Critics and cynics to be invited to share their disruptive views

The word disruptive is now being floated like a new panacea to cure the ills of everything. I thought I was dreaming when the island’s top 5 govt spokesmen and women proposed that critics/cynics aka disruptors, should be invited to sit in govt boards to share their opposing and disruptive views and ideas. Kishore Mahbubani, Tommy Koh, Chan Heng Chee, Han Fook Kwan and Danny Chan gathered at a seminar organized by the SMU to share their new and disruptive thoughts derived from the success of disruptive technologies. It is time to slay sacred cows and bravely confront the new forces of disruptive change.

Kishore has this to say, ‘We need more naysayers. Singapore cannot take its formulas for success developed over the last 50 years and apply them to the next 50 years, as the world has changed drastically. We need to create new formulas, which you can’t until you attack and challenge every sacred cow. Then you can succeed.’

Heng Chee too agreed with Kishore’s view by adding this, ‘But it is in policies and leadership teams that Singapore needs people willing to challenge authority. more robust internal discussions on policies with a wider range of people from different backgrounds. We need naysayers in leadership teams who can think the unthinkable.’

Tommy Koh, another doyen of Singaporean thought makers did not want to be outdone and added, ‘When we appoint people to boards, we can also appoint challengers who are subversive and who have alternative points of view. That’s the kind of cultural change we want to see. It makes Singapore stronger, not weaker.

I could not believe my eyes reading such disruptive comments from the thinkers of the establishment. I am not alone. Danny Chan, one of the panelists, could not help himself and took a dig at his fellow panelists. ‘You talk so much to me but when the minister is present, in front of him, you’re absolutely silent. This habit stems partly from a fear of looking bad in front of others and of failing.’ Oops, maybe he was referring to the audience.

Danny Chan could not stand the hypocrisy of the session. Maybe the talk shop was just a talk shop without any minister around and the message would be different when a minister is around. Maybe there is really such disruptive talks going around in the circles of natural aristocrats, that it is time to test the unknown and the unthinkable. Disruptive thoughts and disruptors are the new darlings of change, the change agents.

Critics and cynics like Philip Ang, Leong Sze Hean, Cynical Investor, Richard Wan and company may be receiving invitation letters to sit in some govt boards as disruptors to throw spanners into the works and hopefully things would get better. I would not include names of opposition party leaders as it would be too much to take to think that they could be invited. The non political individuals may have a rare and a one in a million chance to see this happening, definitely not those politically connected. I may even add the out of question candidates like Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng.

After saying this, maybe it is just another wet dream, too good to be true. Danny Chan should know better for highlighting the hypocrisy of the talk shop. If only the thought leaders are the decision makers, then there may be a little chance of it happening. For the moment, enjoy the musing.


Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 said...
They should just read Mr Chua aka Redbean's blog everyday of all the comments here by our worthy bros and sis.

They can then have ideas that's free of charge to them how to rectify their blunders and move Singapore forward.

Or call Mr Chua to have tea or coffee.

Oops coffee, drink coffee with them quite frightening.

Anonymous said...

This latest PAP Mental Masturbation (Killing the Sacred Cow) was first used back in the era of 2000 - 2005

The Rhetoric
"There is no policy too sensitive to question, and no subject so taboo that you cannot even mention it."
- DPM Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, 17 Jan 2000

"Whether Singaporeans fully agree with the Government's point of view is less critical than whether people are following the issues at all."
- Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Singapore 21 Conference, July 2001

"There will be no sacred cows...there will have to be a systematic willingness to go through all policies and programmes we're about to embark on." - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan on Remaking Singapore, Straits Times Feb 15 2002

The Reality
"The police will be commencing investigation since a contravention of the Speakers' Corner conditions had been committed."
- Singapore Police Force statement on Dr Chee Soon Juan for criticising the government's banning of four Muslim schoolgirls from school for wearing headscarves, February 2002.


Anonymous said...

RB, you forgot this is the year of the Cock. You forgot you said in the year of the Cock, we can expect many cocks to come out and talk cocks?

The five of them are not the first five cocks. Heng Swee Kiat, the Finance Minister already started his balls rolling by being the First Cock, using cock story to justifiy his ruthless taxing of the masses to get money to pay for the exorbitant expenditure for the purpose of increasing the population to 7 or 10 million.

Anonymous said...

From the blog "Diary of a Singaporean Mind"

Monday, May 23, 2011 <------- The date is CORRECT. Not a typo.

PM Lee : Nothing's sacrosanct in Government review of policies....

I remember in 2002 sensing that there was desire for change on the ground, PM appointed Vivian Balakrishnan to head the Remaking Singapore Committee.

It was committee was split up into 5 sub committees called Beyond Careers, Beyond Condo, Beyond Club, Beyond Credit Card and Beyond Cars were also formed to review specific areas.

Minister Vivian as chair of the committee quickly proclaimed that there would be no sacred cows (except meritocracy & racial issues).

If you go through the recommendations, it talks about a more consultative govt, BETTER TRANSPORT SYSTEM, more help for low income families, etc.

Most of the 70 recommendations were accepted by the govt in 2004.
In 2006, the PAP won by a landslide with 66.6% of the votes.
Although support fell by 6% from the previous election in 2001, it was seen as okay because it was viewed that the high support in 2001 was due to the 911 terrorist attacks which boosted the PAP's election results.


Did you guys see it in the above paragraphs?
PAP talked about "a better transport system" ... you like our new MRT system now?
PAP Minister Balakrishnan talked about "sacred cows"

It's now 2017.
15 years later.
Has anything changed since 2002?
Are things even worse now then in 2002?

Anonymous said...

Prom wif heng is dat,he hasn't

Recover fully.

Anonymous said...

Just google < PAP Minister Balakrishnan "sacred cows" >

You can find the same old PAP talk about killing sacred cows dating back all the way to
YEAR 2002.

Anonymous said...

Redbean should be involved in the group for discussion.

Anonymous said...

"You talk so much to me but when the minister is present, in front of him, you’re absolutely silent."
I want to explain the word "disruptive". It is not opposing the proposed view. It is trying to stop the discussion process. Example: during the peak influx of foreigners, when taking buses at near mrt terminals, the bus captains had to stop the buses. They refused to go because the buses were too filled up, the doors could not close. Hey my life style was affected as i depended on buses and not walking home.

The Immigration policy was "disruptive to the bus captain s rest time and my own rest time at home". Planned schedule could not carry out.

Was opposing views disruptive? NO. But the organizers to the discussions could be. On the "conversations" discussion with pinky on live. I saw picture on web indicating who was who on the audience side, not penal side. The ones planted were pinky s kakinan. The arrangement would have made sure no opposing views on pinky s immigration policy. It went smoothly well.

In parliament, opposing views on white papers disruptive? One singh sang opposing songs went so well. But i wish to point out the major ones. Sylvia lim pointed out at 7 millions population, foreigners were the majority. Someone also pointed out mistakes on white papers, nurses were grouped as non skilled workers. There were no research to support the idea of mass immigration and impacts. These ideas were not disruptive to pinky s policy of 4 millions foreigners to set in. Pinky went on to do it without out any disruption.

In other words, these oldies lived in US for so long and now making money to give talks shows are not helpful at all. When pinky asked china to follow international laws, ie hague tribunal laws, these oldies stood behind pinky and barked loud. Now? China had meetings with one big gun at Beijing. The news were blanked out in China sites, neither hk sites that back china. Where are the oldies stands now? Pinky s own stand is unbelievable: his immigration was so disruptive to every body s life. His stands on hagues new laws flip flop like selling plata. This is the quality of decisions made in sinkieland, paying millions and millions of dollars to exchange that kind of decisions flip flops. So they want opposing views for what? They already are world class division one players as pinky claimed in parliament. They want to hear novice players kicking into goal posts? Why pay millions dollars then ask for 5 cents can buy idea? This is a disruptive process to propose that. Agree? Vote opposition in 2020GE to solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your analysis.

But not agree to vote opposition because of kiasu, kiasi, cowardly mentality and entitlement attitude - if PAP falls, can opposition parties carry the day?

Which political party is ready to be government? Wait until they, or at least one of them, are ready to be govern then vote them in. As of now, the performance of the Workers' Party inside and outside Parliament is, to say the least, pathetic and tragic!

The only sensible voice is that of Silvia Lim.

Low Ah Kiang is a goner; just look at his waist - he is growing fater and fater from too much good foods. He has benefited from the system and he is not about to rock the boat or bite the hand that feeds him for the last 30 years, is he?

The only hope is Dr Chee and his SDP, growing fast, up and coming, but still not there yet. People, money, outreach, mass support and methodology are still no match to challenge the Banyan Tree, let alone replacing it.

The Banyan Tree's roots are everywhere, sucking up all the nutrients and its leaves and branches are so widespread and intertwined that no sunlight is able to permeate through to reach the weeds, grass and seedlings, except the creepers and parasites.

Also, the base (70% critical mass) is not ready to support fully (going all out - do or die attitude) a new untried government - too much of a risk.

Anonymous said...

Cheebye lah, Kishore Mahbubani, Tommy Koh, Chan Heng Chee, Han Fook Kwan these fuckers are all part of the establishment, how to disrupt?!?! Anonymous critics like RB, CI etc know better than to appear in front of PAPies and having ISD going thru their bank accounts or toilets to see if they got bangsai or not. They will rather remain anonymous, enjoy their pinna colada and shoot arrows from the windows of their multi-million dollar properties.

Anonymous said...

But not agree to vote opposition because of kiasu, kiasi, cowardly mentality and entitlement attitude - if PAP falls, can opposition parties carry the day?
February 28, 2017 11:59 am

Whether Opposition Parties can carry the day is one problem.
But it looks like PAP is no longer able to function.
Every 15 years, talk about slaughtering the same old sacred cows all over again.
Talk but can no longer do.
No longer the Action Party anymore.
Peoples' Talk Cock Party.

Anonymous said...

You will try every idea of great minds and the self serving learned minds will sway and seduce with their intellect and at the blood shed of millions.

That's the history of man.

To change history, it is quite easy. Acknowledge your genesis and implement revelatory solutions.

Anonymous said...

"Whether Opposition Parties can carry the day is one problem.
But it looks like PAP is no longer able to function." 12:08pm.

I fully agree with both. Merely 6 months back, Singapore point finger at China to ask it to behave properly to follow international laws to give up the islands in question. The talk was like US president to gain votes. To sinkies, that kind of talk was not for the interest of Singapore, no one can deny businesses depending on China, tourists, exports will get hit. They did not stop just once, but several to get China to respond.

Now they splashed news so much about Singapore China relations. Not in China news era. The figures on which 4 agreements were signed by the 2 sides were not disclosed. I thought could worth the sky, so they dared not to tell the public.

From this undisclosed figures, I wish opposition parties will be more confident. That guy who claimed opposition was not ready to govern was plainly telling public he was not interest to be in government. Public should not be confused.

I can tell any party can do it. It is a matter of more or less difficult. Singapore is smaller than Beijing or Tokyo in terms of complexity of problems, traffic on human flows, and administrations. Those problems are not handled by the opposition if they take over.
Those problems medical, finance, defense, education, traffic on human flows are handled specific departments and civil services. Opposition party takes over the parliament and discuss laws to change to implement their own visions.

That guy in opposition studied political science, he knew it well. So laymen thought governing Singapore means asking the whole opposition to take over civil services and others. No.

Will civil servants all resign? I guarantee u 90% NO. Civil servants are bought by the salaries, not bought by the politicians. When opposition wins, some may worry that they will lose their jobs, instead due to their party affiliation. They will not resign as they have debts to pay lah. Even no debts, they will hold to the jobs as civil service pay is top in the industries.

Opposition cannot govern? It is a novice s idea. It is not an issue at all. Got money, cannot hire Singaporeans to do this kind of jobs they long for? May be opposition will kick out those came from sunny lands with fake degrees but can talk cork type. That could be possible if there is a twist in policy similar to Trump. That s politics. But the whole Singapore will function like normal after the election. Try to get jobs in civil services, it is an opportunity, not a threat. Just vote for opposition, jobs may come your way. Still scared? One way: go find the old man, he is waiting to employ u so scared, left right back front all cannot do for u. Old man has a way, but u must be daring to go. For me I vote for change lah.

Anonymous said...

Talk thru your AH. Both little dragon and big dragon serves money - play money politics and hence, their solutions to your problems are obvious. Anyone or any party inducted into the system will do the same. The net equation and outcome is still a one way ticket to hell for many.

These overrated leaders have no solution except to come up with ways to push your limits to hell.

Their stomachs and AH already full and well oiled to care a hoot about disrupting the status quo.

Even at their useless old age, they still want to live and enjoy the rest of their temporal wealth and what conscienceless honor bestowed on their balding heads.

Anonymous said...

You only ONE Miserable Vote lah. Talk cock like sing song everyone also can lah. I am expert in talk cock like sing song, you know?

Think deep, deep lah. How do you destroy a Banyan Tree which has been growing and rooting day and night for the past 60 years, since 1959?

If you know first how to destroy that Banyan Tree, then we can talk about governing.

Don't simply think civil service is so simple as you painted it to be. You need a guy like Donald Trump who is determined and has the capability and capacity to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

The Civil Service is minus the 'C' and minus the 'Ser' - that left you with?

Think further, deeper, wider and many more steps ahead, then we talk!

Anonymous said...

The solution is there but you are too "pig brain" to see or understand so you indulge in religion.

Sucking cock is what you are best at.

Ask the mothers or women, they are very proud of Ass scoring children. It has always been the "woman"

Anonymous said...

"Our society is undergoing a profound shift. In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many of our foundational values and assumptions about our democracy are being called into question. Our core institutions and norms are under attack and in need of defending and reclaiming.

There are certain things that most people consider not up for grabs in our society: Democracy. Human dignity. Separation of powers. Equality. Dialogue. These are core values that also represent our best aspirations. Many rest on a profound moral footing with ties to religions and spiritual practices. Movement forward has not always been straight and there has been disagreement about the reach and boundaries of our pluralism, yet there has been a general understanding that America was gradually moving towards a more inclusive society and future."

Ex black ruler then called for new social compact. That's only a glimpse. If you fail to find the way out, you will wonder in the wilderness and rot or head back to slavery

Anonymous said...

Last sentence to the above quote was missing....

For many of us, that belief has now been ruptured.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah...go suck opposition cocks lah

Anonymous said...

You know why the old man very confident in winning the political game?

Because he knows what the woman wants and knows how to fuck her

Anonymous said...

Big cocks loose cheebyes...that's the history of man ...tio bo?

You talk like that...sinkies will think geylang...see, that's religion

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How to uproot a banyan tree? It looks impossible but just recently someone up there has shown that it can be easily done like the tembusu tree in the Botanic Garden. Tembusu trees are native here and are very sturdy and can live for a very long time. This is the first time a healthy tembusu tree, with no signs of sickness, fell for no reason. Watch it!

Singapore's politics need to mature. Sad to say the more immature part is the ruling party. There must be an acceptance of a opposition party to challenge the govt's policies and views, yes, to be disruptive but not to the extent of wanting to go after each other's throat. This is a democratic system designed to have adversarial politics but all with a good intent, for the greater good of the people without being personal. Compete for ideas and policies.

The ruling party must have a mindset change to respect and accept the opposition parties as what they are. The opposition should challenge the ruling party but not in a destructive manner, be disruptive for the better. Both sides must see each as part and parcel of the system, fight, disagree in Parliament but can live together as honorable member of Parliament. Can go karaoke together after a hot argument in parliament to develop caramaderie.

The zero sum game mindset by both sides must be put aside and raise political contest to a higher level without making enemies of one another.

The call by the 5 thought leaders is a good starting point to change the norm of politics here. Live by what the ruling party said, creating an all inclusive society, including an all inclusive govt and politics. We are all part of the system and the country.

This would make politics less stressful, less vengeful and make life more tolerable for all parties.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do not create a situation like the saying, 'ride the tiger and difficult to dismount'.

Anonymous said...

What is there to challenge what comes to money?

Opposition also "eat" as much as they can and also want to strike lottery.

If you can't see that, there is no getting out

Anonymous said...

...when comes to money...

Anonymous said...

" uproot a banyan tree? It looks impossible"
RB 3:11pm

Opposition takes over as majority is not equal to uprooting a tree. It is like repairing a car. Voters ask pap to repair their car leaking patrol lah ie got fixed amount of cash, but patrol usage is bigger and bigger similar to expenses now.

Pap keep checking the engines to see if it can run faster with engine oil top up. Cannot work. Opposition takes over is not uprooting, not changing the whole car engine or the entire car.
Opposition takes over may go for the patrol tank, then the fuel filter to see leakage. In other words, opposition may go for sources of problems to help voters to increase income, to waste less money on foreigners scholarship, to give more jobs from foreigners to citizens to boost their income.

I vote for opposition to look for the twist in policies, not to change the whole culture, putting one race on top, change the official language to something else, etc, not this kind of changes.

WP is likely to go for the twists if taking over. Just that it is a very small party. WP when growing bigger, will have hope for voters to change side. But voters must not misconclude that the opposition is taking over the civil service. It is only taking over the parliament, may be more than 50 seats. Got it clear?
Not justified to say they cannot govern. Its a group approach to day to day problem, it is so simple as no competition will want to force them to be faster. Easier than taking over a company in my view, as the job is "take your time" feel the floor on water, and cross it step by step. Its not a war, its a walk try it step by step in group to find solution for the voters: increase income.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me the 30% not greedy right?

Throw a piece of char siew on the floor and watch the pigs fight over it. The biggest pigs get the best jobs. Who you voting for if not pigs?

Anonymous said...

Snakes are snakes. Doesn't matter what color or form they come in. With snakes around because you keep looking towards them for change, I assure you, the tree shall be intact.

Anonymous said...

At least that Tembusu tree in Botanic Gardens true blue Sinkie, and it did what none of you fuckers dared to do --- send FT home. I think more than 1 coz don't think the family want to continue staying here liao. That fucking Tembusu tree should be given Yang Di Pertuan medal at this year's National Day Parade.

Anonymous said...

The people has to be retard for some to enjoy the "good life". Majority will have to struggle to keep Sin City afloat. Many will perish under the works of charities and loosely sewn safety nets.

You think opposition can change that in parliament?

I think you are having too much wet dreams there

Anonymous said...

You have went round the wilderness for decades. No change. Same reasoning. The old man will fuck you and eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anonymous said...

"Snakes are snakes."
This kind of logic, funny, dragons are dragons, u know? Snakes bodies with claws, and ghost heads with beards. U like dragons dont like snakes, racists lah

Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and False Hopes - Part 14

The Reality of A Cock talking cock in the Year of the Cock

"The most important philosophy that a leader must have is not to take yourself or your philosophy too seriously. The need for a leader of a nation to be close to the ground and not surround himself with yes-men. In addition, he must be able to accept differing views and criticism, as well as acknowledge his mistakes and change decisions when merited. You have to see the world, you have to talk to people, ordinary people. You have to have a sense of what it looks like not from the point of view of the policymaker, but from the point of view of those who are at the receiving end of your policies. I try not to surround myself with ‘yes, sir’ men. That is important because if all you have are people who say ‘three bags full sir’, then soon you start to believe them and that is disastrous. Instead, what a leader needs around him are people who have their own views, whose views you respect, whom you can have a productive disagreement with, and work out ideas which you might not have come up with, or who improve on ideas you had.

In addition, he must be able to accept differing views and criticism, as well as acknowledge his mistakes and to change decisions when merited,"

I got goose pimples when I heard that.

There is a traditional belief: That when a person is about to die, he changes his normal self 180 degrees (反象), saying and doing things directly opposite to what he would normally do throughout his life in the past.

Anonymous said...

Snakes will never change. By nature, their tongues are forked

Anonymous said...

You have to decide whether they are snakes. If they are, what are you going to do?

Anonymous said...

Idiots still want to vote snakes(all are snakes) into power?

Then you deserve to be fucked

Anonymous said...

The Art And Science Of Destroying A Banyan Tree

There are many ways to destroy a banyan tree. The following five ways are what I can think of:

1. Deprive it of sunlight, water and nutrients.

2. Burn it down like what the Indonesians have been doing to their forests.

3. Get a number of chain saws, bull-dozers, cranes and excavators to get rid of it completely, including up-rooting its Main Root.

4. Simply drill a hole deep into the middle of its trunk, near to the main root, and put some White Ants inside. Let the white ants do the work. Make sure the white ants are free to multiply and not destroyed. In other words, these white ants must be protected from possible interferences. In this way, the Bayan Tree will rot from inside out.

5. Dig holes surrounding the Bayan Tree's main root, as deep as possible, and fill these holes up with salt. Then pour water through these salt-filled holes everyday. The Bayan Tree will wither and die by itself in time to come.

P/S: The Tembusu tree in Botanic Gardens is different from the Bayan Tree. The Tembusu tree's roots when old become brittle, whereas the Bayan Tree's roots become stronger and stronger, holding more tightly unto the ground, when it grows older and older.

b said...

Millionaire dollar paid ministers should get pay cut. They need volunteers to advise them. Totally incompetent and out of touch. They should try taking public transport and staying in HDB.

Anonymous said...

However, if you don't see snakes but only civil and intelligent people leading the way, then no issues - be a good and obedient slave. It is possible to live like a retard and eat your premium MacDonalds quietly and happily - for now

Anonymous said...

The PAP Ministers are paid a million dollar salary.
Why the hell should I work for free to give ideas and solutions to a PAP Minister?
Why shouldn't I also get paid for serving Singapore?

What's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

Before you can get to the tree, you must first have tea with the snake. During tea, you can make request to the snake to have the tree chopped down.

The snake will then ask you to take a good look at his rattling tail and big fangs.

And then the snake will offer you presents.

Do come back to us with your presents and tell us what lovely time you have.

Anonymous said...

Do come back to us with your presents and tell us what lovely time you have.
February 28, 2017 5:09 pm

No need to wait.
Ask Roy Ngerng, HHH, the blogger Gintai (who was invited to Istana with 9 other bloggers).

Anonymous said...

The Art And Science Of Destroying A Banyan Tree - Part 2

Those are only the methods to destroy a Bayan Tree in general.

In particular, if you are going to destroy The Bayan Tree in the minds of Sinkies, then you must also consider the following:

1. The Bayan Tree is protected by five layers of perimeter fences. The first perimeter fence is guarded by a paraphernalia of surveillance equipment, instruments, robotics and secret police.

2. The second perimeter fence is guarded by a powerful machine that is run by rules, regulations, laws, lawyers, judges and the courts.

3. The third perimeter fence is guarded by an army of shady and invisible minions, cronies and sycophants under the command and control of the Pseudo Tripartite Labor Chief, otherwise known as R M Renfield, The Hunchback Loyal Servant of Count Dracula.

4. The fourth perimeter fence is guarded by Count Dracula, the Most Notorious Blood Sucker and Transformer of normal people into Mini-Draculas through his infectious venom.

5. The fifth inner-most perimeter fence is guarded by none other than the Archangel Lucifer or SATAN.

So, before one can carry out any method of destroying the Bayan Tree, one has to consider the approach. How are you going to get near to the Bayan Tree? Near enough to do the damage, but not too near to get yourself killed before you can even say "AH".

Continues in Part 3.

Anonymous said...

SMRT fined S$400,000 for safety lapses in Pasir Ris accident


Is SMRT 100% owned by the PAP government?
If yes, then is it a case of ownself fine ownself $400,000 ?
Transfer $400,000 from left pocket to right pocket?
Then maybe next year give a grant of $400,000 to SMRT ??

True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

//Transfer $400,000 from left pocket to right pocket?
Then maybe next year give a grant of $400,000 to SMRT ??//

Wat to do??? Sinkies asked for it mahhh. They like to be fucked up the arsehole. Just giving Sinkies wat they want. Don't blame PAP horrr.

Anonymous said...

The Madness in the Political Leadership of Singapore - Part 14

The Madness of Circular Musical Chair Modus Operandi.

SMRT fined $400,000 (money derived from fares paid by public commuters) for safety lapses which resulted in the killing of two SMRT staffs at the Pasir Ris on March 22, 2016. The train operator pleaded guilty to one count of failing to ensure the safety and health of employees, under the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

SMRT could have been charged with Cupable Homicide because, from the Public Prosecutor's evidence, it is clear that the offence committed could have been prevented but neglected for a long period of time, which means it is only a matter of time that such an incident would occur and someone would be killed.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor Anandan Bala said that these were “systemic and prolonged” breaches. “This is not a one-off incident. Here, (the) breach was committed by workmen on the ground and station managers. This was done with approval from Operations Control Centre,” he said.

And while SMRT had taken remedial measures post-incident, the Public Prosecution argued that these measures are not difficult to implement and should have been in place years ago.

SMRT Corporation is a public transport operator incorporated on 6 March 2000, as a result of an industry overhaul to form multi-modal public-transport operators in Singapore. Its rail services began on 7 November 1987. It is the second-largest public-transport company in Singapore after ComfortDelGro. As a holding company listed on the Singapore Exchange between July 2000 to October 2016, it operates bus, rail, taxi and other public-transport services via several wholly owned subsidiaries. In addition, the Group leases commercial and advertising spaces within the transport network it operates and engages in operations and maintenance services, project management and engineering consultancy in Singapore and overseas.

In September 2016, 85% of minority shareholders (about 4,000) voted in favour of a buy-out offer by Temasek Holdings at $1.68/share which will result in delisting from the Singapore Exchange. All its train operating assets worth S$1 billion will also be sold to the government under the Land Transport Authority's new "Rail Financing Framework".

The buy-out was approved by the High Court of Singapore and the last day of trading of SMRT shares was 18 October 2016, with the payout taking place by 1 November 2016.

In Financial Year 2015, its revenue increased to S$1,235.5 million; its Operating income increase to S$120.8 million; its Net income increased to S$91.0 million. It has an estimated 10,000 employees.

It is owned by Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd.

Temasek Holdings Private Limited (or Temasek) is a state-owned holding company that can be characterized as a National Wealth Fund owned by the Government of Singapore. Incorporated in 1974, Temasek owns and manages a net portfolio of S$242 billion as of 31 March 2016). It is an active shareholder and investor, and its portfolio covers a broad spectrum of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, media and technology, transportation and industrial, life sciences, consumer, real estate, as well as energy and resources. Temasek has a multi-national team of over 580 people, in 11 offices globally.

Temasek's only shareholder is Singapore's Ministry of Finance. Temasek is required to abide by international guidelines for sovereign wealth funds. Beginning in 2015, capital gains from Temasek are included in Singapore's government budget, contributing about S$3 billion to the 2015 budget.

Subsidiaries: DBS Bank, Singapore Airlines, CapitaLand, ST Engineering, Singtel, MediaCorp, PSA Corporation, Certis CISCO, SMRT Corporation, Surbana Jurong, Singapore Technologies.

SMRT pays fine $400,000 to Court, the money probably goes to Ministry of Finance, which funds Temasek Holdings, that owns SMRT. So it looks like, right hand pays to left hand, all in the same 'family'?

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong do not know how to respond BBC reporter, stammers: Fastest internet in the world here


/// When asked point-blank about the freedom of speech in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong became totally lost and stammered that Singapore has one of the fastest internet in the world in response.

BBC reporter for programme HardTalk, Stephen Sackur, told the Singapore dictator that a British leader raised concerns that freedom of speech must be considered during bilateral trade talks, and asked him how does the Singapore Prime Minister respond to that. ///


Do you think PM Lee sounds like he is ready to kisten or tolerate "disruptive" opinions?
Watch the 2 minute video and judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PM on free speech and trade

Release date:
27 February 2017


patriot said...


Not sure that those around him are yes or no men.
But he surrounds himself and naybe his family members with security men/bodyguards. How does he
relates and mixes with the People with that kind of protection for himself and maybe his family members.

Look at the Video of him and his wife having meal at the Hawker Centre. Did he or his wife even waved their hands once to the People around. They appeared very aloof and their bodyguards were much worse; looked like ever ready to act against anyone going near the Couple.
Call that people friendly and caring???
My foot does not laugh, it aches in great disappointment.
How can the Chief of the People be so wary of his subjects?
What a shame.


Anonymous said...

He has declared himself and his kind to be Natural Aristocrats. What does it mean? It means he is the King and his wife is the Queen. His children are the prince and princesses. His ministers and other sychophants are the Lords, Dukes and Knights. His body-guards are the minions and attack-dogs, ever-ready to attack anyone who may attempt to get too close. The rest of the citizens are hawkers, drivers, peasants, farmers, commoners and untouchables of no status and position in society. In fact, he has created a caste worse than the Ancient India Caste System, which has six classes. But his system has 12 classes, 8 classes for locals and 4 classes for foreigners.

You can guess what the 12 classes are easily.

patriot said...

Invite dissenters and radicals, if l may suggest so.
do they have to be so courteous and friendly?

l like them to cut off their pretension and acting. Sinkies have got enough of their propaganda and bullshit. They do not feel shameful, however, many of us do.
Why do they have to pretend to be so loving, caring and kind???

Frankly, if they only engage the Netizens in Cyberspace, they shall have access, at no fee and charge, to much
idea and contribution from the People.

Only self claimed knows all
aristocrat and talent are idiots not to have commonsense.

lt also takes courage and
integrity to be honest and sincere.
Beware that commoners can see through pretense and sophistry.


patriot said...

Shameless, honesty, filial piety, trustworthy, benevolent, morality and ethic are the Hallmarks expected of Rulers.

Otherwise Rulers will turn rogue and 害国害民 get the Country and People into trouble and suffering.

Beware of your deed.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new under the Sun. The number of a man is the number of his Sin.

Honesty, filial piety, trustworthiness, benevolent, morality and ethics are your worst enemies in Sin because it gives license to bloody religion or a system of blind and bloody loyalty/slavery/idolatry

benmaven said...

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