White racism against Chinese in London

One Singaporean student, unfortunately, experienced the horrors of racism firsthand in London, where he has been studying for two years. Jonathan Mok took to Facebook to write about a vicious attack he underwent recently, all because he’s Asian. As his assailants attacked him, he could hear one of them say, “I don’t want your coronavirus in my country.”

Mr Mok writes that he refuses to be cowed by the attack. “To the group of guys who saw fit to attack me because of my skin colour: here’s something for you— I stood up to you because I wasn’t afraid, I’ve faced far more intimidating characters in my life. And if you think ganging up on someone who is sizeably smaller than you makes you a big man — it doesn’t. It only makes every single one of you a coward who doesn’t have the balls to take someone on 1 on 1. Grow a pair.”....

In the hospital, Mr Mok was told that he “had suffered a few fractures in my face and might need to undergo reconstructive surgery to fix some of the bones.”

No stranger to racist remarks during his two years in London, Mr Mok now has new insights as to the nature of this type of prejudice. Once upon a time he believed that racism was grounded in stupidity, but now he believes it’s rooted in hate.

The above is posted in www.theindependent.sg. And this Mok guy claimed that they attacked him because he is Asian. That is a stupid statement that can come only from stupid Singaporeans. They attacked him not because he is Asian but because he is Chinese. Wherever a Chinese Singaporean goes, he is Chinese to the racist whites. Stop being silly to think there is a difference in the eyes of the white racists that you are a Singaporean and you will be spared. 

I hope the stupid banana Chinese in this island understood this for their own good. If they want them to think that they are not Chinese, go and do the Michael Jackson act, bleach themself white, and also dye their hair dumb blond and get a new pair of European eyes, and also a plastic surgery to sharpen the nose. Then maybe next time they walk the streets of London or any European countries or the USA they may be spared, thinking that they are one of them. 

 Many bananas have bashed by the white racists, just like Matilah had in Australia but pretending nothing had happened, it was ok to be bashed by their white racist masters. When you are dealing with a snake or the devil, do not treat them like human beans. Remember the story of the old woman that saved a snake by taking it home only to be bitten? And the snake told her that she was stupid to think a snake would act differently just because she saved the snake. The snake and the devil do not reason with human beans. Only stupid human beans would want to talk reason with snakes and the devils to their own peril.

To this Mok guy and other bananas, it is pointless to say anything after being bashed by the racist whites. Learn to keep a distance from them, just like keeping a distance from the snakes and the devils. They would not spare you and would attack you whenever they feel like doing. It is good that thenewpaper put up this piece of ugly incident in the front page to remind Singaporean Chinese that it is not safe in white countries.


Do Little said...

Not only it is not safe in white countries, it is also not safe when Singaporeans are dominated and controlled by CECA Indians when population reaches 8-10 million.

This is the imminent danger that Singaporeans must now worry about and take immediate actions before it is too late.

The rich, the elites and the powerful have no worries because they are mobile - they have the resources and wherewithal to seek better greener pastures elsewhere when the chips are down.

It is the general commoners who will not be able to easily move to somewhere better - they will suffer the consequences of over-population, dominated and controlled by foreigners, with traitors selling pro-foreigners policies.

So, be very discerning and critical whenever any non-Chinese minion try to sell you ideas that benefit the foreigners and their own ricebowls and present positions.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This could be a sign that Asians should leave the western democracies and go home! 🤡

Anonymous said...

There are many overseas Chinese who look down on thekr kind from the mainland including many here. As CCS says monkey see monkey do,Mmany take their cue from Hongkees. They are the worst disgraceful lots. They attacked their mainland compatriots but cowed when white men reprimanded them. And I cringed when they carried the American flags,Union jack and sang Star Spangled Banner and GSTQ during protests. Selimg their own heritage on the pretence of fighting foe democracy.

Good on the authorities they have arrested some of the leaders of the protests including many decent Hongkees regard as the chief traitor,Jimmy Lai.

Hermanisgod said...

Why are Asians especially China Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkees and Sinkees flocking to Western universities and other higher institutions of learning and research when they should be proud of their own national universities and higher institutions of learning and research?

Hermanisgod said...

By so doing, they present themselves to be looked down upon, exploited, trampled, hated, dispised and disposed by the westerners, especially the white supremacists in Europe, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all you sad fucks,

Ref: https://worldhappiness.report/ed/2019/

At #34, Singapore is the 2nd happiest cuntry in Asia, next to Taiwan.

So if you're a sad and negative type, know that you're dragging the cuntry down in the rankings.

With all that wealth and prosperity, Singaporeans should be the happiest people in the world!🤑👯‍♀️

Look at the rich western democracies. They're the happiest cuntries.

Maybe that's why they attract so many people from "less happy" cuntries. Like Asian cuntries.

It's just a theory. I could be wrong 🤓

However, you all can do your patriotic best to make Singapore's ranking in the World Happiness Report climb...no...SHOOT UPWARDS! To #1, the ONLY RANKING for anything Singapore and Singaporean!

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies happiest people ??

If you happen to see a sinkie smile, faster, faster today's big sweep go and buy a ticket.

You are damn lucky.

Sinkied so stressed that they can smile at you?

Maybe only those ALREADY DEMENTIA or over the hills to pasture.

Anonymous said...

@ matilah

You are still alive !!!

I thought you already crippled from a terrible car accident.

Hope you die soon.

Anonymous said...

To this (Singaporean) guy and other (PAP voter), it is pointless to say anything after being (squeezed) by the (millionaire) whites.

Learn to (vote Opposition), just like keeping a distance from the snakes and the devils.

The (Millionaires) would not spare you and would (tax) you whenever they feel like doing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

How could you NOT be happy in Singapore? It's awesome. It rocks! And every year, it just gets better.

So the people need to rise up and be happy. Being sad accomplishes nothing. Feeling bad wastes time and energy.

Nobody can make you feel bad without YOUR permission Elenore Roosevelt. ie. If you're a sad fuck, that's on you. You given your "permission" to let what's bothering you make you unhappy!


Anonymous said...

Do what I do ... work & live in the best possible place that is right for you and/or your skin colour (e.g. safety & salary & cost of living), but at the same time reaping rewards from countries all around the world.

For me that's S'pore --- where I retired comfortably after 19 years of hard work .... combined with lucky/smart investing in white countries, black countries, brown countries & yellow countries.

I've earned a hell lot from white & black countries.

Yellow & brown countries not so much but improving --- many of the market participants in these countries are just too emotionally immature & simply got gambler mentality to make a quick buck. But things are changing with even the govt of the biggest yellow country opening up to more institutional investors (including local pension funds), and especially those from the West.

Ok enough yapping on this TCSS blog .... I'm tucking in to 1-for-1 buffet at Fullerton right now!!! Bon apetit!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did China-hater Bilahari Kausikan accuse China of “trying to impose a Chinese identity on Singapore” when Chinese Singaporeans are in fact Chinese, and China doesn't need to do so?

Anonymous said...

This hari hari gila hari though half Chinese thinks Indian tua kee although more than half of that slum country did not have toilets and smell like shit.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Hermanisgod said...

Why are Asians especially China Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkees and Sinkees flocking to Western universities and other higher institutions of learning and research when they should be proud of their own national universities and higher institutions of learning and research?

March 04, 2020 9:31 am

China and Chinese went down a bad patch and sank to its lowest level while the West rose to become the most advanced civilisation for a few hundred years. During these dark days of Chinese civilisation, it is only natural that the Chinese would want to learn from the West. Only stupid civilisation would not want to learn from better civilisation and insist on other civilisations to be as backward as them and refused to learn from others.

China today has caught up with the West, bridged the gap and moving ahead. Going forward the Chinese Civilisation will be improving and will lead the world in many new inventions and new fields to better the lives of human beings.

Empires rise and fall. The Chinese Civilisation has risen again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps wan need to be a Bruce Lee to survive in the Whites devils territory. Bring along that swing double baton & learn to be like Bruce Lee strike as many opponents to defend yourself or carry along gun or taser to save yourself when all else fail ...run away from the scene as far & as quick as possible.

Anonymous said...

What is there to complain. Here in Red Dot, someone did say that only those scholars educated overseas have the capacity to become ministers. Local university scholars are thus deemed to be just mediocre material. Small potatoes! Sup sup soi!

Need I say more?