Protest against unfair and anti Singaporean CECA

'Social activist Gilbert Goh organises protest against CECA on 3 Nov

Reflecting on Ramesh Erramalli’s rant against a condominium security guard, social activist Gilbert Goh has organised a protest against the Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CEAC) – which permits Indian workers in 127 industries access to Singapore’s labour market – at Hong Lim Park this Sunday (3 Nov) at 4pm.

Earlier, PV Secretary-General and Cambridge-educated lawyer Lim Tean has criticised this clause in the CECA allowing the free movement of labour, saying that another regional FTA – the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership – has stalled over other country’s refusal to allow Indian workers access to their labour markets.

In organising the protest, Goh said that it was not right that Singaporeans are “struggl[ing] on the side with low-end jobs such as driving Grab or becom[ing] a security officer” while foreigners with “dubious degree(s)” are able to earn generous salaries in lucrative sectors such as finance and IT.

Lamenting that “our authorities [appear] resigned to an open-door policy when it comes to lucrative sectors”, Goh said that public perception has deteriorated to the point where it seems that “employment prospects are seemingly open only to foreign talents”.

He also noted that jobs in these industries typically pay very well, and as a result would likely cause income inequality thereby resulting in “alot of unhappiness and social unrest” amongst Singaporeans.'

The daft and kiasi and kia chenghu Singaporeans have been living under this anti Singaporean CECA for more than a decade and afraid to air their grievances. While many Singaporeans, including young graduates are facing grave difficulties finding jobs here, some having to write hundreds of application letters without getting a single reply, some having to wait for months and years to a temporary jobs, foreigners are coming in on visit passes and could land a job within days and weeks.

The unfair and one sided CECA has led to hundreds of thousands of fake degree holders from fake universities, from suspicious universities to work here as professionals and earning very high salaries while many Singaporeans especially the PMETs have been booted out, retired prematurely and ended up as Grab drivers and security guards. Many of our young are under employed, unable to get a permanent job and doing part time in MacDonalds or as food deliverers using their electric scooters.

Singaporeans cannot keep quiet and so nothing as these are signs being read as acceptance of their pathetic state of affair, acquiescence, given up, and thus in a way seen as accepting this dreadful and humiliating CECA. No saying anything, no whimpering, not kpkb, is read as everything is ok. So the CECA is ok. Singaporeans you die your business as the half baked, fakes keep coming in to take your jobs, steal your lunches and abuse you as useless people in your very own country, in your very own backyard as if you don't belong here. This place is for anyone and for everyone that is here, no need to be citizens, no need to do NS.

Singaporeans if they continue to behave like sheeps being led to the slaughter without resisting deserve to be slaughtered and their homes and country taken away from them by foreigners.

This is what Simon Lim wrote in TRE.

Often unseen, this has led to broken families, depressed local wages, reduced employment opportunities and underemployment for local PMETs.

Even former DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam commented in 2017 that “it would be mindless to have an open border without any policy framework to govern and constrain the flow of people into your job market. It will not just be wrong politics but wrong economics.”

Indeed, many Singaporean graduates and PMETs are paying heavy prices for the incompetency and greed of their political leadership. If this continues, they need to understand that their future and their livelihood are at stake.

Very clearly, our book-smart PAP generals and scholars are no match at all for those street-smart Indian politicians. Lee Hsien Loong and his cabinet have been totally out-smarted, out-flanked and out-manouveured by the Indian government.

Simon Lim

PS. Had an early race to run, so could not post in the morning.

Some comments posted in TRE

  • White Uniform Syndrome:
    I’ll be there to support as usual. Those who care for our country, for our future, make sure you’ll be there too especially opposition parties. Support and unite, singaporeans!
    The last protest at Hong Lim Park with a large crowd was the one about Population White Paper. Make this attendance better than that one. Help to spread the words and jio as many people as we can. Stop being a 懦夫 or weakling who always suffer in silence.
    Rating: +17 (from 17 votes)
  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:
    A compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE.
    Rating: +8 (from 8 votes)
  • PAP signed CECA:
    If foreigners are stealing your lunch, who do you think is helping them? Who is letting them into the country? If you can’t protect your jobs, what makes you think you can protect the country? Local-born citizens, students, graduates, NS/NSR should protest CECA. A low turn-out would signal to the gov that it is alright to let more foreigners into the country.
    Rating: +12 (from 12 votes)
  • NotMyProblem:
    I will be there to support this protest.
    I don’t want to see the day when Singaporeans need to kneel and bow to foreigners for mercy, like during the Japanese Occupation experienced by my parents.
    CECA is killing Singaporeans. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to suffer.
    I hope you don’t like to see that too!!
    Rating: +12 (from 12 votes)
  • PAP Ministers All Indecisive:
    Due to many injuries and death, France has decided to ban E Scooters from the footpath. They cannot even park at the footpath. They also cannot use the highway but only on the roads. To date Singapore Ministers still cannot decide what to do.
    Now with CECA which allows Indian Company to have Intra Corporate transfers, all they have to do is recruit new Indian workers back at their Indian Office under their company name and then transfer them to the Singapore office. These people can even bring their dependents over and work in Singapore. This is a loophole which allows them to bring their own kind and thus avoid recruiting local Singaporeans. Our own Ministers all got tricked AND UP TO NOW CANNOT TAKE ANY ACTIONS.
    No wonder there is now a total of 800,000 Indians working in Singapore solving Modi’s unemployment problems in India.
    China is indeed very smart. They refuse to allow the Indians to bring in their workers to China as they have their own people to take care of. As a result, the RCEP Agreement cannot be signed up to now.
    Do You want to still vote for these kind of stupid Ministers in the coming election ?
    Don’t kill your own future generations.
    Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)
  • Harder Truths:
    Gilbert – the core of the ‘open a**’ policy is simple – we allow their shit to be thrown here and they allow TH-owned companies such as DBS and Jurong to go there and get ‘preferential’ treatment into their market to make profits for the $G white clowns.
    Ask them where the benefits are for $G citizens either way.
    It is just not CECA but the FT policies we need to abolish.
    This means abolishing the root cause of all our problems – The Cancer Clown’s Circus.
    Rating: +7 (from 7 votes)


Anonymous said...

Vote OPPO into parliament to ask questions about CECA.

It's time for a parliamentary review of CECA.
- cost and benefit analysis of CECA

I do not think our PAP MPs are able to question CECA in parliament since they are frequently absent.

Only OPPO MPs will be diligent enough to ask questions.

We need vote in 30-40 OPPO MPs to ask the questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Whenever I return to singapore always had lunch with Richard former TRE editor. On one of my yearly trip back Richard arrange for me to meet up with Gilbert instead getting exchange views about Americunt, Gilbert Goh blasted me for abundant Sing. I fuck him but make Richard feel bad, he arranged for us to meet at Redhill MRT. Gilbert Goh is gila Pukimak. Richard if you are reading this.... sorry can't make it this year:-)


Anonymous said...


No leh! Just look around you. Everyone is smiling. Where got problem? Everything like ok!

Yes! Everyone is so very very busy trying to 3Ms so much so that they all bo-chup cheng-hu!

As said before the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss but when come to voting die-die-die-die pap!

In fact many many many many many many people on the ground and at kopitians predicted pap 75%-80% with 100% parliament seats at the next GE!

So really really don't waste time and resources.

Coming back to HLP on this Sunday, you think there will be a LARGE turnout? 100? 500? 1000? 5000? 10000?.....?????

We shall see.....


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hong Lim Saturdays,

So great to see so many willfully burning their Saturday to exercise their right to their opinion in this glorious socially-engineered Nation A
👍🤟🤣 Well done keep it up!

Come Monday morning.... everything is still exactly the same. Nothing's changed.

Business as usual. CECA, still fully functional.

Bro, do you majullah or matilah?? 🏆☠️🍻🍻🍷

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Gilbert Goh and HLP again?

That loser Gilbert Goh just doesn't seem to understand Sinkies. Sinkies are not like Hongkies, u know.

And just like the loser Chee Soon Juan fighting a losing battle every election, Gilbert Goh is fighting a losing battle every protest at HLP.

So what if there are 1000 or even 10000 Sinkies at HLP protest?

So what if there are 10,000 crowds at Chee Soon Juan election rallies?

PAP will still win big at election, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

PAP will still win big at election, correct or not?
4:17 pm

108% correct.

If PAP cannot win, I will cut off my kukujiao to become a post op Sinkie shemale.

Anonymous said...

Correct, PAP will continue to win and rule the Sickies, Sinkies, Suckies, $Monkies and Sillykies for the next 50 years at least... Until a Bloody Violent Revolution happens (I predict the NS Men will revolt and slaughter all the Paper Generals, and subsequently topple the PAP blood-sucking self-enriching elites.

Anonymous said...

100 years ago Singapore was colonized by the British who were more aggressive and cunning than the native rulers and outsmarted them. Our independence nearly half a century later was hard won. Now we are again in danger of being colonized by foreigners who are more aggressive and cunning than our leaders. This time they are not white but brown and are invited in by our leaders. History has not taught our leaders anything. As RB said, stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

The ego and self-pride of Lee and Sons will be our undoing.

Anonymous said...

Taking Very Good Care of Indians

Don't gamble with your future. Vote for Lee HHsien Loong. He is an outstanding leader. He takes very good care of us, Indians.

You can see how many top and key positions in the government are being given to our Indians - from President to Ministers to Chief Justice.

Not only Singapore Indians but also India Indians.

Through CECA, the India Indians can come and help populate Singapore by the millions because India's population has over-taken China's 1.4 billion, to become world number one.

Now India is world number one babies producing factory and manufacturer. So many Indian babies in India, how to provide jobs to all of them?

Only way is to send them to countries whose leaders are cooperative or can be conned into agreeing to import India Indians to create (means to stealthily steal) jobs.

Singaporean Chinese don't want to produce children. Therefore, serve them right to be replaced by Indians from India.

India Indians have now turned Singapore into an Indian-Dominated Sin City. So vote for PAP. Three cheers for PAP that takes very good care of Indians!

Some of them even want to replace Lee Hsien Loong with Tharman.

Some of them have already successfully engineered an Indian to masquerade as a Malay and without contest just walk over put on the Pedestal of the President.

Some of them are now trying their utmost to influence Lee Hsien Loong to reduce the Chinese Majority and make the three main races equal ratio.

Some of them have already successfully replaced Workers' Party Chief Low Thia Kiang with an Indian Bayi.

Some of them are so powerful that they can influence the Condo Management in Whampo to sack the whole Security Team after JP Morgan's Indian staff caused a huge embarrassment for the company by abusing the security guards after refusing to pay car park charges, and then hurled verbal abuses and insulting all Singaporeans who stay in HDB and also insulting the Chinese race, got the audacity to make police report, and after 6 days then apologise to only one security guard shading crocodile tears.

Can see black power operating subtly in the shadow or not, anyone?

So, what can you do? Vote for Opposition Parties also dare not. Vote out PAP also dare not. What else can you do other than KPKB?

A people without courage is as good as weeds to be trampled upon and weeded out without even realising it. Pathetic!

Three cheers for Lee Hsien Loong! Three cheers for PAP!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 707pm

You are very very very good!

You should volunteer yourself as a speaker tomorrow at HLP!

It would be greatly greatly appreciated by the organiser.

Please consider. Not late!


Anonymous said...

Some of them have already successfully replaced Workers' Party Chief Low Thia Kiang with an Indian Bayi.
7:07 pm


But could it be no WP member want Bayi's job as SG of WP?

Bayi's job very dangerous one u know. Can get sue until pants drop one, especially if Bayi's party is not ready to be govt.

So still want Bayi's job?

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong and his cabinet have been totally out-smarted, out-flanked and out-manouveured by the Indian government.
Simon Lim in original post

So what?

Sinkies lost their jobs to CECA Indian FTs?

So what?

As long as Lee Hsien Loong and his cabinet is not out-smarted, out-flanked and out-manouveured by the Sinkie opposition, it is OK for Lee Hsien Loong and his cabinet.

By the way, why is Simon Lim not among the speakers at Gilbert's HLP protest tomorrow according to Gilbert's FB?

Simon Lim can only TCSS on the internet like anybody else?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


The Curse of CECA

CECA is the curse casts upon the people of Singapore.

The ink has been set and the dye has dried up.

There will be no escape for the masses, the loyals and royals .

Even the upper-most echelon will not be spared, even if you are rich and powerful.

The curse is the ripening of negative karma caused by unsatisfiable, unrestrained and unlimited greed.

Yes, greed is good: "What's wrong with collecting more money?"

In the Evil Heart, greed is even better. In the Devil's mind, greed is the best and only quality and qualification for existence.

Whether good, better or best, the curse is the result of all the collective deeds manifested by greed.

Once cast, the curse cannot be undone. It is set in motion. Irresistible. Irreversible.

Just wait for the ripening of this curse that you have deviced for yourself and your people.

Then a multitude of sins will also ripen.

Then self-destructions will manifest across the board in all directions, in all walks of life.

Especially so when the time bomb of the 99-year lease explodes.

The ending shall be the same as the beginning.

And all will go back to square one, one by one.

The Oracle consulted and spoken. Believe it or not, there's no difference.

Virgo 49 said...

NOT speak at HL rally lah.

Invited to LHL Tea Party or one Doomday sooth sayer always said be careful drink Kopi.

Anon 7.07 posting is meant to be a satirical to wake up the dafts.

But the dafts always became eunuchs and be dafts forever.

No medicine can cure them.

Terminal Sinkies diseases of kia Cheng Hu, kia everything.

Virgo 49 said...

Aljunied Voters got guts.

WP candidates can be replaced with new members standing there. They be still voting for them.

The more you tortured them. The more they defiled the PAP.

Unlike other constituencies Eunuchs voters who only can squeeze their balls but no kookoos.

If they can tolerate about the 7 years to build ram they have no fears of any inconveniences as dished out by the evil papies.

These are the stout hearted voters WHO still have a sense of righteous thinking.

Unlike the farking selfish Papies voters WHO are going to be cursed by their next generations for being balless.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland is DOOMED to sink.

Arrogant and Pompous meant to DIE.

What's go up must come down.

First Generation Bulits

Second Generation Consolidates

Third Generation Destroys.

By the daft prodigal sons and daughters of the manure Millieninals.

Anonymous said...

Please lah V49

Sg not so Siong as what you had said.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine all the blur like sotong ministers and MPs in Parliament supporting the CECA for so many years without knowing how damaging it is to Singaporeans and Singapore?

And the blurer than sotong people continue to vote these blur sotongs that supported the CECA into Parliament.

Singaporeans deserve to be driven out of their little island and become boat people.

Virgo 49 said...

Not so siong.

New Minnenials bunch i aimless idiots going for same sex. Became homo or bians. Homos and lesbians and proud to be one.

Insane short circuited in their brains.

Most wanted cosy part time, free lance and ad hoc and no time jobs so that they can have more time to enjoy themselves.

Mostly spolit by their well off parents. Whole farking days and nights glued to their farking handphones even walking. Blocking all the way.

Already bad enough with all these third world pests walking and holding hands among males and walking six to seven abreast.

These mother fuckers looking and playing their handphones cannot even leave their eyes off for a minute also joined in blocking the ways.

We seniors walked faster and fitter than than them.

Hope they kena bashed by the container trucks into mince meats or fall into the drains and break their farking legs and paralyze forever.

So many go into pots and drugs.

See so many rich bums children as druggies. Heaven punished them as karma strikes them for been selfish and have their unscrupulous monies by unscrupulous means.

Many deserved all these with their divorces and break up of their families.

Think wealth is everything.

No eyes see

Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add the third world pests homos NOT only holding hands among themselves but every three steps squeezed their balls as though kena bite by red or their black ants.

And jump and skid with their girlish shrill voices.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I will be there to support Gilbert and to show disapproval to this stupid CECA.

Please go to Hong Lim to support this cause. If you keep quiet they will say you are not protesting, so you agree to this CECA. Or they will treat you as zombies, to be ignored.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All in all, I scored about 20-30 interviews. But here’s the thing: 60-70% of the hiring and/or HR personnel are foreigners. And with all of them, it feels as like I’m pleading with a foreigner in my own turf, my own country. How is this right?

Above is poated by a Christopher Ong in TRE.

Why are Singaporeans begging foreigners for jobs in Singapore?

Why are Singaporeans at the mercy of foreigners to get a job in Singapore, the country that he has to do NS to protect against foreigners?

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans at the mercy of foreigners to get a job in Singapore, the country that he has to do NS to protect against foreigners?
What the hell is going on?
RB 10:05 am

Why is the Sinkie opposition still not strong, united and ready to be govt, and more than 50 years after independence?

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

Cos sg. don't care for each other.

Eg."what's wrong in collecting more money "(guy).

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