the Pacific was ''not in doubt.''. But this military prowess, while necessary, is insufficient for continued stability and progress in Asia.''
What the minister want to say? Stronger China influence will cause instability?
Brainless axxhxxe minister....

Anonymous said...

"But this military prowess, while necessary, is insufficient for continued stability and progress in Asia."

This is true from some research comments. China military power will over ride US s pacific power in war. US may need to draw from Hawaii bases, and need 3 weeks to arrive.

Syonan is worried if it goes to war with china, 3 weeks is too long for US to reinforce. Go to war means syonan, japan and taiwan, combined with SK. Syonan is a value relationship with US according to Mad dog, no more best friend of usa, according to ash carter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:23, you said it. Why the need to say the obvious? The US has been saying they are for peace and a friendly power but has been at war for the last 5 decades, continuously. They have been the main culprit to raise tension and start wars to keep the Empire as the ruler.

Cannot see this? Would the US say they want to control the world as the Empire? Seow really.

Anonymous said...

All major power had contributed to wars in the recent times. China started war with Vietnam and India. UK fought with Argentina over Falkland. US of course had involved with most wars nearly all are in the ME. Russia fought in a similar pattern as US but include invading its neighbors. So really, no one is an angel.

Virgo49 said...

China fought when they have to.

To teach the scroundals not to toy with them.

Not unnecessary they create wars as you Said.

Unlike the rest who are always looking to bully others.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This article has caused many "nationalistic" right-wing NUTS (many from Camp Trump) to shit their shorts.

For one thing, Zuckerberg has the global influence thru FaceBook and lets not forget WhatsApp Messenger. He's also got the financial resources to follow through with turning the idea of GLOBALISED INFRASTRUCTURE (fuck the sovereign borders) into a reality. A reality which will delight many (like me---I hate borders and states) and cause grave emotional and health problems to motherfuckers who just refuse to "move with the times".

The Zuckerberg article should be able to re-galvanise the Singapore government back into its globalist agenda....after they got "cold feet" because many of the unwilling, lazy and noncompetitive locals bitched and complained and whined about being "treated unfairly" because apparently those damn "foreign invaders" ate their cheese.

Sorry lah. You guys are on the wrong side of history. Zuckerberg has the right ideas. Go Mark, go!

Mark Zuckerberg's GLOBAL Manifesto

No doubt, those assholes from Camp Trump are not going to like this. So they will either be left behind to attrify and die out, or be dragged kicking and screaming into the awesome new world, with new ideas, new cultures, and new stuff to buy and play with...

Singapore, time to reopen the borders!

Virgo49 said...

What's this Facebook and what's FARKSHOP???

Just for those imbeciles to shoot photo's of their little koko in toilets and posted them thinking so smug of themselves.

These companies are hollow shelled entities depending only on the stupid imbeciles subscription of making the numbers.

If they were to desert them, its not worth a cent.

Now even the old matured gone over the hills also posted on facebook to how Lian their daily activities.

What foolish idiots. Mostly, all those good for nothing scoundrels wanted to friend you for your arses or fronts.


Anonymous said...

Fukushima Aborts Latest Robot Mission Inside Reactor; Radiation At "Unimaginable" Levels


Off topic.
A reminder to all Singaporeans to say NO to nuclear power in Singapore.

If the PAP government is unable to operate our MRT and HDB lifts safely, without somebody dying ....
What do you think will happen if we allow them to operate a nuclear power plant in Singapore?

True or not?

Anonymous said...

@ February 20, 2017 2:00 pm

Most of the nuclear contamination from Fukushima ended up in the Pacific Ocean, and from there it was literally taken around the rest of the planet. The following was reported by PBS…

More than 80 percent of the radioactivity from the damaged reactors ended up in the Pacific — far more than reached the ocean from Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Of this, a small fraction is currently on the seafloor — the rest was swept up by the Kuroshio current, a western Pacific version of the Gulf Stream, and carried out to sea where it mixed with (and was diluted by) the vast volume of the North Pacific.


The only good thing is that our PAP Millionaires is also enjoying the same amount of Fukushima radiation as the rest of us Singaporeans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "hopeful but hopeless" 2000:

» A reminder to all Singaporeans to say NO to nuclear power in Singapore. «

Unfortunately it won't be up to the Singaporeans to choose. The decision has already been made. Have a look at Singapore's NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL.

The scientists/ engineers are already being trained to work in nuclear environments and infrastructure.

Singapore will be going nuclear. Those in "authority" will not care if people accept it or not.

But relax lah. Nuclear energy is a lot safer now than it was. Don't worry, your babies won't be born with 3 heads. 🤡🤣

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sorry my error: In Singapore it is called the National Research FOUNDATION.

Anonymous said...

Matilah shit, if it is a real borderless world, knowing what you posted here, you will be a good piece of fossil compare to all the talents available in the whole wide world. You will be lucky if someone discovers you in a shit hole ten thousand years from now.

Don't think too highly of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, better gressed your asshole and get ready to be fucked lar

Anonymous said...

@ February 20, 2017 2:00 pm

GE 2020.
Vote Opposition.
Say NO to PAP's nuclear power plant in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Talents in Paris and Holland - Creating Good Jobs for the Police


Let's hope our Pro Alien Millionaires accidentally walk into the "wrong" part of Paris during their European summer holidays in June 2017.

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 7

The Madness of A Small Boy Dictating What USA and China MUST DO!

At the 53rd Munich Security Conference in Germany, one happily-collecting-millions-of-dollars-of-taxpayers'-money-annually, consciously-unconscionably, Instant Multi-Millionaire Minister said:

US' ability as a military power to continue its presence and influence in the Pacific was not in doubt. But this military prowess, while necessary, is insufficient for continued stability and progress in Asia.

Likewise, China, as a rising power, MUST spell out its "inclusive vision for Asia and beyond". This vision, while serving China's interests, will not do so exclusively, must also provide other countries the assurance of clear, common and acceptable rules around which countries can evolve a new order. Some initiatives have already begun or are in the works, such as the One Belt, One Road initiative, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. "Singapore fully supports and will facilitate these initiatives".

The US' and China's engagement with each other and other Asian nations would be the key consideration for Asia-Pacific's stability ... President Donald Trump's "America First" pledge in his inaugurations speech ... the question is on what basis would the US continued presence and influence in Asia be legitimised under this policy> If US foreign policy is de facto "predominantly Anti-China, it would be a frustrating decade for many in Asean and Asia, as it would be if China's efforts are seen as a means to usurp the US as the resident power in the Pacific. Countries will de facto have to choose sides and be put into lose-win situations.

If US' foreign policy is transaction-based, then I think the genesis of trading, even security blocs, has begun. Under such a foreign policy, the US would provide the security umbrella in exchange for trading privileges or commercial gains.

For China, conversely, security considerations can be a barter for countries needing in-roads into Chinese markets.

Mr Trump's "America First" message was quite a different one from that of former President John F Kennedy's at his 1961 inauguration. The late President had proclaimed a US that would "pay any price, bear any burden to assure the survival and the success of liberty".

Of particular note to Asean states, Kennedy had said: "One form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far, more iron tyranny." It was this American exceptionalism, which formed the raison d'etre of the US' presence in the Asia-Pacific against the threat of communism, that provided a common cause with which countries could enjoin. The US had also led the way in establishing institutions that form the fabric of globalisation today.

Amid uncertain times now, existing platforms, including the Asean Regional Forum, the East Asia Summit and the Asean Defence Ministers' Meeting-Plus, must play productive roles to foster better understanding with the US, China and other nations.

He is paid millions of dollars salary, 4 times that of Obama and 2.5 million times that of Trump, yet he is admitting to the whole world that he doesn't know how to formulate Singapore's foreign policies? And he wants the US and China to help him do his job? This is not only shameful but real madness!

He is DICTATING to China and USA what they MUST do for Asean and Asia?

This reflects clearly the naivety of a school boy. Even though with years of experience in so many positions of importance, matured in age, yet the inner-most self is still a school boy's psyche with an entitlement mentality. NO wonder they are so afraid to fail - every time thinking of a win-win situation. No wonder they are afraid of a multi-party system.

Madness of entitlement mentality has no cure!

Anonymous said...

@ February 20, 2017 8:18 pm

They are all trained by Harvard University's "case study method."
- everything must be written down and given to them in a "paper"
- then and only then, their brains can start working.

Anonymous said...

@ February 20, 2017 9:01 pm

These A-Level Scorers continue to be stuck at their A-Level Euphoria because they were motivated over-strongly by their A-Level success that they became in a world of their own. But because of entering politics, they have no choice but to pretend to be people-oriented; actually it is bullshit. Have you ever seen any one them opening the door for a lower-rung office boy or menial worker (except of course for photo-taking for Front-Page of newspapers)?

The well-known axiom, "A true leader leads by opening the door for his subordinates; while a false leader waits for subordinates to open the door for him."

This incident is another example of a false leader waiting for someone to the door for him!

After the Old Man died, these book-worms scholars lost their direction. They do not have gut feelings - simply cannot feel which way the wind is blowing - because they are book-wise not street-wise. Yet they have the audacity to "punch above their weights"? This is ridiculous, sheer suicidal madness.

If these self-professed world-best leaders continued in this direction, Singapore is finished. It is only a matter of time, Malaysia or Indonesia will overtake, over-ride and over-run the Little Red Dot!

Anonymous said...

Correction to para 3 above:

This incident is another example of a false leader waiting for someone to open the door for him!

Anonymous said...

Trees, especially big trees, symbolise pillars .......?

In the Year of the Cock, if more trees fall (without "rational causes"), this is bad (omen) .......?

The "immediate causes for concern" may not be foreign policy but domestic issues ........?

If there is a drought this year, though peesai is far from being an agriculture economy, there may be "serious economic ramifications" if more trees fall bcos water not enough?

In the year of the cock, the last thing peesai needs is a prolonged drought and dry weather?

It is akin to the situation of many sinkies being highly leveraged (in the millions) and a severe downturn (aka monetary dry spell) is going to see many trees loose their leaves, becum botak, dry up and the next thing is many "dead trees" occupying the landscape?

If oldies care to look and observe around, the (dire) economic situation on the ground is getting more "alarming"?

Botak-nomics of (false) property market induced (economic) boom is turning out to be a "mirage" in the end .......?

Anonymous said...

Can Botak "return" the WORLD BEST FM (empty) title to IMF and get back the USD1 BILLION DOLLAR$$$$$$?

Due to high rental costs, many sinkies retail businesses need help and in dire situation of "run road" le?

Anonymous said...

If these self-professed world-best leaders continued in this direction, Singapore is finished. It is only a matter of time, Malaysia or Indonesia will overtake, over-ride and over-run the Little Red Dot!
February 20, 2017 11:31 pm

I agree with you.
Unfortunately, 70% of Singaporean voters are too scared to change government.
Either too scared or too stupid.

Singaporeans tend to conflate PAP with Singapore.
ie "What is good for PAP is good for Singapore"
or "Being patriotic means voting for PAP"

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo bro, August feel good National Day celebration NS50 some more got GST Credits $300.00

September after you voted our appointed President, give you another $200.00

Now abuss with how much you get, how much I get.

Feel good PAP. Ah Gong gave monies VOTE Ah Kong.

This is the Lingo of Sinkies.

They willingly to sell their souls, bodies and their children and grandchildren's future for S $500.00


Virgo49 said...

What water now enough??? Not enough for them to speculate in the markets.

Now poor Abangs want to buy big bikes must pay wah piang nearly 10K to don't know how many K up to nearly 100 % ARF to register their bikes.

Cars also cannot afford, bikes also mati.

Water more than enough for 3.5 millions but they wanted 10 millions.

So got to drink sewer water and now kena 30% increase.

Better go to my holiday apartment in Melaka where water only minimum 6 Ringitt or 2 sinful dollars a month.

Some more pure water.

Anonymous said...

The billions of subsidies and scholarships spent on aliens students but after that they "run road" to own cuntry or usa to work/ further study and nvr return to (sucker) peesai again, can think of way to claw back (like if they land in peesai or friendly cuntry based on the clauses they sign )...... ......?

The high sharp business costs increase in those years under botak-nomics is breaking the backs of many SMEs .......?

One dollar CLAWED back is one dollar less business costs assuming all monies (clawed back) channelled to help SMEs?

If many SMEs belly up, many sinkies gg broke liao cos SMEs employ up to 70% of LABOUR force in peesai ......?

Also SMEs produced 50% of peesai GDP?

Anonymous said...

//Some more pure water.//

Makes sense ......

Let the 70% daft drink "pure sewerage water" in the future ......?

In jungle survival, drinking infected water often leads to (painful) death .....?

b said...

The world is in a big mess because of political elites (together with the media accomplice) not race or religion. Race and religion are just tools for the politicians to exercise their divide and rule and to cover up their incompetence and greed.

Anonymous said...

The Madness Of Fake News And The Media War - Part 1


Fake News are not a new phenomena. They been with mankind (and man-unkind) for as long as prostitution has been the oldest trade in the intercourse of human beans. They are similar to fake national pledge, fake elections, fake politicians, fake promises, fake sincerity, fake integrity, fake leadership, fake policies, fake democracy, fake parliament, fake laws, fake elected presidents, and so forth. In each and every human endeavor, there are three aspects - the fake, the grey and the real. The real has two perspectives - relative and absolute.

2016 - The Year of Fake News

Why are people now starting to talk about fake news, as if they have never existed before? It is mainly because of the US Presidential Elections of 2016 - the challenge between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both sides were playing their dirtiest best in order to clinch the Presidency.

Hillary had the mainstream media on her side, almost completely, while Trump only had two channels of Fox News. The mainstream media generated twisted, fake and dishonest news against Trump persistently, consistently and relentlessly every single day and night from July 2015 to Nov 2016, and continues even today.

Trump had no choice but to turn to alternative media networks, especially social media like Twitter and YouTube, for his outreach to the US voters. In addition, he visited every single state of the United States, some of them twice, to feel the ground and to deliver speeches at least two-three times a day to as much as five in one day, in his campaign trail.

The Self-Enriching Globalists vs The Patriotic Nationalists

Hillary represents the Self-Enriching Millionaire/Billionaire Globalists, of which the 5 main US media tycoons are a part of. She pocketed at least US$1.5 billion from the media tycoons, journalists, Wall Street Sharks, globalists and lobbyists for her 2016 Presidential Campaigns. Her husband's Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative collected US$3 Billion from globalists around the world, under the Pay-to-Play scheme (revealed by Wikileaks and admitted by the CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Donna Shalala, on MSNBC.)

The stakes of the globalists were unfathomably Huge. If Trump won, the globalists had a lot to lose - all their devious selfish schemes would go disarray. So. they went all out, throwing their personal integrity and professional ethics down the stinking gutters, to ensure Hillary would win. However, unfortunately for them, the Electorate did not bite nor buy the Fake News from the US' mainstream media, inclusive of their TV shows and Hollywood Celebrities' participation in the condemnation of Trump.

On the other hand, Trump's platform has been a Patriotic-Nationalistic and Anti-Globalists Approach. Therefore, all the Globalists hate him. Some, like George Soros and his minions of 12,000 twits, called for Trump to be assassinated. However, Trump managed to create a ground-swell of American voters' support on his side. There is now a Patriotic Americans' Movement (PAM) of more than 100 million members (70 million Americans own arms). Many of the patriotic members set up websites, private news radio stations, Internet News Stations, YouTube Channels, Twitter Accounts, Facebook Accounts, etc. to help Trump to bring his message across the whole of USA, as a counter-measure against the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

The Madness Of Fake News And The Media War - Part 2

The Media War of 2016

In the 2016 US presidential elections, fake news stories about the elections generated on social media drew more engagement than fake and twisted news reported by major news outlets. In fact, it was a media war - mainstream media vs alternative media. Both sides generated fake news. Both sides blamed each other for generating fake news.

Despite the mainstream media enjoying a much wider readership and fellowship, it lost the war because the alternative media exploited to the maximum the real-time interactive capability of the social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Vine, WeChat and SnapChat.

Fake News From US Mainstream Media

The US' mainstream media, almost everyone of them, especially CNN, CNBC, New York Times and Washington Post, colluded with the DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz with the support of the Obama Administration, to paint the Best Image ofn Hillary and the Ugliest Image of Trump. They gave 98% coverage for Hillary and only 2% coverage for Donald Trump. They presented a false hope to the American public (and the world) with fake news and fake polls to give a false impression that Hillary would win with a landslide victory of 88% against Trump's miserable 12%. (Singapore's world-best political leadership bought them lock, stock and barrel!)

Fake News From US Alternative Media

From the missing Malaysian Airline's MH 370 to the US Presidential Elections, nobody could escape the clutches of Alternative Media. The reach of fake news, its impact on readers, and its consequences, came into sharp focus through the US Alternative Media, when fake news stories about the elections drew more interactive responses and engagements on the social media than those reported by the mainstream media outlets.

Fake News In Singapore

Both the mainstream media and the alternative media in Singapore are more impacted by the phenomena of fake news because they re-broadcast and re-distribute the fake stories without verifying them. There are no standard policies, rules and regulations for news publishers on the process of gathering, researching and publishing news stories.

Authenticity of stories takes a back seat when media publishers look for big impact stories driven by the rat race for readership and advertisement dollars, and the indirect pressures of government long-term "national education" objectives.

Readers Lend Fake News Their Credibility

A portion of the responsibility to check the spread of disinformation and misinformation lies with readers who lend fake news their credibility by sharing them on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. An in-depth case study tracing just how SHARES by a few persons, who do not verify facts and information, contributed to fake news acquiring a life of its own and going viral within a very short span of time, sometimes overnight.