High quality living according to snake oil sellers

The snake oil sellers are still peddling their deception to the daft Sinkies that small is better, public transport can replace car ownership and the quality of life will be better. In 2030 it will be even better, but no one is telling the wide eyed Sinkies how much it will cost them for the better quality living, how big will be their flats and whether they can still own a car.

To me it is very simple. Quality living must come with bigger space for leisure, bigger homes for children to grow up, private personal space and no need to cram like sardines every where. And car ownership is a desirable item to provide that quality living, the freedom to move around for leisure with the family, for convenience. For some, a car is an absolute necessity, not a luxury. And these must not cost an arm or a leg to own one or a life time of slavery to pay for them.

We had them before, when we were poorer on the whole. We have become richer, some very rich, but we are telling the not so rich people that these necessities and niceties are now beyond their reach, that they must make do without them, smaller homes and living space to cram more children into them. How can the quality of life be better in living in pigeon holes? Progress? How can the quality of life be better depending on public transport, or taxis, compare to private cars?

It is time to stop deceiving the daft Sinkies that these are progress and better quality of living. We can only return to better quality of living with more space and lesser people. And mind you, a smaller economy with lesser people will not compromise on the quality of life. Life is for living and pleasure when one can afford it, not to slave and work just to live and to live in little nooks and corners.

Economic growth that leads to being squeezed and being deprived of the nicer things, basics like bigger homes and car ownership, is bad economics. Economic growth must lead to better quality of life in all ways. Otherwise the economic growth is as good as no growth and better to do without. And another 1.6m people are something that we can do without.

Still want to con people to live in dog’s kennel and claim to be better quality living? Woof, woof….


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Anonymous said...


[UBS sued by two traders fired in Singapore over rate scandal]

"Two former UBS AG traders in Singapore are suing the bank for wrongful dismissal,
saying the bank fired them to lessen its role in the alleged manipulation of reference rates used to price currency derivatives known as non-deliverable forwards."


Anonymous said...

Today, the ordinary Sporean is supposed to fall on his knees with gratitude that he has a job, even if it pays him barely enough for hand to mouth living.

The irony is that even as the infrastructure has become more posh, standards of most other things have fallen.

The mentality of employers and their ability to manage staff for one. The willingness of Sporeans to go beyond their basic duties, much more to multi-task. And heaven forbid that they Think or show initiative. The cold-eyed focus of the govt on growing its coffers, dunno for who, cos the rest of us are certainly not getting a bite. And throughout, the constant, constant fear - of everything.

The better things are supposed to have gotten, the worse they have become. It's enough to make you weep!

Anonymous said...

Economic Growth is for feeding the fiat debt based currency system, the elites and the bankers. It doesn't benefit the common people.

Singaporeans used to be able to support a family based on a single income and staying in a bigger 5 room flat in the 80s. The new HDB 5room flat is smaller then some old 4 room flats and costs much much more. People are in debt and cannot stop running just to stay in place. That is the so called quality life.

Well, the current government can say all it wants, anyone will also try to put themselves positively. What I don't understand is, why is it so difficult for some people to see the facts and truth in life, the 60%.

Anonymous said...

For years PAP pursued economic growth at all costs. GDP is doing well and the size of our reserves (if it can be verified) is enormous BUT are the people getting the benefits? To me only ministers and MPs are getting fat pay checks and living is luxury. The rest of us "tang kuku" or wait long long!

Anonymous said...

any SME are traditional family run business relying on cheaper and cheaper foreign workers.

Foreign consultants to come to Singapore to train and develop local SME on latest technique how to bring out the best on their local worker through multi-tasking,job rotations, career improvements, increase the worker output, efficiency, productivity ,innovations gathering more feedbacks from their workers etc?

Could spend more money traning the bossses of SME to develop the workers more effective, then handouts?

Should more foreign consultants engaged to train local bosses to train and better manage their local workers, to reduce wastages, which a important contribution to companies profits, if you reduce wastage you increase your companies profits, reduce the time in doing a task, how to innovate and make better products and services, find ways to reduces overall cost other then looking for cheaper and cheaper foreigners. There is many ways of reducing cost, which don't affect the workers moral. Train the workers in mastering more skills,more effective in the jobs, co operation, the works and rotate them around to understand different departments running? Train local workers to give feedback of improving the companies operations like Apple and Google?

Workers can make many discoveries and advance if they are motivated and happy like apple and google?

Train the local SME bosses on how to used technologies , automations and innovations to less reliance on cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

Anonymous said...


Questions: Why Singapore are 10 times more costly and salaries, then the Nordic ministers to govern?

Rely: To prevent corruptions and we are clean, they don't need so many foreign workers and immigrants to run it?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies deserve every bits they got and get from the Government.
I am born on the third month o 1951 and from 1965 onwards I only heard praises, accolades and reverrences for the Rulers, especially Lee Kuan Yew. It has remain constant till today.

Just talk to taxi and local bus drivers, hawkers, housing agents and financial industry people. Those in Healthcare, Education and Civil Services and You will know how well our Government has performed. Sinkies will be forever grateful to the Rulers for tranforming their swampy fishing village to a first world metropolis where they own properties that are worth hundreds of thousands and much higher for freehold and landed properties. Many of the landed properties are now worth several million US Dollars.

It is only fair for Sinkies to be grateful for the wealth created for them by the efficient and talented leaders.

Anonymous said...

No need to look very far just across the border there and people have nice freehold house and nice cars. In comparison, sinkies only have 99lease flats and public transport. our gahmen performance is overrated and clearly not as good as those across the border.

Anonymous said...

Vote the opposition to save sinky from sinking further. 50 years of same rule is enough and result is clear. They are lousy, greedy and selfish. It is time for a change.

Anonymous said...

They started 50 years ago by telling small myths, now they have to tell bigger myths to cover their greed, incompetent, selfishness. The bigger the myth, the more ridiculous it will sound. It is time for truth to prevail. Vote the opposition.

Anonymous said...

A strong Opposition in parliament is part of high quality living.

A 55% core of Singaporeans means a 45% core of foreigners.

Shouldn't the parliament also follow the same ratio?
With a 45% core of Opposition parties?

Virgo 49 said...

Also train the SMEs bosses to employ Singaporeans for in time of wars, we Singaporeans are the ones ultimately going to defend the cunt try and your businesses

Anonymous said...

Train them for what. They have exploit the people here long enough. Ship all of them overseas.

Anonymous said...

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