Say No to CECA Rally at Hong Lim

Gilbert Goh and his first speaker.

A lady speaker, think she is a teacher

Tan Kin Lian speaking

Above are some pics of the protest Rally against CECA and the reckless increase in population in this tiny piece of rock. It was initially said to increase to 6.9m but the govt backtracked after the biggest turnout at Hong Lim Park against the Population White Paper organised by Gilbert Goh. The govt apologetically said 6.9m was only a planning parameter, not meant to be.

Now Heng Swee Kiat has on record said that 10m is the target in the future, for economic growth. What economic growth? 1% or 2% is good enough excuse to raise the population to 10m? What about the adverse effects of over crowding, an island full of shit and wildlife stealing the jobs of Singaporeans, stealing the lunches of Singaporeans and eventually stealing the whole island when the foreigners become a majority here?

The turnout at Hong Lim last Saturday showed that the people are concerned, unhappy and angry with the CECA and increasing population. They bothered to turn up to show their support and to show how angry they were to CECA.

In Parliament, other than MPs from the opposition parties, apparently everyone is for it and supporting this CECA.  No one has stood up to speak against it. So it must be a good thing in Parliament to have this CECA.

Ask yourself, did you vote for a MP that support this CECA? If you do, you deserve to pay for the consequences for your own action. You voted for the CECA.

PS. Guess what was behind the black ink on the banner behind the stage.


Anonymous said...

First, the redacted word on the banner is the name of that India Indian who verbally assaulted the security guards at his condo.

Second, more protests should be organised not just at HLP but also at Parliament House and the Istana. Apply for police permits, if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Of strategic importance is not just to let more people be aware of the undesirable and fatal consequences of CECA to the future generations of Singaporeans (excluding the New Citizens of Indian origin), but the need for more ordinary people to join credible Opposition Political Parties in order to strengthen them with manpower, logistics, financial and moral supports.

From now on, there should be mass recruitment campaigns relentlessly carried out until a critical mass is reached.

This is no a trivial matter. This is critical and a matter of life and death. When you have no jobs, you have no income. When you have no income, your children have no food. Then come a time, your family will either die of hunger or lost your basic human dignity by becoming scavengers or beggars. You must not wait until that day arrives then act. It will be far too late.

Anonymous said...

Since 1963 till today (2019) Malaysia has changed her Prime Minister seven times, but Singapore Only three times.

1. Why?

2. Is it healthy or unhealthy for the people?

3. Is Malaysia or Singapore more democratic?

4. Which of the two countries is politically corrupt/correct?

5. Your questions.

Anonymous said...

....the need for more ordinary people to join credible Opposition Political Parties in order to strengthen them with manpower, logistics, financial and moral supports.
8:38 am


But this did not happen since 1965, a period of 54 years.

And if 54 years cannot happen, can it happen in a few months?

If not, PAP sure win coming election, just like they had won for the past 54 years.

Anybody disagree, please keechiu here.

Anonymous said...


I've prepared since 1998. Now even though I'm jobless for the past 7 years I'm still collecting income of $10++K per month. Best of all it's tax free & it comes in even though I shake leg & eat breakfast at 9+am on weekdays while watching thousands of people rushing to work.


Anonymous said...

Millions of people in India’s capital started the week Monday choking through “eye-burning” smog, with schools closed, cars taken off the road and construction halted.

A poisonous haze envelops New Delhi every winter, caused by vehicle fumes, industrial emissions and smoke from agricultural burning in neighbouring states.

But the current crisis has turned into the worst in three years, and New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called for a range of measures to fight what he described as “unbearable pollution”.

The Indian government of the shrewd Modi has devices CECA not just for their jobless to get jobs in Singapore, but also for them to escape from the choking and poisonous extreme air polution in New Delhi and other cities of India.

Anonymous said...

PS. Guess what was behind the black ink on the banner behind the stage.

There will be severe legal consequences for organiser Botak Gilbert and even the speakers if there is no black ink on the banner.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore Government never sign CECA with USA for Singaporeans to go there to find jobs and convert to US citizens?

Unknown said...

@ 9:03 am.

The past is past.
Now is now.
Time is over,
Can not count.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore Government never sign CECA with USA for Singaporeans to go there to find jobs and convert to US citizens?
9:09 am


Because USA don't want to sign CECA with Singapore.

USA only want to sign agreement for their aircraft carrier to use Changi Naval Base.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore's outstanding leaders (who demands outstanding salaries and bonuses) got conned by India's non-scholar-type but street-smart PM Modi? This shows they are not outstanding in performance, despite claiming to be outstanding, is it not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I dunno why there's a "redacted" word in the banner. BTW, what was the word? Sorry, I'm not that good at guessing...

It is good to know that people can actually voice their discontent with The State openly. Kudos to the crowd and to the cops for maintaining a peaceful state.

Around the world, public protests are not peaceful---Chile, France, HK, and now even Iraq, and more to come.

It is important to keep in mind the 2 fundamental issues of discontent here and WHAT it is the people at these protest want:

1. A "Singaporean first" employment policy

2. No population target of 10 million

What I think will happen:

1. The govt will implement more "re-training" for Singaporeans, and modify the labour laws to "give the appearance" that Singaporeans have to hired first. Because the SG.GOV still has to be "business-friendly", any policy will have "loopholes" (lobang) so that employers are not over-burdened with any new hiring policies. In other words, it's business as usual, with a bit more "paperwork"...that's all.

2. They might "reduce" the population target to 8.5 or 9 million...just to appear that "we, the PAP are LISTENING to The People's concerns"...but come hell or high water, Singapore will be getting more crowded...even if it is from the increase in the number of births by new immigrant marriages and inter-marriages. Every social engineer is aware of the scientific FACT that a more diverse gene pool benefits the cuntry in the long run, even though there will be some "pain" in the short to medium term. So again it's business, as usual, , with some caveats and changes.

Because Singapore is a guided democracy, and an election is coming up, the PAP will factor in something to "address the concerns" of the people. But anyone who thinks the PAP will relinquish the WHOLE GROUND and accede 100% to the Hong Lim protesters "demands" is completely fucking DELUSIONAL.

As I indicated before this protest (and every other HL Park protest), come the week following it will be business as usual. That doesn't mean protesting should stop. Singapore is a NEWBIE when it comes to public protests, so it has a long long way to go and the only way is to do it as often as possible.

What absolutely, without any excuse must happen: Members of the ruling party, especially the minister(s) and policy-wonks MUST BE EXTENDED POLITE AND CORDIAL INVITATIONS to attend any rally or protest against current policy, or lack of policy. This point is SO IMPORTANT. The last thing is to appear adversarial or hostile to the govt. This is a sign of MATURITY. It signals that the protest is AGAINST govt policy (or lack thereof) not a personal attack on members of the govt or parliament. (There is a time and place for that type of protest, and of course violent insurrection and civil disobedience...but not in this case; not yet, at least)

So....did the organisers take it upon themselves to INVITE the govt to attend their Hong Lim Park protest?

Anonymous said...

Not true Anon 9:28am.

If the plan is to turn Singapore into another Indian state, to replace Singaporeans with Indians, then it is very logical to have CECA.

Do not underestimate the intelligence of our leaders. They plan everything ahead. They know what they are doing. If they are stupid, how can they be earning millions year after year?

They are very happy with the take over. See MBFC, Chennai Biz Park in Changi, all the condos in East Coast, all taken over oredy. These things don't happen by chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning to all....

Don't waste time lah! No use protest! Not in Sg! You can see....not many people there.

Said many many times here before that the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss but when to voting die-die-die-die die-die-die-die pap!

Everyone bo-chup cheng-hu! So very busy trying to 3Ms.

This is Sg loong loong loong loong time ago liao.


imho said...

India also not stupid. Once suck dry singapoor, it will just dump singapoor and go away. sinkies only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

No matter how outstanding anyone may claim, he or she cannot escape the four Noble Truths:

1. Sufferings of Birth.
2. Sufferings of Old Age.
3. Sufferings of Sickness.
4. Sufferings of Death.

Anonymous said...


1 peace of birth
2 peace of old age
3 peace of sickness
4 peace of death

peace! peace! peace!

Anonymous said...

The Truths are the Truths. No matter how many times you can say "peace", you can repeat "peace" every day and night, again and again until the day you die, YOU will still experience the SUFFERINGS!

It is undeniable, irrefutable, inescapable, inevitable!

Anonymous said...

I got retrenched last year, my position was re-defined and given to foreign talent. After working 32 years in that company in a managerial position, now I am a security guard in a hotel. My last drawn salary was $12k a month. I am earning $1.8k a month. I am very keen to attend and support the above event but I am on duty this weekend!

I just wish to share with you my concern as a Singapore born and bred citizen belongs to the Tamil community. I wish to high light the dilemma of the local Tamil community in Singapore due to the import of non-Tamils (North Indians)! We were like 65% to 70% of the total Indian population in 1990. We are almost reduced to 50% in 2010! What is the impact of this? The Tamils are intimidated by the loud and arrogant North Indians. They refuse to integrate with us. Instead of following the Singapore way of life, they bring in the caste system into our society. Their children generally don’t attend the local schools. The government has allowed several Indian Global schools to operate here. They have their own school curriculum and don’t mix with local kids. These foreign talents don’t speak Tamil and demand the government to introduce Hindi as a second language in schools. They also want more Hindi airtime in our Tamil radio and TV channels. I wonder why our government allows this. Why can’t the government tell them Tamil is one the official languages and they have to accept it! Can the China nationals (new citizens) demand Cantonese or Hokkien programmes on our national radio & tv channels? Why the North Indians are given such privileges?

The new non-Tamil citizens have already taken over our space in Little India, temples and in the community club events. The North Indians population has increased and they are promoting their culture and languages through various Community clubs/centres. Several years ago a non-elected MP has raised the negative impact on importing many non-Tamil Indians to Singapore. He has cautioned the government that it will affect the local Indians way of life and practices. No one took note of his concern then. Many of us have raised our concerns in vain to various authorities!

We are worried about our identity as Singapore Tamils due to the arrival of the Indian nationals, mostly North Indians!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I dunno why there's a "redacted" word in the banner. BTW, what was the word? Sorry, I'm not that good at guessing...

Read the first comment in this thread.

Anonymous said...

Yes, everybody suffers.

But you can be sure that Ah Loong, Jinx, Ah Heng, Kee Chiu, Legal Bayee, The Sham, Josie, Ah Tin, etc all suffer a lot less than you. Even those with diseases & medical conditions.

Hard Truth.

Anonymous said...

When true blue Singaporeans become a minority, our official language will also change.

Now they spell Deepavali as Diwali or something like that. Soon the Tamils would become a minority.

Anonymous said...

All Singaporeans - Chinese, Tamils, Sikhs, Malays and Eurasians - should unite to fight back the caste- conscious and caste-practising North Indians before they become an overwhelming majority.

First, fight back the ones who facilitate their increase in numbers and strength.

Second, don't vote for the MPs who have supported CECA.

Anonymous said...

Sad! Don't talk about $g!

No matter what they kena left right front back top bottom, the masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap!

Don't blame pap! It is the masses. DIE die die die die die die die vote for them!

Pap knows! Hahaha.....

So really don't waste time. Also don't dream! Unless a miracle!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Ah. Ok. It's "Ramesh".

Sorry, don't agree with that. It is a CHEAP SHOT; a non sequitur that has NOTHING TO DO with the issues.

Attacking by using "one data point", a "rare event" doesn't bolster the argument. It actually WEAKENS it.

Logical fallacies:

1. Appeal to emotion
2. Cherry picking the data
3. Genetic galaxy
4. Poisoning the well

Anonymous said...

The question of 'Ask yourself did you vote for a MP that support this CECA?' should instead be 'Why did you vote for a MP that support this CECA?'.

Almost three in four Sinkies voted for it for sure, and asking them did they vote for a MP that support CECA is truthfully irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

A vote for PAP is a vote for CECA.


Prata Action Party

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.41 is spot on.

I am a Chinese, but I can see the arrogance of those so called higher caste Indians behaving as if Singapore belongs to them now. They are bringing into Singapore their brand of behaviour from India like the caste system mentioned, and are even creating disharmony among their own Indian community. This is not good going forward. Why is the Indian community tolerating all this?

On another topic, there are already lots of negative comments by Indians against India participating in the recently concluded ESCAP, mainly those representing small industries in India, who fear being unable to compete against the likes of China and Vietnam.

This is the reason why it will be a difficult road for India to rise fast enough to be among the top economic giants when those in power have to consider sacrificing growth to pacify those small industry players who may matter at the ballot box.

The stark difference of implementing policies between the world's biggest democracy and the biggest communist country is plain for all to see. Top down or bottoms up - which is better?

Anonymous said...

If Communism had succeeded in Indonesia during Soekarno's time, Indonesia would have become like China today.

And Singapore would have become part of Indonesia, instead of joining Malaysia and got kicked out unceremoniously.

Anonymous said...

Dun vote for a party like PAP(aka CECA or 6.9+million population) lest kena BAICA (crippled & can't do anything become jobless).
Go vote for alternate party that serve your needs (eg PSP, SDP, PVP , WP etc).

Anonymous said...

PAPies still the most efficient. That's why China CCP model after PAP & follow the hierarchy & voting structures very closely. CCP today is very very different from Mao Zedong time.

Anonymous said...

Rb look like instead of several thousands only 2 to 300 people turn up?

Anonymous said...

Brainwashing really works, slowly and unconsciously, and eventually the truth is blocked out altogether and those brainwashed walking dead just refused to see the truth, even you try reminding them a thousand times.

The mob protesting in Hong Kong have been programmed to hate China and nothing is going to change their perception. Coupled with the distorted news from the MSM, the situation cannot get better. China will have to relook at the education system in Hong Kong when the 50 year one country two system ends. When so many deaths are reported in demonstrations all over the world, one man's ear got bitten in the Hong Kong protest is big news and is blown out of all proportions on MSM.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies have been brain-washed for 50 years or so. Now, even if you tell them they are going to lose their rice-bowls once those arrogant and snobbish North Indians, who practise the Hindu Caste System, takes control of Singapore's economic survivability, very few will believe you.

This is already a lost cause. I have realised this trend going on for the last 20 years. That's why I have preparing my family for emigration for the last ten years. I have already purchased properties overseas. Once I get my new citizenship, I will denounce Singapore Citizenship in order to withdraw all my CPF Savings.

Anonymous said...

A Malaysian judge, a deputy public prosecutor and a lawyer will be hauled to court on Wednesday (Nov 6) to face corruption charges.

Judge Azmil Muntapha Abas, DPP Khairul Azhwa Yusrie Mohamad and lawyer Noor Amirul Nazreen Anas will be brought to the special corruption court tomorrow to face charges.

As I have suspected all this while, judges, prosecutors and lawyers can also be corrupted. Only thing is that it is very difficult to find evidence to support any allegation against them. No one is perfect. Some will succumb to money, some to sex, some to threats, some to intimidation and blackmail.

Anonymous said...

Hi 334pm

You are 1o8% correct! The masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for them. Yes, Sg is like that loong loong loong loong loong loong time ago.

So you will be leaving Sg with your family and empty your cpf? Great!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! If you are really in a position to migrate, why do you need to empty your CPF?!?!?

If you need to take out your CPF just to migrate it means your migration is not very comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Someone really loves the northern Indians or bringing them in to control the southern Indians. The fairer and think highly of themselves northern Indians are going to look down on the darker southern Indians and a fight is on the card.

Singapore is built with the help of the southern Indians. Now they are going to be pushed aside by the northern Indians that think they are smarter, god sent to take over this island.

Virgo 49 said...

If you leave for good when have your monies locked up by them?

Better take and throw them into the drains and give to charities better than leave them with there shits.

Take out own CPF's monies meant that you are gian png?

What's they called? Twits? Idiots imbeciles fools.

You can add yourself.No wonder the PAP put these dafts in to their pockets and laughing away

Anonymous said...

What high caste, fair Northern Indians? Most are dark, can't speak proper English and behave as any third world third rate people behave although they earn enough to bring their whole families, including aged parents, here. And they act as though they are superior to the locals.

Anonymous said...

///Take out own CPF's monies meant that you are gian png?///

No it means you're imbecilic & moronic.

So easy to gain profits from CPF. Furthermore maintaining pink NRIC means you can rent out HDB. HDB rental yields are among the highest in the developed world.

Anyway if you play the system right, your entire CPF should be only 5% or less of your networth.

5% sup sup suay can just leave as high-yield bank account. You can even donate it to various charities if you don't feel like collecting it.

So far I've seen 3 generations in my family & relatives with CPF, and so far CPF ultimately never churi the money --- all fully returned with interest.

Virgo 49 said...

Gold fish eyes thought he can corner the WP in Parliament.

The WP pulled a fast one on him and he is speechless. Got to call for a recess and adjournment.

Wah piang kena plucked

Made my day


Virgo 49 said...

Those gian png ones will want to earn an extra one or two percent.

Siap siap water to WSG.

Gian png like Matilah as a LOCUST still clings to Sinking land CPF for extra interests eveb though he already chiak ang moh sais and sperxxxs

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ��������Hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

'Gold fish eyes thought he can corner the WP in Parliament' unquote Virgo 8.30 pm

Hahaha, his shrill voice sounds like a golden parrot singing the same old song about accountability. The PAP has really no moral standing to talk about coming clean. Why are unelected PAP people given powers to decide on estate matters of opposition wards? What are the elected opposition MPs for? Are they not elected by the people to represent the constituencies?

Further, why are opposition wards Town Councils denied subsidies that are given to all PAP wards every year? What is the purpose of having the pledge of 'based on justice and equality' when opposition wards are treated less equally than PAP wards?

And more often than not, those unelected MPs will make sure anything asked for by the opposition wards will take a long time to materialise. Such is the case with the 7 year timeframe to complete a pathway, when all it took was only 4 years to build Jewel at Changi. Those cockroaches really know how to fix the opposition. No wonder they say only birds of a feather can flock together.

Anonymous said...

U be careful lar if not kena invited lim kopi then detained and sodomized by tuakee jialat jialat then u know

Anonymous said...

This is a lim kopl comment!


Anonymous said...

Oppo can only talk talk talk, but in the end do nothing & get no money. That's why smart sinkies will still vote PAPies. And that's why PAPies will get 75+++% in next GE.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ November 05, 2019 9:32 pm:

"U be careful lar if not kena invited lim kopi then detained and sodomized by tuakee jialat jialat then u know"

YOUR statement implies that Somebolee is a sex maniac who has the fascination and penchant for sodomising other people and this person would come and invite you to drink coffee.

And you keep repeating this threat to frighten people from giving critical comments undesirable or unsavory to the government. Looks like you are either a very sick person or you have been employed specially for the job of threatening and scaring people off the Internet?!

Anonymous said...

We know, we know, it will be 75% lah. This is like property agents and stock brokers trying to push up the market. When is the next all time high? The Fed's QE is doing a great job on Wall Street and magically here as well.

Unknown said...

The throne of righteousness dictates that the highest weilder of power in the land must, without any doubt, be one who upholds and maintain the highest exemplary embodiment of ethics, morals and laws. This is an extremely difficult pre-requisite to follow. Most leaders have failed. Only a very few exceptions. The exceptions are one in a billion!

In terms of monetary gains and rewards, these exceptional personalities should be paid by the $billions, not $millions.

Those who dare only asked for a few $millions of annual rewards are actually pathetically and sadly mediocres, not the outstanding characters that some may wish the wise to perceive. Only the commoners, the lowly educated and uneducated, the masses and the eunuchs could have fallen for such propagation.

The truth has to be revealed one day, whether convenient or not, agreeable or not, acceptable or not, forbidden or not, covered-up or not,

The signing of CECA has revealed the Truth!

Anonymous said...

Tharman: Wrong to have total free flow of people

With the signing of CECA between Singapore and India in 2005, Indian labor has been moving into Singapore ever since competing with Singaporeans for jobs. It led to more angry Singaporeans voting against the People’s Action Party (PAP) government at the 2011 GE, with the percentage votes of PAP dropped to the lowest in the history of Singapore.

The PAP government then began to throttle back by imposing a Fair Consideration Framework and introducing Jobs Bank to enable Singaporeans to be considered first for employment by companies. The government also started to be more restrictive in granting work passes for foreigners to work in Singapore.

This resulted in a backlash from the Indian government, accusing the Singapore government of violating the terms of CECA and threatening to bring Singapore to WTO court.

Two years ago, then Deputy Prime Minister Tharman explained Singapore’s position in India (‘Wrong to have total free flow of people: DPM Tharman‘, 23 Jul 2017). Speaking at the Delhi Economics Conclave organized by the Indian Finance Ministry, Tharman explained that Singapore has been one of the strongest advocates when it comes to the free flow of goods and services, but there must be limits to the movement of people.

Otherwise there will be less push for businesses to be more productive, and “more fundamentally, you become a society where people don’t feel it’s their own society”, he added. “This is a reality not just because of Trump in the US or Brexit in UK. It is a reality all over the world.”

Noting that a third of Singapore’s workforce is already made up of foreigners, he further commented, “It would be mindless to have an open border without any policy framework to govern and constrain the flow of people into your job market. It will not just be wrong politics but wrong economics.”

From Bloomberg.

Virgo 49 said...


Where is the Accountability when the Papies MPs lost millions in the Lehman Bros (Homos) and Sisters (Lesbians) Saga?

Wah, suka suka have thrills gambling on Citizens hard earned monies and just shrugged them off.

You think they made extras, they will share with you.

The Papies sure that their TCs Contractors are not contracted MORE than WP


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Frog

The "limits to the movement of people" actually mean that Singapore's PAP don't want "free loading losers" to come in like the EU, Canada, Australia. The PAP want productive people.... those who can give Singaporeans a fucking good lesson in MARKET COMPETITION.

You cherry pick the data. Listen to the "meritocracy" speeches given by LKY, LHL and so many other ministers.

The policy is so clear, and still people ignore it, trying to FIGHT REALITY! 😂🤪

Anonymous said...

India Wants RCEP To Be Same As CECA Signed By Sucker Singapore

A the 35th ASEAN Business and Investment summit last Saturday (2 Nov), negotiators were still discussing to create the world’s largest regional trade pact, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), after India made more last-minute requests, Bloomberg reported.

The RCEP is a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) between the ten member states of the ASEAN (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and its six FTA partners (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand). Negotiations for RCEP started in November 2012 and have been ongoing ever since.

Leaders attending the summit last Saturday were hoping to present a preliminary deal today (4 Nov), paving the way for countries to finalize details on the legal framework of an agreement that would cover one-third of the global economy. However, it was not meant to be due to some “last-minute requests” from “one country”.

Philippine Trade Minister Ramon Lopez told reporters that the one country – which he didn’t identify – wanted to “have confirmation before they can totally agree.” Bloomberg identified that country to be India. It appears discussions for RCEP will be continuing till next year before any deal can be agreed on.

At the summit, Indian PM Modi said his country wants to see greater ambition on services even as it remains “committed to a comprehensive and balanced outcome” from ongoing RCEP negotiations.

“We have put forward reasonable proposals in a clear manner and are engaged in negotiations with sincerity,” he said in an interview with the Bangkok Post. “We would like to see commensurate levels of ambition on services from many of our partners, even as we are ready to address their sensitivities.”

India has long pushed for other countries to allow greater movement of labor and services in return for opening its market of more than 1 billion people to certain goods.

In other words, India hopes to see similar CECA type of arrangements with Singapore happening with all the other RCEP member countries, with Indian labor easily obtaining work visas to work in those countries too.

Virgo 49 said...

You cannnot beat the Snakes,hygenas and wild lives in any trade pacts or negotiations.

Have the cake and eat it.

What's farking sincerity?

Out to con you.

Lee Con Yew.

Anonymous said...

If India is sincere, it would not have pulled a last minute trick out of the magic bag of Modi The Modificator.

Anonymous said...

The PAP is only good at fixing own people but has been fixed by the cunning Indian Government until "The" also cannot say:

"The PAP government then began to throttle back by imposing a Fair Consideration Framework and introducing Jobs Bank to enable Singaporeans to be considered first for employment by companies. The government also started to be more restrictive in granting work passes for foreigners to work in Singapore.

This resulted in a backlash from the Indian government, accusing the Singapore government of violating the terms of CECA and threatening to bring Singapore to WTO court."

Anonymous said...

The Indians probably think the RECP members are as stupid and desperate as Singapore and would agree to anything India demands, even allowing fake talents to flood their countries.

Anonymous said...

9.32pm anon I think he just being nice to caution people and knn u curse like no tomorrow. I think u should be sodomized jialat jialat too

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo 8.30

It would indeed be interesting to know what kind of money the PAP paid to its cleaning contractors for a similar size GRC as Aljunied GRC and for a Single Ward constituency like Hougang. We may be in for a surprise.

Maybe they are afraid of the skeletons falling out of the cupboard, that is why they are fixing the WP for good.

Anonymous said...

///know what kind of money the PAP paid to its cleaning contractors for a similar size GRC as Aljunied GRC and for a Single Ward constituency like Hougang///

They're all spelled out in the annual reports of all TC including Oppo ones. That's how AHTC got in trouble becoz the numbers were too funny in their reports.

But of course losers here won't know coz losers don't know how to read or interpret annual reports or financial statements.

Virgo 49 said...

You think their reports are all true?

Auditors are a bunch of bullshitters who reports where the monies are.

Only when exposed in the Courts that's when the REAL reports are revealed.

Their famous statement.

We believe to be be fair and correct in their accounting

So many exemplary cases as in the past of Convictions.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

The Auditors will report where the monies are.

You think professionals don't eye monies.

He who paid the monkeys called for the tunes.

Monies can even make the Ghosts dance.

So many past court cases as in the past proved these are happenings.

Anonymous said...

How many times have auditors failed and caused investors to lose their pants? Lehman Bros failure was a perfect example.

Here at home, how come PA had so many unaccounted for and misused of public funds? These were periodically disclosed during audits by the AG. Are their accounts not subject to independent auditing? IF so, what were the auditors doing, or were they just keeping their mouths closed for obvious reasons?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.30

Lehman Bros and Scoundrels are Con. investing companies where these greedy idiots deserved lose their monies. Auditors don't really audit their accounts for these frauds.

But like NKF and Hellulah organisations which the Auditors are supposed to be the Four or Five Big Eyes Ones even pushed by the PAP to audit WP.

They are the Ones thru their years of auditing these organisations also just kept mum until exposed in Courts.

When the Paymasters paid you, they called for the tunes. Millions in auditing fees just kept mum and cover up their crimes.

Afterall these professionals bastards will pushed some one junior or subordinates to take the Fall. The Big Fish themsleves are protected and immune.

Poor subordinates kena blamed.

This is in collaboration and been as accomplices to these frauds but the Courts does not even punish them.

Simply, they said our jobs NOT to discover frauds. Just auditing.

Then auditing for what or for fark?

Might aa well don't audit. The worse is that most companies accounting staffs are so stressed and dead scared of these farking wayang auditing firms when the auditing season is on.

So, the Auditing firms top honchos or lan chos must be prosecuted to make sure they just don't act in accomplices with their own kind.

Have seen many of these cover ups during my hey days.

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