Foreign workers – Singapore can have the cake and eats it as well

Many people have written about the pains of being Singaporeans and being displaced by foreigners with doubtful qualifications and backgrounds and ended up jobless or underemployed. The consequences of this self made disaster would be felt many years down the road and it would be too late to do anything if nothing is done now. The impact of this crazy policy would be many times worse than the Stop at Two policy of yesteryear. We may even lose our country to the foreigners and the original Singaporeans would not just be a minority but be victimized by the new Singaporeans and treated as the new dalits of Singapore.

Leong Sze Hian wrote another piece on the same subject posted in TRE titled ‘Singaporeans competing with millions of foreigners for jobs?’ The points he raised and the numbers quoted are not funny. They are very serious and with equally serious implications for Singaporeans.

Let me try to say something very politely on why things could be better and this influx of foreigners could be better managed and better received and accepted by the Singaporeans and with theirapproval. The original concept and assumptions were fair, we need more migrants to help shore up the economy. The govt was also conscious that the foreigners are here to compliment our manpower and talent pool, not to simply replaced Singaporeans. No one will disagree with these premises. The people will be behind the govt if these are the guiding principles in bringing in more foreigners and Singaporeans would have priority in employment.

OK, the silly myth that Singaporeans are choosy, lazy and stupid, please do not raise these comments again. It not only show how shallow and stupid the person is, but also show how anti Singaporean is the thinking. Singapore belongs to the original Singaporeans and not to the foreigners. Compromising on this principle is treason. Singaporeans must be in charge. Period.

Let’s seriously put Singaporeans first. Make sure Singaporeans are fully and gainfully employed before the next foreigner is allowed in. It is like at the immigration check points. We have express lanes for Singaporeans. This is home, this is our country. We are Singaporeans and this country belongs to us. The govt/MOM must establish express lanes for Singaporeans for good jobs. 

Singaporeans can register in the express lanes and be placed for jobs suitable to their qualifications and experience. Only after the Singaporeans are placed that foreigners can be considered and approved for employment here when no Singaporean is left in the queue. This is elementary Watson. Every country is doing it.  No need to reinvent the wheel and try so hard to be stupid and to be anti Singaporeans.

Is it so hard to implement such a policy for the good of Singaporeans? I bet you, if the govt’s policies are along this line of thinking, the PAP would be voted into power after every election and will be the party of the people. No need for funny things to be done during elections. The people will go vote for the PAP, as the party for the people. No bluff. So simple!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ foot in mouth disease, RB:

>> OK, the silly myth that Singaporeans are choosy, lazy and stupid, please do not raise these comments again. It not only show how shallow and stupid the person is, but also show how anti Singaporean is the thinking. <<

Now here is the resident racist and xenophobe redbean now sporting an additional hat: THOUGHT POLICE. Just because some people have an idea he disagrees with it becomes a "silly myth" form "shallow and stupid" people, and also as a BONUS: "anti Singaporean".

WOW! Got ad hominem yet?

According to this famous dead guy "putting pressure on our children is good for them".


From Nat Geo article:

>> Over time, the MM says, Singaporeans have become "less hard-driving and hard-striving." This is why it is a good thing, the MM says, that the nation has welcomed so many Chinese immigrants (25 percent of the population is now foreign-born). He is aware that many Singaporeans are unhappy with the influx of immigrants, especially those educated newcomers prepared to fight for higher paying jobs. But taking a typically Darwinian stance, the MM describes the country's new subjects as "hungry," with parents who "pushed the children very hard." If native Singaporeans are falling behind because "the spurs are not stuck into the hide," that is their problem. <<

It's ok to call or accuse the late LKY of anything you like---freedom of thought, expression and speech...

However LKY could be accused of many unsavoury things, but to suggest he is stupid, shallow, prone to believing in myths and above all ANTI SINGAPOREAN is stretching it way beyond begging the reader your indulgence on flights of fancy.

C'mon redbean. Competition is GOOD for the NATION. The NATION is more important than a bunch of pissed-off individuals who got caught up in global toe-to-toe competition.

Everybody eventually gets what they are "worth". If you want more, create MORE VALUE for others, i.e. make yourself worth more.

Well done sg.gov. I don't always agree with you but I think the OPEN BORDER POLICY rocks Singapore awesomely!

Keep it Up!

Anonymous said...

The lunatic from IMH is out and attacking RB on a personal basis.

This low down scum, runaway from his home country, can't make it in his adopted country, now back working as a hit man for you know who so that he can afford to buy his drugs.

When he ran out of drugs he would resort to smelling his mother's smelly cunt and is so proud of it. Wait for him to brag about what he did to his mother and his sisters.

Good boy. We are waiting for your detail descriptions. Come share with us. We are your fans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ salivating on my genitals, 935

>> Good boy. We are waiting for your detail descriptions. Come share with us. We are your fans. <<

Thank you, my dear ball-sucking lapdog fan boy. I'm here to please ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please be pragmatic and wise like the government. The leaders have cracked their heads and do all their best to care for Singaporeans.
Without foreigners, the businesses from hawkers, shopping centres, leisures to financial services will all be doomed.

As it is, properties are booming, more Singaporeans are moving into condos, more branded cars are on the roads and long queues are everywhere in properties launches, restaurants, travel agencies and what not.

Singaporeans are the most lucky people in the world not because they are smarter or more hardworking. They are super lucky that their government takesgood care of them.

PAP deserves more citizens like Matilda and Angongkia who know how to appreciate and are grateful to those who look after their wellbeings.

Be grateful !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1028:

>> PAP deserves more citizens like Matilda <<

Please, I'm no PAP fan boy. We all work for a living. They are chosen, then paid to DO SPECIFIC JOBS, just like all of us.

As long as they are doing their job reasonably well, all's good. It is unreasonable to expect them to get 10 out of 10 everytime. Like the rest of the humans with all the human imperfections, if you can get 70+% performance out of these highly paid folks, be satisfied lah. It's easier on your blood pressure. ;-)

Goh said...

No use crying over spilt milk.If only our PGs like uncle RB can have foresight , can see far and produce more children in the 70s or 80s then we will have more local talents and will be more successful today.Not only produce more ,Sinkies should marry more wives.1 wife produces 2,5 wives produces 10.
Its hard to admit one's mistake and one can easily put the blame on the then HM Yong Nyuk Lin who is reported to have mooted the idea of stop at 2.
PG who fail to produce more cannot blame anyone for they are kiabor kia u know who.
Fated their children are to be boss around by FTs one day.
One way to help the situation is to support our local employers who are out create jobs for Sinkies instead of being a loser complaining them for preferences for FTs.
Blame yourself.Go exercise n pick cardboard instead exercising your finger on the keyboard. Be grateful to FTs.

Anonymous said...

Well said above....

It could be that those not running the Country do not understand how precarious Singapore is geopolitically and it's utter lack of resource.
Had the PAP Members not risked and sacrificed their own wellbeings, Singaporeans may still be fishing in their prahus and kelongs. The wonen woukd be working as ma chas, maids and whores.
The men other than fishing may be coolies and some lucky ones could be bookies and pimps. At best, some could be chenghu langs or caihus.

Singapore has come a long way after PAP takes over. No one lives in wooden atap(palm leaves roof) houses. No more shitting everywhere and instead can afford to sit to shit and lie(posture) to eat, some got naids to feed somemore.
Lazy to walk, buy motorised vehicle.
Feel like it, go massage, reflexology and nail saloons. When bore, just go travel agencies and fly anytime to anywhere.

Is there a paradise better than Singapore ?

Anonymous said...

Why put up another scarecrow, Yong Nyuk Lin, to put the blame on the failed Stop at Two policy?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yong Nyuk Lin -- isn't he related to Lee Kuan Yew's wife by marriage? Didn't he marry a woman from the Kwa family?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1114:

What "failed" was the Malthusian theory of resource scarcity severely impacting growing populations. i.e. "we will run out of resources if the population gets too big". Most people, including the voting population bought into this totally wrong idea.

This was the time when homosexuality was still seen as a "psychiatric disorder". There were many more false beliefs back then. Another one was the "Domino Theory", a favourite of the Cold War tinfoil hat/ conspiracy theory brigade. And also the belief that "race" had a GENETIC basis (WRONG!!)

i.e. Can't really single out the PAP for making a "wrong guess" by implementing the "Stop At Two". Most people in govt all around the world thought the same things.

As a credit to the PAP, at least they repaired their bad call: Open Borders and grow the population by immigration, socio-economic integration/ globalisation and keep the economy OPEN as well as creating a LOW TAX REGIME.

Wah, good results! Now you can shit out as many babies as you like. Ladies, make full use of those cheebyes of yours :-)

Anonymous said...

It appears that the cabinet members were and are sexually related through marriages and multi generational successions; that is from fathers, mothers to sons and daughters holding political offices. That explains the allegation of nepotism.

Everything exists for a reason, can anyone deciphers why the Letter M is missing from the Word Matilah as used in the Nick ?

Anonymous said...

This Matilah monkey, when are you going back to your mates downunder? Can't afford air ticket is it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ like to look down on people, 147:

>> Can't afford air ticket is it? <<

You can sponsor me, if you like. Dun worry, I have thick skin, I'll take money form anyone.


>> Everything exists for a reason <<

That is patently NOT true.

Fuck your god.

Anonymous said...

Is it so hard to implement such a policy for the good of Singaporeans?

Yes, it is very hard. And anything very hard to do, PAP will not do, and more so if PAP can politically afford not to do.

Because u must understand that for GDP growth, PAP is only interested in the easiest and fastest way to generate GDP growth, and they can also politically afford to do in that way.

virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, if the PG generations got foreskin and produces more babies to be PAP slaves then they will truely regret.

Luckiky we able to buy subsisides condoms at just 5 dollars for month supply.

Only got two mobile adult single children that can quit sinkieland and let the daft sinkies to the mercy of the ah neys, pinoys and what have u???

PG generation got foresight rather than foreskin twenty odd years ago should have invested in homes in matland cheap.cheap and now enjoying rates of sin one to three.o three blissfully.

One remiser husband and wifey brought penthouses in mahkota melaka in the booming times of 1980s and now enjoying vast open lands to roam without the hazzle of stupid causeway jams imbecile enhanced security.

Enjoying the cool breeze of GohTong Jaya.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia enjoying mei meis everywhere around the globe.
He has a similar calibre here,
who is more professional seems
hard to tell.
Let them tell us in time to come,
but for sure they enjoy as much
as any others in Sin, if not more.

Anonymous said...

新加 人活在福中 不知福,


不 图报恩德,还哭父哭母。


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha. What a simplistic solution RB has written. He not only knows very little but cannot see the big picture. He wrote, "Singapore belongs to the original Singaporeans and not to the foreigners. " How shallow is that???!!!! Please be a little realistic RB. Singaporeans have to compete on a level playing field. In this era there are no free lunches and no one can have a head start. Singaporeans must be more competitive and must upgrade or be left behind. New citizen are always welcome here in Singapore as is elsewhere in the world. As long as the newcomers can contribute to the good of the country, they should be welcome with open arms. So please RB, be kind to FTs who are here for the good of all in Singapore.

agongkia said...

@virgo49 2.20
Aiyo lao chek.

Precisely becos PG like you did not produce enough that is why we have shortage of talent today .Big towkay now oso has difficulty finding the best candidate to fill some post.Can only choose from a small pools of so call talent even he knows these are chia leow bees who only tarnish the image of the organization.What to do.No fish prawn oso can.bopian mah.

If only PG like you produce more, big towkay surely ask these chia leow bees to chiakakee becos got more talent to choose from.
Blame PG who do not produce enough or who brought up chia leowbees.Cannot blame garment.Cannot expect 100% but they are betterer than others.
Blame all the laucheks who rather spend their time in keong siak,khoon chio khar n sin po po instead of producing at that time .

Anonymous said...

1726 days to 2020 911.

Another 5 min to go .....

..... and it will be down to another 1725 days to ( some ) hope of "liberation" .....

Anonymous said...

Which is the (hard)truth?

Anonymous said...

Who is ( more ) fortunate?

Banglas slogging hard for 5 to 10 years and retiring to his homeland with land, houses, cars and some even businesses built from $$$ earned in sin city?

Anonymous said...

Or sinkies after slogging a whole lifetime of more than 70 years from cradle and retiring to the (sick beds) in hospital and their pigeon holes in their twilight years?

Anonymous said...

Where there is light at the end of the tunnel for many foreign economics migrants in sinkieland, where is the light at the end of the tunnel for sinkies?

Anonymous said...

If sinkieland is so gooooooood, why are sinkies ( including the 70% ) not wanting to produce more babies?

Even the new migrants are producing lesser (babies) than sinkies. ....

Look at other developed countries with population within 10 million ( that is with similar demography ) but reproducing far more than sinkieland with TFR at near 2.1 .......

Anonymous said...

Socially, couples tend to reproduce more when they are confident of their future, not less ....

Anonymous said...

// Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore:
" Donald Low and Sudhir Vadaketh are two of our most original thinkers".//

In the book - HARD CHOICES: Challenging the Singapore Consensus, Donald Low ( Associated Dean, LKY SPP, NUS ), Yeoh Lam Keong ( Ex-GIC Chief Economist ), Professor Tan Kim Song ( SMU ) and Manu Bhaskaran ( CEO ) jointly wrote Chapter 3: "Economic Myths in the Great Population Debate"

The followings are extracts from this chapter ( 3 ):

Anonymous said...

They listed 4 economics myths with regards to the "Great Population Debate":

1) ( Misguided ) Myth #1: GDP Growth, ( at all cost ), is an unambiguously good thing.


"....GDP growth per se does not improve individual well-being; it only does if it is driven by productivity improvements that raise workers' wages.

If labour productivity is not increasing, it means that whatever GDP growth we "achieve" comes from brute force ( that is, injection of more labour inputs ). Not only does this not increase society's well-being, it actually reduces it."


Anonymous said...

This myth NUMBER 1 is "validated" by data from singstats.gov.sg

GDP growth "appeared good" till YEW "stripped it down" .....

Data ( available ) showed a continuous decline in real per capita private consumption spending, year after year.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong for FT with fake degree snatching Singaporeans job with 70% of us supporting the govt. U are one of the minority who think too much

Anonymous said...

2) The 2nd myth ( is definitely worth sitting up and getting a closer look ):


" If we don't have sufficiently large injections of foreign labour, business costs will rise, some businesses will shut down or move out of Singapore, and Singaporean will be laid off"


The authors explained why myth #2 is "full of holes and holds no water":


"Businesses that rely on cheap foreign labour receive an implicit subsidy from the rest of society. The low cost of labour encourages them to persist with low value-added production and discourages them from upgrading and improving their businesses. Meanwhile, cheap foreign labour discourages automation and holds down wages for citizen workers doing the same job."


Anonymous said...

3) "Myth #3: Economic growth is a zero-sum game"


"..... The rate of workforce growth, especially in cheap labour, is not considered a sustainable source of competitiveness. "

This again is "validated" by trade data and others is the past years.

The more cheap foreign labour sinkieland imported, the "faster and greater" sinkieland's NODX declined.

Anonymous said...

Typo above ....

After: "..... The rate of workforce growth, especially in cheap labour, is not considered a sustainable source of competitiveness. "

To insert: " Unquote "

Anonymous said...

4) "Myth #4: Denser, larger populations create significant economic benefits for cities"


" .....But the benefits of agglomeration do not apply to low-cost, labour-intensive industries like construction, cleaning or security services. In these industries, more workers do not lead to larger increases in output per worker.

In the context of the White Paper, much of the projected increase in our labour force would be to serve lower-skilled industries. These are exactly the industries that do not benefit from agglomeration effects but contribute to the externalities such as congestion and wage stagnation. Consequently, the argument in favour of a denser city with a larger population because of agglomeration effects does not really apply in this context. "


The authors ( are "kind enough or forgetful enough" and ) did not list out other "lower-skilled" sectors such as those that exist in Geylang, Casinos that are increasing in ( huge ) numbers .....

Are increase in loan sharking, drug abuse, broken families, increase failed marriages, falling birth rates etc social ills correlated to the above ( failed ) policies?

Anonymous said...

1 more day down and another 1725 days, 15 hours and 56 mins to "liberation" ( "by Aung Juan" ..... ? ) ......

Anonymous said...

....provided sinkieland is still "salvageable" by then .....?

Anonymous said...

When you have a dense population, the people get more dense too.

Anonymous said...

So need more "mini-Geylangs" in more if not most or all HDB housing estates?

Anonymous said...

"Prostitutionalised" the entire sin city?

Anonymous said...

//Feel like it, go massage, //

And get offered special services. ....?

Anonymous said...

And experience "(false) paradise" for the next few minutes. ......?

Anonymous said...

But if kena .... H .... ( ... ) .... V will experience a lifetime of HELL?

Anonymous said...

// Is there a paradise better than Singapore ? //

Your version of paradise "smacks of those Chinese traitors in the 19th century Qing Dynasty who sold their fellow ( ignorant, naive, daft , kongcum ) cuntrymen to Yankees as slaves" ....

Anonymous said...

Rb // Is it so hard to implement such a policy for the good of Singaporeans? I bet you, if the govt’s policies are along this line of thinking, the PAP would be voted into power after every election and will be the party of the people.//

Even when the policy is not there, people ( daft kongcum sinkies had ) already done so for more than 50 years and donkey GEs ......

Is the problem with the papigs or the daft (70%) sinkies?

As long as sinkies are "trapped in their minds with gazillion tonnages of shackles and chains", even 1,000 Aung Juan and JBJ cannot save them, much less JBJ is already dead and the other is just one solitary 书生 and no match for the "thug-like" ( late ) old man and his papigs?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia Ah!!

If the PG Generation produces more babies and now found that their Bao Pey sons and daughters after so many years as Managers, Professionals and Executives now become taxi drivers, doing part time piece meal work Ah, they will commit Suicides Ah!

See so many oldies DIE DIE??

Whose faults??

The Government kook kook and take care only of their cronies and themselves and sold out the daft masses and they are still grateful to them.

Luckily, got foresight staying in Mat Land and enjoyed the sunset. Last screw goes into coffins still can get buried at Bukit China rather than burn in Sinkieland.


Goh said...

Lau chek.Congratulation for finding a place in Matland to enjoy sunset.
You should invite netizen like Patriot here who is known to have a liking for Gotong R like you, to stay with you there.

virgo49 said...

Do not worry, by next quarter of 2016, see how many sinkies still can contribute to the jams at the causeway and how many still gaming away at Highland Resort World.

Every quarterly reports shown under water and goes South.

Luckily, we go North.Jobs reports of unemployed sinkies all crap.

More than the foreign trashes.

Sinkies would regret that they do not find a path to survival in coming to Matland.

Just watch and see how many of the 70 % be still smiling.