Needing more land to avoid overcrowding

We need all the reclamation and yes, going underground, to expand the space for more gracious and comfortable living. The future of Singapore is underground, the new frontier of quality living. So Sinkies, this term is finding better relevance, sinking deeper into mother earth.

‘State media is already championing the idea. In September, the Straits Times newspaper characterized underground living as the "next frontier" for Singapore. It said Singaporeans may one day "live, work and play below ground in vast, subterranean caverns that make today's underground malls look like home basements." The Building Construction Authority, which oversees a new agency responsible for surveying underground, said it could become reality by 2050.’

Actually, what is the point of land reclamation and building downwards when the new space will be eaten up immediately by 1.6m more people? If only the population can be capped at this level and more space be created, there will be more space for everyone, bigger housing, more recreational facilities, more parks and greeneries to give one a sense of space and freedom. Similarly what is the point of cramming people into concrete jungles and with patches of greens, and with each housing unit getting smaller, everyone getting smaller space, in public and in homes? The quality of life must come with space and more space to move around to run around, to allow more roads and thus more ownership of private vehicles.

Creating more space only to stuff them up with more people is not improving anything or changing anything. More sardines in more sardine cans. Is that an improvement in lessening overcrowding or quality of life? Oh, my apologies, smaller space does not mean lower quality of life if well planned, like an airconditioned dog’s kennel.


oldhorse42 said...

I do not think our leeders have our quality of life in mind when they started the population replacement policy replacing ungrateful sinkie with faster, better cheaper FTs. It is their own survival they are thinking of. The new citizens ever grateful and appreciative will vote in the party of the day for many more good years.
May be it is time to quit the little red dot before the stampede begin.

Anonymous said...


[How Old Age Technology could help stop a demographic time bomb]

"BMW has started a policy of taking on older employees in preparation for an era where people of retiring age will remain hard at work"


Anonymous said...

It is damned good idea to build underground and under the sea. Water will be plenty underground and an expansive sea(water) view above your penthouse will be great. Those deeper inn the geound and seabed need not worry about bomb attack. We can do away with bomb shelter and live worry free of war.

The greatest benefit of below surface living is that the people will be free from the inclement weather. No drought, no flooding, no wind related incident.and maybe even dust free. Poltically and socially, it will be much easier to manage.

Come to think of it, Sg can be the pioneer in this revolutionary mode of living. It will allow Sg to make lots of money to export the technology to other places that are overcrowded.

We must support great ideas especially one as revolutionary as a great underground(sea) city/country. Kudos to Sin Rulers for their great idea.

Veritas said...

This is a very wicked proposal. Our leaders have no considerations of well being of people.

I remember working as engineer in Europe and Israel. In Europe, other than those in the production line, the company will try their best to give you a sit close to the window. Sitting close to the windows make me feel very pleasant even when work can me tough.

In SG, there are no such consideration. Most engineers work within fully enclosed walls.

In SG, PAP has already deprived us of landed property. Most people would agree that for children to enjoy their childhood, and for mental well being of adults, we need a plot of private garden. PAP import foreigners and tell us we have "no space".

After depriving us of landed property, now PAP want to take away our windows. If underground apartment come to pass, I think Singaporeans will soon check into IMH in dove.

Ron aka RDB in TRE said...

MBT as minister of MND had said they have done their study for underground living. Now that he is only an MP, has he even started to walk his talk by living underground? Let him please tell us where, how deep underground, how he cummutes from his grave of an abode. Also how often does he exit into all congested public places to get use to being in OVERcrowding places daily as Golden Spoon brought up EP Tony Tan told us all to soon after he became a "Elected" President at his miserable 35+% popular vote. Perhaps htat's why PM LHL HAD TO reduce his income by 50%. By then that still does not tally with the percentage support that he got. And is non-free and willing or allegiance by association for "goody 2 shoes" benefits are not factored in!

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans who voted for the PAP now knows what kind of people they have chosen to lead. When the PAP was talking about fixing the opposition voters, the PAP supporters should have realised that what the PAP can do to opposition voters, the day will come when they can also dish out the same treatment to their own supporters.

That day has come. The PAP is treating ordinary Singaporeans a class or two below foreigners, the rich and business owners.

Anonymous said...

I would rather live in a floating house than underground. underground living is for moles, cockroaches and worms. they want us to go underground so when flooding occurs, we will all die and then they blame it on the weather. do not fall for this. the gov under this pussy party needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Who in the sound mind would suggest that? Old li want us to bury with him? this is so ridiculous.

ufo said...

Move istana underground first lah. Occupy so much prime space but no value added.

Anonymous said...

Move LKY to basement B18. He should not have existed in the first place. He is a curse for sinkies.

Anonymous said...

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