Najib behaving like Aquino

The assassination of Kim Jong Nam in KLIA is turning out to be another big farce and Najib is looking like another Aquino in the making while Malaysia is looking like South Korea during the sinking of a South Korean warship Choenan.

The Kim Jong Nam case should be a criminal case where a person was killed in Malaysian soil and the Malaysian authority should go through the due process of their law to investigate the case, try to apprehend the culprits. The body after autopsy should be returned to the next of kin or the country claiming it. This is the first time that I have heard of the demand for the victim's DNA as precondition for the release of the body. What if no DNA is produced, is Malaysia going to set up a cold store to keep all the dead bodies of foreigners? What is so difficult to return the body to the next of kin, or is the Malaysian authority having doubt of the dead person's identity? What is Malaysia hoping to gain or what game is Malaysia playing by making it so difficult to return a dead body after autopsy has been done?

Now this has been turned into a political row between Malaysia and North Korea, from friends to foes so unnecessarily. What is Malaysia up to? Is Malaysia acting under instruction from some outside parties to make things difficult to the North Koreans? If so, how is it going to benefit Malaysia except to be seen as another puppet of some outside powers?

The way the Malaysians went about arresting so many Koreans is not funny. Imagine the resources put in to cover this case involving a foreigner that has nothing to do with Malaysia other than a crime being committed in Malaysian soil? Even those not North Koreans arrested, an Indonesia and a Vietnamese seemed so questionable. Ok, the Indonesian has admitted that she was part of the team that attacked Kim Jong Nam. What about the Vietnamese woman? She did not look a bit like the woman in white T with the LOL logo on it. It is so obvious that they were completely two different people. Today's paper reported that a photo of the Vietnamese woman was posted in her blog with the LOL Tshirt. Is this an after thought that the two women did not look alike so need further proof to convince the public that they were the same person?

And the story of how Kim was killed kept flipflopping, from injected by needle to splashing water on him and then a video clip of a woman covering Kim's face from behind with a towel. Or the latest, they wiped his face with their hands covered with poison. What is the truth?

And so many cctv clips were shown on the news. Accepted that some were old clips of Kim. But the few that were supposed to be of Kim Jong Nam during the incident showed him wearing dark blue jacket and then light blue jacket. And there were reports claiming that the video showed him stumbled to the check in counter and some said he walked calmly to the check in counter after the incident.

Finally the Malaysian authority admitted that they did not know the cause of his death. The poison theory is yet to be confirmed as no known poison was detected. Malaysia also refused to have a joint investigation or let the North Koreans in to at least witness how they investigated the case, just like the case of Choenan.

Just like the Choenan case, all the fingers were pointing at the North Koreans as the culprits with evidence as well. In the Choenan case the South Koreans even fabricated parts with writings from the North Koreans only to be proven false and the case was dropped and closed.

Would there be fabrication of evidence to show that the North Koreans were guilty and subsequently the whole case fall flat like the Choenan case when preliminary evidence and allegations were all against the North Koreans?

The biggest joke in this case would be that the victim is not Kim Jong Nam but someone else. Cannot rule this out if the Malaysians are asking for DNA to prove that it is him.

Talking about fake news, fake reports, false flags and conspiracy? What is this case all about?


Anonymous said...

Hi dude
Kim J Nam was killed by VX gas poison. This type of poisonous gas was used in 50s war for mass killing. UN classified it as Mass destruction weapon.

How did the women get this kind of gas to kill the subject?
The only source is N Korea. This kind of poison is not avaialbel at super mar lah.

The 2 women did a pro job from the videos cctv, within 2.8 seconds, spray was done, with one held the Nam s neck and pulled him backwards while spraying. The particles hits the eyes nose and face. This Nam was slow, he should have rush to toilet or ask for distilled water to wash his face. But he went to seek medical help.

The reaction of poison starts from skins. Nam is not army trained lah. Should go NS in saf to learn some knowledge mah.

Anonymous said...

That's why the missing air plane that went 'yilang' or disappeared from Matland's radar bout 2-3 years ago till now still can't find, only bits & pieces here & there...can't rely on Matland alone to solve the mystery Lah...who know 1 day a 'Kim J N' appear from mo where & said "hello I still alive la"..

Anonymous said...

Suspect Cheena is behind Matland. Cheena is upset because Nam was under their protection all these years. This is a slap on their face for failure to prevent the murder this time round. The LOL girl captured by CCTV really did not matched that of FB. Really interesting to find out the truth behind all these. But looking at MH370, perhaps the ending will be similar.

Anonymous said...

The whole incident, from the very beginning until now, is still under Police Investigation.

It is the rule of law, that when a criminal case such as a murder is under investigation, nobody in any authority or official capacity - not the police, not the investigators, not the courts, not the Home Affairs Ministry people, not the Foreign Affairs people, especially not the Prime Minister or his Deputies - should voluntarily or questioned by reporters / public give any information or facts of the case that will jeopardize the investigation or spread rumor-mongering throughout the whole wide world.

What has been happening is all against the rule of law. All cautions have been thrown to the wind. Something is very suspicious, obviously. Why are so many conflicting and unsubstantiated bits and pieces of information and/or speculations being dished out to the public by all the parties involved?

This case is another MH 370 Fiasco!

I will write another article on my "Reality vs False News and False Hopes" series. Just be patient. I need to get something confirmed first. Please wait.

Anonymous said...

4:35, 4:43pm
Those uniform groups over the sea causeway were the ones discovered one little dot spent on the largest man hunt in history: he was either inside sinkieland or outside, one bright wise man said so.
The cctv was screening only parts on tv, anyone knows there are other cctv captured better images from better angles. Can get the identity wrong? If wrong, then the uniform groups are useless. Identifying and matching criminal images u think is like using your eyes and say yes or no? U are the one needs to have LOL. Even if naked eyes to check, there are more than one pairs. Not probable to be wronged.

Anonymous said...

Link 1mdb and you will understand and no questioning required.

Anonymous said...

Very surprised to read Rb's post. Regarding the withhold body and DNA issue, i think its not wrong. Current record as Malaysia said, shows the dead man name is Kim Choi,as per passport record. The police has no evidence that he is " kim jnam.". Just because he looked like Jnam, doesnt prove he is Jnam. So asking for DNA to identify the man is not wrong!
I think this is crime committed in malaysia public space, not embassy ground. The Malaysian police has full rights to investigate in whatever way deemed neceesary to bring justice for the dead man. I really cannot understand rb this time, weird guy.

Anonymous said...

Rb you are wrong, you said quote
What is so difficult to return the body to the next of kin, or is the Malaysian authority having doubt of the dead person's identity
Of course it is difficult. Without dna check, anyone can claim to be a relative. If it is local death, identty card checks in the local database can establish n.o.k. validity.but for foreigner, DNa check makes sense.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Realities vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 7F

Reality of ASEAN 6 - Laos' Relation With China - Part 1

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In Dec 2016, Laotian Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith met with President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. President Xi said, "This year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties. Laos is our good neighbor, friend, brother, and partner. Our relationship has surpassed the common bilateral ties. I am grateful for the support from Laos in terms of China's core interests. The China-Laos cooperation has not only brought benefits for the people of our two countries, but also contributed to regional peace and stability. China and Laos should make joint efforts to establish a community of common destiny and benefit the people of both sides. Out two countries should jointly push forward the Belt and Road Initiative and enhance cooperation in areas including production capacity, energy, economic cooperation zone and infrastructure."

Premier Thongloun replied, "This is my first visit to China after becoming the Prime Minister. The warm welcome of China is a great encouragement for me to fulfill my duty. Laos deems China as an important force to safeguard regional peace and stability, and would like to enhance coordination and coperation with China in international affairs."

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Anonymous said...

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Inevitably, Laos has become a capitalist communism! Reality overtakes ideology and idealism!

Anonymous said...

Najib waiting for Aussie PM to call and tell him who did it.

When the answer is too obvious, start thinking.

Anonymous said...

'The Indonesian diplomat added that Siti was introduced to people who “looked like Japanese or Koreans” and they gave her RM400 (US$90) to play her part in the "reality show programme". "Their names are James and Chang. That’s it. I think she didn’t know the real names of those two persons," said Mr Erwin.' CNA

Siti could be the lead to the real culprits. Japanese or Koreans, James and Chang, reality show, are some of the leaks to work on.

Anonymous said...

Why would a very rich playboy be found in a budget airline terminal?
The mannerism of the victim was quite unlike the self assured Kim Jong Nam who was bulkier and more heavily set. The hair style of the victim too did not fit that of KJN.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting redbean to defend his incomprehensible attack on the malaysian authorities 817 and 8:25 posts refer please. Also from this and previous postings, he chinleng is extremely pro DPRK. Seriously does he believe the VX was planted by non Dprk people to frame jongUn?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am just being sceptical about the whole incident. You buggers reading the western media and simply believed everything they said.

If the case is so simple for simple minded people to understand, then it does not worth guessing. Espionage and conspiracy will make it so clear who the is the guilty one but often the guilty one is not what they are made out to be.

Wait till the truth is out, like the blowing out of Choenan, if you can remember what it was all about.

Who assassinated President Park Chung Hee? North Koreans?

I don't take things at face value, and never trust the media.

Anonymous said...

You hv a point in not believing the media, however the specific argument you used as i showed you in the two posts mentioned, is not convincing, and you failed to tackle my logic.. you just ignored.
Let me suggest a better argument. The original Malaysia report said the man died of heart attack. Why this was changed? What about the announcement of poisoned needle, this one from south korea or malaysia.
I fancy you thought Donald Trump killed jongnam, since you compared najib to aquino. Obama maybe, but i dont think trump's cia killed nam. Trump is not interested in this track at least for now.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are jumping to all kinds of conclusions. Good thinking.
I rather wait till the water subside and the truth is out.

You think anyone at this point in time knows the truth? Or you know the truth?

Anonymous said...

Water would not subside dang gu gu . Maybe 100 years later, the secrecy will be declassified together with MH370 case.
I wonder why the international journalists even russia, did not ask the malaysian police chief, why did Malaysia police say at first, it was heart attack that killed nam? Only the north Korea ambasasador raised this, nobody even discuss on youtube!!!
Because of above, The change of story to "VX" IS SUSPICIOUS. Does Malaysia hv technology to identify VX.? It is a highly classified material, a weapon of mass destruction. how come Malaysia so clever can isolate VX molecules in their lab? Its not like go to school lab red litmus go blue is alkali, not so easy!

Anonymous said...

Who has VX? NK, Japan, USA? Who has the biggest stockpile of VX?
Yes, why Malaysia so clever knew it is VX, who tipped Malaysia?
The devil is looking so innocent.

The more obvious is a highly political case like this, the more one must be wary and be suspicious. The devil is standing right there and all the fingers are pointing at the devil but not one is looking at the 'innocent looking'angel.