Singapore doing all the wrong things

Singapore is still thinking it is doing all the right things and there will still be a prosperous Singapore to celebrate SG100. The writings on the wall are saying everything is failing but some jokers are claiming everything is number 1, we are the best. Has anyone really looked at the things we claim to be the best and know what they are, best in what, best in the wrong things?

Look at education, just a few days ago the ST gloated that Singapore is in the top four ranks for universities by Times Higher Education. Superficially it looked like a big achievement, like the headline 99% passed GCE with at least one pass. What is this fourth ranking about? It is about how many foreign academic staff and how many foreign students in the universities. These are things that can be bought by money. Just keep throwing tax payers money to these foreigners, the more we throw to them, the higher will be the ranking. We can even be number 1, just like throwing money to buy table tennis players and the silly dream of winning the World Cup by buying foreign talents.

And almost daily we have heard gloating about how good our education system is, how great our universities are, only to find that employers did not want their graduates and prefer graduates from third world countries, from dilapidated schools that have poorly qualified and poorly trained teachers that could not boast of having to paying thousands of dollars to get a place in kindergarten or the university.

And the sickest thing of all, everyday harping about training our retrenched workers, many with good degrees and experience and are displaced by third world half baked degrees or degrees from degree mills. The big question, why are these third world country products so super and no need further training, but the best workers from a first world country, spending more than 20 years in formal education to get a degree, supposedly the finest if not the most expensive, and all inept, misfit, mismatch and unworthy to be employed, and need more training, life time training? And third world products are perfect matches and no need any training? Heard of anyone demanding or recommending training for third world products?

Are we doing all the right things or doing all the wrong things but pretending that we are doing all the right things? Stop this silly shit about retraining and retraining when lousy half baked third world pariah education graduates, many not even graduates but fakes, could be happily employed here without the need for retraining.

Stupidity has no cure. Just listen and follow blindly.


Anonymous said...

Yes. We have ministers who have zero business experience telling locals how to do business. Some even try to tell people how to become a hawker. Walou, they are really supper human. Born to know everything on earth. No need retraining or taking further study. Somehow they just know what others must do to hold their jobs. Not their faults but citizens who lost their jibs to the low paying foreigners.

Anonymous said...

You asked......"Are we doing all the right things or
doing all the wrong things but pretending that we are
doing all the right things?".

You actually got the answer mah.

Cannot be WRONG things when 70% had OK-ed!

Wont be surprised if 70% up up to 80% at the next GE!

This is Singapore. Singapore is like that!

In this you-die-your-business society, 3Ms is the most important!

Yes! Stupidity has no cure! Stupidity has no cure!

So......living in Singapore.......be happy and worry less!


virgo49 said...

Who's to shoulder the most Blame???

The Daft Sinkies themselves!!

Why you have these incompetent Ass(es) ruining and running your lives??

Now one see San moh Peng face turncoat go in by the backdoor minister harping that you must embrace multiculturalism. You must embrace the trashes from all nationalities.

Just like America is Great because of their acceptance of all trashes.

Not you see whether they are Great with practically killings,looting, burning of their own properties every day.

See how some with their principles even enduring hardships staying in foreign land and passed away with dignity and honour still believing in their principles rather than being brought over and let people cursed them everyday even into their future generations.

Soon what happening to the Americunts would be repeating here in sinking land.

And they kept telling you be calm and putting on.a brave front which they know is not the case.

Palau Batu Puteh return to Matland will wipe the smiles off their faces.

Anonymous said...

All these S-kill future, upgrading courses retraining here there, gahmen agencies for job fairs here there r all wayang only. These r cheap sites for employers to exploits & recruit cheaperer ex-retrenched, unemployed, underemployed people to join them at depressed wages when the FTs r paid more cos they r betterer, fasterer & cheaperer without NS liabilities. The local Sinkies r undercut, some (54 ppl) were sacked in the name of poor performances that the employers can saved monies, pregnant women r also 'compelled' to resign after coming back from maternity leave...( in the end many become uber or grab taxi drives, cleaners, screwty ..).. A pathetic state of labor plight in Sinkieland & yet 70% dafts Sinkies voted the Papies ( due to no oppo wan to take gahmen role)

Anonymous said...

No! No! No! Singapore is not doing the wrong things!

Look at the salaries of our ministers, how can they do the wrong things!

Dont play play! Our growth may be low but still growth!

If we want higher growth, pay the ministers more! Motivate them with higher pays, greater bonuses and other extras!

Worth considering!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I don't know if you have diagnosed depression, or this morning woke up in a fucked up mood.

Sure, there are 'problems' and issues which need to be addressed in every situation, in every cuntry, in every organisation, in every relationship. That's life lah....fixing stuff which needs fixing.

Singaporeans begrudgingly pay their very expensive government lots of money to 'fix stuff' and make sure the Island Hotel chugs along efficiently.

Most of the time, The Island Hotel works so well, you can take things for granted.

So I don't really "get it" why people bitch and moan about Singapore. To me the place is AWESOME and ROCKS 24/7. If you behave with discretion, and don't attract untoward attention, you can do ANYTHING you fucking like here...

...And pay low taxes (or not pay any at all🤡 ). What some more you wan?🙄 KOTEK!

Anonymous said...

Daft could not see that the game is over. Game over is just around the corner.

patriot said...

Dare l declare that Mr Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean has presciently and accurately deciphered the Fate Of Sin.

l just like to say that obviously sin(moral) shall
naturally ends where it deserves. Sin is morally reprehensible when deeds are unconscionable and condemnable.
Sin may not be crime, however, it could be worse than crime and usually so.

There are conceitedness and aloofness in the Sin Leadership. The Consequence of such traits in the Leadership shall ONLY lead
Sin to a natural end that befits it.


Anonymous said...

How you think of what Sin City looks like depends on what concerns you. Ministers and their loyal supporters here want to hold on to what they have and do nothing hard to keep their rice bowls will tell you hey you are in heaven still making noise like barking.

Some like the ministers kinda jobs just talk talk, foreigners create jobs for you sinkies, 10 millions population, 8 to 9 billions Foreign Direct Investment can create sufficient jobs for all the 5.9 millions population now. You have the brains? You need to observe and verify if foreigners did create jobs for you in office, if Sin city can occupy 10 millions population, if 8 billions FDI can create "sufficient" jobs including those PR and Citizens.

If the FDI can materialize, there are new jobs. If the FDI cannot come in, where are the jobs?
It seems the oil and marine industries are needing public funds to keep them going. Such companies can create jobs?

The listed retailers are losing more than 6 millions dollars, can they keep employing?
Go to tourist spots to see for yourself, will you want to start a shop? If you have family debts to pay, you are not likely the one. Dont start new shops, can create jobs? At least for yourself.

Its indeed, something is very wrong. The one in charge will claim their excellent policy created lots of investment here. You better verify on the ground. Who are the countries can come here to invest in office, shops, factories? All most the major ones need to keep a distance to this little dot, not to talk about throwing money into the Sin city. Show me where foreign investments are please? Want jobs? The civil service hires indians to help create jobs for citizens. Indians cannot use Office software, as graduates, while citizens schools kids can do. Its an organization need tidy up. Remember some TC needs cpib helps? That same problem was highlighted years ago that TC gm cannot be contractor manager. They did the exact thing.
Sin City needs a good lesson: falling down hard on the ground to feel the pain. Then vote wisely. The answer is: let it falls. The hardest the better. Make it 99.99%.

Anonymous said...

Matilar u looking from the sg sex availability perspective lar. A lot of things don't work like education that Rb talk about, the mrt issues, cpf, Heathcare etc if u are looking at sex, yes everything is available here from white chicken to Asia varieties even some black chickens too. So for u it works but for most it does not.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity has no cure.

Tiok. And too bad, Sinkies are stupid. Even more stupid than the PAP leaders.

If not, why the Sinkie opposition cannot be stronger and better than the ruling party PAP, and whose leaders are doing stupid things like what RB wrote in this post?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really pengsan when I read a report in the ST that Sin is signing an agreement with a Scandinavian country to conduct R&D on the shipping industry for us, as the advisor. What this means is that we are not developing any expertise in the shipping industry and forever depending on other countries to do the thinking for us. What happened to our old timers, driving taxis or becoming security guards?

Scandinavian countries may have a long maritime tradition. But we have two generations of maritime experience as well, and more if we are to include the colonial days. And the turkey that is going to provide the expertise is someone born in the last 40 or 50 years like any turkey here.

What these turkeys know and their personal experience would be not much different than our turkeys, ruling out the generals that were parachuted into the industry. Our experience maritimers, within the same age group would have chalked up the same number of years of experience. But best, many of the foreign turkeys are younger and regarded as better.

How not to sink into the third world if after two generations you are still depending on other countries to teach you how to eat rice? The analogy can be applied to every profession, even in the military, fighter pilots etc etc.

The young general or young pilot would be as experienced and have the number of years in uniform like our young general or young pilot. What makes them better? A bit of tradition and SOPs of history. But the real skills are the man himself. 10 years as a general is 10 years experience, training and wisdom. 10 years as a pilot is 10 years of flying skill. Unless they are flying super monster aircraft, combat experience that you don't have. If the training os similar, what is the difference? Ang moh tua kee?

A 40 year old FT graduate from the same university cannot be better than a daft Sin graduate from the same university, same age and scoring all the As.

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Ya, just like Trump, one week in office and regarded as the expert and knows all to know everything about government and how to make America great again.

One month in political office and starts to recommend all kinds of changes, acting like an expert.

Anonymous said...

Correction Anno 11.08. He acts like a tyrant. No regards for law and no respect for his predecessor. If not checked, he can be the next Hitler.

Anonymous said...

If Sin has predominantly china Chinese, it will be a Chinese nation. If Sin has predominantly Indians, it will be an Indian nation. If Sin has predominantly Japanese people, it will be a Japanese nation. But Sin was not pure in her birth. She is a bastard nation. A gov who "marries" foreigner wives or people and bear bastard children. Then it attempts to unite bastrad people with Sin's unique laws.

Try marrying Malay with a Chinese. Something got to give way or die. Go tell the Chinese to go to hell. Go tell the Japanese to go be die lah.Try lah.

They will say...fuck you bastard

Anonymous said...

"Sin is signing an agreement with a Scandinavian country to conduct R&D on the shipping industry "
RB 10:53am
I think signing with a china company will tell better, as Sin city will be greatly affected by the ports at Malacca and Port Klang developed by China.

Sin city seemed to be in panic mode. In UK news paper on line, the main media sponsored a news on the where about of former Hg mp living in Myannmar. The publicity of 4th for NUS did not specified it was 4th in Asia by Time ranking only. For English speaking university ranking, China s Tsinhua or others top institutions were never ranked first in Asia, though they could shoot space laboratory successfully.

1 of the big gun was in a marine company as strategist in top management. That company s strategy is in trouble and trenching 10k staff. If current batch of sitting ministars are reliable to lead Sin city, men on street can do better jobs because people in business are the real experience in managing the economy. From army propelled to top management in stat companies are proven to be formula for failures. Ship companies sold, beer companies sold, now left with Telco not sold, airline not sold to foreigners. Sin city is heading south, it is confirmed when China manages the Malacca and KL ports. 80% of china ships will not harbor at Sin city port. What can the ang mor survey for? Sell the port to China could be the next move.

Anonymous said...

Sin is building a high tower for high people. People who are drawn to the high life and will do anything to climb to great heights including killing each other.

Anonymous said...

The US Centralized Education, introduced and implemented by the Obama Administration, has gone to the dogs.

The Centralized System allowed the government to do whatever it wants, most probably for indoctrination purposes and some side-kick issues. But it does not give the people (parents and students, principals and teachers) the lee-way to be creative, innovative and inventive. They don't have the flexibility to choose which school to go; no flexibility to choose which stream to go; no flexibility to decide on a certain career path; and so on.

Singapore's Centralized Education "NO-System" System, free-for-all Ministers to experiment, and controlled by the Ministry of Experiments, is worse than the US's Obama's Screw-Up Education System.

How can a country, or city, have schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities that "train" would-be job-seekers for the local job market churn out "misfits" and "mismatches" and as a result employers only solution is to get more and more foreigners to fill the jobs?

Moreover, foreigners who attended the same schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities as locals, on a free-loader scheme, are guaranteed jobs immediately after they graduated! This is absurdity to the highest order!

Experienced local PMETs have to become taxi drivers and security guards, while inexperience fleshly graduated newbies from 3rd World kampongs can get their jobs and replace them! This is another absurdity in the highest order!

When you have stupid morons with robotic minds at the top, absurdities become a best in the world scholastic past-time.

Really, agree with RB, stupidity has no cure!

Anonymous said...

You are holding the people together by a very thin thread. The threat of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are coming. So clever people from the school of the dead old man open the gates to Indians hoping to dilute the invading identity and make it milkier - neither black nor white, a stupid DNA?

Anonymous said...

All these laws and policies are thought out by highly educated people.

Your trust in them must be absolute or be sued and thrown in jail.

So don't think. Let them think. So what are you? Brain dead? All your children brain dead? A nation of stupid people? Who wants to be like you? Live in million dollar HDB(many in debts) but fucking brain dead

Anonymous said...

Experienced local PMETs have to become taxi drivers and security guards, while inexperience fleshly graduated newbies from 3rd World kampongs can get their jobs and replace them!
The Dragon Fly 12:10 pm

Not all experienced local PMETs have to become taxi drivers and security guards lah. Only a minority, maybe 30% or less.

Majority (at least 70%) still have their jobs as PMETs. If not, how could PAP have got 70% votes in the last election, assuming those who become taxi drivers and security guards did not vote for PAP?

You cannot expect 100% of Sinkie PMETs, whether experienced or not, to have their jobs as PMETs, tio bo? Can you expect 100% of voters to vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

To that end, Singapore will have to go beyond focusing on economic growth and take care of everyone in Singapore. “This is the reason why we must make sure the fruits of our growth is fairly distributed… this is also the reason why that for those who have been successful in this globalized world, it is our responsibility to ensure that we reach out and take care of those who might be less successful,” said Mr Chan.

Above true or not? True, get volunteers to clean up full of bed bugs oldies dying alone

Anonymous said...

Be careful who you call liars. People got license to kill are not murderers, understand?

Anonymous said...

He also stressed Singapore’s policy of meritocracy, where as long “as you are capable, so long as you are hardworking, you will have every chance to rise to the very top”. “That you do not need to worry that your progress in life will be hindered by your race, language or religion,” he added.

Lie or truth?

Anonymous said...

Singapore also supports a stable, open and inclusive international order underpinned by the rule of law. This is why Singapore has supported China’s development and integration to the world order and pushed for several bilateral projects with China, such as the Suzhou Industrial Park, the Tianjin Eco-city and the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative, he added.

Lie it truth?

Anonymous said...

"inexperience fleshly graduated newbies from 3rd World kampongs can get their jobs and replace them"

U imagine when u bought a "made in singapore" product?
That is what a pap big gun said: foreigner create jobs for locals.

1 indian FT pmet looking stood next to a stand at Sim Lim sq. There was words "mad in singapore". The product was a router wifi. I thought i should be loyal, so i mad in singapore. I kenna at night. The wifi router could not installed on win7.
Called up the manufacturer at UBI Cresent. The pinoy accent men kept saying i was wrong in this that. I brought the whole package to the factory at UBI. It was a 100% pinoy workplace. No chinese citizen seen on that floor. The pinoys talked takalog among themselves. Could not show me how it work on their own computer. That was the "mad in singapore" product.

The product brand had a sound of "z". When I see this brand or "mad in Singapore" i would reject the products since then.

Can citizens imagine how the "3rd world foreigners first" policy spoiled the names of those established brands in Singapore. Any one with a bad experience will never want to support "mad in singapore". I swear will not support it. Not only that, I swear not to vote for the team that enable 3rd world foreigners to spoil the reputation of singapore.

Unfortunately, there are still many insisting on the "3rd world foreigners first" policy makers to take charge. It takes time to learn the hard way for sinkies. May be another 50 years are required to see Sin city become the present city like Lebanon. It used to be a financial hub at middle east. Present Lebanon may be the future Sin city, irrelevant and run down with lots of 3rd world refugees.

Anonymous said...

Live in a Sin, dies in Sin

Anonymous said...

In a land where only one man can call everyone a liar, your children better get good grades, wearing blindfold, for sucking up to that man

Anonymous said...


worry not worry not.......

we are the best......

look at our leaders.......

they are world best.......

so worry not worry not.......

like they say.....船到桥头自然直.........


virgo49 said...

Now we have a Law Minister who said that the Pedra Blanca claim by the Malaysians does not hold any water on the ground that he is speaking without legal advice.

Law Minister does not even have a grain of what the law is??

Just like saying an Army General who does not even know the basics of how the forces work??

Everything also consult professionals in every field.

That's why MISMATCHED! !

Anonymous said...

To anon 1.02pm
I know Azxxxx brand. I have 4 ipcams from them years back. The old version is VERY reliable. Its on for 24x7 for five years still working. The newer model broke down after a year. I bought 2nd hand anothrr of the older model, its very good 2 years not fail still.
Yes they are a filiipino company it seemd. Its fake Singapore company, perhaps put a sg face for show at high level, just easy job.
However, i would say their service is 1st class. I went to their office twice on the camera issue. Even the girl at the desk is an expert at the camera. I thought she was receptionist, but no, she knows the hardware and can talk shop, and she double as receptionist, she solved 90% of my problem on the spot, gave a practical demo at her desk, which was equipped. This is super productive!! Also, it is the only company i know who calls you back after you make a call to them and no one at the desk. It is unusual for a company to do that as caller ID is not usually logged to PABX Extension phones. The engineer there is very patient and polite, twice they troubleshoot my problem completely via remote login sofware (Teamworker Apps), In summary Singapore company can never provide such excellent service, despite my being Singaporean. ASHAMED.

Anonymous said...

I thought Aztech died out long time ago?? Died even earlier than Creative Tech. Even back in the early 1990s, those Aztech & Creative products are NOT really made in S'pore --- at most only assembled in S'pore. Mostly made in China. Now the only thing made in S'pore is the price tag that the peenoi & Burmese staff stick onto the box. Even so-called Swiss-made watches are no longer 100% made in Switzerland --- many big-brand companies outsource components to China or Eastern Europe factories. Only a handful of Swiss companies still stick to 100% Swiss-created, manufactured, assembled, tested watches --- easily only 5 or 6 companies.

Anonymous said...

Aztech? Wasn't it the same boss who also went into the roast meat business?

Electronics and roast meat for the same company? Hahahahaha. Together sure can make money one.

Anonymous said...

Axxxx did not die totally. They probably struggling to live, and a year or so back they start to sell Azxxxx rice cookers and other low tech home appliances and almost stop new developments of their product line of internet products. Eventually sure die one. Creative also damn susah, after SimWH run out of ideas, die liao.
Singapore samasama. After Lky all die, his son bodoh, see problem only, first one to siam, see good news, he splash smiling budda face everywher in the 154th prostituted media shits.
Just take example. The recent culling of 4 or 5 chicken unnecessarily can be resolved easily, give a call and sack or demote the staff responsible so simole cannot do how to fight with china. He allow no accountability system and deeply poisoned our working ethos. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Even back in the early 1990s, those Aztech & Creative products are NOT really made in S'pore --- at most only assembled in S'pore.
3:10 pm

Tiok. Nothing is made in Singapore from scratch, even in the early days (1970s or early 80s) where we have production operators and mass volume manufacturing, eg hard disks.

Singapore is never known to be strong in engineering or manufacturing. It was just assembly, testing, packaging and repair. Now even these are disappearing because we simply cannot compete with China and other 3rd world countries which can do it just as good, and much cheaper.

rex said...
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rex said...
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Anonymous said...

Its ok if you hv home grown company, whereby product designed by Singapoream, manufacturing in china, we can still feel proud. Creative Tech was one such company but "game over" too bad.
Aztec internet cams and router, i bet my last dollar, Singaporean did not design it. Our education system does not churn out creative people, it produces robots and suppresses dissent.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans not as lousy as perceived la.
Got creative and innovative folks in Sin also la.
Blade-less fans and vacs, sexily designed and super expensive. Reliability is a problem though as they do not last. Not worth the money.
Similar products cost less than half in prices at Vietnam and China.

Anonymous said...

You are kidding me. Bladeless fan was invented by Dyson in 2009. Ang mo, British i think. The last truly Singapore invention was the soundblaster card in the 1970s from simWH who got a patent for it and did very well, but he's all dried up liao. To invent and create and market something need industry backing, especially those who supply the parts,and we dont even have any industry of our own. Our university claimed to have build and designed a satellite which they somehow launched it some years ago, and CNA ran a video showing the Terrex were design and made in Singapore. But we cant even make a chery Q small car and we build Terrex? Just Google and you find that Turkey company was involved. I think Sg was chosen to buikd the Terrex because no war here safe to build. Likewise, that satellite had American hand involvement. Donald Trump word FAKE applies to EVERYTHING in Singapore inckuding the "democracy". Lky started well but the country is RUINED by his useless son.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is made in Singapore that lasted so long is the Dictatorship of the PAP! It may last another 50 years, if Sinkies remain daft, robotic, subservient and cowardly.

b said...

Sinkies talents will be completely submerged in this papist island because they hated talents. Schooling will not be olympic champion if he has stayed in this island following the footsteps of many other who finished his primary, secondary, jc and ns. Papist rather spent money on some china gals instead of Schooling. Papist has phobia of locals talents because they are too afraid they will lose power. Trump will grab their pussies.

b said...

Naturally, under papist system, many are being turned into pussies that they will not vote for opposition and stay as serfs in this island and complaining forever.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE - Homegrown sound card maker Creative Technology has posted yet another lacklustre quarter but saw some improvement.

It recorded a net loss of US$2.7 million (S$3.8 million) for the third quarter, a 22 per cent improvement compared with last year's US$3.4 million loss.

Sales for the three months to June 30 declined 8 per cent over last year to US$21.2 million.

Anonymous said...

/// Are we doing all the right things or doing all the wrong things but pretending that we are doing all the right things? ///

Uncle redbean Sir.
The bitter truth boils down to just this:


Yes, "stupidity has no cure".
There is also no cure for the "SINGAPOREAN COWARDICE" that has been built into the national psyche.

Anonymous said...

/// SINGAPORE - Homegrown sound card maker Creative Technology has posted yet another lacklustre quarter but saw some improvement. ///

If Sim Wong Hoo had sold his shares at the height of the NASDAQ tech boom.
He would have been a billionaire.
And he can run road just like our JLB Millionaires living on Singaporean taxpayer's money.

Anonymous said...

To anon 6.06,
It's not about the money. So what if you are multi millionaire or billionaire. Simwh is rich enough, i understand he is humble man, not greedy for infinite wealth like Lxx. Singaporeans respect him and i think he cherishes it, i believe his heart is broken because the company is no longer producing creative goods and high demand products. Selling out and making billions is not going to make Simwh happy. A failed once-great Singapore company, and no successful other Singapore company after him, leaves a sorrow no billions $$ could relieve. No, i know, Simwh is a good Singaporean not merely looking for billions like our jiakliaobee zero productivity fake politicians who make a living repeating motherhood worn out statements with no idea or will to do anything creative for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ February 06, 2017 6:23 pm

I agree with you.
I'm old enough to remember our Singaporean values when PM LKY was surrounded by his old guards.

But things change. Humans beings change.
And leaders are human beings.
So when you have a new leader, you have new values.

I still believe Simwh should have sold his Creative shares.
With a billion dollars cash.
And being a younger (and creative) man then.
He could have re-invented himself and started a new company in a new industry.
Maybe he would then have been in a better position to help Singaporeans now.

If we think PAP are not creative-entrepeurial people.
Then is it not madness to expect PAP to be able to build and nurture any new creative-entrepreneurial culture in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

What to expect when even a dr innovation was being copied by a gahmen agency? Even with IP law also can't protect them. Think that Sim Jong Who knew this, whatever craps that u created ultimately it's being copied by the gahmen or some big mnc organizations...even if u sue them & get back the monies also no used ( u waste time & monies)..think that Sim knew that that's why he went overseas ( is he in China? ..maybe helping them to be creative..Sinkie also lost a talent bcos last time a scholar of EDBee see Sim no up & give him some small amount of monies as start up capital ( wao heard that this scholar also said to Sim he can't find computer with sound got any market..but Sim prove him wrong!) ..see this is a problem of book smart scholar..

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7.07
It is accepted that new leaders hv new values. But the Pink genes originate from a very good quality DNA. Most importantly is the INTOLERANCE OF INCOMPETENCE, which Pink missed totally. Wheras a sexed up MP get the sack,quickly, other completely non performing duds thrive, and many allow deadly errors under their watch (think Bejamin suucide case) pkus unimaginable incompetence the results of whichbthey turn a blind eye to. The tragedy of this is there is no more value in being creative or being Fair, its irrelevant in the Pink environment. All the enjoyment of riches can be obtained the easy way by total subservience and repetition of previous speeches, just dont get caught in private flirts, and 前途无限. 20+ years in this deplorable state, Sg is doomed. The choice between AhMu and Sxx was the last chance and it was not taken up.Sad.

Anonymous said...

Anon: @ February 06, 2017 8:11 pm

While I agree with you.
In a democracy.
We are given the chance to choose a leader who represents our Singaporean values.
We have chosen Pinky to represent our Singaporean values.
Not once, but twice.

Pinky is just a reflection of ourselves and our values.

To use a recent example.
We stood by and did nothing while a 17 year old blogger got jailed and also remanded at IMH.
Did we not give our approval of this treatment by our silence?

"The tragedy of this is there is no more value in being creative or being Fair, its irrelevant in the Pink environment."
- the real tragedy is that we voted for this
- not once but twice
- what makes us think there would not be a 3rd time?

rex said...
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Anonymous said...

Nonsense, how can pinky be a reflection of our values.
You probably mean the values of the 60% who voted pap.
Even so, those who voted pap, i suspect half are civil servants wanting to maintain rice bowl, the other half are uneducated ah peks who sit in a well poisined by sph publication's. These group values are not necessarily aligned to pink. As for supporting Amos, he is a rascal, a liar, an ingrate, and a dumb fxxx, its got nothing to do with pink. At first i supported him but as events unfolded everything pap did to that is ok with me. It does not mean i hv same value as pink if i dont like that kid.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ February 06, 2017 9:17 pm

I sincerely hope you are right.
I really want you to be right.
I really hope I'm wrong about my fellow Singaporeans.

This quote is credited to the American CIA:
"Once is an accident.
Twice is a coincidence.
Three times, it's a conspiracy."

Anonymous said...

Be careful when serpents talk about values.it is like selling candies to children. How do you suppose religions are so successful?

Nobody buys into anything bad. Sell love, peace and prosperity and you will be as rich as pastor Joseph prince - even the devil would approve

Anonymous said...

Slice Stone Age time, many people put on a costume to say they are messangers from the god then fleece the people for money or women for sex. So be very careful

Anonymous said...

I believe in meritocracy.
I believe in unity regardless of race, language or religion.
I believe in a democracy based on justice and prosperity.

Do you think I can become rich selling such values in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Multimillionaire ministers and civil servants have been richly rewarded

Anonymous said...

Good values will damn all of you morons, the irony.

Anonymous said...

A blind, unquestioning belief in the salesman selling such values will damn all of us morons.
No irony.
Just an ironclad guarantee.

Anonymous said...

How many Sinkies
believe there is
Sg 100 ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anon: @ February 06, 2017 8:11 pm

While I agree with you.
In a democracy.
We are given the chance to choose a leader who represents our Singaporean values.
We have chosen Pinky to represent our Singaporean values.
Not once, but twice.

Pinky is just a reflection of ourselves and our values.

You chose him, voted for him as PM? Nay, it is his peers that chose him to be the PM. Only the people of AMK voted for him to become an MP, not to become a PM. Singaporeans need to get this clear. Singaporeans did not vote/choose their PM.

The closest you get to vote for a leader is the elected President. Even that is a lie because they pre select who they want for you to elect. They excluded other Singaporeans from the list for election. So you think you elect who to be your president or you elect who they chose to be the president. They chose the president for you and tell you the president is elected by you. Daft?

Anonymous said...

RB, you are right. Leaders are chosen by the "first cause" established by the "Father of lies".

All hail to S.A. Tan

Anonymous said...

A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope. The pope is considered by Roman Catholics to be the apostolic successor of Saint Peter and earthly head of the Roman Catholic Church.The conclave has been the procedure for choosing the pope for almost a thousand years, and is the oldest ongoing method for choosing the leader of an institution.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the religion of Sin. People like Kong Hee will always have a place in power because they preach about the abundant life, and the purported holy values, you lust for.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean Sir @ February 07, 2017 8:33 am

Yes. You are right.
Not to argue but to help us Singaporeans clarify our 51 years of PAP mental fog.

1. The PAP members chose or elected among themselves ... the Singaporean Prime Minister

2. But who chose the PAP members who then had the power to choose the Prime Minister?
a. If redbean wants to join PAP, how does he go about doing it?
b. Does redbean go to PAP Office to ask for a membership form to fill up?
c. Who approves redbean's membership application?
d. Even if redbean's PAP membership was approved on 1st Dec 2014, does redbean get a vote to help choose PAP's Prime Minister?

What am I getting at?
The Catholic Pope is elected by his cardinals.
But who chooses the Cardinals who have the power to elect the Pope?

Anonymous said...

The Man of Sin

Anonymous said...

If you can understand how religion works, you are half way there in understanding how PAP stayed in power.

Anonymous said...

Just take a leaf from Kong Hee. No matter what nonsense comes out of his actions and words, there will be die hard educated idiots who will kill for him to stay in power.

Welcome to the original Sin.

Anonymous said...

How not to love the Pope?(ask the millions of Catholics)

But is he good for the world? Will he be able to bring peace on earth when political powers are mirrored after the church?