Higher taxes no problem, just think positive

“New taxes or higher tax rates are not causes for alarm, but a call for Singaporeans to recognise that there are difficult things that we have to do together, rather than leave problems or difficulties for the next generation.”
Prices of water was raised 30% and a new tax for motorcycles was introduced in the Budget 2017 announced last Friday. – Lawrence Wong.
‘In a question posed by a radio listener over the rising cost of living due to the water price increase, Minister Indranee Rajah told Singaporeans to raise their salaries instead:
“It all comes back to how people can increase their incomes, and how the revenue that comes into the household can be increased so all the other things can be managed.”’
Both the above quotes were from thestatestimesreview. I fully agree with the two ministers on what they said. The people must think positively. Higher taxes are necessary and it is either now or tomorrow. So might as well bite the bullet and take it now. And once it is out, daft sinkies must be brave and resolute to take these tax hikes positively and think of how to overcome them.
And yes, the best way is to raise your income and all the taxes would be non issues. If you are earning $1m, just a 10% increase in your income would make you rich, what is the problem with a 30% increase on water bills? Better still if you can write your own pay check. And if you are jobless, go get a job and you will not have any problem with more taxes. Regard paying taxes as a privilege like serving NS. You are very lucky if you can afford to pay higher taxes and do NS, to sacrifice for your country and people.
Now get off your butts and go look for a job. There are plenty of jobs at the job bank and there are also many job fairs to attend. If still cannot get a job, go for more training. Ask someone to teach you how to write a beautiful CV. There are plenty of jobs in Singapore, no need to worry, just don’t be choosy.
And if all else fails, go to be an entrepreneur, like being a hawker. Hawkers are earning big bucks. If not, try to be your own boss, like driving taxis. Now driving a taxis got many choices, Uber, Grab, Comfort, SMRT etc etc.
See, after all the good suggestions above, the problem of higher taxes no longer a problem. We are all in the same boat, one for all, all for one. And if still cannot pay your water bills, don’t feel so sad, we can empathise with you and your predicament. Even if you are poor, you are still the luckiest of the poor in the world to be able to afford to live in this most expensive city in the world. It is your good blessing to live in this fine city. Count your blessings.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Talk is cheap but show us the rope please. Yes, there are plenty of jobs out there but employers seem to prefer cheaper foreign workers be it Indian, Filipino or others. Singaporeans especially NS men, no, no. Too expensive. Got to pay them extra, kena look for replacement when they go reservist, prefer not to work overtime and weekend. The foreign workers can be obtained easily. Bluff bluff MOM that we have difficulty finding locals and we will get cheap labor, shipload (opps plane load) of them. Cheap, don't complain, like to work overtime, no need to go NS, need them they will come. Government happy, boss happy. Why bother to hire locals.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB,

For once give some Fake News of beautiful happenings in Singapore.

Tax, taxes, taxes made Singaporeans BLUE BLUE. Some more TGIF. Many Yuppies with high high salaries want to go partying till wee hours and vomit in Old Uncles taxis.
Some even Directors, CEOs and Tais Tais pretend drunk drunk and bashed the poor uncles and ran away. Police come also bashed Police and just gets fined.

They can afford to pay together with the Millionaire Ministers and MPs, both ruling and opposition.

Only the poor AngKors and Aunties got no choice then go to Bedok Reservoir/Changi Breakwater for swims and never come back.

What is 30% increase if you draw Toto Cascade Winnings every month. Siap siap suey.

Must not have the next generation suffer because of our BLUNDERS. So, you all now must pay.

Anyway, also good. Those contemplating to change to pink I/Cs and Red Passports who are not millionaire and billionaire like Matilah may shred their I/Cs and burn the passports and return to their homeland.

Then, maybe we have enough water and they will reduce 60%. cheaper than Melaka Tanah Ayer.

So, now just bite the bullets and see what balance teeth you have balance.


Anonymous said...

Wishes do come true for

Some who believes in rainbows.

Anonymous said...

The minion whites miws gal echoed what their masters said bout increasing income to pay for additional taxes...have they think that when they keep on increasing taxes many people will be squeezed out...look at the many social problems that Sinkieland have nowadays, from killing own pregnant wife plus daughter to elderly/young suicides & crimes r all ever increasing...a very heartless garmen will tell it's people to u die ur own bziness...for the garmen motto is still what's wrong with collecting more $$$$...they r running out of ideas to solve the problems...

Anonymous said...

"Higher taxes no problem, just think positive"

If this is a doctor ... I definitely want a second opinion.
Since this is a politician ... then I will vote Opposition to get a second opinion.

Do you think this is what Yew called "political bankruptcy" or Leeching?
- no more ideas
- don't know what to do
- don't want to resign
- still want the million dollar salary

Anonymous said...

Anon 853am.biting bullet is a life n death act

Cos bullet can explode in ur mouth.

Anonymous said...

Allow Singaporeans to use land for businesses more cheaply.
Reduce taxes
Return the money back to Singaporeans.
Then the more creative Singaporeans will have the money and land to start businesses.
And some of these businesses will grow.

It seems clear.
LHL's Ministers are not able to use our tax money to create a better future for Singaporeans anymore.
And their money collection is killing off the Singapore entrepreneurial spirit.

Anonymous said...

Costs of transportation/cars, properties/rentals, salary at high positions, utilities will make Singapore uncompetitive. See how many more years or months can this situation hold before Humpty Dumpty falls from the wall.

They still think Singapore is so exceptional and can command out of this world salary for being unproductive. What is so exceptional about Singapore to command high rentals, high cost of living and high wages?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans moan too much and too often. A small increase in utility bills and Singaporeans are all up in arms. Redbean as usual mask his displeasure by writing sarcastically and without any clarity or sense. Taking all into consideration, Singaporeans should be very thankful to our fantastic PAP government for the good way of life for the past 51 years. OK, we pay our efficient government well but it is all worth the money. You pay for a Rolex watch because you want the best performance, just lie we pay big bucks for a good government. Jobs are available out there, so, get off your butts go for them. Don't just kpkb all the time. Old man was right when he said that Singaporeans need to have spurs in their hide to make them more hard working and more competitive.

We need more FTs into the country to grow. More FTs means more jobs for Singaporeans. More foreign investment means more opportunities for Singaporeans. So to all Singaporeans, get out there, stop complaining too much, compete, retrain, retrain and retrain to become more relevant.

So, my final advice to all Singaporeans. Do not always kpkb. Be thankful for the best government in SE Asia.

Anonymous said...

Too fucking bad. Who ask you to keep voting for PAP for 55 years?!?! Now shiok. I hope PAP will increase GST to 20%.

Anonymous said...

//You pay for a Rolex watch because you want the best performance, just lie we pay big bucks for a good government//

But stupid Sinkies keep on paying Rolex prices for 55 years, but keep getting Casio. How harr?!?!

Virgo49 said...

PAP collection of monies just to fatten their pockets and their stooges grandiose lifestyles.

Now everywhere ungrading community clubs, centres and RC corners. Boosting local construction just to add GDP figures in depression.

Other country construction companies ventured overseas to bring revenue home. Ours paid to boost GDP on Singaporeans blood.

My Estate RC club just extended another two feet. I asked one Grass Rot member why need to extend another two feet.

She said for angkors to read newspapers in comfort.

I said our estate all five roomed flats no space to read newspapers at home meh???

Oh, forgot most rent out as motels, brothels to pay taxes and water bills. So has to read newspapers in RC club.

Poor sinkies, now even ex.Media cocks actors, actresses got to return to acting so as able to pay the increased water bills.

Aiyo, some more sewer water.

Lucky, I already disposed my arrowana fish tanks.

If not, koyak pantak.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

Anonymous said...

//In a question posed by a radio listener over the rising cost of living due to the water price increase, Minister Indranee Rajah told Singaporeans to raise their salaries instead:........//

As citizens commenting in msn, angkor rb, can we ask madam some open qns in msn?

1) What is the difference?

As madam before (becuming) minister was a highly trained exonomist (assumed since she is being parachuted ...... opps ...... posted as SMOS in Finance Ministry under May 2016 stroke-striken FM HSK) or someboLEE ezpert in Finance &/ or Evonomics?

So if no answer given by her IB (assumed lah) in msn, the qns will becum more (embarassingly) explicit (but being highly knowledgeable in finance and economics, madam should know what qn(1) is directed at given the context)?

As fellow citizens, may or may not wait so patiently for the answers to trickle in bits and pieces forever ......?

So can someboLEE who are highly paid better work fast and provide the (economic &/ or financial) explanations asap ......(old man said if too slow then need more spurs in the hides liao or alternatively Li Swee Swee speak: Cheaper, Better, Faster)?

[Hope those mottos are NOT EXEMPTED (for elite scholars) and also apply to THEM? Oldies in msn, dont u agree CANNOT be the ELITE SCHOLARS can preach but CANNOT practise, right]?

The qns will get embarassingly explicit and kindergarten type then voters might think madam is an (economics and finance) empty vessel le .......?

Anyway now is not (in) parliament q n a so can still refer to google, textbooks or even subordinates for answers mah?

(At least make her think and realise what she is talking about? Madam may or may not know, in economic essence, what her colleagues had done is tantamount to .......?)

Anonymous said...

/// Taking all into consideration, Singaporeans should be very thankful to our fantastic PAP government for the good way of life for the past 51 years. ///
February 24, 2017 9:29 am

Why not you say:
" Taking all into consideration, PAP should be very thankful to our fantastic Singaporeans for the obedience, National Service, political support ( @ 70% ... highest amongst democracy ) and million dollar salaries for the past 51 years. "

Just who is ungrateful ?
Just who is kpkb ?
With a 70% voter support ... you still curse Singaporeans.

Typical Pig.
F*** your mother's cheese pie.

Anonymous said...

I must give RB this post 100% support. Its so mild and indirect to reveal the problems poor people faces, especially those serving NS making 400 to 500pm to help the familee.

One post here grumbled government increased so little on water bill and RB complained so much sarcastically. The post said people bought Rolex watch.. I did not bother to read on.

That is not the way to argue in post comments. To attack RB about him complaining, is as bad as the commentator himself making the complaint, a personal attack on people who bought Rolex or RB. Own a watch means cannot complain about tax increases?

Voters must vote for oppo. The water tax increases will bring up food prices increases, mall rental increases, and household expenses reductions, means retailers, hawkers will have less buying.
Salaries increase? Sweeswee will fight the $100 increases without the productivity increase 1%. Nation productivity are related to cleaners salary. Water bill increases are related to buying Rolex watches> U better vote wisely in 2020GE.

No salary increases, but all things increases in prices due to water tax. And the elite increases population to 2 more or 3 more millions to curb salary increases, to create more jobless citizens, and to boost GDP for their own salary increases.

Sound familiar? This is the policies voters voted for. More costly prices to live inside, less salary or jobless: voters want it, they will get it for their whole life. Better write complaints if you do not agree to it or voted for it.

Cheers to RB. Bagus. Lagi satu. One more please. I like.

Anonymous said...

@ February 24, 2017 9:29 am

The entire cuntry showed up for the old fart's funeral.
Still want to kpkb about Singaporeans being ungrateful.

What more do you want?
A memorial?
A statute?
A new National Anthem?

How long more are you going to milk a dead man?
When are you going to start delivering some achievements of your own making?

Anonymous said...


living here is like that lah........

you dont know meh.......


anyway for yr info.....70% did OK-ed........

what to say now...what to kpkb now......

what can you do now.......shut-up shut-up.........

be happy worry less...........


Anonymous said...

Madam is no economist but a lawyer. And lawyers are very poor in numbers, especially economic numbers.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.38am //And lawyers are very poor in numbers, especially economic numbers.//

But ..... but ......

Mr Teochew got ..... wait .....

1 (Saliva Lum), 2 (Pretend Sick), 3 (Mao Show Tong), 4 (Desmond Tootoo), 5 (Blur-Nerd Thum Ku Ku), 6 (MP GRC Candidate Mei Nv) ........
oops ......

All lawyers .....?

Where r Mr Teochew economists and ...... EFC ..... Economic Future Committee ....?

Co-drivers for ......?

Know how to drive but NO (economic) road maps, how arh.......?

Oso kena (DRIVER) pinched by nose and follow (blindly) .....???

So Mr Teochew co-drivers got use or naught?

How much use?

Worth $90k a month or $1.08 million per annum?

× 5 years how many millions arh ..... in 1 term .....?

Why Mr Teochew cannot have 1 lawyer 5 economists or 2 lawyers 4 economists ..... in his team ......?

Sinkie voters very practical ......

No $$$ no talk?

Anon 11.38am said "LAWYERS VERY POOR IN NUMBERS, especially ECONOMIC ........"?

So voters oso scared vote in lawyers screwty the peesai economy?

Then sampan enter water le?

So next ge Mr Teochew can select more economists among his candidates ......?

Einstein also said le ..... many times ......?

Say what ......?

It is INSANIY to do same thing eveLEE time and expect DIFFERENT results ......?

Anonymous said...

@ February 24, 2017 9:29 am
"You pay for a Rolex watch because you want the best performance,"

The first Rolex watch Singaporeans was definitely worth the money.
A Genuine Rolex Watch.

The 2nd and 3rd Rolex watch.
Not sure if they are real or fake.
Very problematic watches.
Singaporeans only bought (2nd & 3rd Rolex) without question because the 1st Rolex watch was good.

Even worse.
When we take the 2nd and 3 Rolex watch back for repair and check-up.
We get scolded for being ungrateful.

I'd rather buy a Casio watch.
Cheaper, More reliable, ... and does not have any attitude or entitlement problems like the Rolex watches.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Mr Teochew, ...... in case ur ka-kia reading angkor rb's msn ......

For ur economists in ur team, be more selective ......

Dun get those (past) expiry liao de ..... lah?

30+ yo the white hair more than 40+ yo GMS?

GMS 40+ already looked like 70+ yo lau kok kok and looked older than 70 yo angkor le ......?

Dun get those exonomists must cover their white hair with "Umbrella" but under "Neon" light (white hairs all) get exposed le .....?

Sinkieland eveLEE yr has more than 12,000 A level graduates and abt 30% got distinction in Economics?

So each yr a pool of abt 4,000 A Level economic distinction, at least say 5% becum economists after uni?

One yr has abt 200 economists churned out in the system x 30 yrs also abt 6,000 in the pool?

So from this pool of 6,000 economists surely can get a handful of candidates?

If cannot get, ask ur ka-kia lunch time go RP &/ or MBFC drink kopi oso can (accidentally) bump into them lah ......?

Peesai easily got at least 1,000 good exononists working there .......?

Anonymous said...

@ February 24, 2017 9:29 am
" Singaporeans should be very thankful to our fantastic PAP government for the good way of life for the past 51 years. "

I think it's the other way around.

" PAP Ministers should be very thankful to our fantastic Singaporeans for their
Millionaire-Ministers way of life for the past 51 years. "

Anonymous said...

...... con't 12.28pm

Oso sinkies though called dafts by old man and "moron" by Taiwanese writer Li Ao actually coming to certain things they damn "cunning" and "well-informed" lor ......?

Not like last time police wear shorts sec 4 can becum General le ......?

To win, must get real heavy weights lor ......

Those what professors from sew-sio-law-ji sinkie voters see no up de ......?

Those type just tkss only lah

Teochew or hokkien call "good to see ....... cannot eat de" ......?

Sinkie voters mostly quite smart know this types of professor degree paper BIG BIG but dunno how to manage economy de ......

Sew-sio-law-ji professors talk talk very good but asl them formulate economic policies 99% cmi de .....?

So how u expect sinkie voters so kiasu type to choose them .....?

Tiok bor?

Make sense?

Simple logic, right?

If no good exonomists want join Mr Teochew then bor bian lor scarifice like Xi Da Da think for others not himself?

Offer SG post to one good exonomist lor ..... as long as he willing step up .......

But think if give whole parti oso most exonomists wont step up de ......?

U must self examine and reflect le .....?

Like that oppo politics (in peesai) no xi wang le for another 50 yrs .....?

Means many sinkies have to suffer under monopolistic pricing, "exploitation" and control ......

Cos monopoly means got mkt power mah ......?

Got mkt power means can set pricing mah and dictate to sinkies (high price, high COL lor) ......?

If so simple economic knowledge u oso dunno, u in politics more than 30 yrs can ....... dunno what to say abt u le .....?

Mr Teochew, hope u reflect where oppo politics (in peesai) and the future of sinkies heading .......?

Do u know in economics, 30% increase in water tax actually means what?

Think u oso another (economic) ignoramus like a Madam (and cannot speak up for sinkies) and just kbow how to "parrot" what others say or tell u to say ......?

So bear in mind if choose academics as candidate dun think sinkie voters stupid hor any ah ter ah kow PhD will do ....... especially those tkss type ......?

Must get those academics with PhD can understand the economy well and can formulate or suggest good policies or hantam the JLB elite scholars for their cmi or motherhood statements lah .....?

Anonymous said...

Realities vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7E

Reality of ASEAN 5 - Cambodia's Relation With China Part 1

By the end of 2016, almost all 10 ASEAN countries were pivoting toward China, except Singapore (a perpetual puppet of her colonial master and pathetic dependent of Western powers. Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib Razak, was hailed as a “Visionary Leader” by fellow Malaysian politicians for “tilting to China.” Thailand agreed to build an Arms-Maintenance-and-Production Center for China’s People’s Liberation Army, and the president of the Philippines declared in a speech delivered in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People: “In this venue I announce my separation from the United States.”

Americans have been left to ask: What did we do wrong? The answer is not in the policies of the Obama or Xi administrations. Nor has it anything to do with the Geo-political shift in the balance of power. By simply zeroing in on the US-China rivalry blinds the Western-Oriented gentlemen. The right answer can only be found in the dozens of smaller dramas and power plays that usually escape the attention of fixated, bias observers. Usually, it is these smaller conflicts of interest that drive smaller countries into the embrace of the Super Powers. There is no better example of this than Cambodia, the first country in ASEAN to openly align itself with China.

Cambodia’s position became clear in 2012, when it prevented ASEAN from issuing a Joint Communiqué that mentioned the South China Sea. Long-standing Cambodian Dictator Hun Sen has reaped many rewards from China for this decision. But that is not the key reason for his shift toward China. In the minds of many Cambodian leaders, the most difficult Geo-political challenge facing their country is not balancing the demands of the US or China, but managing its relationship with Vietnam, an undertaking that cannot be successful without China's support.

Cambodians have not forgotten the centuries of warfare that led Vietnamese armies to pillage the Khmer heartland and strip away more than half of its territory. Without the French Intervention in the 1860s, Cambodia would have been totally swallowed by the Vietnamese Maw.

French Imperialism brought peace, not harmony: Relations between the two groups worsened under colonial control' because Imperial policy encouraged Vietnamese migration into the Cambodian heartland. The subsequent governments that came to power in post-colonial times (Sisowath, Lon Nol, Khmer Rouge regimes) relied on anti-Vietnamese rhetoric and sentiment to legitimize their rule to the Cambodian people.

Cambodians are quick to point out that the Khmer Rouge was a creation of the Viet Cong and insist that the Khmer Rouge’s massacres were directed by Vietnam. They also remember that 150,000 Vietnamese soldiers invaded and occupied Cambodia from 1978 to 1988 as conquerors of their country. Though the 10-year war was not entirely the fault of the Vietnamese, the atrocities of Vietnam’s counter-insurgency operations in Cambodia have eroded what goodwill they had earned by removing the Khmer Rouge from power.

During this time the spigot of Vietnamese migrants moving into Cambodia was opened once again, sharpening fears that Vietnam sought to permanently subvert Khmer autonomy. Although both Vietnamese immigration and government influence has waned since Hanoi ordered its troops to withdraw from Cambodian territory, distrust of Vietnam’s government and disgust toward Cambodia’s Vietnamese minority remain.

Continues ...

Anonymous said...

....... con't at 1.08pm

Mr Teochew, ur ka-kia later will post comment again say atack u le so will ask anon ...... "lu kong simi [PAPigs] LJ ....." that kind of ad hominem attack ......?

Now u know why reputable or capable economists or Economics PhD will NEVER join ur parti ........?

Cos ........?

Cmi de ..........?

Come to the crux, can only make ad hominem attacks ......?

Like that peesai voters see yall no up de ......?

Anonymous said...

Realities vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7E

Reality of ASEAN 5 - Cambodia's Relation With China 2

When the Vietnamese overthrew the Khmer Rouge, the man they chose to head their new puppet regime was none other than Hun Sen. The party he now heads is a direct descendant of the party the Vietnamese created to rule Cambodia. While Westerners sometimes call Hun Sen a Chinese puppet, his domestic enemies refer to him as a Vietnamese running-dog.

His regime’s abuses are regularly blamed on Vietnamese designs and everything from the prime minister’s fluency in Vietnamese to his refusal to deport all ethnic Vietnamese from Cambodia is used as irrefutable proof of his treacherous intent. There is some truth behind these accusations. Hun Sen has worked hard to nip anti-Vietnamese sentiment before it grows too violent, and he has proven extremely hesitant to rock the boat with his benefactors in Hanoi.

Hun Sen no longer tolerates organized attempts to use anti-Vietnamese rhetoric against him. Those who did, were put in jail. Also, Hanoi still has a powerful voice in Cambodian affairs; the Vietnamese state-owned Viettel Telecom operates the only Cambodian Telco Company in the entire country; Phnom Penh constantly needles away at boosting cross-border trade and investment with Vietnam; illegal Vietnamese logging and smuggling operations are tacitly sanctioned by the government; the government turns a blind eye to Vietnamese construction near the areas where the two countries’ border has not been clearly demarcated.

Nevertheless, Cambodia-Vietnam relations are no longer the “Quasi-Colonial Relationship” of Hun Sen’s early years. Hun Sen is no longer accompanied by Vietnamese minders while on government business, nor must he report his decisions to Vietnamese commanders. It is within this context that the present Cambodia-China relations must be understood. In Geo-political terms, Beijing’s flowering relationship with Phnom Penh is a powerful check on Cambodia’s neighbors - Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

The United States cannot be trusted to put Cambodian interests above the other powers in the region. Cambodians see Beijing as a more reliable Super Power - an ally that not only has a fractious relationship with Cambodia’s traditional enemy, but one that has demonstrated a willingness to go to war with that country to preserve a favorable balance of power in Southeast Asia. Indeed, the last war China waged was not only against the Vietnamese, it was against them in defense of Cambodia. Beijing’s decision to send troops across Vietnam’s northern border as the bulk of the Vietnamese army was fighting an insurgency in Cambodia, and then to keep a threatening military presence on that border through the next decade, badly hampered the Vietnamese push to become the Premier Armed Power in Southeast Asia.

For Cambodia, the strategic benefits of friendship with China could not be clearer. Playing spoiler in ASEAN meetings is a small price to pay to guarantee this friendship. She will never try to punch above her weight with China, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

"How long more are you going to milk a dead man?
When are you going to start delivering some achievements of your own making? February 24, 2017 10:28 am"

Dead man led the little city smaller than London or Tokyo. But shouted at China for not following international laws, for opening windows got free smoke, switching on tap for free pork soup, all this is just personal gains. The world booming tourism from China tourists was gained by Malaysia, Thailand. Singapore hardly see China visitors. What can Singapore do with Jewel, and so many malls without tourists with buying power? The Japanese tourist do not buy, the ang mor tourists go for the cheapest foods at hawker centers.

Yet Singapore is raising rental, raising water costs, curbing salaries by hiring foreigners at cheap asking price/salary no cpf.

U asked the right question, what more do u want. I tell u, they want you to suffer from poverty. From earning 3k to 2k, from earning 2k to 1k.

RB s posts saying hawker is a money making job, taxi is a money making job, do not believe it. Go start a hawker stall, u may not recover your initial capital for making the metal stalls and renovations. U lose more money and indebted for doing hawkering. U sell at 2 dollar chicken rice? U cannot survive if sell more meat, u lose. If sell less meat, u have less buyers or no buyers eventually. Why? People are POOR, from 4k to 3k, 3k to 2k, 2k to 0k. This is the result under the dead man s led team.
U must ask: are the people getting into poverty? More into it or less? U answer this question now on the result of dead man led economy.

Radical said...

Hi Red Bean,

On an unrelated topic, do you think this could happen to Singapore?
I felt a number of similarities happening now. Then again, it could be my imagination. LOL

What do you think?


The Singapore Mouse Utopia Experiment

Anonymous said...

Again, coming to market value of Economics and ...... ermmmmm ...... sew-sio-law-ji PhD or degree .......

Mr Teochew, think abt it .....?

If sew-sio-law-ji professor good in economics, y he choose to take sew-sio-law-ji PhD?

Graduate le also not much mkt value de ......?

Only can stay back teach lor ......?

But if good Economic degree or PhD then different le .......?

Can becum lectuers in uni and advisors to IMF, WORLD BANK, AIIB or garment ......?

Can also becum millionaire ministers ......?

Look at HSK - FM (Econs Master degree), Kee Chiu -deputy CFE chairman (PPE), Lawrence - 2nd FM (PPE), Botak ex-FM (Econs Hons), Lao Goa ex-PM (Econs Hons), GKS (Econs PhD), MAS MD (Econs Hons), etc etc .......

Also can work as exonomists in banks, IMF, WORLD BANK, countless FIs (Financial Institutions and Financial Intermediaries) etc etc ......?

Mr Teochew, now u can see and realise the BIG difference ECONOMICS PhD/ degree and sew-sio-law-ji professor?

Now can u see why sinkie voters oso quite smart de ......?

Mr Teochew, next GE u change tactic and dun do what einstein say eveLEEtime do same thing insane le if expect to win .....?

Next GE assemble heavy weight economics GRC team see votes percentage will GO UP or naught?

But then sad thing is ......?

Sad thing is only sew-sio-law-jo professor will join ur team .....?

Economics professor highly unlikely .......?

So, Mr Teochew, u nid reflect why?

Anonymous said...

Another no std (ad hominem) comment?

Anonymous said...

Mt Teochew (parti) no hope le .....?

Anonymous said...

Cannot add value to peesai politics (and welfare) .....?

Sinkie voters not interested de .....?

Sinkie voters have enough of ivory tower masturbation ........?

If oppo politics masturbate some more, anyboLEE think sinkie electorate will give oppo candidates the votes?

4 TANs?

Tan Chin Koo?

Tan Koo Koo?

Tan Kah Kiao Koo?

Tan Kah Koo Koo?

Next GE u think have hope or naught lah?

(With this type of masturbation from oppo politics? As if ivory tower masturbation from elite scholars still not enuf?)

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 8

Be positive! Just believe what the white horses say. They can never go wrong. Because on the back of each white horse, rides your handsome prince - glorious, dignified, loving, compassionate, smiling and always happy. The prince of your dream. How wonderful! Everything will be fine and well. Everyone lives happily ever after .....

When your car becomes too expensive and you can't afford it, go buy a motorcycle. When your motorcycle is being tax sky-high, never mind, go buy a bicycle. When your bicycle becomes a problem, take public transports. When the trains break down to frequently and you are always scolded by your boss for coming to work late, just try walking from home to office - good for your health!

If everything else failed, go find a white horse to ride on or piggy-back upon a white horse. Everything will be fine. Can you still remember that China-man tour guide who piggy-back upon a Sinkie white horse/mare Am Pee who helped him become PR, and got away with $1-1 million from an 89 year-old rich lady and also trying to swindle her of %40 millions through her Will on her Estate? What was his name, again? Is it Yang Yang or Yin Yin? Never mind, name not important. The important thing to note here is: he was riding upon a white horse (mare) who happened to become an Am Pee of the Premier Armed Power.

Once you are latched onto a white horse, never let it go. Keep riding up, up and away! These white horses will lead the way to happiness, to glory and to wealth. They will dip into the coffers and pay themselves by the millions, and if you are lucky or good enough to be in their good books, you will be rewarded handsomely. So, where got problem if water bill goes up 30% or 50%, or even 100%. Just increase the salary of those at the highest echelon, and the rest will follow suit ..... how nice, how wonderful, how convenient?

They say, "While in Rome, do as the Romans do." or "If you cannot beat them, join them!"

So, why complain. Don't need complain.

Anonymous said...

Typo error: %40 millions to read as $40 million.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Radical, welcome to the blog.

The mice experiment is as real and relevant to our society or any society as the Animal Farm is. Both are likely to be not constrained by time and place and will be repeated again and again across nation, culture, time and space.

Anonymous said...

PUB said in 2000, water infra structure spent 0.5billlions. Now 1.7 billions, so have to increase water prices. Is that logical?

There are more populations and pay more surge charges and water prices yet they do not want to pay for infra structures from the earnings. PUB has been making profits not losses.

Voters need to vote in oppo as money seemed to run out in this team. Many plots of lands were sold in past 10 to 15 years, the sales prices should include the infra structures to be built on these plots of lands, no water pipes included? But tendered prices were super high. Why need to charge to consumers?

When population increase to 7 millions and 10 millions, water prices will be 120% more than now? By then, no jobs are for voters children, all for foreigners. Voters better take care of this problem.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the water infrastructure be paid from our reserves?
Why must increase water tax by 30%?

MRT infrastructure also paid with reserves.

Virgo49 said...

Reserves in not coming out. Unless mrt break down boh piang. Lan lan got to cough out.

Political as well as economic cause.

Afterall, sinkies used to pay and pay after some grumblings but still pay.

So, even 10,000 over defaults on vehicles mortages, they think sinkies still rich and affordable even mats abangs riding big bikes.

So, they red eyed and imposed ARF by 100%.

Big bikes can have prices of 20 over k. So they taxed another 20 over k.

COEs only few thousands, no solid meat.

Anonymous said...

Open qn #2:

2) Using economic modelling, what is the fiscal equivalent/ effect of a 30% water tax on the economy, that is, the residents and businesses?

Does staying positive remove the fact that a 30% water tax could be the fiscal contractionary equivalent of about 1% indirect tax, that is, effectively approximately a 1% increase in ad valorem tax or GST in peesai case?

Anonymous said...

Why "beat around the bush"?

Why not call a "spade a spade"?

Does that mean this 30% water tax is just an "appetizer"?

Anonymous said...

Now open qn #3

3) Given the case, is this 30% water tax progressive or regressive?

Pls call a "spade a spade"?

Anonymous said...

Unless Singaporeans are willing to reduce PAP's vote from 70% to 55%
- PAP will always increase taxes after an election

True or not?
Please tell me.

Anonymous said...

Ancient bandits rob the rich to help the poor?

When someboLEE rob the poor to feed the rich, how is that "inclusive growth"?

Does it not contradict the motherhood statement in the CFE Report about the inclusive approach taken on policy making?

Anonymous said...

If the garment approach is "inclusive growth", why not exempt the bottom 50% income earners from water taxes for the first xxx litres of water used per month?

Open qn #4:

(4) Is not the impending water tax increase and the current over system an "extractive growth model" than and "inclusive one"?

Why not add in the following words to the title of 2017 CFE Report as:

"2017 CFE Report: An Inclusive Model in Name but An Extractive Growth Model in Essence"?

This is just a suggestion (to better reflect garment policies)?

Anonymous said...

Agree that the Papies shall
cum all over you after erections.
lt happened again and again
and Sinkies like it very much, at least 70 percents

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Kani nah, more KPKB over nothing.

Singapore still very low tax cuntry lah. No matter how high they try to raise taxes, still cannot smell the ass-raping you'll get in a western "democratic" cuntry....like Arsetralia.

When I first came here 40 years ago, my effective tax rate was 65%. Although taxes have come way down since, we're still being taxed around 30-40%. Plus there's medical insurance (Medicare Levy) of 1.5-2%, then private medical on top of that (unless you believe the govt public health system will "look after" you..🤡.good luck on that!) of ~$4,000 per year. Privatised "public" utilities are all expensive---gas, electricity, water.

GST 10%. Govt. looking at ways of increasing it.

So Singapore....count your lucky stars lah. Taxes, even increased are still LOW.

Still not satisfied? 😂

AhKong65 said...

Matilah $ingapura talk rubbish again....my Singaporean friends in Australia are enjoying and live like a millionaire although they are just a normal wage earners .They stay and own landed property worth $3 million compare to Singapore standard and drive 2 cars . One for himself and one for his wife just like our Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Dr Koh .

When ask him whether he wants to come back to Singapore he says no thank you as he is a happy Australian just like Matilah now .

Matilah , you are sitting on the fencing in Australia and looking at Singaporean bitting the bullet of these unfair and uncall-for increases .
Go back and fly your kite...outsider smoke cigar .

Anonymous said...

They want to bring in more foreigners, so need more water and desalination plants.
Daft sinkies are made to pay for the desalination plants.

Did daft sinkies ask for 6.9m people?

Who wants 6.9m?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ AhKong 65:

>> my Singaporean friends in Australia are enjoying and live like a millionaire although they are just a normal wage earners . <<

Aiyoh. Your standard very low lah. Do you still live in atap hut and shit into a hole in the ground? I bet you don't! 🤣

What you consider "live like millionaire" is basically what most people expect their level of comfort to be in a TYPICAL WESTERN SOCIETY. But you....you're still thinking like an Asian who is still living in a tree like a monkey lah. 🤡

>> Matilah , you are sitting on the fencing in Australia and looking at Singaporean bitting the bullet of these unfair and uncall-for increases . <<

WTF are you talking about? My time between Aust and Singapore is about 50-50 or 40-60...I'm affected by prices you are affected by.

BTW who the fuck says the increases are uncalled for or "unfair"? (Wah lau, 2017 already you still believe in this concept called "fair". Wake up yur cheebye lah uncle 🤓)

>>Go back and fly your kite...outsider smoke cigar . <<

Eh, dinosaur, now 2017 people fly drones lah....yes, I love cigars!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Annexe @AhKong65

Please check the stats yourself. Average weekly earnings for an Australian worker ~ AUD 1600 per week. Today's exchange 1 AUD = 1.08 SGD

Therefore of course most people who live and work in an (developed 1st world western-liberal democracy) economy like Australia can afford a very fucking decent standard of living. Like I said, that is the way it is SUPPOSED to be.

Tip for you: raise your standards lah.

AhKong65 said...

@Matilah $ingapura

>>Most people who live and work in a developed 1st world western-liberal democracy economy like Australia can afford a very "FUCKING" decent standard of living<<

So you think living in a landed property ( worth $3 million dollars ) in Singapore standard and having two cars is a "DECENT" standard of living as a normal wage earner , you DICK HEAD . This is a millionaire style of living in Singapore where a normal wage earner dares not dream of .

By the way , my standard of living is way beyong what you expects . I don't live on tree nor attap hut and have several private properties and three cars in my family as a business owner and I definately can AFFORD the uncalled-for and unfair water and other increases by the government better than you . Do not compare apple with orange and Australia is no Singapore boy boy .

IMO, you are all the while thinking about yourself and your cheebye mouth , so to speak . You just wants to win arguments without any thoughts and care for the not-so-fortunate brothers and sisters . Who are you representing when you think that the increases is justifiable and fair . What has "2017" got to do with unfair increases made by the government of the day....to me you are just like a parrot singing out what the government is telling the people " increase of water price is just to bring up the awareness " and who in the world think that this reason for the water price hike is justifiable and being fair to the masses , the ordinary people as a whole . You meant YOU or as a matter of fact the ordinary Singaporeans is "UNAWARE" that water is precious . Hey ! young man , our dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew and all the old guard ministers of that time had said this AWARENESS many, many times fourty years ago boy .

<< kani nah , more KPKB over nothing....so you think this increases is justifiable .

<< So Singapore.....count your lucky stars lah. Taxes even increased are still LOW.....you talk like one of the government or IBs . Then you should come home to your beloved Singapore and I beg the government will welcome you back with both arms for the way you show your supports and the parroting-talk on them....Maybe can also give you an award for beinging a PAUL-LAMPERT .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ angry "buay tahan" AhKong65:

>> Then you should come home to your beloved Singapore and I beg the government will welcome you back with both arms <<

Are you fucking English-challenged? I suggest you go for remedial training, I'm sure there are courses to cater for your (lower than average) level of IQ. ��

I have stated several times that I am Singaporean---pink IC, served NS and that I spend 50-50 to 60-40% time in Singapore and Australia. I know both cuntries like I know my own cock, which I handle everyday, hence the familiarity.

So what the fuck is this "come home" or "welcome me back" shit? I'm here already lah. Have been for over 60 years. I'm also "over there" (thus enjoy the best of both cuntries). Have been for ~40 years.

>> This is a millionaire style of living in Singapore where a normal wage earner dares not dream of . <<

Well, fuck, if they dare not even to DREAM, fuck them...they deserve their station in life.�� (as we all do---i.e. everyone is responsible for where they are and the state they are in)

>> I don't live on tree nor attap hut and have several private properties and three cars in my family as a business owner and I definately can AFFORD the uncalled-for and unfair water and other increases by the government better than you . <<

Well, good for you! The more successful and wealthy people the cuntry has, the better for everyone.

In Singapore you have to be able to AFFORD to live. If you cannot, well sorry for you lah. 💰💰

BTW, you should raise your standards...it is not difficult to be "better than me" as I'm just a "nobody" with PSLE qualifications 🤡

>> Hey ! young man , our dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew and all the old guard ministers of that time had said this AWARENESS many, many times fourty years ago boy .

WOW! "Young man" 🤣🤣😂 Ohh, I so do love flattery. Please lah tambi, when people are doing their own thing, they don't give a shit what Lee Kuan Yew or Jezuz or Ah-lah says lah. They just do their thing until they feel shiok. SELF INTEREST lah, kotek🚬🚬

Water is TOO CHEAP in Singapore. I fully support price increases. If you don't, get fucked! 🤓