Warren Fernandez, official or personal views?

Warren Fernandez is a very powerful man in ST, in shaping opinions of the paper and its influence on its readers. He is writing quite regularly now and the White Paper and the immigrant issue are hot topics to involve him personally and directly. He wrote another piece on Sunday about how the people were so stupid not to see the ageing problems and how the able Govt was working so hard to do the necessary. He did not ask why a super talented Govt, paid the highest in the world, could not nip this problem in the bud and allowing it to grow and become a national crisis? He did not ask why after importing nearly 2m people in slightly more than a decade into the island did not help at all, did not alleviate the ageing problem but instead added to the problem. Would adding more immigrants solve the problem in the future or would it just be like now, add into the problem to create an even bigger problem to be relieved by even bigger population later on, the perfect Ponzi solution?
Was Warren Fernandez writing in his personal capacity, or in the capacity of the top guy in ST, or was he speaking as a representative of the official view, a Govt view? The gist of his article can be summed up by these few paragraphs.

‘Some have begun to mouth empty slogans such as “Singapore for Singaporeans” or “born and bred Singaporeans”. There was even on outlandish posting on Facebook calling for “ethnic cleansing of FTs from Singapore”…The idea is absurd. Where would we draw the line separating “born and bred” Singaporeans from others to be spurned – 1965? If so, many of us would have to disavow our own parents or grandparents as interlopers. Or should we push it back to 1819? In that case, most of us, except for a few Malay families, would have to pack up and ship out to wherever our ancestors came from.’

From these two paragraphs, it is very clear where he is coming from. Rubbishing ideas like “Singapore for Singaporeans” or “born and bred Singaporeans” are as good as telling the Sinkies to go fuck off, there is no such things as true blue Singaporeans. Anyone given a pink IC is a Singaporean. This is the official view I am sure. The Govt is planning to bring in more foreigners to be given the pink IC to be counted as Singaporeans. Who cares about born and bred Singaporeans? This is high falutin surely, an aspiration only for those who think they are true blue Singaporeans. Sinkies better get use to it.

The idea of true blue Sinkies is absurd. Really? The people in Hong Lim will disagree. They know and regard themselves as true blue Sinkies. That’s why they came, with no fear of rain or lightning. There are Sinkies that do not want to acknowledge the true blue Sinkies. They are entitled to their opinion. Warren added with the fake ignorance of small boy argument about where to start, 1965, 1819, or may I add to make it more ridiculous, from Adam and Eve. This is the same kind of evasive thought like what Tan Chuan Jin said in Parliament. How to define a true blue Singaporean? Where to start, so difficult leh. When super talents find it difficult, it must be really difficult ya?

Is that so, or just a denial, refusing to want to look at it? Why don’t apply the mean testing formula? I think it will work quite well with a little modification. Personally I find the mean testing formula hideous and wicked, but when the Govt wants to do it, whatever nonsensical formula, even the raising of GST to help the poor will be good and logical.

I don’t think it is so difficult to define what is a true blue Singaporean and not having to kick the butts of our parents and grandparents into the shit hole in doing so. As a Singaporean, I am offended by anyone who rubbishes the idea of a true blue Singaporean. Our parents and grand parents did not build this country for foreigners to take advantage of our children and grandchildren. We have to take care of ourselves and our future generations. It is for them that this country exists for. Otherwise everything we do is foolish, useless and futile, especially NS.

And in order to protect our future children, the descendants of true blue Sinkies, you see, I refuse to define what this means because all true blue Sinkies understand what it means except those who refuse to want to know. We must know who we are. We are Singaporeans by birth and by long residence and commitments to this country. We are no longer passing by, we are stayers, not quitters. We are the owners of this island. This is home to true blue Singaporeans, not to fair weather economic migrants.

Does Warren Fernandez believe in ‘Singapore for Singaporeans’ and in true blue or born and bred Singaporeans? He said these were empty slogans. Does the govt believe in true blue Singaporeans or not? Or shall there be a new slogan, Singapore is an international city for people all over the world, not only for Singaporeans.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

RB, after reading your post, I can only say knn to him lor. I have not read ST for months, not daily anyway. I still pay for it cause my son has not finished A level so the indoctrination is still necessary to pass GP and my wife likes to view the advertisements.

But after this year, I will stop cause the harangue guni men only offer less than 5% of what I paid when collecting the newspapers

Anonymous said...

Definition of TRAITOR
1: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty
2: one who commits treason


In Singapore, our National Pledge is our oath, promise and duty to every Singaporean.

In Macbeth, Shakespeare also had something to say about traitors:


SON: What is a traitor?
LADY MACDUFF: Why, one that swears and lies.

SON: And are all traitors like that?
LADY MACDUFF: Everyone that does so is a traitor and must be hanged.

Anonymous said...

What is the use of having more True Blue Singaporeans like redbean who sit behind the computer, look back and whine and complain and indoctrinating others with half truths and refusing to see the hard truths at the same time refusing to partake in Natcon to offer his 2 cents worth ?

Anonymous said...

@ February 25, 2013 9:04 am
Are you LKY?

"If we had an English-educated middle class to begin with in 1960 -- querulous, arguing, writing letters to the press, nit-picking, chattering away -- we would have failed."
Lee Kuan Yew

So is the distinguished senior citizen saying ...;

a.Everybody do what PAP tells you.
b.Give PAP 80 seats in parliament so PAP can do anything they want.
c.Pay PAP Ministers millions in salary to motivate them and keep them honest.

In return, PAP will;

1.Guarantee Singapore will only flood once every 50 years?
2.Ensure our trains will run on time and be well maintained?
3.Make Singapore so wonderful, no Singaporean will ever want to emigrate?
4.Will work carefully with the President to ensure that our reserves are protected and prudently invested?

5.Keep Singapore assets safe from $2 companies?
6.PAP will protect Singaporeans the same way our National Service men protect Singapore from foreign invasion?
7.There will always be an affordable, operationally-ready HDB flat for any Singaporean?

For the 60% who struck that bargain with PAP and LKY ... how's the deal with the devil working out for you in 2013?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 9:07.

This is my natcon. And the amount of half truths here are definitely better than the half truths you read elsewhere. My truth is appreciated by those who want to see. Those who choose not to see, just too bad. And those who choose to believe in other people's half truths, it is their choice.

Anonymous said...

at least redbean whine and complain but does not get millions of dollars for it. some others having natcon getting paid millions for it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

haha, just buy me kopi will do.

Matilah_Singapura said...

He is the loud-hailer for the government, that is without question. You don't become a high-flying editor at the Straight Times for being a "dissident".

However, I find myself agreeing with him on many of these points, and I have posted my opinions many times before.

>> Anyone given a pink IC is a Singaporean. This is the official view I am sure. The Govt is planning to bring in more foreigners to be given the pink IC to be counted as Singaporeans.

Absolutely right. This is strictly "by the law".

>> there is no such things as true blue Singaporeans.

Right again. Just because your mother's chao ji bai shot you out into Singapore territory doesn't necessarily confer you any special "rights". Anyway, everyone in Singapore is at least descendant from an immigrant.

>> The people in Hong Lim will disagree.

Of course they would ;-)

>> They know and regard themselves as true blue Sinkies.

Of course they do. However, they only THINK, they know. They don't actually. They just make the stuff up to validate themselves and their so-called "cause".

>> I don’t think it is so difficult to define what is a true blue Singaporean

I agree. Any bloody fool; like your good self; can just make the stuff up. Afterall, it is just putting words together to form sentences, no "objectivity" required.

Similarly, any old fool can "define" a goblin, fairy and vampire...but that doesn't mean they exist in physical reality.

>> We are the owners of this island.

Prove it to be true -- empirically and factually, and I will publicly cut-off my cock and balls in the center of Raffles Place, at noon on a working weekday.

>> This is home to true blue Singaporeans, not to fair weather economic migrants.

Home to you perhaps, to others...well, they are entitled to define it for themselves, for their own self-interest and not for the purpose of making you happy.

>> Or shall there be a new slogan, Singapore is an international city for people all over the world, not only for Singaporeans.

WOW. That would indeed be AWESOME! I would buy several T shirts with that slogan :-)

Anonymous said...

The Eurasians wud wish for a borderless World.
They have no country to call a nation nor are they able to create one. Champur all the Races and they will be more relief and comforted.
Talking to them about identity and nationhood will be a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

MS, your mother's chaojibai will mean nothing. But if someone's mother is the wife of a PM, he can't be like you, wandering aimlessly around.

Agreed, your mother's is worthless, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Now that's telling the truth as it is. No one will challenge this except MS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What can I say?

Matilah_Singapura said...

In some important areas, today's world is already borderless. The more FTA which are signed, the more borderless the world will become.

Remember, those "borders" are just imaginary invisible lines on a map. The only reason they are 'valid' is because governments agree to respect them. Other than that, they are meaningless.

You will find, as time goes on, and the old fuckers die with their "fixed ideas" and "inflexible minds" that the nature of human societies will change in ways never before experienced in human history.

Chinese and Indians from their respective cuntrees make up about 15% (each) of the global population. They are getting educated and wealthier, and more competitive VERY QUICKLY. And their diaspora has only just begun. You will find Chinese and Indian immigrants in virtually every developed cuntry now, and many of them are getting the top jobs at top pay -- because they are competitive, educated and hard working.

Everywhere they go the Chinese and Indian immigrants have demonstrated that they are capable of competing in local markets, and giving the local population a lesson in "meritocracy".

I say: Power to them. I have no problem with this. As a some-times employer for projects, I find that they are EXCELLENT workers.

Got problem, non-meritorious, uncompetitive assholes?

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy or maritocracy? I think PM Lee IQ is not as good as RB but how come he become PM? Many indians and chinese are in top jobs not because they are hardworking or competitive but because they are born under the right family name. Look deeper and one will realise this world have not changed a day since ww2, it is still controlled by a bunch of families.

Anonymous said...

If indians are any good, how come they cannot match mercedes or bmw? they took over jaguar and turned it into a sick cat. they can only come out with autos that are very lousy in performance, reliability and style. they only know best on how to parasite on other organisms. get rid of these bloodborne parasites to make this world a better place.

Anonymous said...

One day singapore will end up like OZ always flooding. Get rid of those foreigners and keep the nature intact.

Anonymous said...

@ANON February 25, 2013 9:04 am

There is only one legitimate place for NatCON.
And that is the Singapore parliament.

How many PAP MPs bother to attend parliament?

Anonymous said...

Wah Lan is just engaging in talk cock and sing song as usual. Never read his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised there are still people who read that offensive lowlife Matilah's comments.

Please, people, ignore that porn addict attention whore, MS!

How I wish he would follow his handle and really MATI real soon!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday if you walked past this 7-11in the west, already in the late afternoon at Jurong, one can see a HUGE stack of straits times still sitting in the rack !

No readers want to read that stack of state-controlled newspapers.

Anonymous said...

WIKI ON JOURNALISM : "While various existing codes have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of —

truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability — as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information and its subsequent dissemination to the public"

WHY ST blackout the event at Hong lim ?

theonion said...


Per your scenario, than Goh Keng Swee, Olivia Lum, S Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye are not true blue Singaporeans, would that not be the case.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't talk like an idiot can?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I forgot. Darkness still has an invitation for you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A Singaporean will answer the call of duty in a crisis, with no question ask. It is in him or her to stand up when the country needs his or her service.

How many of the new citizens will act instinctively, and not should I or shouldn't, or or buying the next ticket out?

Anonymous said...

The likes of Dr Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnem were starkly different from the present flood of foreigners. Then, they were really here to lead and serve and not drawn by the rewards that they expect to get.

Foreigners now are here for reaping the rewards, investing in properties, stoke the heating and wait for the kill and then uproot and quit. Do they have the kind of allegiance to this country? Not on your life.

theonion said...


I believe the Singapore concept of citizenship/allegiance was underlined by S Rajaratnam

To paraphase "Singapore, it is the idea. And it is this idea, rather than the area on the map, that Allegiances as a citizen lies" from a book

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the hiring practices of the persons in charge rather than the words only

Hence to me, the concept still applies which is Singaporeans and PRs are preferred which is in the recruitment practice.

Further, in this present globalised world, many will have to forge frontiers, so Majulah Singapura

Hopefully your prediction of a world wide crash come about and lets see what happens overall at that stage.

Anonymous said...

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