Singaporean first policy bad for integration

According to a Professor Elaine Ho, the Govt’s measures to differentiate Singaporeans from PRs and with more benefits for Singaporeans are unhealthy to the integration of foreigners to our society.  We need to integrate the new citizens, do we need to integrate foreigners? Never mind, just bear in mind that at the rate we are converting foreigners into citizens and the presence of PRs and non citizen foreigners, it is only a matter of time that Singaporeans would have to integrate with the foreigners instead. There are just too many of them and too Singaporeans to integrate them. I think this is already the case.

The professor’s point is that the new citizens and PRs in recent years are richer than the earlier batches of migrants. And with the more restrictive public housing policies and quotas on PRs, many of them are buying private properties instead. This leads further to segregate the richer foreigners from the average Singaporeans in the public housing estate. Now this is bad. The professor said, ‘What we want is (for immigrants) to be living alongside the average Singaporeans.’ I cannot understand why but this must be good for the immigrants and the average Singaporeans. Is it because the richer foreigners can rub off their richness to the average Singaporeans or the other way? Never mind.

The idea is good, it is integration. And it is not good for the richer immigrants to have their children studying in international schools. They must study in local schools to integrate with the average Singaporeans. Another very good idea in social engineering, just make sure got enough public school places for them. And make it compulsory for children of foreigners to study in public schools to integrate with the average Singaporeans.

Wait a minute, why would the richer immigrants or the richer Singaporeans want to integrate with the average Singaporeans? Do they have similar interests or lifestyle? Do they speak the same lingo and share the same jokes? ‘Still, Singaporeans also have to be conscious of reaching out to new immigrants, said Assoc Prof Ho.’ Uh, I have one question for the professor, do the richer immigrants want to mix with the average Singaporeans when they are living in their private apartments and enjoying the company of equally richer neighbours? How are the average HDB Singaporeans going to reach out to the richer immigrants of different social standings?

Or should the richer immigrants be made to live in public housing as a govt policy on integration? But it would mean HDB must build more flats for the immigrants.

Why is this obsession to integrate foreigners to average Singaporeans? Are there richer Singaporeans that they can integrate with in private condos?  Would it be enough for the richer foreigners to interact with the richer Singaporeans, go for fine dining and theatres? Don’t forget that different social classes have a natural tendency to interact with the same people with the same social status, and this is normal.

The chicken and ducks would only want to be with their own kind. What is the fuzz all about? Can these clever people stop meddling with how people live and who they want to play with?
What about a foreigner first policy? I think it will be good for integration.


Veritas said...

Most of these academics of Liberal Arts faculties are basically whore and beggars living as society parasite using their hallow to lie, in order to stay employed.

Singapore has produced too much race traitors and most of our elites have close family members migrated elsewhere. Basically they have no love for Singapore.

Bad mouthing and denigrating Singaporeans has been a way of life. Singaporeans must be blamed for everything under the sun.

We need to learn from Sunni Islamofascist in this sense. We need to have pride in everything in us, like the Sunni, and ask everyone else to be "sensitive" to our culture.

Else we will conduct jihad against these detractors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ public intellectual professor:

>> the Govt’s measures to differentiate Singaporeans from PRs and with more benefits for Singaporeans are unhealthy to the integration of foreigners to our society. <<

She does have a point. Any policy which approaches a "Singaporeans first" policy has the danger of turning Singaporeans into entitled, lazy and CORRUPT Bumiputras like those of a "special law-protected class" in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The best policy is no policy. Let the people fight it out in the market.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, best policy is foreigner's first. Then Singaporeans will not have entitlement mentality and will work hard. The foreigners worked so hard until their countries will forever be in the third world.

Anonymous said...

@ Professor Elaine Ho.

I suggest you go preach your ideas to the Australians.
Go tell them it is the job of Australians to integrate with the new Australian immigrants.
If you can convince the Australians, then you can come and preach to us.

I also want to see PAP Ministers go to Australia and tell the Australians;
"Foreigners come to Australia to create good jobs for Australians".

Kyet said...

Elaine Ho should stop wasting NUS research funds on rubbish research. Our aim is to find ways to let FTs make money for us, not to integrate per se. If there is space here, they are welcome. When it is crowded, we should reduce their numbers and find ways to make money without them.