Who says the Americans should be the leader of the world?

Someone asked me this question. Why should the Americans be the natural leader of the world? Many of the westernized countries or anglophiles will not ask such a question. They have been eating potatoes and hamburgers everyday and think this is their normal diet. They have forgotten that they used to eat rice and noodles. They do not question why breakfast must be bacon and eggs and not porridge or nasi lemak.

After the victory over Germany and Japan, American leadership as the most powerful country to rule the world was unquestionable. No one bothered or thought there was a need to ask such a question. There was no challenger. And since then, the western media kept repeating that America is Number One, America is a benevolent superpower, all kindness and compassion, all virtuous, like the army of God. After a few decades of growing up with Pax Americana, and with America dictating the norms, controlling world media, those who got brains or those who got no brains, or those who got brains but forgot to use it for thinking, they will all echo the same truth. America is a fair and benevolent super power that created a world of peace for the rest of the world to progress and improve their lives. That was true. The Americans rebuilt Europe and Japan didn’t they? Under the American World Order, there was peace and stability and all should be thankful to the Americans. Where got war? Korea, Vietnam Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa were all so peaceful. Under Pax Americana there was no war. Just believe that this is the truth.

Who is asking why the Americans should rule the world? They did a very good job didn’t they? Now there is a China growing economically strong and everyone is saying, we need the Americans to balance the rising power of China, or this bad China would conquer every country and be the new evil hegemon. And every turkey kept gloating this silly myth and every monkey will nod his head like real. They forgot time has changed. The Americans today are not the Americans immediately after WW2. They forgot that they have a brain in between their ears, a thing called the grey matter that they can use to think.

How did China become the evil hegemon or will become the evil hegemon of tomorrow? Why is there a need for the world’s Number One hegemon to balance a militarily weak Number Two that may or may not be the next hegemon? Did someone speak to God and God said so, that China is the new evil hegemon and must be checked by the current hegemon? Did anyone ever ask the village bully to balance a new kid coming into the village, presuming that the new kid must be evil, worst than the incumbent bully?

Kishore told the Americans, if you want China to behave well, you better behave well, teach the Chinese to behave by showing good examples, not by threats of B52s and warships. Clinton, the husband, also said so when he was the President. The China of tomorrow will act and behave the way the Americans are behaving today against China. The Americans will create a new and belligerent hegemon in China if it keeps misbehaving like a bad hegemon towards China.

Who is saying that America is needed to balance the rise of China? Did he think before he said that? Or someone else did the thinking for him and he just parrots what someone else said before, without thinking?

Why should the Americans be the natural choice to rule the world?


Veritas said...

Sinic civilization is the ONLY civilization that is able to pose a challenge to the western civilization, that, the western elites know intimately.

Anonymous said...

"Why shoud the Americans be the natural choice to rule the world?" Redbean asked.

Becos the Non Americans perceived the Americans as the most powerful or in local slang 'tua kee', whatever this means.

Anyway, Sinkies from top to bottom need the protection from the US. By itself Sg can never survive, even if Sinkies are born fighters. Sinkies are kiasu, kiasi, kia chenghu, kia boh, kia kankor(hardship) kia war(pah jian).
They need the protection to stay alive, so a godfather like US is very much needed.

Anonymous said...

They need the protection to stay alive, so a godfather like US is very much needed.
Anon 10:00 am

Quite true I think, although PAP did not say it publicly.

And RB, besides writing a column for China Daily, maybe you can also try to apply to do the same for an American newspaper? Maybe make the first move to them?

The said...


Anonymous said...

"Who says PAP should be the leader of the Singapore?"

Anonymous said...

If SG cannot survive then better SG become 27th province of China. Then Sinkies will have free healthcare, free education, can retire peacefully at 55, and lifetime pension from 55. Why pay PAPies 5X Obama's salary for fuck when SG can't even survive on its own?!?!

Anonymous said...

"Why should the PAP be the natural choice to rule Singapore?"

Unfortunately, Redbean and Singaporeans don't ask this question.
Also unfortunately, the Opposition Parties do not know the answer.
But the scariest thought may be that even PAP Ministers do not know the answer.

Is the entire country of Singapore flying on auto-pilot (the Hard Truths according to LKY)??

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Why should the Americans be the natural choice to rule the world? <<

I think the language chosen and used here is unfortunate, because it guides the reader to form inaccurate conclusions.

America doesn't "rule" the "world", although one could be excused for thinking in such terms given the ubiquity of American cultural influence. It is more accurate to say that America POLICES the globe, and acts as de facto "leader" of the FREE world, i.e. the FREE PEOPLE who make up the various free sovereign nation-states. Examples of "non free" states would be China, Russia, North Korea.

No one in their right mind will ever claim that America "rules over" China, Russia or North Korea, as those cuntrees in question will be the first to REJECT such ridiculous claims

America has won the culture wars. American culture DOMINATES the globe. No contest. Over and out.

China and India might one day equal or even overtake the US economically, but there is NO WAY their cultures will dominate. Western culture, especially American culture is "sexy" and "hip". Most ChIndians when they "make it" immediately become more "westernised" and less of their own ethnic culture.

Anonymous said...

Clap, clap, clap. What were you saying?

You must not say he is mad. Insane is a better word.
A more appropriate word is crazy.
Or you may use another more sophisticated word, deranged.

Anonymous said...

Must say that
Matilah Singapura
certainly understands
human nature.

Anonymous said...

Rb I think the thousands of nuclear war heads decide who is the leader

Anonymous said...

To some extent it is true. But the warheads are useless against ISIS or China or Russia. They only need to land 50 in the US would do.

Anonymous said...

american dont have culture.
They stole culture from other civilization and claimed it as " theirs"

Anonymous said...

Anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows which countries are the true cancers of the world and which countries are their lackeys.

Hint : looking for truth in western mainstream media is a fool's errand.

It's so easy to find that kind of information on the web these days with the spread of alternative medias.