Shot policeman, hit by recoil of arrow bow

This video is going viral. The commentary is that this was the boy that shot the policeman with an arrow. Unfortunately the bow recoiled and hit his eyes. He is now in pain and fearing for his life that he could go blind on the injured eye.

What to say?


Virgo 49 said...


He who dig a grave for his bro shall himself fall into it.

Why crying like a baby?

The arrow hits any human more painful than that recoil.

Also need ops.

They shouted Police Brutality.

Another case of a stupid girl who wanted to splash corrosive liquid on the Police but splashed her and crying in agony.

In return, they had to help her by washing off the liquid.

Anonymous said...

play with fire, killed by fire.
play with knife, killed by knife.
play with sword, killed by sword.
play with bow and arrow, killes by bow or arrow.
violence begets violence.
lawlessness begets lawlessness.
treacherous acts beget treason charges.
Anti own motherland, throws out of own motherland!
Idiotic behaviour gets treated as idiots.

Anonymous said...


///fearing for his life that he could go blind on the injured eye.///

No worries lah ... With modern medicine & fast access to hospital A&E, more likely he'll recover with both eyes OK.

And if he has our Medisave and Medishield, even more shiok for him.

BTW Basic Healthcare Sum for our Medisave just announced by CPF to go up by $2,800 to $60,000 on 1st Jan 2020.

Successful sinkies are suggesting to top-up your Medisave to this $60K cap in January to earn the 4% interest, which is big enough to pay your Medishield premiums i.e. in other words help yourself to help PAP pay for your hospitalization insurance.

In addition to this $60K BHS, the Full Retirement Sum will also go up to $181,000 ... also on 1st Jan 2020.

I will say 99% of the 30% really need this!

Happy New Year!!! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

All the successful sinkies must put more money into their CPF, into their Medisave, into their CPF Life into every hole in the CPF. Please fill up all the holes in the CPF.

WSG, still got money left to put in the CPF?

Anonymous said...

Blood-suckers who suck people's blood get sucked into Hell to join Dracula.

Anonymous said...

38 Oxley Road is also Karma.

Yew take away my HDB flat after 99 years.

And now 38 Oxley Road, your house, takes away your family unity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:31pm

///WSG, still got money left to put in the CPF?///

Since I'm jobless, I voluntarily top up the maximum contribution of $37,740 every January into my CPF. $37K is a small amount to take advantage of free interests from govt.

A bit goes to max out my Medisave, while the rest of almost $35,000 goes into my Ordinary Account & Special Account.

I treat my yearly top ups as FDs, since my Special Account is already way over the Full Retirement Sum. This means I'm able to take out any extra money from CPF in less than 4 years when I hit 55.

In the meantime I'm getting a weighted interest rate of around 4%. So I'm treating it as the safe bond portion of my savings. While my stocks will be the riskier but higher potential portion of my portfolio.

My older relatives & some of my older friends have been doing this for the past 2 to 15+ years. I.e. using CPF as their piggy bank & taking out as and when they want. Or simply just to take out annual interests every December.

BTW my annual cpf interests are actually bigger than the annual increase in minimum sum aka full retirement sum. Even if I don't do the $37K voluntary top up, my CPF account automatically keeps pace with the increase thanks to the large amount of interest.

These are just 2 examples of using the good options of CPF & taking advantage of it ... Instead of letting it take advantage of you.


Anonymous said...

So instead of investing your money yourself, you let Ho Ching and Hsien Loong do the investing for you? Smart Ass.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Aiyah the stupid kid is a rank amateur lah.

Practice practice practice. Use a proper release when drawing a long bow. Also good idea to wear eye protection!

No sympathy lah!

Anonymous said...

Chinese proverb saying "害人终害己!" or dun do unto others lest u kena urself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I feel sorry for these dumb Hongkie kids. They are being made of by the traitors to fight and get themselves hurt or die while the traitors all enjoying themselves, having meals in private without risking their skin. These daft kids would die for them without knowing why.

And the equally daft parents are also behind these kids. They are more stupid than Sinkies. At least Sinkies know how to get out of harms way, run when they see trouble, never stay to fight. Dunno if the NS men would also behave the same now that their country and jobs are taken over by foreigners. And they have to beg foreigners to get a job.

Anonymous said...

//..Dunno if the NS men would also behave the same now that their country and jobs are taken over by foreigners. And they have to beg foreigners to get a job.//

RB, there is high possibility that in times of a war the Sinkies will simply "run road" lag. But don't underestimate these sillyzens will also be brainwashed by their whites lords or whoever in powder to psycho them to defend this tiny bricks of theirs simply by closing doors to Sea-Air-Land barricades & the sillyzens will juz boh bian & fight for their rulers of the day.
About jobs taken over by foreigners, these sillyzens will also bo bian juz look at the screwty guard case & the grab delivery riders case, all kwai kwai & couldn't do anything..in other countries these bullies will hv no place to be there.

Anonymous said...

What is there left for the 90% HDB flat dwellers to defend when the value of the flat eventually is zero or approaching zero, when the value of their cars after 10 years also become zero. More and more will not have a job to defend except grab drivers job, security guard jobs and cleaners jobs and temp jobs.

The only thing they will be defending will be the landed freehold properties and private condos that don't belong to them, and many belonging to foreigners.

When there is no country, when there is no homes...what is there to defend?

Anonymous said...

Hongkong parents have lost control of their kids.



Anonymous said...

Worse Than Ponzi Schemes - WTF!

HDB flat 99-year lease expires, value becomes $0. (worse than ponzi schemes). WTF!

Car after 10-year COE expires, value becomes $0. (worse than ponzi schemes). WTF!

Jobs, after CECA was signed to fix Singapore PMETs in order to destroy the middle class), become scarce and salary suppressed. WTF!

CPF Savings, after saving for 30 years or more for retirement purpose, but still cannot retire because the savings did not grow as expected. Got short-changed by the big white whale called Morby Dick, a really Fucking Dickhead! (Worse than the Ponzi Schemes). WTF!

Sons, after reached 18 years old, become state property until age 55. WTF!

National Service, after serving two years full time, still have to serve another 13 years in the reserves, and got screwed by employers who naturally prefer foreigners who don't need to serve in-camp training. WTF!

Poor Pathetic Sinkies forever Screwed by PAP........

Anonymous said...

He is also a human.dear gov.

Anonymous said...

White blood cells attacking red blood.