China should pass laws to support and protect the victims of rogue USA

The American Senate is going to pass a law to support terrorism in Hong Kong and interfere in China's domestic affairs under the pretext of protecting democracy and human rights. China cannot stand idly by and do nothing white the world's number one rogue nation is supporting the break away of Hong Kong from China and separatist movements and violence in Hong Kong.The white Americans thrive and prosper on stolen land, stolen oil, stolen money and abuses of human rights and crimes against humanity in the practice of slavery and genocides against the native Americans.They are the world's worse criminals against the human race. The Americans are the ones that are supporting terrorists movements and wars everywhere to support their war industries and prosper.

What China can do is to return the favour and enact laws to support the victims of American colonialism, imperialism, human rights abuses, genocides, slavery and white supremacist movements in the USA and around the world.

Among the causes China can pass laws to support are;

1. Support the descendants of native Americans to reclaim their land lost to the white invaders.
2. Support their claims for compensation for the genocide against the natives of North America and the violation of their human rights.
3. Support the descendants of African slaves to claim for compensation against the crimes committed by the white Americans against their forefathers.
4. Support their claims against white supremacy cruelties, oppression and lynching of their forefathers.
5.Support the claims of victims of American invasions and murders of the victim countries across the Pacific Ocean and SE Asian countries particularly the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.
6. Support the natives of Diego Garcia and surrounding islands to reclaim their land seized and occupied by the Americans and turned in nuclear fortresses, and claim compensations as well as compensating for the murders of their forefathers through bombings and diseases and testing of chemical weapons.
7. Support the claims for loss of lives and properties for the invasion of Iraq, Syria and other African and Arab countries by the Americans, and their forced dispersal and uprooting from their homeland.
8. Sue the American govt for racist anti Chinese immigration laws, the murders and exploitation of immigrant Chinese in early colonials days of North America.

The list can go on for another few hundred pages. China should set up a fund to invite the descendants of the above crimes against humanity and the robbing of the native lands to fight these cases in American courts of law and the UN, finance their leaders to visit China and offer them all aspects of support, financially, politically, emotionally etc etc.

Let the white Americans know that their crimes against humanity are not forgotten and it is pay back time. Make the white Americans pay and be ashamed of their crimes to prevent them from pretending that they are angels and protectors of human rights and humanity.

Shame the white Americans and their leaders everywhere and in every major world organisations, conferences, meetings and summits. China can support and champion all anti American movements across the world openly and legally. Both can play the game of viciousness and animosities. China have many more righteous causes and people to support than the fake and pretentious white Americans.


Anonymous said...

Hongkong's Destructive Elements' Days Numbered

Hongkong's destructive elements (not protesters), openly supported by the Trump Administration and US Congress, are out to destroy HK and use it as a base to spread chaos and dissents in mainland China, have started to realise that they have gone too far (beyond redemption) and their days are numbered. This is one of their self-confessions:

"I was asleep when they had closed-door meetings. I was worried and scared after I realised what had happened and most protesters had left. I was worried the police might storm in again because so few people are left. Some protesters from the outside have gone too far!"

Too much, too far:

"Some protesters from the outside have gone too far!"

Too little, too late:

The Hongkong government, under Carrie Lamb, has done too little too late. Basically, acting like a lame duck - failed to take the initiative but allowing the anti-national destructive elements to initiate one new act after another.

Protection of Foreign Investments:

The Chinese Central Government must now take total control of Hongkong in order to protect foreign investments and banks in Hongkong against these US-supported destructive elements.

Patience is running out:

HK government has failed in its responsibility to protect foreign investments, businesses and banking sectors. Time is the essence.

Don't repeat same mistake:

Do Not fear the UK and US threats like before, during the Opium War.

Killing a thousand rotten brainless, poisonous snakes to save HK and China from total chaos and destruction is a magnanimous deed. It's ruthless but it is a necessary move for the overall good of the Nation.

Indecisiveness is weakness:

It is not a decision to hesitate. Hesitation is a sign of indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is cowardice and weakness. A strong leader acts swift, decisively and effectively.

Indecisiveness is for weaklings.

Where are the black or white cats that can catch the rats? The rats are rampaging the warehouse and the whole house is on fire!

Actions speak louder than words:

Throughout all these five months, the destructive elements took active actions while HK and China leaders simply talk and talk, leaving the over-worked police force to do all their dirty works! It is time for them to get out of their comfortable ivory towers (tortoise shells) and take full control of the situation! ACT NOW!

Anonymous said...

A golden opportunity has opened up for the Hong Kong govt. With the rioters and terrorists holed up in the university and poly campuses, it is time to keep them inside, starved them and then round them up, issue them a one way ticket and send them out of Hong Kong, China, never to return.

Virgo 49 said...

China should have passed laws and brought to the World's attention of their discrimination of their Blacks in their own country.

See harmless Blacks even in wheelchairs been gunned down by their White Cops.

Anyway, KARMAS with their own killings of their kinds every now and then.

What's farking Human Rights?

Rights to own weapons and kill others.

Loved to see more of their own killings and their bullshits sympathy speeches and vigils

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

Not for long. Many Hong Kongers as seen in recent three to four videos been battling the hooligans and they been running away like skunks.

After the viral video of that girl who was bashed with pipes and base ball bats with blood on her head, the silent HongKongers had enough and start clearing the streets and barricades and battling the terrorists

These bastards had been instigated by the Whites to cause riots and destruction in their own country.

Anonymous said...

Shoot them on sight. They are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

China has won a lot of supporters among the Hongkies by their non-intervention policy.

Soon, Hongkies will be begging China to please come in and take over.

Anonymous said...

The US is acting like it is the Emperor of the World. It simply pass laws for the whole world to follow and brushed aside the United Nations and the International Court of Justice and International Laws.

China must now step up to take on the challenge. China cannot standby and do nothing, just simply writing a few commentary articles in the Global Times. Xinhua news, China Daily, won't do.

China must now invent, create, devise and enact NEW INTERNATIONAL LAWS arbitrarily and force upon the US to abide. The following are some of the laws China must enact:

1. International Human Rights Law against interference in the internal affairs of other countries through whatever sanctions.

2. International Human Rights Law against unprovoked aggression by one country upon another.

3. International Human Rights Law against foreign country-supported regime change.

4. International Human Rights Law against invasion by a stronger and bigger country to take control or annex a smaller and weaker country.

5. International Human Rights Law to support uprisings and fighting for independence in the United States and territories held or indirectly controlled by the USA.

6. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Anonymous said...

China can support and champion all anti American movements across the world openly and legally.


But are there takers?

Get Lee Hsien Loong to be anti American?

Or better still, get Chee Soon Juan to be anti American? LOL

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan is all-out for American-type Demon-crazy.

Low Thia Khiang is all-out to be a co-driver of a parliamentary dictatorship.

The one who always make use of his father's name, as his spine and advertising gimmick, is neither interested in Democracy nor Socialism. He is only interested in money and power.

Anonymous said...

Shame the white Americans and their leaders everywhere and in every major world organisations, conferences, meetings and summits.

But how come up to now China did not do that hah?

So there must be good reasons why China did not heed Uncle RB's advice to do that lah, despite the white Americans and their leaders being so evil, according to Uncle RB.

Just as there are good reasons why majority Sinkies up to the BB by election did not heed the urge of Chee Soon Juan to vote the PAP out lah, despite PAP making a lot of Sinkie PMETs lost their jobs to foreigners, especially the CECA foreigners from India.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan is all-out for American-type Demon-crazy.
Low Thia Khiang is all-out to be a co-driver of a parliamentary dictatorship.
The one who always make use of his father's name, as his spine and advertising gimmick, is neither interested in Democracy nor Socialism. He is only interested in money and power.
10:37 am

Aiyo like that hah, Sinkieland si liao lah (die already), if it is true.

And if it is true, so why 80 year old Ah Bock still want to waste his time over something si liao lah?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1047am

Please be polite to others.

Don't call him Ah Bock.

More appropriate to address him as uncle Dr Tan.


Virgo 49 said...

Now that Steve Chia. Aiyo, take naked photos of himself will wants to be a Loyal Oppostion.

Loyal to the PAP. But PAP will dig and screwed their arses.

That's why the Sinkie Oppo is so disunited with so many Indian Chiefs.

Now even Pritnam taking over as Chief also sing PAP tune

Think their terms of MPs with 16K a month had already ingrained in them to get more.

Virgo 49 said...

China too gentlemen.

Whites don't play fair with anyone.

Just like some Oppo Parties trying to play fair to the PAP but they will find all ways to screw their arses.

Anonymous said...

That's why the Sinkie Oppo is so disunited with so many Indian Chiefs.
Virgo 49 11:32 am

Aiyo, now then u know hah? Anyway better late than never.

So u still want to vote for Sinkie Oppo?

Anonymous said...

Disunited, so what? For songs sake lah, people still vote oppo. Otherwise true blue Sinkies will become black Indiaporeans. So u still want to vote for lightning to strike you and turn you into black charcoal?

Anonymous said...


We just vote Oppo.
- disunited, never mind
- cannot be government, never mind
- stupid, never mind

But die, die, we must always vote Oppo.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong = Ah Loong
Heng Swee Keat = Ah Heng
Chan Chun Sing = Ah Sing

Tan Cheng Bock = Uncle Tan

Virgo 49 said...

Only TCB and Lim Tean


Virgo 49 said...

Oops Forget SDP- CSJ- my hero.


Anonymous said...


3-year summary chart of stocks in 4 areas I'm vested in:-


War Stocks -- 72% (Making America Great Again!!!)

India stocks -- 54% (this is a bit exaggerated as rupee has depreciated against SGD)

HK stocks -- 17.8% (currently within 5%-10% of a medium-term bottom)

Shanghai stocks -- -9.4% (Come on Xi, do your fucking magic!! LOL!!!)


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I agree. China should set up a huge fund to look after all these down-trodden deadshits. When China gives them the money, it'll be GREAT for the bleeding taxpayers who have contributed to reparations for ever and ever!!

Just because someone's white grandfather tekanned some darkie's grandfather and "stole" their land. (Actually, they lost their land in COMBAT lah. Conquered race lah), the future generations are "entitled" (entitlement mentality) to FREE MONEY funded by the taxpayer.

China "charity" for "injustices". Fucking great idea!

Pay Less Tax!

Anonymous said...

Fuck PAP
Fuck Lee Hsien Loong

Fuck Matilah

Anonymous said...

lt is good to have the whole warehouse burning to ground zero.
Other than the rats get burnt to death, the destruction of the warehouse shall deprive the surviving rats of shelter and food(when the economy tanked). The rats shall then beg for survival or be starved to death if they are not able to seek refuge elsewhere. There shall also be extermination of rats by the Other Hongkies who abhor the rampages. 过街老鼠人人打 meaning few will tolerate rats and shall get rid of them.
As long as the Chinese see the rats as malignant element, the day of the rats running wild and malicious shall be running out in no time.
lt is time for the SAR Authority and the patriotic Hongkong People to work together to rid the rats once and for all.
The lnstigator and Foreign Element should also be closely monitor by all the people and be dealt with to safeguard the wellbeings of the People and their motherland.

Anonymous said...

Matilah needs to be sodomized by African tua kee. With big bananas shaft into his big smelly mouth!

Anonymous said...

No need to shout Long live the PRC. They know how to survive. Centuries of civil wars, dynastic changes, forced into drug addiction by the evil whites, severe famines, cultural revolutions and they took all in their stride.

China already lasted more than five thousand years. Think China will collapse so easily because of the trade war? And just because of a few thousand misguided rats running wild in Hong Kong, China is supposed to collapse after this?

Cuba had been under more or less 60 years of US and Western sanctions and have yet to collapse. North Korea had been under Western sanctions for almost as long and still standing proud, with nuclear weapons to show. In fact the North Koreans fast tracked their nuclear program because of the sanctions and are now a thorn in the side of the evil whites.

China had been barred from participating in the many technological developments and know how of the West, and knowing this they were able to fast track some of these technological innovations on their own steam and have generally succeeded. In fact the trade sanctions will make China even more independent of the West.

imho said...

Dont take free speech for granted. Without white people, where got internet to kpkb?
5k of china history also no free speech or internet to kpkb.

Anonymous said...

The Return of Barisan Nasional.

Malaysia, TANJUNG PIAI By-Election, Barisan Nasional candidate Dr Wee Jeck Seng has clinched a landslide victory over his five rivals.

Malaysian Election Commission announced at 9.20 pm on Saturday (Nov 16) evening, Dr Wee garnered a simple majority of 25,466 votes.

His closest rival, Pakatan Harapan's Karmaine Sardini, managed to get 10,380 votes, giving Dr Wee a whopping majority of 15,086 votes.

Looks like BN is making a comeback, while HP is losing legs and limbs slowly but surely.

Dr M's leadership and popularity are not making any headway. In-fighting and dirty politics, failure to keep promises and slow in tackling major issues have contributed to the list of trust in the new government and HP.

The next Malaysian General Election may see BN-PAS alliance throw out Dr Mahathir and his PH party?

Virgo 49 said...

The Malaysian Voters are smart voters. Even though Sinkies thought poorly of them as poorer cousins. They are Smarter than the Sinkies in knowing how to hold their government at ransom the way they voted.

Unlike the unthinking sinkies who die die got no guts, no brains in their voting

Actually Dr Wee lost to the PH due to the scandals of Nasib where the whole populace of voters are angry by his so called corruption

Thanking Piai consisted of majority Chinese Voters and they knew how to protect their core interests.

Unlike dumb Chinkees sinkies who does not even know how to protect their arses and been displaced by others.

Especially that daft Bukit Busoh or Cough Cough constituency who had voted a parrot PAP MP with their TC even sleeping that their Fire hoses don't work killing the elderies.

This is worse than the WP saga.Their MP just simply apologised.

PAP MPs once elected are just too busy with theyr the other monies ploughing activities.

You think they take care of your constituency?

Anonymous said...

The Fate Of A Coward People:

A people without guts, without critical thinking, without EQ, selfish and apolitical is doomed to become a loser in times of war.

At the first warning of impending war, many people with the means would run away to their long-prepared safe havens, especially those who get paid by the $millions.

Even with a strong NS Army, Navy and F35-equipped Air Force, the poor and ordinary soldiers are not going to fight and die for the rich and well-taken-care paper generals. Many of them will quickly surrender to the invading forces rather than sacrifice their lives for the unworthy and undeserved selfish pseudo leaders.

During peace time if only the top generals are taken care of but the soldiers welfare is neglected, no matter how well-prepared the Armed Forces may be, they cannot withstand the low morale and unhappy, unhealthy relationship between rank and file, especially so between scholar-elites and farmers.

When Malaysia and Indonesia combine their forces, Sinkingland is doomed! Uncle SAM will do nothing! Any external help will be too little too late. Within 7 days, the war is over!

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Frog.

Malaysia don't spend billions on Defence. They don't need to.

They have no imaginery enemies to frighten their people.

Sinkieland neglected their own citizens. Even Sinkies employers do not give them first priority in employment.

You think the Reservists and OPS men will die for them and their interests?

To Hell with them?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1017

>> But there were many such things as freedom of assassinating the corrupted emperors and leaders, <<

That's right.


The PRC is NOT China, the nation and its people The PRC are UNELECTED by the people and just suka suka self-appointed themselves as "leaders" maintaining their power thru the use of force, oppression and ultimate command of the economy.

The "rats" in HK have a message of freedom, and SELF DETERMINATION. These "dangerous ideas" could spread to Taiwan (only a matter of time), and then eventually to the hearts and minds of the YOUNG PEOPLE in mainland China.

The PRC's days could be numbered. Xi is very much aware of this. What started in HK could very well be the catalyst of completely overhauling China's politics by throwing out the PRC and rebuilding China in the framework proposed by DR SUN YATSEN...the true founder of modern China.

Dr Sun was a Cantonese-Haka banana and part-time Peranakan...frequently living in Penang and Singapore with one or more of his "girfriends". He borrowed many of his political ideas from THE UNITED STATES, especially those of "government for the people by the people", civil liberties and individual FREEDOM.

Fuck the CCP, long live the ideas of Dr Sun Yat-sen!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The PRC are UNELECTED by the people and just suka suka self-appointed themselves as "leaders" maintaining their power thru the use of force, oppression and ultimate command of the economy.

Matilah said the above. Is he referring to China or Singapore? What is the difference?

Matilah also said this, 'The PRC's days could be numbered. Xi is very much aware of this. What started in HK could very well be the catalyst of completely overhauling China's politics by throwing out the PRC and rebuilding China in the framework proposed by DR SUN YATSEN...the true founder of modern China.'

What is he smoking so early in the morning? Still thinking and speaking like a western parrot? China is collapsing, China is going to be overthrown by the stupid hongkies? Oh ya, you believe in that?

Who turned China around from a poverty stricken bankrupt country and economy, a hapless and oppressed people to the second most powerful country in the world and going to take over the leadership of the world from the Americans and a people that is proud and rich and confident of their proper place in history?

Who cares about the bankrupt and unthinking hongkies? Stupid banana with only one track mind, planted with ideas by the West and vomitting everything they said unthinkingly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Things readers here can be certain of:

1. Your glaring lack of scholarship and intellectual rigour

2. Denial of historical FACTS, and your own "confirmation biases"

This is an example of RB's "intellect":

When he comes across FACTS he doesn't like (like how Mao was responsible for millions of people starving to death) he immediately AD HOMINEM attacks you calling you a western parrot or something along those lines.

The CCP IS NOT CHINA. I can say this until the cows come home, and "selectively deaf" people like RB will still refuse to hear!

Sure, the CCP has done many good things to life the cuntry and its people out from poverty---having learnt from Singapore at least under Deng Xiaoping.

Then later on Xi gets into power and starts to fuck up the show...DECREASING freedoms of the Chinese people.

What I see coming is a YOUTH-LED REVOLUTION. It starts in Hong Kong, it'll be picked up by the young Taiwanese, and eventually "leak" into mainland China. Who knows? The YOUNG PEOPLE in the PLA and CCP might turn on their out-of-touch elders.

Young People are EASILY INFLUENCED by (western) ideas of freedom, democracy, consensus and Power To The People.

Just you wait, old fella. It doesn't take much to stir up the energies and angst of YOUTH.

Old farts like us should just kick back and let the youngsters of the world shape their planet for their future, using their own vision and ideas.

At the moment all cuntries are having their futures shaped by the old fuckers in power...Today's youth are SMART, CONNECTED and "WOKE". It's only a matter of time before they tell us to stop "designing" their world, fuck off and RETIRE.

There are protests ALL OVER THE WORLD, primarily led and fuelled by the DISCONTENT OF YOUNG FUCKERS.

Do you think CCP-ruled China is "immune"? Of course not!

Anonymous said...

Just luv the way MS adores the younger generations and his faith in the wisdom and intellect of them.
He probably finds himself incomparable and thus all the elderly leaders in the World are as inferior as he deems himself to be, in comparison to the youngs.
To a large degree, he likes excitements, he wants to enjoy seeing action, especially chaotic and bloody mess. Normal for many unsatisfied and unhappy people to feel that only bloodshed can bring about justice if not fairness.
MS is assure and confident of his understanding of worldly affairs and he certainly is right. Societies shall be as choatic as they are as humans make them to be.
While everyone wants to live good life, reality is that not all are born as lucky.
ln the final analysis, peace is an elusive element, it is too good an ideal to be attainable, so believe in MS,
he cannot be wrong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I'm misrepresented again

Of course I can be wrong, just like every human being and every AI created so far can be wrong.

When "getting things done to CHANGE the status quo" is happening, WISDOM and INTELLECT are overrated.

Study after study has shown that GRIT or being doggedly persistent TRUMPS everything. If you NEVER GIVE UP, you can keep going until you achieve your goals.

Young people have GRIT. Loads and loads of grit. They do not have life experience yet, so they don't know how they will fail or what not to do.... every option is open to them, and since they don't have many "negative experiences" they will try new ideas, moving on to even newer ideas if they fail.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Technical and operational sophistication

The HK protesters have captured the eyes, hearts and minds of the world.

Other young people protests in other cuntries dialogue with the organisers of the HK Freedom movement and learn. The recent young people who threw out their president in Bolivia were being "mentored" by HK protestors. They threw out their president over the land clearing in the Amazon as part of the China beef deal.

HK protestors have risen the bar on civil disobedience and organised disruption. They use tech, they use international media and social media. And it's all coordinated without having a "leader". It is highly decentralised and impossible to destroy permanently.

Anonymous said...

'Civil disobedience w/out any leader and impossible to put down'.
unbelievable that the Above Wisdom comes from an old man.
Why bother with the trouble makers who depend on their elders for survival ? They will beg for food to fill their empty stomachs in no time. They shall harm their families and the Society as well.
ln fact,
no one should pay these wet behind the ears stupid fools any attention. To roll the tanks on them will be a waste of ammunition and resources.

Virgo 49 said...

Talk cock!

Manure Millieninals are just a batch of trials and errors Gila Economy without any concrete plans.

What's mirage Gig Economy of food deliveries and etc.

Isn't it just plain logistics services as done generations ago.?

What's bike sharing and all that nonsense that create obstacles every where and in the end cheated millions of dollars scooted away and declared bankrupts.

What's Grab and Uber services? These are pirate cabs as claimed down long ago. Many sinkies unable to pay their mortgages just drove for extra incomes to subsidise their loans.

Their Manintance and gassoline will alreday break all their earnings.

Reduced the Singaporeans General populace in to low class subservient jobs.

Youngsters today pampered by their generally well to do parents are a lot of luxuxry cannnot take pains and have not enough endurance and perseverance characters.

Opting for parting, ad hoc, free lance and also no time jobs that in ten or twenty years time will be really the NEW POOR.

With not enough savings and CPFs to their names.

Bunch of idiots who toyed with their productive lives.

The Papies encouraging them to be such and subservient to the trashes that they brought in.

Pathetic that Singaporeans been sold wholesale by the very Govt that they elected and supposed to take care of their liviehoods.

Now even prograting handsome and beautiful young hawkers.

Ask LHL and their Ministers to set examples that their children take the first steps to be hawkers, food delivery men and women and such.

As one Mr Aziz Kasssim said very apt in his posting