Let’s forgive Matilah Singapura

Christmas is a time for forgiveness and Sunday is also a good time to do the same. For a long time, Matilah Singapura has been making personal attacks at me, calling me all kinds of names and branding me as racist, bigot, and whatever negative words he could find in his vocabulary. I, being a better person, simply ignored him. But I noticed several anonymous have been attacking him like a scoundrel and calling him all the base things they could to make him know that he is indeed a scum of society, a shameful person that is so low down that a dog would be a saint in his company.

Let’s forgive him for his waywardness. Let’s try to understand him. He is indeed a very miserable person if you know what he had gone through. I am very sure that he did not go and smell his mother though he has been describing how smelly is her cxxx. I shan’t use the words that he used. Did I get the word correctly? I often skip what he wrote. Or did he used something like c… b.. to describe his mother?  I can even swear that he is innocent of the acts that he claimed to do. I believe inside him he is a good boy.

But where did he get the idea that his mother is smelly if he did not do it? My conclusion is that it must be his father that told him, after all his father must be the only one that is intimate with his mother. But again, for him to come here and scold his mother, insult his mother and said those not very nice things are a reflection that he is really angry with his mother. How can he be so angry really beats me?  What has his mother done to make him so angry to the point of hate? Has his mother been naughty or doing bad things that he has to condemn her, even saying out loud that he came out from her …., you know what. So embarrassing to even mention it.  My apologies.

See, try to understand him and forgive him. He is angry maybe for some other reasons. He might have thought he made a damn clever decision to migrate to Australia and thought he is very clever and can make it there. The truth, that he had to crawl back here, and jobless, living on his friend’s charity, he is so proud to say he got his cheap thrills for free, speak for itself. He did not want to admit that he is a failure and so has to talk big to try to impress the readers here. It is alright to praise him and flatter him once in a while to make him happy, and let him think or feel that he is really clever.

But not to worry for him. It is very lucky for him that he did not sell his HDB flat when he left and still can collect some rent to get by.  Luckily it is a HDB flat and all his failed marriages did not end up with him having to sell his flat and split with his ex spouses. Then he would have nothing to live on.

Poor chap. Please be kind to him. Please don’t scold him now that you know what he had gone through in life. And if he comes back to claim that he is very successful and scrounging from his rich friends, just give him a listening ear. Don’t run him down or expose his failures. He will go down in depression.

Thank you for your understanding and for showing your kindness to Matilah Singapura.



Anonymous said...

RB, you may want to be kind to him, but this sicko will sure to attack you again and again.

He is beyond redemption. A sicko is a sicko.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for his mama. She must have hated herself for producing a shit like him.

Goh said...

Matilah is a rare talent .
Your blog has many readers because many like me came here to share his knowledge and wisdom.
Without him here you can only see few pathetic contributers.Matilah plays a part in bringing readers here and play a part in keeping your blog alive.
Thanks to my imaginary idol and sifu.At least I learn many useful words here. Its a pleasure to have him around. I love to see him contributing in my blog one day if I have one.
A blogger is only successful to me if he is gracious and can accept criticism .Learn to appreciate .

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes we must forgive Matilah.
Sinkies have already forgiven PAP by giving them a 70% mandate.
So it is only right that we also forgive Matilah.

We must also forgive the Aliens for stealing our jobs.
And we also forgive the useless people who earn million dollar salaries and do nothing for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Matila is a psycho sex maniac who poses great danger to society. His foul language and obscene sex pictures reflects his vile behaviour and character and may be the line of his family characteristic traits. He admits cashing in on free or cheap sex with prostitutes. In other words he is capable of raping innocent girls or ladies if he ever gets a chance. A monstrous and evil person like Matila lurking in the wild post a great danger to society. He should be arrested forthwith by the police and thrown into the dungeon for life.

Anti psycho sex maniac.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is vile. Only vile type appreciates another vile type.
I will rather he get lost from this blog and keep RB's blog respectable.

Anonymous said...

he can't leave. he was assigned this site.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can be generous to Amos Yee as he is young. He is a kid. And there is hope that as he grows older, he will mature and be more sensible.

You can't say that of Matilah Singapura. He is old and at this age he is so crude and childish, vulgar to the point that he even thinks that he is cute and everyone is adoring his foulmouth, just unbelieveable.

At his age, many are already grandfathers and regarded as elders respectfully by the young. He still refuses to grow up. And to him that is a good thing.

This is really bad upbringing, how he talked bad about his mother....He can't change anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rb, hard to debate with matilar a person who abused his Mother and daughters. He boasted often though not credible, coming from a person with two tiny flat tires.

Anonymous said...

RB. No man can just another. This is the job of GOD. Ignore him and he will get bored. Engage in his thought, he will continue with his nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I just pity his mother, wife and daughters. He often boast about his sexual conquests on them, It is really disgusting

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, I will not debate with him. You debate with sensible people, normal people.

Just feel very sorry for him and his mother. He is so pathetic. And he did not know it.

Yes, let him be and hopefully he will grow up, but time is not on his side when at 60 he is still not growing up.

Anonymous said...

I love you matilah Singapura, not that I agree with all your argument minus the obscenity but some of your argument has some depth. Hahaha..you are a good opposition to deepen discussion.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hopefully redbean will lift his game and one day actually be able to write a decent piece, possibly engage in debate where he actually knows how to construct logical arguments, sentences and get off his racist trip.

You might call me an "indecent" human being. Fuck, use all the naughty words you like to label and slander me. I really don't care. :-)

However redbean spreads misinformation and he does it BADLY. And I'll be there occasionally to give him what he so rightly deserves. Not for any other reason than the lulz, i.e. for purely my selfish fun.

Anonymous said...

The difference between RB and you is that he has a blog with an international followers. What do you have, a blog with you the only reader.

What has happened to your lousy blog of obscenity?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I can't believe this cunt is Singaporean, we're DOOMED, @1141:

>> The difference between RB and you [...]

Oh please, you insult both of us. There are MANY DIFFERENCES you dumb motherfucker. No go back to your educational institution and claim a refund, and give back the money to your poor parents.

Do you realise how much cock your mother had to swallow to pay for your education? And this is the way you write and think?!?

Shameful! Tragic...but I suppose, you deserve it ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's no more

Matilah Singapura.

It is Sayang Singapura.