Malaysia going hi tech to build flying cars

After Proton's success, the first Malaysian car, Malaysia is gaining confidence in building its own flying car. According to Yahoo News there are 4 proposals on the table. 'The first is a British initiative, the second a Malaysian initiative but it has to manufacture in Japan, the third is a collaboration between a Malaysian company and China which has the opportunity to export the first batch for inter-island hopping and the medical industry. The fourth is initiated by a drone industry NGO which is seeking Putrajaya’s assistance to bring the technology into Malaysia.'

This is what Malaysia boleh is all about. Malaysia is pushing ahead to become an industrial economy with modern technology. Singapore has yet to produce its own car. Malaysia is one up on Singapore in this area.

In the meantime Singapore can spend more money and effort to develop its food industry, have more hawkers and build more hawker centres or food courts. There was a time when the Malaysia Singapore Airways went separate ways and we have the Singapore Airlines and MAS. Singapore chose to go international, Malaysia chose to go domestic.

In this round, it is Malaysia that is choosing to go international, to go industrial. Singapore is going domestic, to go to the ground to encourage more Singaporeans including university graduates to become hawkers.

We will see the results in 10 or 20 years times to see who is more successful in this new economic strategy. Actually hawker food can also go international. Try to get a few Michelin stars and our hawker food can go places, prepared and cooked by graduates from NUS and NTU, super high class and high quality.


Anonymous said...

The question is how come Singapore is not doing it? No initiative? Lack of courage? No innovative ideas? Lack of resolve? Always looking for the easy ways? No talents? Lack of education?

Answer to all the questions:

Import foreigners in increase GDP! The easy way out.

Virgo 49 said...

Ten or twenty years down the road, we will have the newest POOR.

No longer New POOR. No permanent gainful years of full time employment.

With now part time, ad hoc, free lance and no time no gainful employment for our young they be the vagrants, beggars of the time ahead.

Pathetic. From Third World to First then back to Third or even Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

In 10 years time Singapore would be like Hong Kong, only shop keepers and hawkers and food deliverers...and drivers of course.

Anonymous said...

Hi 859am

Sg definitely not doing it!

Why sweat?

In Sg just a sheet of paper... COE...... revenue $5->$100k!

So......why sweat? Correct?


C said...

"We will see the results in 10 or 20 years times to see who is more successful in this new economic strategy."

And the winner is: India


Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah, Sg will roll out TRANSFORMERS robots using AI tech with help of CECA FTA etc. FTs & locals together designing & manufacturing it soon lah. So what's great about Matland's flying car, probably it juz disappear in no where, who dare buy it.

Anonymous said...

They are going jobless soon, so are dtiving school and driving instructor.
Many retails shall go Dodo as well.
lf lndonesia, Malaysia and China collaborate in technology and industrial farming, the region shall prosper tremendously. lndonesia has the Manpower, Malaysia has land and natural resources and China has the technology and expertise.
The future for Asia, Asean and Russia shall be glorious if peace is maintain in the region. The people in the region must understand that co-operation and joint effort shall benefit all.
Those that believe that they are special, outstanding and exclusive shall hang high and dry, especially so if they are barren in resource and talent.
Conceit like paper qualification, is useless. lt is in fact the cause of downfall.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah, Sg will roll out more COEs!

Anonymous said...

With talents like Sin PM Lee, DPM Heng, Ministers Khaw B W, Chan C S, Josephine Teo, Grace Fu, Indranee, Amy Khor and the Lot,
Singaporeans need not worry about their future.
are guided by these super-talents who by the way, teach other nations how to govern their countries and to behave and comply with international rules and laws as though it is the provost of the World.


Anonymous said...

Yes, don't worry lah, Singapore can depend on CECA and India and also the great and mighty Americans to become the richest and most power island in the region. Jiat buay leow ah.

India and CECA can provide all the manpower, another 20m Indians can come and help to make Singapore's economy grow. Then Americans can help to provide 4G technology. Singapore sure successful one.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the little fart called Red Dot lah.
In 20 years, no more "independent" already. Become 53rd State of USA lah.

Anonymous said...

The best hawker food in Singapore will be cooked by President scholars

jjgg said...

We should invest our money in where our skill sets are. The government is expert in raising taxes.. so all government departments have kpis..look at LTA.. the greatest money churned in history.. erp system which is soon to be replaced by a satellite pricing system cos the erp system probably don't cast a wide enough net..look at our gst.. even medical n funerals n hospices must give to the hungry hungry government.. but they give gst exemptions to tourists ..so..who is more important? Hey buddy..we only live once.
We are also very good at being loss leaders..reportedly Singapore is spending billions in India..compare this to the latest UN narrative on India 's GDP n economy.. and we involve ourselves in CECA!!! so what else are we good in apart from being a one trick pony. For all the money spent on RnD have we been earth shattering in our discovery.. for all the tax benefits given to the oil refiners are we now a BIG PLAYER In the global marketplace? Think the government better stick to what it knows best..ie..keep on taxing the sheepies

Anonymous said...

With President Halimah at the Helm of Sin,
Sg shall be the Producer of the Most Authentic Nasi Lemak(rice cooked with coconut milk eaten with chilli paste, fried egg, fish, dried squid etc) in the World. And that alone shall see Sinkies survive well.
it shall have to depend on whether Malaysia, lndonesia and Thailand are willing to export their rice, coconut, anchovy and chilli etc, to Sin.
Otherwise, how expert Halimah is shall be of no use.
What use is a professorship if there is no post for the Qualification? lt cannot even fill the stomach.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1144am

I'm a fan of Nasi Lemak!

I love ❤️ it!


Anonymous said...

The only thing I am aware of about Singapore's distinct speciality is


This called "Ministers Get Rich First" by hook or by crook.

Definitely not "Singapore or Singaporeans First."

Lee Hsien Loong asks Singaporeans to work with him and his PAP. For what? Answer unspoken. For him and his ministers and top elites in PAP to get richer and richer, while importing more and more Indians from India through the Magical CECA "Hey Presto!" magic spell that mesmerized even the WP chiefs who have yet to speak a squeak about it in parliament for the past s[ many years!

Anonymous said...

These miw shall BAN all Matland's flying cars cos it is too dangerous for the HDB heartlanders while their inventions might sell like pancakes (eg PG/MG schemes in their own backyard).

Anonymous said...


Matland has always been very good at TCSS and coming out with the prototype or 1st phase product whether it's car, or resort, or airline, or amusement park, or skyscraper business centre etc.

But usually no skills at long-term profitability and lousy maintenance. And then will have deaths & safety issues.

Anyway, everybody knows making cars (whether flying or not) is a lousy business --- very capital intensive, requires tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ every year for maintenance, equipment upgrades, factories, R&D, experimentation etc etc. It is an industry in which winner takes all. I.e. the big established 100-year old car companies with killer cost control & 50-years established multi-national supply chains will tend to survive.

Even after 16 years, Tesla has used up 10X more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than it has earned so far. It's currently thanks to the Unicorn Craze that investors & venture capitalists are willing to hand over $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to be burned by these companies.

Why do you think James Dyson gave up plans to build e-cars in S'pore?!?!?! To build cars in S'pore and have a CHANCE to survive, Dyson will probably need to import 100,000 Africans slaves and have rent-free or free land from govt, plus have Sinkies taxpayers pay for his factories.

PAPies & companies smart --- they capitalise on S'pore's strength to focus on power sources --- making batteries & fuel cells that are smaller, lighter, can be charged faster, can hold bigger charge, can hold the power for longer. This is one key component without which the world can forget about e-cars or flying cars.

We also have the advantages to focus on the advanced electronics, chipsets & AI that are required. MNCs trust Sinkieland for the strong IP Laws & are willing to have their cutting edge technologies developed & manufactured here.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should have been developed into the Silicon (or silly-con) valley of the East. Now Shenzhen is the Silicon Valley of the East and India is catching up, though it has the most numbers of IT-trained personnel.

Anonymous said...

Science Park 1 & 2 have become stagnant. Not expanding - almost a white elephant.

Anonymous said...

"Actually hawker food can also go international.."

Yes, in fact we have great invention from NUS, roti- maker Rotimatic,

Anonymous said...

///Yes, in fact we have great invention from NUS, roti- maker Rotimatic,///

Not from NUS. Invented by 2 india indians who became PRs ... not sure if either of them become new citizen.

They used to be working in Silicon Valley, and invented the Rotimatic as a side hobby/business. But they couldn't find any investor in California interested in their machine.

So they came to S'pore where SG govt / GLC / private investors were happy to put money in.

Anonymous said...

Hi 153pm

What is so surprising?

There are lots of white �� elephants in sg!


Anonymous said...

Michelin Star also got something to do with cars. Michelin is a major tyre manufacturer and the more Michelin Stars we have, the more the world may be steered to recognise Red Dot as a major component player in the global car manufacturing industry, maybe a tyre manufacturer's base. Or something like that.

So you see, abang makes cars and adek makes tyres and everything falls into place, and it does makes sense for Sinkieland to encourage more graduates to become Michelin Star hawkers. It is called 'prosper thy neighbour' doctrine. Something like that. Shhh...just don't talk about abang being the major rubber producer. Or teaching abang how to make easier money by issuing COEs instead of flying cars.

Bolehland and Sinkieland are always suited to complement each other, even in water recourses. One sells raw water to the other and the other sells treated water back. Something like that!

Or an even better example, one is even willing to sell water that makes the other country so rich just by drinking it. And that country is so benevolent that it does not even bother to keep all the water for it's own citizens to drink and make them equally rich as well. Something like that. Or maybe just allowing the elite ruling class to become rich is enough, not the common folks.

I can quote more examples, but it will make some people hot under the collar or even run amok.

Anonymous said...

Blogger encourages citizens to speak up as “you cannot love our country and fear PAP at the same time”

“That someone is ‘marked’ by PAP simply because he/she is overly critical is not true”, said blogger Phillip Ang Keng Hong. “I am living proof”, he added.

In a Facebook post early this morning (27 November), Mr Ang – who regularly blogs on ‘likedatasoscanmeh’ – said that Singaporeans no longer have a reason to fear the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and should feel free to speak up about things they are unhappy with.

Mr Ang, who was a regular with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and floor trader at the Singapore Exchange said that ST Forum and Today Voices published about 30 out of 40 of his letters more than a decade ago. He has also written letters to the CEOs and directors of statutory boards, ministers and even to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The blogger said, “Our servants do reply but sometimes they wrongly believe citizens are their servants.”

Read more at The Online Citizen's website.

Nevertheless, Phillip Ang is wrong because he has wrongly assumed that Singaporeans love their country like him (he was from the SAF).


Is it not right?

Anonymous said...

The impeachment investigation proceedings have given Dotard Trump one shocker after another and he is worrying so much that he had a mild heart attack that forced him to visit the hospital. This is bad news.

In future, old man above age 65 should not be made a President, even if doctors certified him to be fit.

Anonymous said...


Ask WSG. I think he surely agree.

Anonymous said...

Boeing 737 MAX Killer Jet Faces Another Obstacle:

In the latest hurdle confronting Boeing’s bid to get its grounded 737 MAX Killer fleet back in the air, US Regulators now intend to inspect and sign off on each and every jet, individually, before delivery to airlines is allowed.

In other words, Boeing has to bribe every team of inspectors, instead of just the top guns.

Anonymous said...


Of course ... Don't think anybody here donate more than 2% of salary to charity.

Singapore is you die your biz.

That's why sinkies keep voting for PAPies. Most sinkies are collecting lots of money currently.

Anonymous said...

According to a Reuters opinion poll, public support for impeaching President Trump has risen steadily over the past few weeks, while the Intelligence House Committee held a series of televised impeachment hearings,

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ so much tok tok

Aiyoh, building cars is probably the world's worst business to be in now. Lucky interest rates are low, otherwise these fucker long time mati already.

But that doesn't mean a car company cannot make money...provided they are smart, robust and careful with their capital, plus able to generate CASH...they will be ok.

So simple lah...no need to put down the Malaysians or compare Singapore to Malaysia Personally I dun believe they can "make it", but if I do believe they can I should PUT UP MY MONEY AND BUY THEIR SHARES, or shut the fuck up.

I'm going to pass on this one. If I'm wrong, oh well...that's life. But at least I won't LOSE any money!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 313


If you hate money so much, throw away all of yours....burn the notes...get rid of all your money like it was cancer.

The . see how lah.

Singaporeans are only 1 generation, maybe nearly 2 generations "rich". Many people who have "made it" started very poor....in the bad old days. So I don't think Singaporeans "love money more than anything else", I think they realize how important it is to have ENOUGH money to live on and provide for their loved ones...because in their past life was TERRIBLE.


This one, you terbalek lah. The explanation I share is one my mentor shared with me. He's 80 yr old towkay, very private, very private.

The PAP have been bugging him for decades to join them. He refused cos he didn't want to give up his gentlemen's mess (stocked with fresh China mei mei), hi-stakes mahjong and love of rare whiskeys and Martel's Codon Bleu. He said the ministers are JEALOUS of those successful in the PRIVATE SECTOR, which is why the PAP has turned into a RULING ARISTOCRACY. In actuality, it is THE MINISTERS WHO ARE TRYING TO EMULATE THE SUCCESS AND WEALTH OF THOSE PRIVATE CITIZENS WHO'VE MADE MONEY BY THEMSELVES..

Anonymous said...



I've always maintained that LKY was the biggest green-faced fucker of them all, but unwilling to give up the absolute power & fawning he could enjoy as de facto Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Singapura, to go back to private sector. He left that job to his wife.

LKY kick-started the 20X to 50X average Sinkie salary increase for ministers back in the mid-1970s.

By mid-to-late 1980s, some of LKY's old colleagues became more uncomfortable with his mercantilist ways. So by the early-to-mid 1990s, LKY got rid of all of them.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Lee's mercantilist ideas---this is my theory, so it ain't "truth"---was probably seeded when he was a recently graduated lawyer trying to "make it" in Singapore. No one would give him face, back in those days. Some considered him arrogant and abrasive. But he was also sharp, diligent and precise.

When the PAP got into power, he was VERY JEALOUS of the few rich (mostly Chinese) families. His theory was if Singapore was to be a "world beater", he couldn't allow these rich "selfish" families to dominate. So the govt would have to get into "money-making". Afterall, SIngapore was a product of the British East India Company, British monopolistic-mercantilism at its finest! And look how much money they made for The Crown.

So over the years there was a "love-hate" relationship with many of the billionaires like Wee Kheng Chiang and son Wee Cho Yaw (wah, this guy used to fuck with LKY until LKY buay tahan..🤣), Lien Ying Chow (along with Wee over the Nantah "restructuring" issue in the 1980s...LKY got his way in the end). The relationship was a constant push-pull...in the end the billionaires and Lee that they both needed each other. But there were still niggling issues...like DBS having to "fight" for dominance against Stan Chart, (now a Temasek holding), Lien's OCBC and Wee's OUB (DBS owns 20+%) which the sg.gov were trying to "buy out" for years.

Secretly, the PAP's elite fancy themselves as Top Gun world-class players in business and finance. All started by LKY It's much more easy to do when you can use OPM (Other Peoples Money).

Those rich families in Singapore's private sector all started out with virtually NOTHING. I, for one, respect that.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew, his Wife and his Brother started a Law Firm name Lee and Lee.
He left his Law Firm to be the First Prime Minister.
When the Housing Board started selling to the Public, only the Lee and Lee Law Firm was THE ONLY LAW FIRM allowed to do the CONVEYANCE DOCUMENTATION(AGREEMENT).
Why that was so was not made known.
The Compulsory Conveyance Procedure costs $500Sgd.
Many elderly home owners are still trying to figure out why only Lee and Lee Law Firm was allowed to do the Conveyance Agreement. Personally,
l surmise that monopoly means no competition in business. $500 in the Old Days was a big sum of money. A 4 Room HDB Unit was typically under $20 Thousand and a 3 Room Unit under $10 Thousand.
How much profit the Monopoly reap was not known, however,
most believe it was substantial. Money is something that everyone loves.
And the Love for Money is said to be the Root and may l add, the Cause of all evils.
MS and WSG will not agree to the Saying.
Greed for Money does motivate many to be clever in order to get more of it.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Quote of the day:


"In this round, it is Malaysia that is choosing to go international, to go industrial. Singapore is going
domestic, to go to the ground to encourage more Singaporeans including university graduates to
become hawkers.."

By Sinkieland TOP political scientist, FIRST CLASS (1974)


Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Quote on the Land of Mental MasterBedders:


"Pathetic. From Third World to First then back to Third or even Rubbish."

By Sinkieland TOP HAI KOW YEW "whistle blower" Cum "Top" Russian Roulette 千王之王 aka V49


Anonymous said...

From an economic and investment point of view, Malaysia is undertaking a big and risky investment on her people whereas in sg, our risk of investment is small and the amount of outlay is small and investing in food business seldom fail as people always need to eat.


Virgo 49 said...

Locusts and scavengers would love to see Singaporeans in dire straits.Then they able to parsisite and suck the WEALTH of true blue Singaporeans rightful assets.

Thus, Matilah as seventy percent half past six White is goading that this sad scenario will perpetuate.

Virgo 49 said...

What's farking innovations Sinkieland has??

Just a nation of poh piang and char kway teow slaves forever serving those that just simply took away their rightful assets.

SMART nation with agencies and private enterprises kept losing and disclosing their Datas.

Now even Tomatoe Nose had to give a warning.

From independence till now will continue to be a servile and Yes Sirs and Mdama service industries.

Others had advanced leaps and bounds and some even overtaken Sinking Land.

Any countries can do better with service oriented industries as they have more to offer with their resources and cheaper infrastructures.

MOT will die cocks standing m

Anonymous said...

When a land is bless by Nature with natural resources and safety from the Elements, the lnhabitants in the Land are also naturally bless.
envy of such bless-lands have led to many wars.
The Envy shall not end ìn anytime, for beings are naturally envious, greedy and of course territorial.
might is power and power is for powering over others.
Battle and war shall never stop in history.

Virgo 49 said...

So Sinkies Elites thought themselves as INVINCIBLE.??

1965 since independence, our great water polo ball team beaten by Indonesia. Champion all these decades.

Football aiyo, cannnot even beat Laos.

Sinkieland's demise soon, very soon with all these without any more ideas imbeciles in.charge.

Think forever others cannnot beat and overtake you.?

Dream on