The Evil Empire Strikes Again

          The Evil Empire, USA strikes again in Latin America and the South China Sea. US fake withdrawal from Syria has already kick started its dangerous aggressions in Latin America and the South China Sea.

After eight years of aggression the United States finally realises its eight years of aggressive wars in the Middle East is untenable. Some factors that brought the US into the Middle East are greed for Middle East oil and natural gas, to secure and protect Israel's security as America's sheriff in the region and to establish military bases as a bastion in Russia's south to threaten and intimidate Russia and other nearby countries in the region like Central Asia and Africa.

US neocons toddle with the concept of nuclear bombing Iran to secure the whole of Middle East under US control and hegemony. However in the fall of 2015, when Assad invited Russia to help Syria militarily to foil US and its NATO allies to overthrow its regime the US - NATO dream of overthrowing Assad for regime change was shattered.

Having foiled by Russia and China in its vicious attempt to destroy the Assad regime and occupy Syria, the warmongering United States then heightened its focus on aggression against China in the South China Sea and the socialist countries in Latin America.

In the South China Sea US tries to create tensions and trouble by illegally and constantly sailing its naval warships close to Chinese islands in serious provocations under the pretext of freedom of
navigation. It constantly tries to stir up bad blood and fake issues to arouse Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia to go against China hoping to profit from a synonymous second middle east conflict in the region which it intends to create.

In Latin America the Evil Empire resuscitates and activates it imperialist monstrous Monroe Doctrine 0f 1823 of bringing all countries in Central and South America under US total hegemony. Under the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, all Latin America trade, imports and exports, natural resources both mineral and botanical products or services must be conducted through the United States. Such a vile scheme will only serve to enrich the United States and impoverish the countries in both Central and South America. Latin American countries which refuse to cooperate and toe the line will be brought to heel and suffer regime change.

That was what happened to many Latin American countries in the past. These countries like Argentina. Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia are now controlled by the United States through its proxy lackey governments. As recent as during the last few years US tried to topple the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecaudor and Bolivia. It succeeded in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecaudor and Colombia because of US use of hybrid warfare against these countries viz trade sanctions, economic sanctions, monetary and financial sanctions, tariffs and blockade and military coercion. Lastly it is also due to the high treason of white European descendants which consist of a large percentage among the impoverished native indigenous populations.

So far Cuba and Venezuela are saved from white American control and domination because of strong support from Russia and China. However president Morales of Bolivia is not so lucky because he trusted his Pentagon and CIA trained and indoctrinated military head, General William Kaliman , a Jew by ethnic race who committed high treason by forcing Morales and his government to resign. ( NB: a repeat of what CIA did to President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1963 when his Military head General Suharto , a pentagon trained general turned against him and topple his government resulting in the massacre of over three million Indonesians which CIA fakely claimed to be socialists or communists. ) Henceforth, Bolivia is now under white racists staunch pro-white American control, the control of white Spanish descendants who constitute about forty percent of the population.

Morales supporters have risen up in demonstrations everywhere in every town and city, in every village and countryside to condemn the coup and demand the restoration of the legally and democratically elected Morales government. It is sad the now CIA set up illegitimate fascist white supremacist government is carrying out brutal crackdown and suppression on the Morales supporters. Helicopter gunships directed by CIA are shooting down endlessly and indiscriminately on the pro-Morales demonstrators. It is a massacre of local indigenous native Bolivians.

None of the European countries as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand came out to condemn the coup or to condemn the United States for its hand in the brutal coup and regime change of the legally and democratically elected legitimate government of President Morales. Aren't these western countries staunch supporters of the principles of democracy. Or is it democracy is only for the white racists and serfdom and slavery is for the non-white people and countries. It is all western fake and hogwash. Damned the white Americans and the likes in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The United States has to control Bolivia so that it can have a free hand to  rob off its rich natural resources especially lithium which Bolivia has in plenty and possess about 70 percent of the world's reserve. Lithium is important and essential for the manuafacture of lithium batteries which are vital for the operation of electric operated motor cars and vehicles and in computers and mobile phones. China is the world's largest production of lithium batteries and prior to the coup Bolivia Morales government had signed with China in a win-win mining and production of lithium batteries in Bolivia.

So, now third world and non-white countries have better beware. Do not trust the United States and western countries. Do not allow CIA and the Pentagon military to infiltrate into their military organisations less they suffer the same fate of regime change. Do not allow American or western NGOs into any government departments for they operate like cancer cells and will eventually destroy your country and your people.


Monday, 25th November, 2019


Anonymous said...

Whatever evils the United States carry out against other countries will definitely rebound on the United States one day. It is a matter of time and Karma operates in special natural ways. The United States will definitely end up in a second internal civil war and this time more violent, more vicious and lasting than its first Civil War in 1860 - 1865. US will then break up into seven separate different states.

Anonymous said...

How to stop the Evil Empire USA from rampaging the whole world at will?

Too many countries have fallen into the grasp of the Evil Empire already.

Singapore is clearly one of them without a doubt. Worse still, Singapore is being used as a US Naval Base (Changi Naval Base) and British Naval Support Base (Sembawang Naval Base) to launch military operations against China.

Anonymous said...

The white Americans are inherently savage and evil white supremacists. They brutally and savagely genocided all the native indigenous natives to acquire their land to form the white United States. Their evil policy and religious cum militant doctrine of 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' is still very much alive in its operations all over the world especially in the Middle East and in Latin America. The world need to unite to take down this monstrous satanic white American imperialist empire.

Virgo 49 said...

Now POPE also prograted that Asia disarm their Nuclear Arsenals.

Not mentioning Americunts.

Why must Asia follow their demands?

The Whites are Angels with their Arsenals whilst Asians are Devils.

?? ??? ?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is safe because the Americans are all over the place, in control and in charge, in the island.

Anonymous said...


PAPies are investing more LOSERS' taxpayer monies into (as well as earning from) the 3 countries that I myself like to invest the most --- US, China, India.

More of loser sinkies money to build 15,000 HDB-type flats in India.


Of course losers here will immediately be saying Temasek will lose money like Amaravati City again. LOL!!!!

BTW, did you losers know that S'pore already was paid almost all of what we spent in Amaravati?!?!?! You never hear of progressive payments & pre-payments & deposits before!?!?!?! LOL!!!!

SG and Temasek and GLCs didn't lose very much, if at all, in Amaravati.

What was the bigger loss was the opportunity of big profits that we could have gained.

Anonymous said...

The white Americans evil doings is reinforced by the evil machinations and evil instincts of the satanic Jews who infiltrated into all important strategic positions of the American administration in every department especially the CIA and the Pentagon. Here the Jewish zionist Rothschild Illuminati scheme and plan all the terrorist deeds and regime change against all other countries. It is important that Russia and China must destroy this Jewish zionist Rothschild Illuminati organisation in order to save the world . Once this jewish zionist cabal is destroyed the white Americans would quickly face its demise.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschild has branches all over the world. Wherever the US has a military base, there is a Rothschild office.

The Rothschild's office in Singapore is at Raffles Quay.

jjgg said...


Anonymous said...

China should pass a law to support the supporters of the democratically elected Morales.

China should also send warships to visit Cuba regularly for freedom of navigation exercise with the Russians.

The US has morphed into a satanic state, embracing so much evil in it's short history of a few hundred years. We only actually see the tip of the iceberg of the evil deeds of the US, with much more vile things that were never reported nor seen the light of day. Unspeakable evil are the only words to describe them.

Anonymous said...

Bro Yeo, you're my senior. I'm not Beatty Secondary School Class 55, We think almost sama sama politically. However, born and raised in christian home but no longer believe in fucking god nor Americunt.

"These countries.. Argentina. Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia are now controlled by the United States... Damned the white Americans and the likes in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Correction required... Nicaragua still anti coalition camp but Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro a puppet of Americunt most likely replace if and when Lula da Silva runs in 2022 pres election and Bolivar is kaput with Pres Morales in Mexico. Soon HongCunt too will be in Americunt camp, but but... Pre Xi Jinping won't let it happens..


Unknown said...

Trump's Evil US Empire

The US seems to have decided that it can’t take on China and Russia at the same time, so its principal geopolitical rival in the coming decades will be China.

Both Trump’s Republican Administration and the Democrats agree on this, though they are campaigning vigorously against each other ahead of next year’s Presidential Election.

China has replaced the ‘evil empire’ of the Soviet Union and ‘Islamic terrorism’ as the US’s main adversary. But China, unlike the Soviet Union, has a dynamic economy, with which the US has an enormous trade deficit. And China’s strength is far more impressive than that of a few tens of thousands of Islamic fundamentalist fighters wandering the deserts of ancient Mesopotamia or the mountains of Afghanistan.

Barack Obama instigated a US foreign policy pivot to Asia and the Pacific. Trump typically formulates the new strategy with less elegance and subtlety. Trump views cooperation as a trap, a zero-sum game, so China’s economic growth automatically threatens that of the US, and vice versa: ‘We are winning against China,’ he said in August.

"They had the worst year ... in a half a century, and that’s because of me. And I’m not proud of that," said the shameless pussy-grabbing US 45th President.

"Not proud" doesn’t sound like the egoistic boastful Trump. Just over a year ago, he allowed a Cabinet meeting to be broadcast live, as part of its strategic psywar cum psyops framework. They discussed everything: One member congratulated himself on the slowdown in China’s economic growth; another blamed the epidemic of opioid addiction in the US on fentanyl imported from China; a third blamed the problems of American farmers on China’s retaliatory trade measures. Trump blamed North Korea’s recalcitrance over nuclear weapons on the indulgence of its ally, China. Iran's capacity and ability to withstand the maximum economic damages hurled upon her by the Evil Trump is also blame on China and Huawei.

Every fucking thing that is wrong in the US is nobody else's fault but China's and Chinese!

Selling more maize or electronics to China is no longer enough. The US wants to isolate a rival whose GDP has increased nine-fold in 17 years, to weaken it, to stop it from extending its sphere of influence, and above all to prevent it from becoming a strategic equal.

Since China’s spectacular increase in wealth has not made it more American, or more of a sucker like Japan and South Korea, the US evil empire will show no mercy to her, and will go all out to cripple or destroy her on all fronts - diplomatically, economically, politically, technologically, culturally, scientifically, cyberspace-sabotage and military encirclement, intimidation and harassment.

In a fiery speech on 4 October 2018, the born-again mentally-twisted Christian-Extremist Vice-President Mike Pence attacked China for its "Orwellian System", "tearing down crosses, burning bibles and imprisoning believers" and "coercing American businesses, movie studios, universities, think tanks, scholars, journalists". He even talked of an "effort to influence ... the 2020 Presidential elections". After Russiagate, could this be a Chinagate? The Russian Conspiracy helped to elect Trump? This time the Chinese Conspiracy is aimed at ousting Trump? The US's best and powerful military, intelligence and security apparatus must have become so fragile, ineffective and inefficient that it can no longer ensure the proper functioning of the US System without foreign interference!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Frog Outside Glass, unfortunately such American baseless rhetoric and lies are believed by many in the world especially the bananas here. And often such fake news and false allegations are reported in our media to smear China, to plant anti China ideas on their readers and viewers.

If you read the comments in TRE you will not miss the hatred by the unthinking yellow bananas against China.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Big Comedy Fans

One thing the Americans are excellent at is creating spectacular entertainment. From Disney World and Universal Studios, to Star Wars,US Space Command and US Foreign Policy.

All this of course is an offshoot from the pillars of US Domestic Policy:

1. Free speech
2. Constitutional Right to own defensive weaponry
3. Make as much money as you like...with or without ethics or morals...entirely up to you

In other words FREEDOM to say what you like, whilst being fully armed and generating cash by your own enterprise.

And so, with so much INDIVIDUAL EMPOWERMENT protected in LAW it is obvious that they will use their freedom, with weapons to conduct---ethics and morality optional---"free enterprise" anywhere in the world, (under the aegis of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM)thus generating an on-going tragic-comedy show, aided and abetted by their global media dominance, especially in CULTURE. American culture is sexy, seductive and desired by billions.

Because of this spectacular entertainment extravaganza, paid for by DEBT and TAXES and the dominance of the US Fed and the US dollar in global finance and economy....I wholeheartedly support US meddling in other cuntries C'mon, you get a free show which never ends! 🤡

Everyone gets the cuntry and the govt they DESERVE. If your cuntry is poor, that's a CHOICE. If your people are OPPRESSED, that too is a CHOICE.

If your leaders oppose or sleep with the US government, you deserver the consequences for not choosing the right leaders or prosecuting those who have played your backside.

Let the show go on!

Anonymous said...

You support the Americans meddling with other cuntries. Would you support if they meddle with are arse?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Ask a silly question, get a smart answer

>> Would you support if they meddle with are arse? <<

Aiyoh, I already said OPPRESSION is a choice. "Oppression" includes people trying to do things to you against your will, like meddle with your arse. If you allow them to, no problem. However if you dun want them to play with your ka-chng then is is UP TO YOU to CHOOSE to protect yourself.

If you can't protect yourself, you deserve to be conquered. "Protection" can mean removing yourself to safety. You dun have to fight all the time, especially if your enemy is stronger and better resourced than you.

Stay alive lah, kOTEK!

Unknown said...


The media in Singapore are mainly staffed by military intelligence personnel or intelligence-trained civilians. They should be able to see through the smoke screens of the US's psychological warfare against other countries, especially against China. Why did they chose not to? The decision cannot be made by the journalists and reporters. It must have come from their superiors up the chain of command and control.

An anti-China stance at the national level has to be strategised by the Foreign Ministry and concurred by the Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister.

It would be a grave mistake to take the US's psychological warfare lightly. Worst of all is to take it as free entertainment. If you do, over time, you are hooked like a drug addict.

Only trained eyes and ears can see through the subtlety and effectiveness of psychological warfare (against enemies) and psychological operations (against own citizens) over a repetitive long period of time. Ordinary people are easily deceived and brain-washed. That's the reason why there are so many bananas in Singapore - deceived beyond recovery.

Unknown said...

The Usefulness of Psychological Warfare in Brief

To win without fighting is the supreme art of war.

How to win without fighting?

1. Make use of psychological warfare, against your enemy.

2. Make use of psychological operations (propaganda) to brain-wash your own citizens to support your cause (which is to win over the enemy without fighting).

How to make use of Psychological Warfare and Psychological Operations? Send your people to attend the courses in Germany, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, UK or USA.

Such knowledge does not come free and freely.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Psychological warfare works both ways. Those who do it are actually being manipulated themselves, by themselves.

Relax, lah. Enjoy the fun. No one can escapes the mind games our brains play on us; or the mind games our brains play on us which we think we can use to "out smart" others. 🤓🤣

Even the "guru" who sits contemplating his navel thinking he's "enlightened" is essentially deluding himself.😜

Seriously, it is all entertainment!🍻🥂

Unknown said...

Delusional delusion comes out of the dualistic mind.

Contemplating contemplation is not contemplation.

Contemplating the navel is perception of onlookers, also not contemplation.

Contemplation is not meditation.

It is the opposition to meditation.

Real meditation has no contemplation.

Because there is nothing to contemplate,

And nothing to meditate.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

.@ FOG

I got you mate...your "ego" couldn't help itself. It had to correct me. It had to make sure that I was made aware of my ineptitude.

Sorry to tell you sunshine, you're quite the faker... 👍🏻😂 Well done.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah as usual.

Unknown said...

Fair is foul, foul is fair.
Fake is real, real is fake.
Just is unjust, unjust is just.
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.

Only those who have walked the ground know the ground.
Those who look from afar can't even differentiate rope from snake.

Pearls cast to swines have no value whatsoever.

Ego is good for everyone who knows.
Those without ego are corpses in coffins.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


If I were to name your "super power", I would have to say it is WORD SALAD, drizzled with a special dressing of New Age gobbledygook.🤪

Keep spending money on those "spiritual" and "self help" books and one day I guarantee that you'll excel in the dark art of "linguistic contortionism".🤓

Cheers dude!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for kind advice. I will take your advice whole-heartedly.

However, old habits die-hard. This dualistic mind simply loves the DARKNESS of the Dark Art of Linguistic Contortionism or Whatever Con-tortions, plus Word Salads and New Age Gobbledygook and ..... spiritual books (self-help or no help).

Just like stupidity has no cure. It's like a rich man obssessed with money, beyond words to describe. Perhaps, it's Orgasmic Hallucination?

Have a nice day!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will be penning a post on foolish rich men obsessed with accumulation of wealth and ended burying themselves in it.

Unknown said...
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