San Bernardino – It’s all coming back home now

The American govt was in a state of denial on the killings in San Bernardino by a heavily armed man and a woman in combat uniform. Not sure if it was anything else but a terrorist attack. The assault rifles, handguns, bombs, fake bombs, explosive devices and the name, Syed Rizwan Farook  and Tashfeen Malik did not ring any bell. Could be just two disgruntled employees. Ok believe whatever you like, it is anything but terrorism. Happy?

Obama was quoted to have said this by CBS News, ‘The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world…’ So, what is it? Finally they had to admit that it was nothing else but a terrorist attack, something they brought it upon themselves.

It is all coming back now. The wars the Americans are conducting in the Middle East, the killings of Arabs and Muslims for whatever reasons the Americans in Washington and the Pentagon think fit and reasonable, are coming back to American soil now and will only get more frequent and worse. You can kill some people some of the time. But you cannot kill all the people all the time. They will get wiser and will come back after you, in your homeland, in your home town, in your streets.

The war has arrived in home ground, like it or not. The protagonists will use the cheapest way to inflict as much damage to the Americans as they could.  Incidents like what happened in San Bernardino will be a morale booster to the Arabs and Muslims who have had enough of American bombings, killings and terrorizing their countries.  The man and woman, called them terrorists if that makes the Americans feel better, will be seen as warriors, as martyrs. This terrorist act will be seen as a heroic act against the invaders in their countries.

This is new warfare, asymmetrical warfare, no war zone, no boundaries, no front line, no battle field. It can happen anywhere, right in the heart of New York or Washington or any town or city in the USA.  This will be the new normal as long as the Americans think it is convenient and normal to conduct wars in other people’s countries and to kill people with no qualms or conscience or remorse. It’s ok, they can’t get back at us! Sure they can and they would.

It is like winter, let is snow, let it snow. The Americans must know that they cannot go around starting wars and killing people and think that it is safe to do so, that they can go home and be safe in America, sleep well as if nothing happens. And the next morning go to Walmart to do some marketing and tuck in the beef steak in the pub when the sun goes down. The war is still going on in the Middle East and the Arabs are still being bombed and killed every morning, every night. The GIs could switch on and switch of like going to a movie for some excitement.


Anonymous said...

Redbean's anti-American rant again!!! Not worth reading.

jjgg said...

RB...is this your " stop at 2 moment"?? The ME scenario has all to do with little redistribution of oil wealth by those in power n very little to do with religious fanaticism n revenge...can the scene be repeated in Singapore? Possible...if our government continues with its elitist policies n inequitable redistribution of wealth. So far our tax and housing policies favour the wealthy by 1000-1 eg...99 year leasehold vs freehold...no estate duty...this actually means that 90% of the leasehold property eventually reverts back to the state while the fortunate 10% of freehold properties will continue to be owned by the elites n their families.!! Our tax policies suck..average citizens bear greater tax incidence than the top wage earners...ah..Singaporeans...being screwed n not knowing it....))))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jigg, why don't you become one of those who owns a freehold property? If ever you do own a freehold property, I am sure you will not be saying what you have just said. You are just jealous and envious of those who are lucky enough to be in the 10%. Jealousy is not a good thing to have.

Veritas said...

Islam is not necessary a violent religion but Sunni is a religion of hate. 99% fucking terrorism is committed by Sunni. Even without USA, Sunni will still be hating China.

RB is too anti USA. Sunni Uighur is willing to take a parang and go out cutting men, women and children, fulfulling their own fucking murder orgasm, shouting Allah hu Akbar. Similarly Sunni in Syria are full speed ahead murdering the Shia and taking sex slaves.

You ask the local so call moderate Malay and 99% will tell you they hate Jews. But Sunni conduct against humanity is worse than Jews against Palestinian. You tell me who Sunni dont hate.

White man
Ahmadya Muslism
Shia Muslim

The main problem is Sunni.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rex,

'Firstly isis idealogy is not founded in revenge. Isis is a proactive model: they just want to attack and conquer because they believe thats what Allah demands of them, nothing less. Their idealogy is also to destroy the unbelievers the apostates and the hypocrites.And the ultimate aim is to expedite and fulfil the grand vision of the final apocalyptic battle in the middle east, this also being prophesied in the visions of Amos in the bible. They want the world!'

What you said above isn't it the same as the American ideology and what the Americans are doing, killing by the hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims? No, they did not call it ideology and they did not use religion. But the goal is the same. They want the world.

Veritas said...

While USA hit Muslims, how about Russia, China, Thailand, Spain, Germany and many others....etc.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

Aiyah, I've suggest you go read DABIQ---ISIS's English magazine, and understand WTF these people are about, as @ Rex 1041 has stated correctly.

"The West meddling in the Middle East" is definitely a "valid" reason, but it is among the many reasons and dynamics which make up the complex situation in the Middle East.

"The West meddling in the Middle East", or more specifically "America's meddling in the Middle East" has become too much of a GO TO SINGLE REASON to attempt to deconstruct the violence in the "Holy Lands"---which began in antiquity.

Since then there's been the Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, the Islamic conversion of Spain, the Sykes–Picot Agreement, the formation of Israel in Palestine, fighting amongst Arab tribes, nationalisation of oil and the subsequent "confiscation" of foreign property (American oil got walloped, and they are still pissed about it), foreign adventures which predates America: Belgium, France, Germany, British...

...Napolean Bonaparte occupied Syria and Egypt...long before ISIS or the USA or Saddam, Gadaffi, Osama...but,

The Shia vs Sunni issue has been going on since the prophet Mo died. They started fighting BATTLES almost immediately because no one could agree on a successor to the dead paedophile. ;-)

rex said...

hi redbean,

You mentioned that the americans were also after the world, but that is irrelevant to the discussion. However for the sake of discussion, I would continue to comment that when you said the americans killed hundreds of thousands of muslims, I would like to say that it was over many years and not a single focussed operation per se.
Nevertheless, the action of the Americans is completely different from the actions of Isis. The americans just want control of oil. It is not blood that they are after. The last time the americans were after blood, real raw blood, was when they decimated the red indian population, because, in those days, kill or be killed.. after all americans and Europeans have absolutely no business to intrude into the land of Red Indians. Yes, the americans fantasised and said the land overflowing with milk and honey is north America and they planted churches all over the place after killing all the redindians and they created great hypocritical models based on Bible , to bless themselves, and make their sins look like no sin. Its similar to ISIS for sure. The Americans (cowboys)were ISIS to Red Indians ! But times have changed. history is very forgiving. Today, nobody bothers, and the americans are not bloodthirsty in the same way as they were many hundred years ago. So no one remembers To be fair, Americans stop all DIRECT INTENTIONAL PROACTIVE killing rampage after they took hold of all America. They have PROGRESSED FROM THEIR isis MODE to more civilised diplomatic mode which to some extend can be controlled through democratic processes.

However ISIS is different. They are caught in a time warp. They see themselves in the 7th century Arab world, the leader is the Prohphet himself, and the vision is to create Caliphate, and an absolute dictatorial Caliph is a requirement of what they consider their religious duty.. It is strictly religious.

Don't believe anyone who tells you Isis is about oil. I don't think so. People don't chop off others heads, or women blow themselves up, over oil. It is a greater, sinister power that dominates the minds of terrorists.

Therefore, I tell you again your article above makes no sense. The husband and wife team wasn't at all thinking about revenge for arabs killed by americans. Instead they were thinking along the lines of submitting to Allah, and the wonderous pleasures of martyrdom. A long time ago, I also thought that the terrorists were just taking revenge. But after much research, I think it is far far from the truth. Its all about relgion, not politics or oil. There are so many frightening facts about ISIS and the whole coverup of the media to try to manipulate peoples mind to think that ISIS is just a revenge model, or a model to champion poor oppressed people. Mind you those two St Bernandino "matyrs" were highly educated and had steady job, and income stream. Would they bother avenging their Ärab brethren killed in the Gulf war by americans? I don't think so.

Veritas said...

The Sunni immediately after prophet died started shitting on his daughter Fatimah and her husband. Eventually Sunni gang from Mua-wiyah family murdered Iman Hussien, prophet grandson on Ashura day.

Everywhere Sunni goes, the Shia shrine get smear shit and desecretted. It is the Sunni who are enemy of Islam and humanity.

Some fucking Sunni even bring their fucking hate of the MOST peaceful Ahmadya to Singapore. They vandalize on Ahmadya tomb in Chua Chu Kang. Nothing is more shit, sicko and deprave than this.

jjgg said...

Anon 11.19... Haven't got a jealous bone in my body bro..all I'm doing is pointing out the obvious differences in our society. Whether the differences will lead to further deterioration in our social fabric remains to be seen...comprehende???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rex,
I can see how dangerous and destructive the Caliphate idea can be. This one would be shot down by sheer military might of the West. But it is the indirect forces of population, populating Europe what would really matter. Slow and steady and subtle but very real.

I am looking at the whole development not from the point of race or religion but from history. The first wave when Europe descended on the world to loot and plunder, kill and rob the indigenous people. History is turning around and bring all the plundered and colonised people into the western countries to take back whatever was taken from them. This is the new wave of historical change.

The killings on the streets of Europe and US are a very small version of the killings in the Middle East. The fear is that this killing will grow and grow and get nastier and more deadly. Did the West bring it upon themselves? We can disagree on this.

b said...

Actually the problem is radical islam. All mosques should be made to put up big signboards to state that they are against killing, rape, forced marriage, radical islam, harming, stealing of non believers etc. All imams must be properly trained and obtained proper license before able to preach. All muslims must undergo routine checks to ensure they have no weapons. All people must depend less on oil for heating or transport so no wars on oil will result either using other energy or go and emigrate and live in a warmer place. And the world will be a better place.

b said...

Of course the global elites will ensure the root problem will not be solved because their main aim is to destabilize and to depopulate and to profit from crisis. Btw, they are not only whites or west people.

rex said...

Hi rb,
Be careful there, you made a factual error to say that the colonised lands (arabs you mean) are going to the western world to take back "whatever" was taken from them. What is "whatever"?

If "whatever" means the historical artifacts Napolean stole from Egypt etc.,this is not happening. Isis is mot interested.
If "whatever" means stolen lands, it might refer to part of israel, and other stolen lands like libya, ethiopia, etc, are already returned. Europe or Usa was not stolen from the Arabs. So if the isis go to hit Europe, is it about TAKING BACK THE "WHATEVER"? I dont think so.
I submit that isis is a simple war machine, primarily nothing to do with revenge (any allusions to this effect would be incidental and secondary) or taking back "whatever". Oil is also incidental, but it is a means to an end, and the end is really to destroy apostates and Caliphitise the entire world.
Isis just want to kill and conquer because in their minds this is the correct way to lead one's life. It is a goal in life which rewards are paid in the after life.

Hermit said...

Rex, the Americans were after the Red Indians because of resources and not just "kill or be killed". They wanted to cultivate the vast lands, they wanted the gold that came with it and they wanted to build railway tracks across the continent. The Red Indian community was seen as an obstacle to their plans and for their greed for the land.

Hermit said...

An point of interest about how America suppressed the Red Indians.

Veritas said...

The native americans are quite salvage as well. In a civilize society there is no reason Red Indians cant grow to a population of 100 millions given their vast liebenraum. It must be due to their salvage activities like human sacrifices and persistent war that decimate them.

A civilize society has certain mark characteristics such as artifacts, literacy...etc.

The native american have none of these.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rex, let me be less careful. Whether by design or otherwise, the Arab/Muslims according to demographic projections would be the majority racial/religious group in Europe in 30 to 50 years time. They are going to own Europe by sheer numbers. The Caliphate will be a reality be default. When the White Europeans dwindle in numbers, what would happen to Europe?

And what will happen is a Calphate is really installed in Europe?

To understand How The West was won, you must go back to the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. The Doctrine is God's gift for them to kill the Red Indians and take over their land.

rex said...

Hi rb, interesting thoughts. Yes, the American
"Doctrine of Christian Discovery" and the other one called "Manifest Destiny".. they are American version of isis JIHAD. "I CAME I SAW I CONQUER." God is Great!!! After the Americans conquered all of North America including wars with British and spain, they change operating mode to GOD IS LOVE MODE. Only keyboard warrior's have time to stir up this old stories. The rest of the world just moves on.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Game changer:

ISIS now recruiting in China

Now, more fun and games!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here's the song (more like an anthem) of (supposedly) ISIS's recruitment effort, superbly produced and performed by obviously very talented people.

The Islamic State: “Mujāhid”, it is definitely something the young, who are gullible and easily influenced, will listen to and connect with.

Once there's a (emotional) "connection" established, radicalization is quite easy to do.

I think we're royally screwed.