Happy is to be a (daft and unthinking) Singaporean

Below is a comment by Anonymous that is worth posting to make everyone know how stupid Singaporeans are and why they deserved to be pushed around, bullied and fucked by wildlife aka 'foreign talents'.
Many daft and silly Singaporeans have been praising the security guard for behaving like a sheep in the face of unruly and unjustified provocation and abuses by a wildlife and think behaving meek and taking all the shit are admirable. He is so lucky that he was not punched by this wildlife like another security guard had some times back. No wonder wildlife are so arrogant and aggressive towards daft sinkies. Because they know that daft sinkies would only know how to stand there looking stupid, to be abused, bullied, shouted at, even beaten up but would not dare to argue back or hit back.
Is this what daft and silly Singaporeans have become? The meek shall inherit the earth? Before they know it, the wildlife have already stolen their jobs, their pride, their dignity and their country. 
Be happy as a daft and silly and meek Singaporean. Let the wildlife trample all over you in your very own country and look like a stupid fool.
After being oppressed for a life time, Singaporeans have lost the instinct to defend themselves and their rights as a human bean. In an aggressive and wild wild west world, Singaporeans would be eaten up even in Singapore by the wildlife. No wildlife will respect a timid Singaporean.
Steal their lunch, their rice bowls, daft Singaporeans would say, what to do? Steal their CPF money, they said, not my money what. Steal their jobs, they said wildlife are more talented, even knowing they are armed with fake degrees or from dubious universities.

Anonymous said...
Happy Is To Be A Singaporean

Dear Singaporeans,

Singaporean PMETs are unable to compete with foreign talents and trash because Singaporeans have:

1. Zero EQ:

- Blindly follow the laws ->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtdRqHFQ-0A

- Singaporeans have Zero EQ that blindly follow law, e.g. security guard Steven Heng is one good example.

- I am glad that Steven Heng and his entire security team have been sacked from their jobs after being fucked by the resident Rubbish Ramesh.

- No jobs for them due to their own faults. Yes, Singaporeans have brought this upon themselves the predicament: Don't dare to fight back; just behave like a timid sheep and donkeys. So, don't blame the foreigners.

2. Zero critical thinking:

- From cradle to grave Singaporeans let all their thinking done by the PAP government and follow each and every instruction and policy set by the PAP leaders like mesmerised sheep and toads.

- Singaporeans cannot think outside the 10-year series template. Any issue that is not in the 10-year series, they cannot solve and look at one another like idiots.

- Singaporeans behave like toads in well that make lots of noises but can only think that NUS, NTU and SMU are the best in the world.

- There are other fantastic universities like Southern Pacific University and University of Hull which our highly sought after by employers in Singapore. And ICA and MOM will readily grant work visas and citizenship to such university graduates and give them high-paying and high-status jobs that Singaporeans are not smart enough to enjoy.

Yes, Singaporeans have Zero EQ and Zero critical thinking. Therefore, they need to be sacked just like that security guard, Steven Heng who readily accepted the "sincere" apology of the Rubbish Ramesh.

Majullah PAP, Huat Ah, Huat Ah, Huat Ah!
Make More $$$$$$$$$ ......


Virgo 49 said...

Many farking Chiap Chengs after obtaining either Chow Ang Mohs PRs or staying there for some time forgot their roots of slavery to the Whites.

In return, they back or visited their Asian Countries and scorned their own.

See how many farking chiap cheng Brits and Aussies of Asian odours farking their own and even our law enforcement officers NOT to touch them. They can commit crimes or disorderly behaviours with impunity.

Thinking that they are superior creatures.

Tuesday just back with friend installing the Mats VEP or RFID at JB on Sinkieland car.

Wah, saw two Nehs, oops Indians with Sinkieland newly minted just out of oven Red Passports sitting in queue behaving like kindergarten children awaiting their turns.

These Pariah chiap cheng like Matilah knew how to behave in Matland and Thailand. Except Sinking Land.

For they knew they will be beaten to a pulp in these countries which do not tolerate their wild behaviours.

Thailand will be mincemeats. Matland pantak koyak with paddles oars.

Their Chiefs would just look the other directions and with full approvals to teach these wildlives lessons that they would not forget.

Only in Sinkieland where we are diplomatic and just send them to jails.

Policemen also kena whacked, spat at and scold with vulgarites.

How you expect them to enforce the curry laws.

Anonymous said...

The s/o just advice the driver illegal parking will get car towed or wheel clamp.that is all.no need say more.

Anonymous said...

Parliament need to hand over wp. Case to

Police.again.don't debate in parliament if got

Wrong doing.Really don't know how parliament works?

imho said...

Blame who? blame the gov and their insatiable greed. singapoor reserves is already enuff for sinkies to have decent living but they want much more and hence have to load small island with so many more people.

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning...

No point talking so much. Waste time!

SG is already like that loong loong loong loong loong ago liao. You don't know meh?

You are correct! The masses will only TCSSsssssssssss and kpkbssssssssss no matter what have been done to them.....

BUT when come to voting die-die-die-die die-die-die-die.....pap! Sg is like that lah!

Why? Why? Why? Very very very simple! The masses bo-chup cheng-hu lah! All very very very very very busy trying to 3Ms.

In fact many many many many many many have predicted pap 75%-80% with 100% parliament seats at next GE! OPP=0 seat!

This is Sg! Sad? Very sad? Very very sad?

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Rb, the above comment r made to incite unrest amongst Poreans, juz ignore them or reject them. The Security Officer did the right thing & follow the protocol, he is to be respected & uphold the integrity of the security profession, he deserves my respect & salute...Omat to him.

Virgo 49 said...

Like that also can.

No wonder Sinkies are being bullied, whacked and spat at and sprew with vulgarites with creatures like you.

Spinless idiots. Follow what's farking protocol.

Ask you to ea6 shits also eat shits.

Scrap National Slavery. All trained to be bushwacked as Slaves

Anonymous said...

You are not wrong!

SG is like that!

You should know leh!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ The Sheeple Get The Dick-tator and The Cuntry They Deserve

"EQ" (which is a broad term pertaining to how people handle the vagaries of life, and relationships) is the BIG ONE requiring immediate attention. You can have all the critical thinking skills i the world, but if your EQ is "broken" you'll not be able to apply those thinking skills. Feelings/ emotions ALWAYS OVERRIDE critical thinking skills

Contrary to what "smart people" (aka those who are good at critical thinking skills) believe---quite WRONGLY---is that EMOTIONS play a significant role in the ability to apply critical thinking skills in the real world. Study after study has shown this to be the case. For e.g.: those with physical damage to their amygdala (the "centre" of emotions in the brain) are INCAPABLE of making decisions using pure analysis alone.

More and more data is showing that "the gut feeling" we experience appears to be a result of the network of neutrons in the human gut microbiome. The human gut actually contains MORE NEURONS than the human nervous system, where up to recently was believed to be the network responsible for "thinking".

This is why SpecOp Forces training focuses on EMOTIONS right thru the training rather than the mere acquisition of skills. If you are talking about the importance of teamwork in a dangerous job like SpecOps, the team is "held together" by the unbreakable bond of brotherhood. No amount of "rationality" is capable of creating the strong bonds of human-to-human camaraderie, and TRUST. Whilst the REASONS to trust might be "objective", unless that trust is "felt" on a deep level, there can be no close bonding...and then that team is flawed making any Op potentially LETHAL due to the lack of "brotherhood" in the team.

The PAP are Masters of Human Hacking. They know that Singaporeans---in general---have abysmal EQ, and that's why the PAP dominates.

How do you tell? Simple.

Whenever something untoward happens, or when the govt implements "unpopular policy"...take notice of people's reactions and how they respond. Those with poor EQ will start cursing the govt and very soon play the victim relinquishing all personal responsibility such that when they eventually FAIL, they will blame the govt...or some other external cause for their fate, and NEVER even consider that they were the ones who FUCKED UP.

The ones with "better EQ" (you never have "perfect" EQ, it is a work in progress) tend to GET PROACTIVE, and deal with the situation. Even if they are wrong, they don't get disheartened. They analyse, come up with solutions, and take ACTION.

They may not "feel good about it", but their superior EQ is able to "energise" them to keep going. This point is key. Many believe that their good EQ gives them a "super power" to IGNORE emotions. Nothing could be more wrong than this. Good EQ give you the "oomph" to push through whilst fully embracing and accepting your emotions.

Emotions are a BIOLOGICAL RESPONSE to stimulation from the environment, filtered thru the brain...the more you fight emotions, the less successful you will be.

THINK with your brain, and your emotions!

Anonymous said...

If the security guard had done the right thing at the very beginning, he and his whole team would not have been sacked by the management. The end justifies the means. He ended up losing his job. That means the management was not happy with his performance.

So, you salute him for being sacked, being stupid, never think of his own rice bowl?

Anonymous said...

imho said...

Blame who? blame the gov and their insatiable greed. singapore reserves is already enuff for sinkies to have decent living but they want much more and hence have to load small island with so many more people.
November 07, 2019 9:14 am

On paper the reserves must be huge. But if the investments are to be liquidated, not sure how much is still there. See how desperate they are in raising this and that to collect more and more? Must be a big hole that needs to be filled.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anonymous said...

The s/o just advice the driver illegal parking will get car towed or wheel clamp.that is all.no need say more.

November 07, 2019 8:59 am

There are two parts to the ruckoos. One, administering the rule of the condo and tell the rogue to pay or car be clamped, as above and firmly.

Second part, no need to bear with the hooliganism and insults of the wildlife. Just call the police for disturbing the peace. Be very firm, not very meek.

The rogue would only get more aggressive when the victim invites him to do so by behaving meekly.

Anonymous said...

Clear example of someone with zero EQ and zero critical thinking:

@ 9:19 am:

/// Rb, the above comment r made to incite unrest amongst Poreans, juz ignore them or reject them. The Security Officer did the right thing & follow the protocol, he is to be respected & uphold the integrity of the security profession, he deserves my respect & salute...Omat to him ///

Anonymous said...

Doing the right thing means letting the bully get his way? His job is to enforce the rules set by the management committee and because he did exactly that, not only he but his whole team is sacked by the management committee. This is justice or kowtowing to the bully?

imho said...

Singapoor is already colonised by india. Its so obvious. So many sg gals marrying indians. Still want to live in illusion?

Anonymous said...

@ all,

Asked yourself truly, what wud u really do when r that Security Officer facing the Rogue guy?
Fight with him? Argue with him? Or wheel clamp the car?
Everyone can say watever thing u all like but when faced with similar situation like the Security officer, most wouldn't dare to face that rogue fellow.
The MC of condo terminate the security agency contract prior to the incident. The Security Officer will have little problem securing his next job as most security agencies will wan him or even promote him to higher level to help the firm deal with such incidents in the future.
Security officers shud be protected by the Poha law & shud hv equipped with camera in front for any assault & harassment juz like the police. In the near future, security officer will hv the authority & accompany with armed auxiliary police when dealing with rogue cases & in protected areas, they wud hv more powers to tell any rogue fellows to f.o. or be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Rb Alamak sad but true

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

1. If there's a warning about car clamping for illegal parking, just clamp the offending cars. No one respects SO's lah. They are just "mall cops" drawing the minimum wage with no powers to arrest. i.e. effectively USELESS against any aggressive or hostile fucker who thinks that he's always right ALL OF THE TIME. CLAMP THE WHEEL. END OF STORY! Let that asshole call the number and WAIT, then pay the ransom to unclamp his car. Let him get pissed off....because that's the whole idea: to give him a "reality check" on what his true social status really is.

2. Any company that doesn't supply secure body cams to their security personnel should be fined in court for negligence and endangering the safety of employees. Body cams are cheap now. Places like SG robotics sell them online.

Most recent poor EQ example: The banning of PMDs

The govt "gave chance" to PMD users to self-regulate, but it has failed abysmally and the root cause is poor EQ which is spread like a cancer thru Singaporean society.

Poor EQ leads to a phenomenon called "poor impulse control and delaying of gratification". And so they ride their PMDs as if they're using their "grandfathers road" with complete disregard fo anyone else who just happens to be there.

And so, the legislative pen is wielded and all those people who've spent hundreds of bucks, or more on their PMD now have to walk like the rest of us, with GREATER SAFETY of not being run over or suffer a bone-breaking collision on the fucking void deck.

Three cheers for the government. Sadly, the poor EQ remains....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Do you sometimes get buay tahan, then look for ways to TEKAN someone?..🀬..You are not alone! Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ is right there with you! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Impulse control and EQ

Free! at your NLB Wah, free ah...shiok lah!

Still got "entitled victimhood"? 😜

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between doing the right things and doing things right.

The security guard was doing exactly what the book (rules set by the management) says. That means doing things correctly. Therefore, he was doing things right, exactly like a robot.

He failed to do the right things:

1. The right thing was to not release the video to the public on YouTube.

2. The right thing was to call the police at that point in time, when he was verbally assaulted. Not wait until two days later, after the bully has made a police report first.

3. The right thing was to clamp the vehicle or report illegal parking to the police to issue parking offence summons, without having to kick up a row with the bully.

4. The right thing was to exert his authority and not to act meekly l8me a mouse.

Anonymous said...


No worries for me. I got 1.4B ahnehs working very hard to give me profits for my ahneh stocks portion of my portfolio.

E.g. Like this!

OK lar, only 400M really working. The other 1B doing fuck off.

The long term story is more of the 1B fucking less & working more.

Losers get mad ... and lose their shit. Winners get even & huat it big!


Anonymous said...

@ 1.07pm

"... make police report for verbal assault ..."

Who do you think you are?
- PAP Millionaire is it?

Police do not respond if you are getting scolded.

Anonymous said...

The best solution is to arm the Security Officer with weapon such as Stun gun or Taser, equipped these security officer with the power to use it to any rogue fellows.
Human nature when a rogue fellow meet a gusto armed security guard, no matter how meekly the rogue fellow behave will make the aggressor think twice or be stunned or zapped to ground.

Anonymous said...

That rogue was creating public nuisance, a nuisance in a public place, disturbing the peace.

Anonymous said...

Again there is a big difference between ordinary commoners called police and security guards call police.

When commoners, usually the fixed-brain-types, call the police for help, they may or may not respond, depending on the situation.

When security guards call for assistance from the police, usually for situations that they cannot handle or for which police witness is required (such as aggression, intimidation and disturbing the peace of a private residence, the neighborhood police will be more ready to respond.

P/S: A private condominium residential place is not a public place. It is a gazatted private residential location confined within a perimeter fence/wall.

Anonymous said...

Alamak u want to get the guard sidomized by them or what?

Anonymous said...

Another example of a fixed-brain, zero EQ and zero critical-thinking Sinkie:

@ Anonymous November 07, 2019 1:43 pm:

"... make police report for verbal assault ..."

Who do you think you are?
- PAP Millionaire is it?

Police do not respond if you are getting scolded.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's suffering a brain-death. Previously, it was a brain-drain. Now, it is brain-death.

Brain-death is caused by prolonged brain-wash. The brain stops thinking and just operates on auto-pilot based on past inputs (programming) and follow-up actions follow set-patterns, highly predictable.

While stupidity cannot be cured, brain-death can be cured.

Brain-death is not the same as brain-dead. Brain-dead cannot be cured.

Brain-death can only be cured with brain-wrath.

What is brain-wrath?

Anonymous said...

There is only one hope for Singaporeans and Singapore.

Vote Opposition.
Even if Opposition candidate is a donkey.
We must close eyes and just vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

In end never b extrem.

All people gets to visit the temple of the king.

Creatively Speaking said...

Opposition MPs also have No EQ and No Critical Thinking. Almost all are manufactured from the same factories controlled and manipulated by the PAP for 50 years.

Look at LTK, SL and PS - all very timid, no fire and fury, no oomph, and no initiative. Worst of all, they cannot see the big picture and their ambition is self-limited to be co-drivers only.

And dare not say they want to form the next government. Only dare to say that they are NOT READY to be next government. Like that, where got hope for the voters to look forward to?

Voters, after listening and looking at them, what will they (voters) do? Voters will think:

"What benefits do I get for voting Opposition parties? What benefits will I get if I continue to support the PAP, the present government, that is so powerful and rich?"

"Let's objectively examine the opposition parties. They are:

1. Disunited,
2. Disenchanted,
3. Disoriented,
4. No courage to do big tasks - not ready to form government.
5. Even small task like running a town council also cocked-up big time - until the tail got caught by PAP.
6. Ownself sabotage ownself,
7. Financially poor
8. Organisation weak,
9. Lack of manpower - both mass and quality leadership.
10. Talk a lot but little actions.
11. Do Not have grassroots organizations' support - like an ant without legs.
12. Pander to the dictates of the Dick-Terror.
13. Many critical issues facing the people were not voiced out in Parliament.
14. Only care about self-survival. And everyone wants to be Secretary-General.
15. No international big brother or god-father supports.
16. No strategies.
17. Using same old tactics over and over again.
18. Totally intimidated by PAP's power of the law, tactics of character-assisination and subtle threats.
19. Unable to wriggle out of PAP's strangle-hold.
20. Poor internal security - got infiltrated also don't know - blur like sotong."

So, you see, after 50 years, the Oppo is still like a Hippo. Stuck in the muddy waters, unable to progress much. In fact, it's worse. More parties have been formed. More Indian Chiefs than Indians. More splintered, instead of being united.

What is the solution?

Singapore would eventually evolve into a two-party system. One party called Papa Party (PAP). The other party called Mama Party (Indians from India). Maybe a third party, which is the almagation of all the small splintered parties, will also tag along just for show and fun.

What do you think?

Virgo 49 said...

If Everyone thought of what's benefits if I get if I voted the Opposition Parties then Sinkieland is sure doomed

Actually, now also three quarters DOOMED.

Sinkies are been churned as Materialistic Creatures NOT also looking at the Big Picture of Nationhood.

Sadly to say, even National Slavery had failed miserably.

When a Nation's Men are been bonded together to defend their Country, they had a strong Bond to watch out for their compatriots even in civvy lifes.

See Sinkies even after 50 over years of NS are been jelled into ONE.

Their own countrymen and comrades been booted out of jobs, they can even insulted them as useless.

Kuching kurap employers how lian that they preferred Foreigners than their own.

Own fellow men kena bullied also just kept mum.

NS men trained to fight and defend their country should be very garang in behaviours and protective of their own.

Instead we have a Reserve of mute, timid so called operationally ready men to be call up at any time to defend their Country.

What's a joke or farce!

The CAS or Compulsory Active Service Men as we were once called are more grarang and protective of our own than today's so called OPS ready enuches.

Just go to any SAFRA clubs and you can observed that they still eye each other with suspicions and like enemies.NOT fellow reservists or comrades.

Sinkies just go thru the motions as ordered by the PAPies

Anonymous said...

To AA's comment,

You as the voter should have made the conditions ideal for oppositions to thrive, not the other way around. That is the number one mistake all voters wanting change made. That the power resides in your hand to decide the kind of political structure and rules of engagement you want to govern Singapore.

As what your 18th Point has said, PAP has everything in their favor. It is due to this, along with their petty mindsets (the mindset of the Prince, thanks to LKY and NiccolΓ² Machiavelli, but they have become paupers, oh the irony), that they have been hampering the growth of proper oppositions. All those wasted years of a strong opposition to have a true, strong government, and the voters, you included, are not any better in changing these conditions now.

Ironically, PAP has 50+ years of unchallenged space, resource, 'mentorship', etc to grow their party, and they are not any better in their capabilities. In fact, we should judge them to a higher standard because of what they are given, but look at what they have. DUDS! LOUSIEST ROI IN SG!!!

The worst is that they still want a 100% PAP controlled Singapore, to further pad themselves in safety from 'external threats'. LOL!!! What are they thinking???!?!? We are fighting for jobs with their invited 'champions' from everywhere across the world AND they want to be subjected to a different ball game? GIVE ME A BREAK HAHAHAHHA!!! Talented my foot!

Thus, AA, the 'objectivity' you so proclaimed to have is non-existent when you don't realize that YOU are the one that continuously perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophesy, reinforced belief and message that oppositions don't have what it takes to lead. YOU keep making them fail, and YOU keep setting the stage for them to fail, and then you buy into your own nonsense. How? By voting for the current bullying incumbents that are making it that way.

Perhaps, instead of being insane, just give the oppies enough space, resource and rules in their favor for 15 years, and you may very well be surprised by the many more talented that are watching from the sidelines finally willing to come forward, since the stigma and risk from being seen as 'going against the establishment' and henceforth being marked for target by the current PAP is lowered by YOU VOTERS. That is only because the VOTERS HAVE SEND A MESSAGE THAT OPPOSITIONS ARE INVITED AND DESIRED AS PART OF THE SG POLITICAL STRUCTURE, and that they are here to stay.

So don't stupid ok? Oppositions are meant to be cultivated, not imported or waiting to drop from the sky. You this kind of mentality, you might as well wait for $$ to drop from the sky and throw your votes away. At least you are not doing any harm to the other sensible ones.

Remember, all those points you have stated, from point 1 to 20, they are there, if true, only because people like YOU HAVE MADE IT THAT WAY. You set the rules and game conditions to be that way. Be more objective alright? Not madness, or delusion, but objectivity.

Creatively Speaking said...

Two words to your long essay of rubbish: ENTITLED MENTALITY!

Anonymous said...

As expected of ppl like AA, name calling and ad hominem. 😬

It is easier to being down others than to face the possibility that what you are actually doing and believing all this time may have been fundamentally wrong, and rebuilt.

The funny thing, what I have written has nothing to do with entitled mentality at all here, but rather a role that each of us have in shaping what is to come via our votes, and implicitly, the message we are sending to each other on the collective reality we want to build. I guess you got too lazy to read??

Or perhaps, you are referring to my vote as an entitled mentality?? Hmmm... you are sounding like those people in white now eh? 🀣

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

That's no such "thing" as thinking/ acting "objectively".

Being "objective" is simply another EMOTIONAL STATE.

Feel free to disagree, but remember if you do, I've just TRIGGERED you to an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE 🀣

Creatively Speaking said...

Fucking politician wanabe wants voters to set the grounds sweet for him so that he can beat the PAP and run the country and get paid by the $millions.

This kind of fuckers too lazy to work, embedded with clutch mentality, and attacking the voters while at the same breath trying to win over the voters.

What kind of creature is this? Most likely an alien from outer-space?

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