Budget reading – A path to self destruct

The few key words about budget are raising fees or taxes, grants, safety nets, rebates etc are words related to a welfare mentality and are not sustainable. Where are these money coming from, our reserves? Where do our reserves come from, CPF savings?

Just the thought of a 30% increase in water fees can become a nightmare to many households. To those that are earning millions, what is a few dollars more? To those who don’t have, even $1 also don’t have. This is the divide that the natural aristocrats would not be able to understand. When the day the subsidies stop because all the reserves are used up or the govt could not find enough money to pay the million dollar salaries of the elites, the full might of no subsidies would fall on the lower income households and all hell will break loose. The people would have to pay all the high fees without subsidies one day. A society cannot live forever on subsidies and grants.

The ministers talking in parliament were like chanting verses from the holy books. The Chinese said ‘liam keng’. ‘…water prices would go up after remaining unchanged for 17 years. The scarce resource has been underpriced…and the increases are due to higher operational costs and greater investments in water infrastructure’. Said Masagos Zulkifli.  Heng Swee Kiat added, ‘Water sufficiency is a matter of national survival…We have priced water to reflect the higher costs of desalination and NEWater production because every additional drop of water has to come from these two sources.’

And they are so happy to quote two so called FT experts that water is too cheap and must be priced higher. Some twits would definitely be in line for National Day Awards next year, if they have not already been given. Dunno how many low income households are going to suffer from this water hike, to price to market, to price to be sustainable, too cheaply priced?

And the increases for non domestic users were higher than households. What a comforting statement. What do you think the commercial users would do to cover the cost of higher water fees? Pass it down to the consumers of course. And who would be screwed at the end? No need to tell you who.

Singapore’s households consumed 45% of the water used and this would go up to 70% in 2060. How come? Why? What is the main cause of this higher consumption and the need to build more water desalination plant and laying more pipes? Dunno leh.

The basic cause of all the problems in the island, particularly cost of living, like super expensive housing, expensive transportation, food and now water, is high population. Why the fuck is there a need to keep building and building and building just to add in more people into a land squeezed piece of rock, to bring in more foreigners into the island? Is this the reason for the existence of this island, to bring in all the rejects from around the world here, so that we can build more flats and sell more properties, to build more shopping malls, more hawker centres and food courts, therefore needing to build more water desalination plants? What would be raised next, electricity?

Raising the costs of basic necessities is a very serious problem to the general population. When would this govt stop this silly trick of increasing population thinking that it would solve economic problems but refusing to see the serious consequences to the cost of living and the quality of life of the people? Oops, sorry, I am referring to those that don’t have million dollar salaries. The few dollars of increases here and there would not affect the natural aristocrats in anyway, maybe go to their salaries like another few plates of char kway teow.

We don’t even have a little room for a few cocks to run around but got space to bring in another 2 million assholes. Stupidity has no cure. This forced fed population growth is a road to no return. Everything and everyone would be squeezed just to accommodate more assholes for superficial and unsustainable economic growth.


Anonymous said...

They need to do syonan uturn on this one.

Anonymous said...

No worry. In time, any pain will pass and the daft will live happily ever after. When the time comes for GE, lightning strike will still be the choice of the daft. It works all the time.

Anonymous said...

And all it takes is a little candy, chicken feathers and bones. Everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Raising the costs of basic necessities is a very serious problem to the general population.

Tiok. But not a serious problem to the PAP because since the opposition is not ready to be govt, 93% chance majority (aka 70%) will still vote for PAP as govt in the next election.

And will there be big legal protests in Hong Lim Park, let alone illegal ones on the streets? If not, what problem? What so serious?

Virgo49 said...

GST credits and what U-save utilities are just one off subsidy. Afterwards, you have to bear the increase through out the years.

What's goes up, never come down. Every year must increase meh, just because it has not increased.

Why give back as free gifts the water plant in JB when you still need them??

Why have these trashes in to waste the water???

Anonymous said...

If not, what problem? What so serious?
9:01 am

Tiok. No problem. And this one even ex stroke patient Heng Swee Keat also knows.

Every PAP MP also knows. Even Teochew Ah Hia also knows.

That's why his MPs all diam diam one because since WP is not ready to be govt, kpkb also no use, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Ya, every thing is priced so high. Look at all your bills at what they are charging, the mark ups. It is so frightening.

One of these days some assholes would say no more subsidies, no more grants. Garment got no money, so must pay full bills. See what happens then?

The millions they are paying themselves must come from somewhere. And the gang of million dollar salaries are growing everyday be leaps and bounds. Be frighten, be very frighten.

You don't need a rogue garment for the garment coffer to go bankrupt. They got a few reprieves by going after your CPF through all kinds of compulsory schemes. These are the signs of desperation, to go after the people's money in the CPF.

Anonymous said...

Why have these trashes in to waste the water???
Virgo 9:04 am

Because things in Sinkieland will be worse without these trashes, even if it is bad to have these trashes waste the water.

Just like vote opposition to be govt is even worse, if they are not ready to be govt.

It's a choice between the lesser of 2 evils. PAP knows. 70% knows.

Anonymous said...

3Ms! 3Ms! 3Ms!

I always advocate 3Ms....Make More Money!

Yes! In this very very expensive, sardine-packed and tiny city state,
you MUST have money! No money no talk!

furthermore everyone is own their own! You-die-your-business!

So to survive.....you must 3Ms!

No choice! No choice!


Anonymous said...

These are the signs of desperation, to go after the people's money in the CPF.
9:10 am

Even if true, so what? Majority of the people will still vote for them to win, tio bo?

What's important for the people is that they must have the money, and lots of it, in their bank account so that they no need to use their CPF money. I believe majority have the money or else they will be so angry that they will not vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

//When would this govt stop this silly trick of increasing population thinking that it would solve economic problems but refusing to see the serious consequences to the cost of living and the quality of life of the people? //

Redbean. The root of the problem is not entirely the garmen, it's the 70% dafts Sinkies that voted the whites party men & gal into parliament...see the miws every day also celebrate 'huat ah..huat ah' lo hei, bz taking selfies & 'jump shots' while the commoners suffers ...this Sinkieland society is already sick to the core & labelling them as 'sick men of Asia' is no enough Liao, it's beyond cure & worse than stupidity, its like senile with dementia & Parkinson disease..

Anonymous said...

I always advocate 3Ms....Make More Money!
9:21 am

No need u to advocate lah. Smart Sinkies already know lah. And I believe majority, including PAP of course, are smart Sinkies. And they not only know, but also know how to make it happen. And it happened for them.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.33am is 100% correct.....

maybe the 70% that voted OK-ed are busy with their 3Ms.....


Anonymous said...

PAP huat ah!

Anonymous said...

As civil servants always have a yearly increment for their wages, taxes will always be raised yearly to fund the increments. For 2017, the funding comes from our water usage. For 2018 and the following years, maybe the PAP government will raise the GST. Note they will argue GST has not been raised for many years, so can increase, and this has to be done not too near the next General Election !

Anonymous said...

"Hell no, we won't pay."

Vote Opposition in GE 2020
- start mobilizing your entire family and friends to vote Opposition
- tell them the truth .... their HDB flats do not belong to them.

Virgo 49 said...

Why the 70% Sinkies still voted the pay and pay??

It's because they have already the ropes noose round their necks whilst standing tip toe on the chairs with their overpriced flats, condoms and cars.

If the PAP were to be our of power, the millionaire ministers and MPs will join Obama San in water skiling and swimming.

They simply pat their backs and said Sayonara!

We had enough. So the opposition now become Ruling government got to take Extra strong Pandol to clear the mess

Then my properties, my.condoms, my cars no more value.

So, die die must vote PAP

Kong Cheng poh Chiap Tiam

Anonymous said...

A few keep taking the rest keep paying. Wait for the music to stop.

Anonymous said...

"got space to bring in another 2 million assholes"

This is the hidden agenda to increase water price by 30%. More will come when the water sources at north dry up. The north also increase population living at its own south due to new developments and rail facilities. Water will be shortage inside the north and syonan might face least priority in distribution.

The motive to increase 2 or even 5 millions population is to increase their own salaries through gdp boost. Increase in population increase in demand on housing car and foods causing inflation. Last experience was chronic inflation 5.5% for gdp growth rate of 15.2%. Pinky said if he brought in another few billionaires, the gpd growth would top up 2%. That reflected in pinky s thought. Boost gdp figures was the motive and not creating jobs and increase income for average syonan population.

New migrants come in without jobs will take even $100pm as salary or 3000pm but on term to return 2900 cash to the boss. This games has spoiled the reputation to rock bottom. Syonan s manufacturing is almost non existence without cheap labor.

Troubles comes when average people bet their savings on extra properties based on pinky s thinking increasing population create growth in gdp. Banks are having lots of loans growth.

No way pinky can get away laughing as more bankrupt companies in constructions sectors will come back to keep him busy.

The average people living in syonan will see good shows on news. No excitement but can test their own predictions to see who among their known friends will go bankrupt first.

NO jobs are available easily. Not even retails as increased population is to curb salary increase and kill retailers businesses. Yet malls are raising rental to cover up the empty unwanted units. Pap then increase water prices to make mall close up and household stop buying eve rice. Try to find alternatives for rice such as pasta as replacement. Ge2020 will be good time for the show. Hope the old hacks go. Including those useless oppo so called leaders. They dare not to say a word except sylvia lim.

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, dies in Sin

Virgo 49 said...

WP MPs also by now million hairs

Why open mouths and get caught by the hooks? ?

Just enjoy the circus and kept saying allowances correct sirs.

After retirement can but landed at Mediterranean Red Sea enjoying the breeze.

Once a while,.some stones thrown from the Palestine side and.the Israelis opened fireworks.

Anonymous said...

One millionaire cock said must bite the bullet while they collect millions. The same cock also said can avoid the hike by raising your income, like the millionaires writing their own checks.

Chui kong lanpar song.

Anonymous said...

Hawker/Kopi shop will increase cup of kopi/Teh/Teow Hhe by at least 0.10 cents citing increase in electricity tariff and water.

Huat Ah!

jjgg said...

when u raise ciggies tax..I can stop smoking..when u raise alcohol tax..I can stop my beer n wines..when you raise public transport n raise vehicle expenses from petrol n parking n coe..I can walk...wtf do I do when u raise the price of water??? bathe n drink my own pissed??? don't you think uve taken enough????

Anonymous said...

The way government is collecting money from citizens do make me worry. Is it a sign that government is running short of cash. They need more money by taxing diesel, water and even motorcycles? Not a very good sign leh.

Anonymous said...

The way government is collecting money from citizens do make me worry. Is it a sign that government is running short of cash.
11:46 am

Could be. You may worry but not PAP.

Because PAP will only start to worry when a Sinkie opposition leader announces that his/her party is ready to be govt.

With that, I think very little chance PAP will worry.

Anonymous said...

The city of Babel produces idiots and idiots deserve to be screwed

Anonymous said...

Hawkers would not wash their food.
Sinkies would not take bath and would not flush toilet.
No need to wash clothing, no need to wash floor.

Anonymous said...

There is good ground and there is bad ground. Singapore is just bad ground with basically no identity except a fusion of confused mixed of people, culture and religion(even in religion, it is totally confused). In such a Sin setting, there is only work and live for money and regimental rules to keep everyone living and behaving like factory robots.

Singapore expertise is to talk cock and sing song. A city which takes itself seriously while others watched in discreet amusement.

Virgo 49 said...

The PAP millionaire said there's never a good or bad time to raise the water increment of 30%.

But its be a good time to raise our millionaire salary.

This is just the beginning. Brace yourself for more good times.

GE still long way to go.

If I kicked the chair beneath you with the noose on your neck, you gonna suffocated to DEATH.

You dafts had fallen into our traps of consuming overpriced everything that we now hold your balls.

Too afraid even to vote opposition. Lest your mortgages strangled you. Basing false hopes on our hai kow yew talks.

Anonymous said...

Raise water charges to stop abuses of water usage? What a fucking lame excuse.

Need to raise charges and taxes to pay for million dollar salary more like it.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean and February 22, 2017 2:09 pm

Do you think it is correct and true ???

If you want to understand PAP's economic model for Singapore, you need to understand the economic structure of a feudal society which involves:
a) a landless class of peasants (eg 90% of Singapore HDB flat "owners" who are really lessees)
b) an aristocracy who owns landed property and are paid million dollar salaries (10%)
c) an emperor who owns and/or controls 90% of the land in Singapore
d) a share-cropper model for dividing out the riches of the country

Sharecropping is a form of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on their portion of land.


In Singapore's case.
The land is owned or controlled by the emperor and his anointed class of natural Millionaires.
All the rest of the landless Singaporeans (as well as foreign talents) are allowed to work in Singapore ... but we pay whatever taxes the natural aristocracy tells us to pay.

Stupidity is when you don't know what you are voting for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.31pm

..u r partly correct...PAPies r like the legendary creatures "饕餮" or Tao Tie in the Zhang Yi Mou movie The Great Wall where these creature's greed come to fleece humans once every 60years cycle, PAPies is once every 4or 5 years sometimes almost every day to fleece on people hard earned monies ...& these people r dafts Sinkies (not the street smart Chinkies who collaborated with 1 ang mo & fired the Tao Tie upside down)..stupidity has no cure here..

Anonymous said...

Are you Chinese who live and fight for Chinese cause? Nope
Are you Malay who live and fight for Malay cause? Nope
Are you Indian who live for and fight for Indian cause? Nope
Are you Christian since you go church? Nope
Are you Muslim who adhere to Islam? Nope
Are you Buddhist then? Nope

What are you?

Singaporean. An idiot.

Anonymous said...

PAP the best. Make sure the poor & lazy suffer & force them to migrate to JB or Batam. We don't need those losers. We only want the rich & talented who can easily earn $100K a month with a snap of fingers. I hope PAP will increase GST to 30% also. This will surely remove all the losers from this island.

Anonymous said...

No a days when you travel....when the natives ask you where you are from and you tell them..Singapore...they will look at you with a blank face.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 2:31, I agree with you fully. This was the state of decadent China before it collapsed and eventually led to the communist revolution when the landlords that exploited and lived on rents of their land were executed by the landless farmers.

patriot said...

"Why is there a need to build and build......."; Redbean.
l said it and shall repeat it that Sin shall be built for sales. Be it power generation, shipping, property/realty and any
other items, whatever that can be sold to make money will be sold bit by bit.

l can imagine developments along the Prime Land from Orchard Road to the End of Bukit Timah Road. And there is no need to tell who will own and occupy these
development. Some Sinkies will be amongst the Buyers and many more shall be working there for the Aliens
who stay and do business there.
Many Sinkies will be keeping the Place clean and safe and serving at the Foodcourts and Eateries etc.
Yes, aliens will be creating jobs for Sinkies; consolation.

Sin also has World Class Seaport and Airport that can be sold though they wont fetch as much or even less if sold too far down the Future because they are losing their importance as others are catching up. However small though, it is still money and beggar cant bargain. Consider lucky to have buyer.

Not too bad for Current Managers of Sin; other than exploiting Sinkies, they have assets that they can use. Of course there are taxes, excise, licence, permit and penalty to play with.

By the Time Sin reaches the Last Breath, many of the Current Leeders would have turned to dust and ashes. Most of their Successors will be living in opulence in their big estates in Sin and abroad.

Bless are the Folks born in Sin, they will be enjoying for at least the Next two to three decades.


Anonymous said...

No money no talk. Where to find money in Sin?

Sell your soul

After selling your soul still no money? Sell tissue paper.

b said...

Thats why sinkies need a plan B by emigrating. The elites will squeeze the people until the last breath because that is what they do best.

Anonymous said...

The useless and self serving leaders are good at selling you debts - from property to education and jobs( leading to debts.

However, it is not in their interest you lead a life free of debts or independent of money for survival .

For example: easy to buy a new home from them but difficult to sell your home(unless at a lost or in a losing market), you stupid.

b said...

The elites mission is to establish this island as a good stopover for people all over the world who wants a better life in one of those us/ca/au/nz countries. It is not meant for people to stay forever because of geopolical, economical, social risks and lack of natural resources.

b said...

I know a scholar from vietnam - From poor family but very hardworking and driven. Study in this island through one of those scholarships and now living well and working in australia owning freehold house, cars and a good job.

b said...

Sinkies especially graduates from demanded skills are just one step from the good life. They should not wait until the sun set.

patriot said...

"... they have assets that they can use....".
to be corrected to
they have STATE Assets that they sell.

My apology for the Correction.


Anonymous said...

//// The elites mission is to establish this island as a good stopover for people all over the world who wants a better life in one of those us/ca/au/nz countries. ////

The is a Singaporean Fairy Tale - Absolutely NOT TRUE

The elites own and control this island as de facto landlords.
The elites collect a lot of money from the landless peasants that work in this island.

The landless peasants, after working a lifetime to pay for an HDB flat that does not belong to them ... have become old and sick.
The elites want these old and sick landless peasants to please emigrate and die in us/ca/au/nz countries. So the elites don't have to spend time, money and land resources to look after them.

Since the landless Singaporean peasants are not achieving their birth rate quotas.
And since the higher the population, the more money the elites can collect.
So that is why, the elites must have their 6.9-10 million population target.
So that they can collect more money to pay themselves million dollar salaries.

A bigger population also means more construction projects.
More construction projects means more money for the "lucky" companies that is awarded the contract.
Who are these "lucky" companies ... you tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Reality vs Fake News and Fake Hopes - Part 6

The Hood Robin Budget Of 2017


Doing a reverse Robin Hood, by robbing the poor to feed the greed of the already filthy rich and the get-rich-quick-making-themselves-instant-multi-millionaires ministers, Minister Heng Swee Kiat awarded himself the title of "Hood Robin" in Parliament on 20th February, 2017 by talking cock in the Year of the Cock.

In this latest budget announcement, the happily-collecting-millions-of-dollars-of-tax-payers'-money-annually, consciously-unconscionably, Instant Multi-Millionaire PAP Minister Heng Swee Kiat, who nearly died from a stroke recently, smilingly, consciously-unconscionably, shamelessly and heartlessly increased water bill by 30% in order to inflict more severe sufferings upon the already suffering-in-silence poor citizens of Singapore in order to feed the incompetent get-rich-quick PAP ministers with the astronomical and exorbitantly-high, out-of-this-world salaries, and also to fuel their excessive uncontrollable annual expenditure of the PAP government with an estimated $71 billion, the most expensive budget in the history of Singapore .


The Singapore Economy has not been doing well for the last decade! Last year's GDP grew by 1.2% only. However, there was one 'freak' year where the GDP hit 19%, during which the greedy get-rich-quick instant multi-millionaire PAP ministers were quick to reward their own pockets with a 8 to14 months bonus, inclusive of top civil servants and directors of quasi-government statutory boards like the People's Association.

Singapore middle class, comprising mainly the PMETs, and the lower income groups have been suffering for a very long time, since the madness of opening the floodgate for fake-degree-willing-to-accept-low-pays and working over-time all the time, foreign talons from 3rd world countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Salary Acceleration Rate of Singapore's Prime Minister, 1965-2017

1965 - $42,000 X 8 years = $336,000
1973 - $123,500 X 8 years = $988,000
1981 - $214,500 X 10 years = $2,145,000
1990 - $2,200,000 X 5 years = $11,000,000
1994 - $3,100,000 X 10 years = $31,000,000
2004 - $3,800,000 X 5 years = $19,000,000
2010 - $3,500,000 X 3 years = $10,500,000
2012 - $2,200,000 X 5 years = $11,000,000
2017 - $2,200,000

Fake News

Do yourself a favor - exercise "caveat emptor" don't believe fake news, where statistics can be manipulated to look good for the purpose of public 'education', propaganda and instilling a daft mentality.

There are so many 'initiated' programs to throw S$80 million here and $100 million there. But don't be too fast to think that they will go to you. The failures of such programs have always be the red-tape attached to them to ensure only a very few will benefit. Who are those very few who benefited? It is the implementation that counts, not the flowering fairy tales of the school-boy pseudo politicians.

Where will the money come from to finance those expensive programs? From YOU!

Fake Hopes

Moving Forward Together? Ask yourself: Who will be the ones moving forward with the greedy making-themselves-instant-multi-millionaires incompetent ministers?

Who will these beneficiaries be? Companies purchased or under the umbrella of Temasek Holdings, GIC and the GLCs? $1 Companies owned by PAP cronies, relatives and members?

Don't hope that you will reap the benefits from all those $millions here and there. They won't be distributed to your like striking TOTO!


Under the present political leaders, average common Singaporeans are never considered favorably in their calculative mathematical digital brains. For political expediency and for your votes-sake, they will dish out a few goodies in order to blind you of the reality. You are the ones who know very well of your own sufferings. But don't just suffer in silence - ACT wisely and courageously!

Anonymous said...

@ February 22, 2017 4:52 pm

But in order to give hope to the landless peasants.
And to prevent the clever ones (among the landless peasants) from organizing a revolt.

A select few (among the peasants) have to be co-opted into the elite class by paying them million dollar salaries.
But how to make sure these select few are obedient?
Students are obedient. Students believe whatever the books tell them.
Soldiers are also obedient. They are trained to obey.

So the most obedient peasants must be the Scholar-General.
Who agrees with this Fairy Tale ... please kee chiu.

The above is just a Fairy Tale.
A satire of the Singapore society.
Absolutely not true in reality.

Virgo49 said...

Every time same budget hai kow yew.

The government is losing how many millions or even billions due to what nonsense non-taxtion
from you which we are supposed to tax you for year of assessment bullshits.

You mean we don't tax you these amounts you are losing so much revenue??

Is this the way the government runs it's enconmy????

So they said we supposed to tax you ten dollars, not taxing you three dollars, we are losing two dollars. But you are already taxing us three dollars.

What fatking logic Kek ling accounts.

Anonymous said...

Mr Heng said that such costs are necessary investments.
“Water sufficiency is a matter of national survival,” he said.
“Imported water and local catchment water currently meet more than half of our water demand, but both sources depend heavily on weather conditions.”

If water sufficiency is a matter of national survival at the current population of 5.5 million.
Then why are you increasing our population to 6.9 or even 10 million?

Anonymous said...

The PAPaya Party.
Masturbating you stupid since 1965.

Anonymous said...

70% +30% = 100% idiots led by natural aristocratic idiots

Most will die of slow boil hell fire

Anonymous said...

hokkien saying...Singapore is "good to see but no good to eat"

patriot said...

Sinkies are natural idiots


it will be amply evident

when the 70% will butt the

30% one day.

And that shall be the

Time Sinkies realize

how idiot they are.

Did Matilah Singapura

expect blood flowing on

the streets.

lt is not too remote a



Anonymous said...

Well you kicked out the British and replaced it with essentially a Chinese government/landlord/plantation owner, who then went on to take your land at low prices to resell at higher prices. Took away privately run bus companies, newspapers and banks and turned them into GLCs or government monopolies.

Of course they can charge whatever price they want. Like in China where tenant farmers planted the all important rice whose price is controlled by merchants in collaboration with the government. Yay!!!

In Singaporeans, even the older baby boomer or Xgen variety(Chinese or English educated) are too selfish, self absorbed, self aggrandizing to understand what is happening or indeed care. And their progeny are more interested in their skinny lattes from Starbucks to give a flying eff. So suck it up and feel the rotan on your backs because you and your children deserve to be treated for what you are, effing slaves. The Kempetai couldn't have done it better.

AhKong65 said...

Not enough "CHAM"....the 70% will wake up when they get hit .

Anonymous said...

Not enough "CHAM"....the 70% will wake up when they get hit .
February 23, 2017 2:28 am

No they won't.
The 30% need to actively convert another 30% to vote Opposition.
If you vote Opposition.
Make it your goal in life to convert just One PAP voter into an Opposition voter.
If all 30% does this.
We will have 30% + 30% = 60% Opposition vote in GE 2020.

patriot said...

No sane Oppies will

aspire to take over

the Pappies.

That will be worse

than suicide.

Let the Rot heals

by itself, if it

can be cured.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, can you please do not put sadness in the hearts of us poor Singaporeans? Can you please, once in a while bring us some happy news? Find something happy to write about, something the PAP government is doing right and something that are good for the people. Everyday bad news, everyday price increase, everyday more taxes, price increase, breakdowns, high cost of living. I cannot tahan anymore. Redbead, please some good news to cheer us up, OK?

Virgo49 said...

Hello Bro, today if you strike the seven S$7 million plus Toto, I reckon more than 7 million, you do not need what the PAP can do for you.

I saw now even young office ladies some like teenagers lining up singapore POO.

Just how desperate the residents of sinkieland are.

Last time only mature ladies and not so mature ladies with good enough salaries seldom buy lotteries.

Just like my second generation wife and my same generation fellow Bros wives.

Now even, secondary school also secretly buy Poo., oops Pools.

They knew the costs of survivals in Sinkieland.

No ten cents cannot even pee. No monies have to pick cardboards.

Now no monies cannot bathe.

You gonna see many many bathing now in SSC gyms and pools b4 go work and home.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:17, you want me to write fake news: )

The Animal Farm is at the last chapter when the pigs were all rich and happy gouging themselves to look like pigs. Come to think of it this could be the good news you wish to here, and not fake news.

Anonymous said...

@ February 23, 2017 8:17 am

You want good news?
Go buy Straits Times lor.
Watch TV News on Channel 5 lor.
Go visit the PAP Ministers' Facebook page lor.

All these places have very good news.
Mental masturbate you until you believe unemployment is good for Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are taking the advice of one MP very seriously. Increase your income then no need to fear 30% rise in water price hike.
And for those who are earning millions, it is like striking Toto everyday. No need to be so desperate to Q at Toto booths. And they also no need to fear water price hike. Sup sup suey.

Anonymous said...

@ February 23, 2017 9:17 am

The best thing about those earning millions.
If salary not enough, they just ownself vote ownself a salary increase.

If got too much work to do.
They just ownself create more Ministers in the Prime Ministers office to help reduce the workload.

Anonymous said...

Fresh graduates from our top unis are finding it difficult to get permanent jobs. Some no choice but to take even $700 pm jobs. You think good news or not, when 500k FT happily employed full time earning more than this?

Anonymous said...



I saw a piece of good news today.
See above article.
At least one Singaporean has finally woken up.
Hope he can and will convert another PAP voter to vote Opposition.

patriot said...

Good Morning Sir Redbean

Sin went to the Pigs


is now with the Dogs.

Dogs that are PAP trained

to take instruction

blindly and obediently

just like dog.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are taking the advice of one MP very seriously. Increase your income then no need to fear 30% rise in water price hike.
February 23, 2017 9:17 am
That's a brilliant idea.
Just increase my income lor.
Then all the problems solve.

Now if they will only take their own advice.
Just fix the MRT lor.
Then Singaporeans will stop complaining.
And PAP will get 90% votes in next elections.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> ‘…water prices would go up after remaining unchanged for 17 years. The scarce resource has been underpriced <<

So fucking true. Water is so cheap in Singapore that I often don't bother turning the taps off! 🤡 Of course I let the water run when brushing teeth or even soaping up whilst in the shower. And I like long 15-20 min showers. Twice or 3 times a day.

People accuse me of "wasting water". To start, it's none of their fucking business what the fuck I do with the water I pay for, i.e. BUY, i.e OWN. But these fuckwitz are wrong on another level too: It is impossible to "waste" water, because water is RECYCLED BY COMPLETELY NATURAL PROCESSES. Dumb fucks. 🤓

Don't you hate going to those toilets which have "automatic" faucets? You have to put your hand in a specific position for the electronic sensor to detect, then you get a few seconds of fucking water and makes washing hands so darn troublesome.

Anyway, I hope the increase in water charges are not too much and that the valuable, life-supporting resource is still cheap enough for me to TOTALLY IGNORE any effort by the authorities or Environmental-Nazis to "conserve" water.

Singapore has some of the best kept golf courses on the planet. Those golfing greens need tonnes of water. SO cheap price, is good!