The White Paper critics

When the PAP White Paper was tabled in Parliament, it was criticized by both PAP and opposition MPs. I think it is normal to look at a position paper and look at its merits and demerits and hopefully resulting in some adjustments or amendments before it is accepted or even fully rejected. No position paper is perfect unless it is prepared by gods which should rightly be perfect or near perfection.

In the PAP White Paper there are many big promises of higher GDP growth and higher quality towns and flats that will lead to higher quality living. The biggest flaw or maybe not a flaw, is the position on more immigrants and higher population. These are non starters. They are the key to the violent objection by the people, not only in Parliament but the citizens at large. Can the Govt see this point? I think the Govt chooses not do.

Can the better quality living etc, please also state what is the cost involved, be achieved without the higher population? If it is conditional on this, then the people are saying, keep it. The Poll conducted by a live show on Channel 8 conclusively proved that the people are not willing to compromise the high population density for a little growth. 92.5% voted against this motion. This is quite close to the 97% polled in mysingaporenews Poll. The increase in population in the PAP White Paper is the fundamental issue that the citizens are objecting. Get it?

Now the other opposition parties are coming out with their version of what they would want to see in a future Singapore. Of course it is time for the PAP side, and its apologists to start tearing these papers to shreds. Devadas Krishnadas wrote a more than one page article to dissect the WP’s White Paper. Some of his comments are here, ‘actually a cupboard empty of original ideas, (really?) …All its policy recommendations are borrowed ideas from existing or proposed policies of PAP.’ What is wrong with not being original or borrowed from the PAP? Not everything the PAP wrote in its White Paper is rubbish. Not all PAP policies are bad. WP is just picking up the good parts, add in theirs as both are dealing with the same issues and problems. There is no necessity to reinvent the wheel.

Other comments by Devadas include, ‘simplistic view that imposing a freeze on foreign labour supply will not damage the economy,… riddled with popular slogans, …asks us to believe in a dream land where making hard choices is unnecessary….’ For the last part, is it that much different from the PAP’s dream land? Or PAP’s dream land scenario has no hard choices like flooding the country with millions of foreigners is acceptable?

Critics are critics. Important point is where they are coming from and how serious and rational are the criticisms. If the WP White Paper is as offensive as the PAP paper, it could possibly lead to a similar public outcry. Or maybe not as it will not be passed or discussed in Parliament.


theonion said...


Looking at WP White Paper objectively and with references to own speeches and not any main studies.

Well, I doubt that there will be much online critics as the main idea as they are the sweethearts.

I do note that the White Paper does allow increase migration when I was under impression should be full stop.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can agree with most of the things in the PAP White Paper provided the population is capped at the present level or a little more like 5.5m. Working on this premise, of a non expanding population but an expanding space and productivity, improvement in technology to improve the environment and quality of living, would it not be better for everyone instead of stuffing more mice into a cage?

Ron aka RDB in TRE said...

The White Paper for population is only as white as the fruit under the yellow skin of a banana that is overall covered but dressing.

Anonymous said...

WP White Paper is good.

Even if the White Paper contains no word, it will still be good. Sometimes less spoken is better.

WP White Paper will have many followers and supporters, many whom will not even bother to read what's inside. As long as WP produce one, it is good. It doesn't have to follow any methodology or statistical analysis.

It is produced from the heart and that is something not replicable. Half of Singapore will support it.

theonion said...


If the population increase could stop now. That would be perfect right.
But it is not economically possible or feasible.

A better idea would be to allow temporary guest worker permit for construction side of say 3 years for say 200,000 to build then HDB blocks and than back they go.

Anonymous said...

Actually locals are not against foreign workers who do the jobs locals do not want to do but against the foreign pmets who do the jobs that locals are capable of doing. these days, there are more and more foreign pmets than foreign workers.

Anonymous said...


[Diversity good for Singapore]

"The fact is that we need these foreign workers.

It is time to learn to appreciate these foreigners, who are willing to get out of their comfort zones and take up jobs that we shun.

Faith Connie Tham (Ms)"


Anonymous said...

STFORUM - Print edition

[S'pore needs to face realities]

"PROFESSOR Linda Lim makes some good points in her commentary
("Can slower growth lead to a stronger nation?"; last Friday).

However, one should keep in mind that academic theory does not always work out in practice.

Bobby Jayaraman"


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