India’s superpower dream

It is natural that a country with more than 1b people and going to be the most populous nation in the world, India will aspire to be a superpower one day.  The reawakening of the Indian civilization and the realization of its potential, if every Indian could earn a per capital income half of what an average American is getting, India will be rich like hell and its GDP many times bigger than the Americans. For the time being, India knows that it is a far fetch dream to overtake the Americans. Its main target is China, to over take China in everyway, to be the Number One in Asia. No need to be bothered about overtaking Japan.

The thinking of the Indian elite and political leaders is clear and manifested in every inch of Indian literature and the Indian mass media. They talk, sleep and dream of being the Number One super power in Asia. And China is the target to beat. The Indians did not hide their ambition. They are not contented with just the Indian Ocean. Never mind if the Americans is controlling the Indian Ocean through their stronghold military fortress in Diego Garcia. Over taking the Americans and chasing them away from the Indian Ocean can wait. China is what India is looking out for.

The Indians have been playing military war games with the Americans and the Japanese, in the Indian Ocean, in the South China Sea and in the East China Sea, to show to the world that Indi has arrived and is extending its influence to the Pacific Ocean. To over take China is tough. What India could hope for is to hold back China, keep China in check, not by India of course, but to play the American and Japanese game, using the two to contain China.

In an article by a Brahma Chellaney in the Today paper on 21 Dec, taken from a Project Syndicate source, this Indian professor wrote, ‘Why China must pay a cost for its actions in South China Sea’. It took the same stance as the West, that China has no right to the islands it is claiming, calling China’s historical claim weak. And he is suggesting that the Americans and the Japanese, together with Little India, the superpower aspirants, to take on China with a big stick, to extract a price on China for developing the islands.

He totally ignores the rights of the Chinese to develop their own islands, their own land and territories. From the China’s perspective, a Chinese professor would have written, ‘Why can’t China develop its own islands in the South China Sea?’ It all depends on which side one is taking and what logic or assumption one is taking. To the Chinese, it is perfectly normal for them to develop what is in their territory, even extracting all the oil and resources from the surround sea. To those who want to have a share of these resources, they would want to challenge China’s claim and want a piece of the resources for themselves.

For India, this is a great opportunity to prod the Americans and Japanese to get into an open conflict with China, and the bystander would stand to gain when they fight. The Indian super power dream will be realized earlier if these powers ended up destroying each other over the little islands in the South China Sea.

Every player has a game plan to favour their vested interests. There is a confluence of interest in the Americans, Japanese and Indians to want to go to stir trouble with China in Chinese territory. It will be a power play and will be decided by who carries the bigger stick. And to the players and adventurers, is the stake big enough, good enough to play with fire.

China could play the same game as India. But India is too far behind to worry China. Even Japan is no issue. China’s main concern is the Americans. China will tackle the Americans in many other ways that would hurt the Americans more than wanting a war in the South China Sea. China must copy the American doctrine of fighting wars away from its shores and create trouble for the Americans away from China. The Americans are thinking that they are in control of the situation and having the upper hand. When they could not even deal with Syria, with ISIS and the Russians, they must be dreaming that they can take on China and thinking it is another cakewalk.

China is unlikely to go into war with the Americans militarily. There are many options and cards the Chinese can play.  Boosting the Russian efforts in Syria would be a good start and drag the Americans into a bigger war in the Middle East. As for ambitous India, happy dreaming. They are not a factor in the Chinese calculus for a long time to come. They are irrelevant no matter how loud they shouted.


virgo49 said...

Aiya these black ants mo lan yong one!

They only strutted around in gangs to rape the women folks.

Tan koo koo super power.

Anonymous said...

"black ants"? Wow, what a racist comment and no one cares. But if the ching chong race is attacked, all hell will break lose. This is a racist site.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you lah you silly racist. 9:51

Anonymous said...

What a suggestion by Rb for China to assist Russia at Syria.

Look; a stateless organization such as Isis is up against two greatest superpowers and the Latter Two have yet to make a slightest dent to the Isis just go to show what paper tigers the Super Powers are.
Please do not keep harping about the prowess of super power. These super powers will beg for mercy if the wars are brought into their homeelands. And this strategy of fighting tge enemy at their homes shall be in vogue in future conflicts as it shall be the Winning Formula.

Anonymous said...

Rb // They are not a factor in the Chinese calculus for a long time to come. //

Bcos the Indians dunno how to differentiate between "ambition" and ........ "daydream"?

Anonymous said...

More than 60 years after the British left India, the country is still in a mess.
There are no pavements along alomost all roads.
Toilets they rural folks do it as is, where is.
The soldiers in the common border with their two big neighbours have weapons of WW2 vintage and warm clothing not meant for the chill of deep winter.
Their people are divided by many social factors too many to mention.
This is the foundation of a super power?
Dream on. Sorry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My point, the Americans cannot tahan the Russian soldiers in Syria and are contemplating on bringing in their boys. It is a big power game.

My suggestion of China assisting the Russians is to drag the trouble maker into Syria and get buried there instead of causing mischief everywhere particularly in the South China Sea. Force the Americans to put in their boys and girls to die in Syria.

China need not send soldiers there, just provide more weapons to the Russian/Syrian/Iran coalition. Chinese drones are reported to be hitting ISIS targets in today's paper.

The Americans are desperate to get the Russians out and would do anything to achieve this, more boots on the ground is a guarantee.

Anonymous said...

RB'S vindictiveness is showing. So RB is saying create trouble in Syria to detract US from South China Sea. That's like doing your illegal business in your neighbour's house so that the police will raid his home and not yours. The better way for China not to have US interfere in South China Sea is to stop oppressing others and stop building infrastructure on the islands.

Anonymous said...

China did not oppress any country. Look at countries around China, in the central Asia, what happened, got oppression or not?

It is silly little countries want to claim China's islands, some even sent in troops to occupy them. One day China would chase everyone of them out of the islands. You silly buggers accusing China of oppression when robbers are stealing China's island.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 951:

>> This is a racist site. <<

Heil Hitler, yes it is! Isn't that fun?

Since there is NO SUCH "THING" AS RACE, and looking around the net (especially this site) that "race" is one of THE MOST POWERFUL, HARD-TO-ESCAPE-FROM ILLUSIONS our human brain creates, IMO, I say "go for it!"

Make "race" your indulgence in nature's gift of a "fantasy game" to you. Engage is wonderful extentionsion like:

1. Social class and "caste systems": By this train of thoughts, you can subjugate other races on the unchallenged (because all challengers are swiftly dispatched) standard that your race or caste is superior to all other.

2. Manifest destiny: Your race is so superior that it has the right to conquer every other race, and for you to confiscate the property of the vanquished, or the enslavement of an entire race. In this way you can fuck the women, and children, and make the men and not-so-fuckable women to become slaves. You can have a slave clean your asshole from the shit you took after eating a meal prepared for and served to you by your other slaves. Oh what a wonderful life!

3. Disparage and condemn others based PURELY on their race. Need I say more? You can see the potential for endless entertainment here ;-)

4. Base all your choices on race. Who do you sit next to on public transport? Who will you be friends with? Who are you going to hire and fire? Who should educate your kids? Who you should associate with or invite in to your home?....ah...you can make RACE the sole determining factor here. Oh the look on their faces when you tell them: "Fuck off you filthy tambi keling mama! I'm not having your dirty black skin in my home!And BTW, hands off my rickshaw on your way out!"

...you get the drift. Go ahead, have fun. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Notice that Vietnam has quietened down after the Kra Isthmus Canal thing was mentioned. Imagine the benefits Vietnam would reap with Chinese cooperation. Meanwhile Pinoys are suffering from lack of GOV aid in the typhoon victims. And the Hai Yan victims more than 2 years ago are still suffering. So Pinoy gov is unable to help But stoke the fire of "robbery" in the hope that Uncle Sam will send aid. Oh, sorry, US is broke and cannot help the broken?

Veritas said...

India is world biggest Nazi state, and world most successful bully against her neighbor. There is a conspiracy between India and white man, so all India crime is not known to the world. India odd to break apart, as a large part of her territory are gain through gangsterism.

There is no such thing as India and India is the result of British Imperialism, conquering 1000 princely states. So by right, she should break up into 1000 states.

India do not even have a national language while Hindu-nazi-tva tried very hard to impose Nazi hindi. Tamil Nadu nearly go independence

The future of India will be more caste system unless some of the Dravidian state go independence. There is no hope for Dravidians to remain under the yoke of Aryan. And no hope for Sino-Tibetan (Yes India illegally occupied many land of Chinese cousin) unless they go independence.

Veritas said...

India is so fuck up that EVERY of her single neighbor hate India. Lets compare China despite MSM bad mouth of China and many got wrong impression, a lot of Chinese neigbhor love China. For example, Cambodia love China, Thailand love China, Nepal quite love China. Vietnam? The elites who know the truth are pro China while the people have anti Chinese sentiment stirred up by elites.

Myanmar and China are quite complicated in relationship but generally Myanmar see CHina as big brother who can rely on upon trouble. North Korea....etc.......

Every single India neighbor hate India for VERY valid reasons. In Sri Lanka, India support Tiger insurgency until PRC give Sri Lankan weapon to quell the rebellion.

Recently India support Nepal 5th column Madhesis to get a statehood conferderation. Nepal fumed but can do nothing. In the streets of Nepal, people believe India is behind Nepal Royal massacre because the late crown prince Dipendra, hate India and love China.

Not to mention about Paki.

India is a fuck country and a big terror and cancer to this planet.

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

FUCK India.

If you go read blogs and memoirs of Nepalese, many attribute Nepal Royal massacre to India and USA.

The rise of China, the light of the world will shadow the USA-India-Islamo Darth Vader. The hindu clowns can only do so much and when China do more and more good, nothing can prevent the world from cozying up with China. China is now the beacon of humanity.

PAP dabbling with India is because PAP is on the dark side.

Fuck India.

A former Nepalese Foreign Minister has claimed that India and US were involved in the 2001 palace massacre conspiracy that killed King Birendra along with most of the royal family.
Chakra Prasad Bastola, a former Nepalese Ambassador to India, claimed that the palace massacre "was a joint plot by India and the US".

"I feel (the Narayanhiti Palace massacre) was a joint plot by India and the US," Bastola was quoted as saying by the Nepali language Nagarik daily.

"As nothing can happen in Nepal without Indian involvement and nothing happens without the knowledge of the US, the superpower, (I think) both were involved in the incident," Bastola said.

Anonymous said...

When Chinko veritas is not slamming Muslims, he is slamming Indians. A racist is a racist is a racist.

As for Mati, Islamophobia IS racism. So what if Islam is not a race? You are still hating a group of people based on their cultural practices.

As said, this site run by racist RB is fertile ground for racism. He promotes a dominant China the way Hitler promotes a dominant Nazi Germany. This gives rise to his followers hating other races and cultures as you can see how Chinko veritas and Chinky Mati are doing. Just like how Nazis hated Jews.

Heil RB!

Veritas said...

The Indo-Aryan people themselves hate India. Especially Paki.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

careless definitions lead to errors, pay closer attention,motherfucker @318:

>> You are still hating a group of people based on their cultural practices. <<

You obviously didn't get the distinction. Since you love your own "definition" so much, you can CHOKE on it mate. Psst, hint...you've committed a logical fallacy known as categorical error...but don't worry your nigger brain over it.

Heil Hitler and Hail Satan!

Hint#2: I have nothing against them as people. It is their INVASIVE cultural practices I don't tolerate.

For e.g.: In China at one time the cultural practice was to DROWN FEMALE BABIES. Now, do you hate on the Chinese or do you hate on a specific cultural practice?

P.S. : So sad to learn of such a waste of perfectly good PUSSY ;-)

Got inappropriate joke?

Veritas said...

Go look at Sinhalese of Sri Lanka and see how much they hate India. Sinhalese are Aryan as well.

India want to annex Sri Lanka and first thing she did was to support Tamil insurgencies, bring misery and death to countless civilians.

Sri Lanka hope came when she manage to get China support against fucking Indian Tamil stooge. Once the Sinhalese stay close to light-- which is China, Tiger was destroyed.

BTW, our Sri Lanka Tamil Singaporeans (made up disproportinal number of elites) cry babies when their own rebel kids are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Mati, you want to use YOUR definition because you want to carry on hate against Muslims, yet you do not want to be called a racist. That really is your argument. Nothing to do with distinction, definition or semantics. But in actual fact, what you are doing truly is racism. You hate a particular group of people simply because they are a particular group of people. Begone, chinky.

As for chinko veritas, he now turns to hating the Indian race. Please remember who are the ones who mastered the art of ownself killing ownself for 2000 over years.

Veritas said...

There is no such thing as Indian race. Are you referring to Punjabi, Bengali, Tamilean, Malayalam, Goan, Gujarati, Bihari, Assamese, Naga, Meitei, Bhotia, or dont know what the fuck it is?

Basically I dont know what the hell is Indian race. There is no national language but English is just official language. There is absolutely no mutual intelligibility and 100s of lect in India are belonging to other linguistic family.

Today Goa still fumed if you say they are "Indians".

Anonymous said...

Cheebye 3:52, why don't you fuck off, you racist.

Anonymous said...

india is a joke

indian seem to think that it is their natural destiny and basic right to emerge as superpower because they had big population .

indian dont understand the difference between dream and reality.

dream - " max capability" ( how far you can go)
reality = "realization of such capability" ( abilities to reach there)

singapore should serve as great example - " they could achieved their capability at rate of 80%

for instance, Philippine had great potential to become a prosperous nation.
Philippine unable to unleash such potential.

same apply to india.

Worst of all, there are no nation as " india" as we know today back then.

do india really share border with China?
do india really have claim on northeast indian? they are much closer to burmese?

Veritas said...

Unfortunately there are shared borders between India and China, along Tibet. India has been illegally occupying Tibet and the cheer leaders are race traitors like Dalai and his gang, who suck USA-India cock and hope USA-India will bring him back to power.

Basically India did and is still doing her fucking gangsterism against China. British invade Tibet and claim South Tibet belongs to British India. Then India inherit the whole theory has say South Tibet belongs to India.

While the fucking "suppose to be non-existence India" claim China illegally occupied Tibet. Fucking USA and all white man + Hindus are able to make up fucking stories why certain HIndus on the beach of Ganges valley are able to claim that Tibet on top of Himalaya belong to Hindus.

To make the story short, India was defeated.

Anonymous said...

it is very obvious that western media is a state mouthpiece
india separatism vs china separatism
india violence in those restive region vs china violence happen in those restive region
india treatment against minorities vs china treatment against minorities

it is always china , ccp, han chinese.. uyghur, tibetan, dalai lama bla bla.

how about india? nothing.- except kashmir -fighting between pakistan and india.

Anonymous said...

india fuel embargo on nepal dont even received much condemnation, attention from western leader, western media, human right

it dont become the headlines

compared it to China action - embargo on the rare earth to japanese, banana from philippine, salmon from norway

turkish soldier is raiding, killing kurdish people in their kurdish town, cutting off their internet, water, electricity with tank, apc

it dont even a become headlines on western media -

in contrast, china took some action after xinjiang violence, tibet riot 2008 had become headlines in every western media.

with such titke " suppression, oppression, crackdown against tibetan, uyghur"

Veritas said...

India want Nepal to change constitution to give FT-Indian-Nepalese (Madhesi) a state, and eventually India will annex Madhesi-land.

No joke, India is pressing Nepal to change constitution.

Imagine if China force Vietnam or Malaysia to change constitution. USA will organize coalition of Virtue against China.

Beware of FT Indians. I have countless examples.

b said...

Without the west helping in every possible ways, india will still be stuck in pre historic ages.

denk said...

nepal's king birendra's whole family was wiped out in a palace bloodbath in 2001.
his crime ?
nepalese believed its a cia/raw joint op. his crime ? too friendly to china

his successor king dipendra was ousted by delhi/washington sponsored maoists in 2008,
his crime ? too friendly to china

indonesia prez sukarno was deposed in the 1965 bloodbath.
his crime ? too friendly to china

sri lanka ex prez Rajapaksa was booted out by a coalition of washington/delhi patsies in 2015.
his crime ? too friendly to china

thailand pm yingluck was brought down by cia sponsored color rev,
her crime ? too friendly to china

malaysia's govn has been reeling from a series of *accidents* since 2014..

lost of three airliners, copter with najib's chief of staff exploded in mid air, rare earthquake in sabah,

ian fleming's fundamental rule of probability says...
once is accident, twice coincidence, thrice.....enemy action !!!

najib's crime ? too friendly to china

washington's man, er, women, aung san has displaced the once pro china govn in myanmar,
well done uncle sham.

Veritas said...

There is something I want to amend.

Nepal Maoist is pro China. The status quo elites are Nepal congress, who are pro India race traitor.

Malaysia is pro Islamo and she is USA ally. She is appears to be more pro China than Indon because Islamo need to project an anti USA image. On the bottom line, Malaysia is pro USA, but more slight on China side compared to Indon only.

Singapore is absolutely pro USA and is the most pro USA in ASEAN.

denk said...


lots of people equate maoists to china.
but the nepalese maoists was harbored and trained in india for decades before they grabbed power in 2008.

*A former aid to the King of Nepal has revealed that India provided arms training to Nepal's anti-monarchy Maoist insurgents. In his memoir, 'Maile Dekheko Darbar' meaning 'The Palace As I Saw,' former palace
military secretary General Bivek Kumar Shah writes 'Indian military trained Nepal Maoist insurgents at a Military Training Camp at Chakrata, near Dehradun.'


currently nepalese maoists seem to have fallen out with delhi cuz apparently even they cant tahan the incessant meddling from their former mentors who demand absolute loyalty.

Veritas said...

The Chinese do not support Maoist insurgencies because China are good. But the Maoist leaders like Pachandra are clearly pro China.

Pachandra first state visit is to China.

denk said...

Pachandra despised deng xiao ping's *revisionism*, he considered it a betrayal of mao's ideology.
but now the napalese maoist leadership seems fed up with its former sponsor in delhi .
its courtship with beijing could be a signal to bharat ,
dont push us too hard, you aint the only game in town !

denk said...

fukus shenanigans in nepal...