97 marks out of 100 not good enough

A student scoring 97/100 for Chinese is considered not good enough, not qualified to take Higher Chinese? This was what happened in St Hilda Primary School.  Remember the media report, 99% passed O level with 1 pass?

Let me quote a few paragraphs posted in an article in the statestimesreview.

Speaking in Parliament today (Feb 6) representing the Ministry of Education, PAP MP Low Yen Ling defended a primary school that deemed students scoring 97/100 for Chinese language not qualified enough for Higher Chinese.
“We acknowledge St. Hilda’s good intentions in making sure students who want to take Higher Chinese are well-suited and also ready to take on the subject because it also entails extra curricular time and a heavier study load for the child.”
...Some of the students scored a near-perfect score of 97 out of 100 marks for the Chinese language but were still rejected nonetheless.
However, the primary school succumbed to public criticisms and opened an additional class to accommodate students who wish to take up Higher Chinese. PAP MP Low Yen Ling confirmed the knee-jerk reaction in Parliament:”
Why 97 marks not good enough? Then what is good enough? 100 marks? If 97 marks are not good enough, I think anyone getting 97 marks will get a A*,  what are the implications on the marking system? Are they saying that A* are not really good enough when everyone has the impression that A* is like distinction? How are the teachers going to tell parents that their children with 97 marks are NOT GOOD enough? How are the children going to face their parents and how are parents going to receive this ‘bad’ news, that their children scoring 97 marks, good enough for a celebration to most parents but really not good enough?
If all the students scoring 97 marks in their subjects are not good enough, what about those scoring 70 marks, 50 marks? Is this a way to tell the parents and children that the 97 marks are a farce, that the grading system is a farce? How on earth could anyone tell a child that 97 marks are not good enough?
What is going on? Is this an indication of something not very right in our education system or in the grading system? Is this the reason why our Singaporean graduates with their straight As are not wanted, not really good, not good enough because.....?
Is there something seriously wrong being revealed unintentionally by this case? What is the truth? Is this the reason why third world students and their funny grades are preferred to be better than the grades obtained in our supposedly world class schools and education system? Is this the reason why third world degrees are better than our degrees? The implications are very serious.  



jjgg said...

did low Yen ling get 97% or 100% in her exams? these jokers have been tweaking the education system n curriculum since goh keng swee n still haven't got it right..so how many marks would u have given them

jjgg said...
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Anonymous said...

Students scoring 97/100 marks in Chinese Language is very impressive. Efforts r made by Teachers & students, motivation plus coaching make them do well, sometimes the questions ( may range from very hard to easier ones, very subjective). But St Hilda is a good school, not surprised that majority can score pretty well, even RI, HC, St Nicho schools most of them r very hard working & many score close to perfect score. Maybe the questions set need to change, maybe test on more creativity in writings ( surprisingly most can do it) or challenging questions out of text book to determine the best goes to higher level ( woa..chinese imperial scholars at work)..book smart or book worm r not going to survive in the real world..Spore is pretty different indeed.

virgo49 said...

Now you know why so many Singaporeans graduates cannot have the top posts or apoinments in our own country.


They have such stringent requirements for others but not themselves

Anonymous said...

Is this the reason why third world students and their funny grades are preferred to be better than the grades obtained in our supposedly world class schools and education system?


Because third world has much bigger population pool than Singapore mah. So statistically, better chances of getting a lot of good third world students which are even better than our 97/100 marks Sinkie students lah.

So that's why even 97/100 marks Sinkie students cannot get scholarships lor. Blame the Sinkie population not big enough and worse, Sinkie fertility rate also very low to make it big.

So is it PAP's fault if Sinkie population pool not big? Because PAP only want the best to get PAP scholarships.

Anonymous said...

This shows the failure of our Education System. Something is not right. Near perfection is considered as failure. Ask our Ministers to take the test. I am confident none will get 100% score and yet they are being paid millions.

Anonymous said...

Because PAP only want the best to get PAP scholarships.
8:58 am

That's because the Sinkie opposition is not strong or ready to be govt. From GE 2015 results, PAP now knows for sure that even if PAP is screw up, 70% Sinkies will also never vote for a Sinkie opposition which is not ready to be govt.

If only the Sinkie opposition is strong and ready to be govt, PAP will start to think about giving scholarships to even 80/100 Sinkie students.

Anonymous said...

I am confident none will get 100% score and yet they are being paid millions.
9:06 am

Because they are ministers, not Sinkie students mah, that's why they are being paid millions. So you confident or not, does it matter?

Anonymous said...

singapore is like that lah.....towards dooooooooooooooom...............

good is now considered as no good......

no good is now considered as good......

kenna very very serious incident also have free breakfast with top top......

upside down upside down upside down......

is this the new normal......


Anonymous said...

Under poo and poo, you and your children will first of all die an idiot before slaving like an idiot. The unfortunate ones,aside from being an idiot and slaving like an idiot, will rot physically like an idiot more than the others who rot in their brains.

Anonymous said...

Actually one must understand how the Sinkie exam system works.

Whether 97 or 50 marks is good or not depends very much on how your cohorts in the exam are doing.

Sometimes even 50 marks out of 100 can get distinction if 95% of your cohorts score much less. The 50 marks which is a raw score will be normalised using a set guideline so that out of the total, only a few will get distinction, some got As, and many got B, C etc.

So the hoo ha over 97/100 marks not good enough is really much ado over nothing.

Anonymous said...

The measurement of an idiot.

Anonymous said...

People don't get it...the better educated you are in the elite system the more corrupt and evil you are.

Anonymous said...

You become blind and deaf. Be happy always....like an idiot

Anonymous said...

And also like a dumb fuck

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies who are suffering or getting 97 out of 100 marks not good enough have only themselves to blame.

Why can't they be smart or smarter? What or who is stopping them from being smart or smarter? PAP?

What or who is stopping the Sinkie opposition from being ready to be govt? PAP?

Anonymous said...

In third world countries you can get 100 marks if you pay for it, if your parents are VIPs, if the teacher likes you, or can buy degrees from the back lane shops.

Anonymous said...

Just three more points to supreme stupidity and you can't make it? What a shame

Anonymous said...

It has become so competitively stupid that we need to be perfectly or 100% stupid now to get the top jobs. Some of these top jobs will decide how you should die happy, like an idiot

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine almost could not register a kid at a primary school literary 1 hdb block away. Got into it against the high number of foreigners kids was pure lottery luck: tio bey pior.
Saved money on school bus for 6 years. Some foreigners rented rooms to stay near the school to beat the system.

Only daft sinkies are willing to accept Pap from playing tricks with them. My friend since than was never a Pap fan.

97/100 is considered not good enough to study in higher chinese?
The minister must explain is there 100/100 on language paper.

My guess for rejecting school kids rights to study the language is to undermine these students future to be hawker. Cannot read chinese will be a great weakness when china is the #1 economic power in 10 years time. Only sinkies cannot find investors in sinkiesland wanting to trade with china.

Young people will have to live?work in KL or Iskanda, travel through rail. No higher chinese? Malaysians can do it better in their traditional pure chinese primary and secondary schools.

Daft sinkies, your time is up. U will be screwed. Even 97/100, the teachers, could be ex foreigners, simply too lazy to open class for you daft to study. Similar to my friend, need lottery luck to study at a school next block. When u decide to vote for oppo, is when your future will start be brighter. Or go find the old man if you still believe he did help you. Want to live, you must take care of your children s education. This case is just a warning to you.

Anonymous said...

In third world countries you can get 100 marks if you pay for it, if your parents are VIPs, if the teacher likes you, or can buy degrees from the back lane shops.
9:49 am

Such foreigners will be easily eliminated during the strict screening process for PAP scholarships. So PAP will only give scholarships to genuine third world foreign talents from their genuine third world universities.

Because of the strict screening to get the best foreign talents, that's why 97/100 marks Sinkie students may be considered not good enough for scholarship or distinction like what anon 9:37 am explained.

Anonymous said...

100% means you pass all their requirements.you are a certified bestest worker and thinker

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:37. You are wrong. We are not talking about T Score here. We are talking about absolute mark. This is definitely a score of near perfection. Don't confuse the issue.

Anonymous said...

How to achieve 100%? Your brain and your time staring at books and computer must be 100%

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse the issue.
10:07 am

I think u are the one who is confused. Suggest you read again what anon 9:37 explained. It is much clearer than what u wrote.

Anonymous said...

It is good that they have raise the standard. We are indeed a smart city. Imagine all your children near perfect scores. What perfect human beings in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Your brain and your time staring at books and computer must be 100%
10:12 am

This a good example of daft Sinkie logic.

Anonymous said...

Probably those who cant make it to a perfect score may have to work behind seven and eleven cash counter

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone can make it to U now. U is a good cash cow. Why they call U a cash cow? Because you are a piece of steak?

Anonymous said...

Let's not deny reality anymore: Third world degree-holders are preferred by employers in Singapore as they are cheaper to employ . . .

Anonymous said...

If the marks are PSLE then it is likely to be T score/moderated marks.
If it is the school's internal year end examination, very likely raw marks.

Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of examination? To determine how smart your kids are? Smart at what? Voting for PAP?

Ok., that's smart

Anonymous said...

Only one smart kid defied the system. He is on the run now because he can smell his masters fart whereas all other kids can't or chose to inhale.

Anonymous said...

Third world degree-holders are preferred by employers in Singapore as they are cheaper to employ . . .
10:25 am

Cheaper is one thing, but more important, employers also found that Third world degree-holders also can do the work, that's why they prefer them.

Actually I know this also from first hand experience. Although not excellent, but they can do the work for company to have business and make profits. Anyway Sinkie degree holders not necessary better.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath. Another three more percent. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Anyway 70% voters OK-ed!

Next GE, 80%!

What can you all do?

Nothing! Only kpkb and more kpkb!


Anonymous said...

Some comments said 97/100 could not get into a class due to the cohort s general high score. I wandered sinkies really has born with some intelligence. A simple calculation is: 97/100 is the extreme right score. If the test is set properly, which moe qualified teacher must do or get sack, the average score ie the middle score could be around 60 marks.

Have sinkies s intelligence gone so thin? Between 60 to 97, there could be a whole half class size.

If 97/100 got rejected, it simply meant to me is: at least half a class rightfully entitled to the education of higher chinese based on meritocracy was purposely rejected. That why i posted: it was to undermine the young students language ability.

Another point: where can a student marked perfect in language score? where, and how. If the questions are multiple choice, then they are not testing on the students genuine expression ability.

Some question, open type will and should be there to ask students to write sentences to express their thoughts feelings or whatever like descriptions. Can teacher put a perfect score for sentences?
So 97, 98. 99 are the only likely perfect scores i can see from a language paper.

If 97/100 cannot get into higher chinese study, the only reason is sabotage sabotage sabotage sabotage the future of kids.

The minister was an idiot for citing such an example. Vote oppo is better than voting for an idiot talking rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PAP ministers are the highest paid politicians in the world, while Singaporean workers are expected to lower their salary expectations to third-world levels to compete with cheaper foreigners allowed liberally into the country by the PAP ministers . . .

Anonymous said...

Wrong, you can't even complain in Sin. All complain has to be "certified". Online kpkb don't count because it is faceless and nobody gives a shit

Anonymous said...

Local influencers Nicole Choo, 18, and Ridhwan Azman, 23, recently warred with each other on social media after their break-up, each accusing the other of violence in the relationship.

Now it looks like their online brawl may have offline consequences. Ezbuy.sg, a shopping site, says it is reviewing its working agreement with Choo. She has been a paid partner with the brand since last year.

Ms Wendy Liu, co-founder of ezbuy.sg, said: "As a social media influencer, Nicole has been professional and supportive of our endeavours and campaigns. I understand the impact a public figure, such as Nicole, has on the social media landscape and the community at large.

"Personally, I do not believe in taking private quarrels public, especially via social media platforms."

See, you can't even be honest about shit in Sin. Only Money Talks!

Anonymous said...

People learn from life little incidences to shut the fuk up

Anonymous said...

Of course 97/100 not good enough. Any cheena trash coming in today can beat her 100-to-1. How to compete with foreign trash?!?! Next time the standard will be raised to 200/100 then can take higher cheena.

Anonymous said...

Whatever your private quarrels with public institutions, bring it to their death channel and settle it in the mortuary.

Anonymous said...

The principal should be happy and proud that her school has so many students who are good in Chinese and should use her initiative to open more classes and seek MOE's help. But I am not sure what is MOE stand? They are quiet on this. Maybe it's MOE who is giving all principals headache?

Anyway this is nothing new. Its already like that about 30years ago from my children experience. In fact, there is nothing to crow about the Higher Chinese because the Normal Chinese is below par.

Anonymous said...

certified idiots.

Anonymous said...

Now fighting with foreigners on home ground how to have a bigger share of stupidity. LoL

Anonymous said...

No..fighting how to be 100 percent stupid hahaha

Anonymous said...

You want to have a sample of made in Singapore stupidity? Go look at the content of our popular youtubers. LoL. Look at Steven Lim after a complete make over by Sin's system, he is now look like a fake fag

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you.

There is no point aiming for this and that in life.

Everything in life is fated.

It has all been decided the very time you were borned.

So whether higher chinese or no higher chinese your life....decided!

Remember life is all about your 命! Yes, your 命!

So no point kpkb. Just be happy and worry less.


Anonymous said...

Look at the culture and don't be deceived by the sciences. You hv got shit culture

Anonymous said...

Be happy is a drug to stupidity lah

Anonymous said...

sometimes, it may be good to be "stupid"


Anonymous said...

Your complains are like "prayers" that rise to the gods. The gods then take your "prayers" and shower hell notes on you to bless you.

You are so grateful and so motivated by their blessings, you are determine to score 100 marks to please them

Anonymous said...

Don't fucking complain lah( as if minor adjustment here there makes a different) if you send your kids to their schools. Only one kid dare to break away.

Anonymous said...

Be very careful when Pap sabo u.
I had a friend never took chinese as a subject. She told me when she wanted to choose chinese, the school shut the chinese class. It was in singapore. She regreted so much for not being able to read chinese like me.

The disadvantage for not being able to read a popular language is so obvious in modern online world.

If the Pap system tries to prevent you children from learning a language in depth. It is the sabotage. U wanna be the fools similar to my friend, u can make your choice.

Beware, parents, u do not live in this modern online world for next 60 years, you primary school going children have to. If you vote for oppo, you cannot get this kind of sabo every now and then to make u and your children poor.

My friend who could not read chinese faces lots of problem in employment.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are like that. 70+30 % still want to study to be fools.

Anonymous said...

If it is broken, it is broken( don't try to mend it). The entire system needs to be discarded. No other way

Anonymous said...

Educate the people to support a system that fucks them. Smart, real smart.

Anonymous said...

S’poreans willing to fork out 1% of income to ensure no more haze: Study

Study some more lah

Anonymous said...

May I ask a question?

Is the 30% who did voted OK, stupid?

You tell me>

Anonymous said...

Under a PAP government.
99% of Singaporeans will never be good enough to be co-opted into PAP's meritocracy (which is really nothing more than an oligarchy).

If you can see and understand this;
You will understand that 97/100 marks;
Or whatever new hoops or obstacles the PAP government wants Singaporeans to jump through;
It's just to prevent us from seeing the reality;
99% of Singaporeans will never be considered good enough for a PAP government.

Keep voting PAP;
And you play the PAP's game.
Vote Opposition;
And the PAP will not be able to dismiss your worth as a human being so easily.

Anonymous said...

"May I ask a question?
Is the 30% who did voted OK, stupid?"

NO 1 is stupid at every moment. Some D are right, some D are wrong.

Who decide the right or wrong? That is the intelligent question should be asked by the intelligent sinkies.

U decide the right or wrong. What is the basis? This is most intelligent sinkies will ask this specific question.

The most intelligent sinkies answer: YOUR consequences.

My friend who needed lottery luck to get a place for primary school children realized the consequences for him supporting the Pap in the past. The whole estate valuable asset the school was "sold" or "invaded" by foreigners kids' parents. Sinkies kids could not get in. He realized the consequence and voted for oppo since then.

Not many people realized how foolish or stupid they have been by keep voting for a Pap team to sabotage their kids future. Only those experienced the bad policies will change. There is no stupid people all the time. They learn from experience or someone like these posts might teach them to be wise and not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Debate over preferred language[edit]
The question of which language is preferred in Singapore seem to have caused a debate among the Chinese Singaporeans recently. The question of declining standards in the command of the Chinese language amongst Chinese Singaporeans seems to cause several revisions in the government's education policies towards the Chinese language. The government of Singapore's continued policy towards bilingualism for all Chinese Singaporeans, which is to continue to pursue English as the first language while making Mandarin the lingua franca (or at least the 2nd language or home language) amongst all Chinese has drawn mixed responses. The more English-speaking Chinese Singaporeans generally prefer English as the lingua franca or their home language, while the Mandarin-speakers worry that English will replace Mandarin as the lingua franca, which would eliminate the thin thread of Chinese identity altogether. With the rising economy of China in the 21st century, which has led to more Singaporean companies requiring fluency in Mandarin, Mandarin has been viewed with greater importance amongst the Singaporean Chinese than before.[15] Both English and Mandarin will continue to dominate the language scene among Chinese Singaporeans.
Preservation of other Chinese varieties[edit]
There also exists a strong urge and need in preserving the many dialects existing Singapore. The decline of the Chinese indigenous religion, Taoism, has also indirectly contributed to the deterioration of Chinese cultural heritage. Unless the government and Chinese Singaporeans take their own initiative in preserving non-Mandarin varieties, there is worry that they may disappear from Singapore in the near future. There is thus a strong desire to restore the Chinese identity or risk it falling into extinction one day. This exigency is translated into recent renewed efforts by Chinese clan associations in Singapore to impart and revive their respective Chinese mother tongues, which are met with warm receptions, including by the younger generations. Therefore, there lies a greater challenge for the Chinese community in Singapore – the preservation of the Chinese identity – than just the satisfaction of linguistic domination and material gains.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition
12:34 pm

How to make 70%, or at least 50% lah, vote opposition?

Anonymous said...

How to make 70%, or at least 50% lah, vote opposition?
1:01 pm

Ask Chee Soon Juan lah.

Anonymous said...

Ask Chee Soon Juan lah.
1:05 pm

Tiok. He will write a paper or even a book to tell you how to do it. He is really good in this, u know. So better ask him.

Anonymous said...

How to make 70%, or at least 50% lah, vote opposition?

February 09, 2017 1:01 pm

Very simple.
Just tell Singaporeans the truth.
Singaporeans do not own the HDB flats we live in.
"Our" HDB flats belong to HDB and not Singaporeans.

Since 90% of Singaporeans live in HDB flats.
Therefore, the real rate of home ownership in Singapore is only 10%.
The 10% are the private property owners.

90% of Singaporeans are really landless peasants.
Working hard in a country in which they have no ownership.

True or not?
I let you decide.

Anonymous said...


Why the lifts keeps breaking down?
Sick Mah

Why "97-marks-out-of-100-not-good-enough" ?
Yew Daft

patriot said...

When idiots run down the State, all in the State becomes idiots.


patriot said...

When idiots run down the State, all in the State becomes idiots.


Anonymous said...

When idiots run down the State, all in the State becomes idiots.
- patriot
February 09, 2017 1:45 pm

Very true.
But some idiots become Millionaire idiots.

While 99% of the other idiots remain the same landless peasants just like when their grandfathers first arrive from China.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that 70% OK-ed!

Likely to increase to 80% next GE.


Anonymous said...

"Likely to increase to 80% next GE."

No. It have to increase to 99.99% according to the rosy economic future forecast.

If not 99.99%, it will be 53.58% only.

Anonymous said...

You ask sinkies...you want abundant life or you want to be smart and rich like papies?

They will choose to score 100 marks!

Anonymous said...

You are who you worship. Man creates an image and you become the creature of a thirsty fool.

Anonymous said...

"You ask sinkies...you want abundant life or you want to be smart and rich like papies?

They will choose to score 100 marks!"

Only one crazy boy dares to break away.

Anonymous said...

Only one crazy boy dares to break away.
2:18 pm

Tiok. Only one. Only 30% voted opposition, even though the ruling PAP screw Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

opposition is the other side of the same coin. Both parties will want you to study to be an idiot

Anonymous said...

Go global and make money - that's the leaders vision. To achieve that, you need to deepen your idiocy or acquire the necessarily skills to keep acquiring deeper skills until you are 80 years old. By then, you would have acquired a decree to clean toilets

Even then, you need to score 100 marks to clean toilets

Anonymous said...

Is this why 97/100 marks will never be good enough?


Anonymous said...

CFE reported never say when al long gonna put in 10 millions indians population. Why need training? Issue employment pass and PR sinkieland will get 15.2% growth in GDP and inflation 5.5%, all housing prices go up. Happy for every body who own 2 properties. CFE want training? Who want to hire sinkie? The hirer must train up. If no job do not waste one cent to get training. Workers get retrenched can be accused as bad performers. Training to benefit the training companies/ institutions before even getting income?

Anonymous said...

Not many

Lives to 100yrs old.

Anonymous said...

I got a gd frend

Only managed till 48.

Anonymous said...



Singaporeans still loyal after enduring PAP government for 51 years.

Anonymous said...


This man fainted was exposed to more than 104DB noise.

The standard is: expose to 103DB, the maxi time allow for human exposure is 7.5 mins.

He complained to the "authorities", but ignored him.

The same on one molest case at Mouth Restaurant chinatown. The post said they reported to the police, but the police ignored them, took no action. Reason most likely was: ang mor molesters.

I wander who the victims voted for during GE.

Anonymous said...

"He complained to the "authorities", but ignored him."

All your complain, unhappiness and injustices are channeled brought the elite "death channel". The world or people will never know the true state of injustices in Sin,hence 70% will always have a wholesome view of the MIW which translate to vote for the rulers.

Anonymous said...

..channeled through...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This particular case (I can confidently believe that there are more cases like this than meets the eye) bring out extremely serious implications.

First, there are several questions need to be asked and satisfactorily answered by the highest authority in the land, not a small fry from the Ministry of Education trying to defend St Hilda in her pathetic way in the Parliament.

The bugging questions:

1. Why is 97/100 not good enough to take Higher Chinese?

2. Define to the public, parents, students and professional educationists officially What is "GOOD ENOUGH"?

3. Who sets the standard that 97/100 is not good enough? Is it the Kaypoh Principal, of some Kay-kiang Scholar Dept Chief of Ministry of Education, or One of the Two Newbie-Non-Educationist-Experimenting Ministers for Education, or the Prime Minister himself?

4. Do the two Ministers for Education have the courage to reveal St Hilda's Overall and Detailed Results for Chinese for all the Students in the School, to let the public know how many students scored 100, how many scored 99, how many scored 98, how many scored 97, and so on until the lowest score in all the classes combined.

5. What are the scores for those "qualified" to take up Higher Chinese? Please give the detailed breakdown.

6. What is the motive (evil or good intention irrespective) of setting such an absurdly-extremely high standard?

7. Does the Prime Minister and his Cabinet (less the two Ministers for Education) know about such an absurdly-extremely high standard being set for the primary school students?

8. Do the Decision-Makers know that setting such an absurdly-extremely high standard will affect the psychological and emotional health of the primary school students, as well as their future well-being?

9. How many foreigners have been selected to study Higher Chinese in St Hilda's as well as all other schools in Singapore, that takes in foreigners?

10. What is the Ministry of Education going to do about it (in solving this problem)? Or, MOE does not see it as a problem at all (taking the cue from the Representative of MOE, PAP MP Low Yen ling)?

The extreme implications:

1. That the absurdly-extremely high standard for entry into Higher Chinese Class was intentionally set to obstruct and therefore deprive countless students from taking up Higher Chinese, which will obviously affect their future, considering that China is steadily on the rise in every fields of human endeavors.

2. That the intention/motive to obstruct and deprive local Singapore Citizens' primary school children from taking up Higher Chinese is because Singapore leaders are Pro-UK and Pro-USA, mainly as a result of them studying in these two countries themselves, therefore, they are unconsciously or sub-consciously inclined to discourage local Singapore Citizens' children from taking up Higher Chinese, so that they have no choice but to concentrate on English as their First and Only Language.

3. That there are many foreigners, mainly from China, who have been sponsored by the Singapore Government to study as a free-loader in Singapore's schools (from Secondary 2 to University) - all expenses paid for by Singapore taxpayers' money - and the Singapore Leaders do not want local Singapore Citizens' children to be able to compete against these "precious" foreign students from China.

4. That Singapore leaders do not want too many bright local Singapore Citizens' children to excel in life in future, as part of the PAP's long-term overall social engineering programmes.

5. Many more implications, but the above four will surfice for now.

virgo49 said...

All the classes reserved for the PRCs lah or to those who offer the highest prices.

Cannnot disclose.

If HDB so called Flats balloting, where was disclosed when you have to wait for three to four years and some get it in three months or earlier.

What farking transparency.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The gǔqín is a seven-stringed zither that owes its invention to the Chinese society of some 3,000 years ago.


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Main article: Chinese calligraphy

A Chinese calligrapher
Shū 書 refers to Chinese calligraphy, which dates to the origins of recorded Chinese history, in essence ever since written characters have existed.

Main article: Chinese painting

Eight horsemen in Spring, by Zhao Yan, 10th century, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

Huà 畫 refers to Chinese painting. Brush painting is the final of the arts that a scholar is expected to learn, and is arguably the greatest measure of individual creativity. Through painting a Chinese noble would demonstrate his mastery over the art of line. Often Chinese paintings would be produced on a sheet of plain white rice-paper or silk using nothing but black ink and a single brush. These paintings were made to demonstrate the power of a single line, and in them was reflected a skill that valued intentional and calculated strokes over instinctual erratic creation. In a Chinese painting was reflected the artist's ability to evaluate his own imagination and record it clearly and concisely. Chinese painting can be traced back even further than calligraphy. Some examples date back to the decorative paintings that were emblazoned on Neolithic pottery. To add tonal quality to paintings the artists would often paint portions of the subject then wash the cloth before continuing. This made for beautiful landscapes and depictions of ritual. Painting was the art by which a scholar could separate him or herself from the others and take a name.

The growing complexity of society at the end of the sixteenth century was reflected in an enriched cultural life in which heterogeneous tastes supported a wide variety of artists and craftsmen: the presence of foreigners at court and increasing affluence, which made the merchants independent of the court and of the official class, were only two of the many factors which nurtured artistic diversity. Individuality also began to be considered an important quality in the painter; indeed, a small group of artists were even known as the "individualists".
— Tregear, 168 中国传统绘画,又简称國畫,古时称为丹青,泛指中华文化的传统绘画艺术,是琴棋书画四艺之一。狭义的国画指青绿设色画水墨画,而广义的国画则是中国传统风格的壁画、锦画、刺绣、重彩、水墨画、石刻乃至年畫和陶瓷上的绘画等的艺术,也包括近代的中国油画和水彩畫等。 -----wiki

There is so much cultural treasure already awainting to be appreciated.

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