Two bad wishes of the West that backfired

The world is not so inter related and interconnected that it is working more like a complete system with inter joining and connected parts that when one part moves or fails to move, other parts will be affected and the whole system could wind down and become dysfunctional. The first bad wish and designed by the Americans with the full support of its allies is to keep the Middle East on fire, in a constant state of warfare. This would keep the Arabs and the Muslims tied down in a counter productive pursuit that is only self destructing. All the countries and people in the region would be bogged down, trapped in war economies that become dysfunctional, instead of peace and stability, instead of building a thriving economy, instead of educating their children in schools, their people in employment, these normal daily activities are now in a flux. 

On the other hand, other than imprisoning these countries and people and condemning them to daily hardship and stagnation, death and injuries, in perpetuity, the western world are profiting from their destruction and miseries.  They keep encouraging them to fight, to kill each other, agitate them to go after one another, pulling regimes down and changing new and equally ineffective ones, and selling them weapons of war and the badly needed food and medicine and essentials of life. It is so pathetic to see these countries being manipulated to self destruct and lost in the quagmire without knowing what is happening and who is behind their tragedy.

The only good thing about this bad wish is that the disease will spread to the originator of this crime against the people of the region. It’s all coming back now. The flood of refugees have begun and Europe is the first recipient of the exodus. And Europe will pay a heavy price for bringing about or being accomplice to the war torn region. The refugees are coming for their compensation for destroying their homes and countries. When they crippled Europe, the Americans would no longer have the European allies to answer their becks and calls and to do their dirty work, killing people all over the world.  The Americans and the West must pay for the sin against the people and countries in the Middle East. The pain and suffering cannot be isolated and will spread across to Europe and North America. It is happening now in the streets of America, with people being gunned down by terrorists. The latter called themselves freedom fighters.

And the Americans are demanding the BRICS countries to do more to help the refugees. Why should they when the Americans and the West are the instigators and provocateurs of this crime against humanity in the name of freedom and democracy? What you sow you shall reap. The BRICS countries shall watch as the retribution of evil deeds seeks justice when justice needs to be done.

The second evil wish of the West, the collapse of China and the Chinese economy. They failed to see how inter related and inter connected is China to the western world and the rest of the world. When the factory of the world stops producing or winds down its production, the upstream and down stream industries and countries will be equally affected. Australia is the first to feel the pinch when China cuts down its import of raw material from Australia. Whole industries will close down and people go jobless. The cheap products would trickle into the consumer nations and prices will soar. China’s Yuan will depreciate, and there will be lesser demand for T Bills. China may start to sell the T Bills to convert to cash. The Americans would need to print more fiat currencies to buy back their debt. There will be less high spending Chinese tourists to share their wealth in tourism related industries and countries. In other words, all things will wind down accordingly.

Who will benefit from this bad wish? Or who will be the ultimate losers? There are many western corporations and manufacturers in China producing goods and services for the Chinese and the rest of the world. Apple would have to find new and cheaper sources of production to make their IPhones. Maybe not necessary as the demand would be down as well. The falling demand will sweep across all industries and countries.

If this bad wish comes true, no one will be left untouched. The richer nations of the West are likely to be affected more as they are the producers and the big consumers of goods and services.

Do not wish other’s ill or beggar thy neighbours. The whole world is now one economy. Have a better Christmas wish.


Veritas said...

The desire to kill and murder is in the heart of every single Sunni, and without it USA cannot stir shit.

Karma bitches and Sunni eat their own boomerang shit. Today 20% of Malaysian Malay want to murder apostasy. Having such a fuck up mind, Malaysia Malay then lie and lie and accuse Chinese for being bad.

Anonymous said...

"If this bad wish comes true, no one will be left untouched."

But PAP also has bad wishes for the opposition what, and vice versa. Even RB also has bad wishes for the PAP by hopping that PAP lose a lot of seats in the last election.

But how come the bad wishes for PAP did not come true and PAP remained untouched, and even won back one seat some more, whereas PAP's bad wish for the opposition come badly true for the opposition? Why?

Anonymous said...

Why Karma does not work for PAP?

Or is it what PAP did is really good but only that the netizens, eg RB, see it as no good?

Maybe that's why God is fair to PAP?

Hermit said...

Don't agree US wants China's economy to collapse. China is a big trading partner.

Veritas said...

Sorry its 62% of Malay want to murder apostasy.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Two bad wishes of the West that backfire"

Unfortunately "wishing" doesn't ever accomplish anything.

Go ahead, wish for anything you like ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Japan strength is China pain. Japan Mitsubishi would soon churning out many combat jets to meet Japan demand for its already strong military under its new un-pacifist constitution.

b said...

its takes two hands to clap. does not mean people want to feed you poison and you go and drink up poison? the mideast elites also have a lot to blame (in fact more) for the problems in mideast. people have to learn to accept the consequences for their silly actions and not always blame other people. when japan invaded china, japan told china not to blame them but blame china for being weak and easily manipulated. this world is not a peaceful, nice and innocent world, there are always people trying to harm others.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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