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'Ya1 Ban2'

Ha, the 2 words did not make any sense to many. Try to read it in Hokien. The second word should sound like 'barn'. They are used to describe the callous and unreasonable logic and reasons of the rich and powerful whose argument would always end in 'head I win, tail you lose', no matter how illogical their position is. Someone has used these terms to describe the LUP in Hougang and Potong Pasir. From the beginning I thought the award of LUP in the two opposition wards was to bring a message that the govt is neutral, fair and just, and will allocate national resources to all the tax payers equally, regardless of race, language and religion and the MPs they have elected. Such a message should rightly be received positively by the people in general. How is it that the LUPs in the two constituencies have ended like this? All the comments I have heard are like people being incensed, angry, unfair, highhandedness, no respect for the people's choice and many undescribable words that cannot be posted here. It is as good as a good PR exercise turning sour. It is like winning a battle and losing a war. It is better not to have the LUP instead. I think this LUP is going to cost the govt more votes in the next general election rather than to turn the tide against the two opposition candidates. Of course some of you may totally disagree with my observations and claim that the govt has scored big by bringing the LUPs into the constituencies, and the two rejected candidates in the last election, now the govt's appointed advisers in the constituencies, will now stand a better chance to be elected for their great effort and role in the LUPs.


Anonymous said...

The truth is we will lose no matter what, PAP majority forever, this is non issue except an side illusion and a distraction.

The only issue I have with not having a direct lift to my floor is when I have to move flat or apartment or at old age when I cannot walk otherwise keep me fit.

redbean said...

the strange thing about having lift in every floor and california fitness is that the former people pay not to walk or climb stairs while the latter people pay to walk, run and climb stairs.

Anonymous said...

I think it is not the intention of the PAP to win the 2 constituencies. Must let the opposition have those 2 seats, otherwise the whole world might just think that Singapore is a totalitarian state.

Anonymous said...

So, now is not totalitarian state? Hear ye, hear ye, Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and company!

redbean said...

i think they are serious in wanting to put eric and sitoh into parliament. or else they would not have gone thru all these troubles and bad publicity.

they can't be putting the two there to serve just for show. they won't be happy if that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Chiam See Tong was right. Buy one get one free.

Hougang and Potong Pasir are each served by an elected MP and an appointed PAP representative. Where else can you have such good service?

No, no, PAP will never pull out of both these two opposition wards, because to do that would mean they will forever loose these two constituencies. You cannot take back the consituencies without having someone to stand for election there.

And the effect of not being there would be that Aljunied GRC, which totally surrounds Hougang, would be jeopardised further if they do nothing in Hougang. The PAP won only by a slim margin during the last election.

So, there are valid reasons why they want to and need to win Hougang and Potong Pasir back.

Anonymous said...

If MUP cannot win votes, can LUP do the job?

I think what can work very well in other constituencies cannot work in Hougang or Potong Paisr.

Some people can be easily bought over, some cannot. They have to think of a better tactic with their million dollar brains.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon 2.44, you wrote " The PAP won only by a slim margin during the last election." What planet are you living on? Do you not know they have 82 out of 84 parliament seats? Where in the world can you have that kind of margin when you only have 66.6% of votes. Only here in Singapore!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ya Bun", or treacherous, is alright. But manipulative up to the core and simply legalistically correct (as opposed to politically correct) are the winning cards for them always now and forever. Can anyone have better "weapons" to beat them?

redbean said...

one improvement. agree to disagree. this is better than 'i am right you are wrong'.